Will Protein Help Lose Weight

Lose Fat Keep Your Gains

How Eating More Protein Helps You Lose Weight

It’s tough to diet for weight loss while keeping your hard-earned muscle mass. Whey protein is a crucial weapon in this struggle. As we’ve seen, the amino acids in whey protein support muscle protein synthesis. This doesn’t only help you build new muscle, it also helps protect existing muscle.

During weight loss, when the body doesn’t have as many calories available during and after resistance exercise, it can break down muscles to use as fuel. Drinking whey protein can help stop that from happening, because your body will metabolize these amino acids instead of the ones in your muscles.

Benefits Of Almond Milk

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Almond milk is the most popular plant milk in the United States.

It is rich in several healthful nutrients, but compared with whole almonds, it is watered down and missing most of the fiber.

While researchers have not directly studied its health effects in controlled studies, some of its components have undergone extensive study.

This is a review of almond milk and its health benefits.

Almond milk is made by blending almonds with water and then straining the mixture to remove the solids. You can also make it by adding water to almond butter.

It has a pleasant, nutty flavor and a creamy texture similar to that of regular milk. For this reason, it is a popular choice for people following a vegan diet and those who are allergic or intolerant to dairy.

You can find almond milk in most supermarkets, usually in the health food section. It is also very easy to make at home.

Commercial almond milk comes in a variety of brands and flavors. For health reasons, it is best to choose almond milk that does not contain added sugar.

Most brands are also enriched with vitamins, minerals, or protein. If you do not eat dairy, you might benefit from choosing products that are enriched with calcium.

Controlled studies have linked whole almonds to a variety of health benefits, but many of these may not apply to almond milk.

2 ).

Does Protein Reduce Hunger

Hunger is an inevitable side effect of cutting calories, but the type of foods you are choosing might help curb your appetite more than others. Protein is thought to have some well-documented satiating effects, particularly while on a diet .

In one study, consuming 30% of calories from protein caused participants to eat almost 450 calories less per day – leading to twelve pounds of weight loss in 3 months . Some research has even suggested 25% of your calories coming from protein can help curb cravings .

It is no wonder popular high protein diets recommend roughly 30% to 40% of calories come from protein, which would equal out to 150 to 200 grams of protein per day on a 2,000 calorie diet .

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Want To Lose Weight Eat Enough Protein

When most people want to lose weight, the first thing they do is cut way back on everything they eat. But if you keep protein a high priority, you can feel full while slimming down!

You may know that protein is great for building muscle, but did you also know that it can help you lose weight? Current research shows that high-protein diets outshine low-protein diets when it comes to both building muscle and fat loss. No matter your age or background, meat-eater or vegetarian, protein is a must-have for healthy, sustainable weight loss.

Here’s why protein is crucial when losing weight, and how you can make sure you’re getting enough!

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Does Protein Powder Help You To Lose Weight Since It Has All Of These Benefits That Protein Does

With all of these weight loss benefits in protein it would make sense to assume that adding a protein powder to your diet would do the same.

Not so fast! How then, are people who want to gain weight, meeting their goals and not losing weight when they start taking protein powder?

You may say, its probably the protein powder formula. Maybe one has tons of protein and the other doesnt. And while its true, there are different protein powders that play a part in this, which well share below, how do you explain people who both use the same protein powder, but one is able to gain weight with it and the other is able to lose weight?

Lets break this down.

For weight gain, in general, most people, simply add protein powder to their daily food intake and it works. They get more protein, they get more calories and voilathey gain weight.

But clearly, if protein powder alone was a magic bullet for weight loss, these people would be losing weight and not gaining it. So, if youre looking to lose weight and you add protein powder into to your diet and dont take away anything else, youll get extra calories, and although they are from protein, which seems to be better for helping with weight loss, youll still gain weight.

Foods To Avoid On A High Protein Liquid Diet

While following a high protein liquid diet can be an effective way to lose weight, there are a few foods youll want to avoid. These include high in sugar, unhealthy fats, and processed carbohydrates. Remember, the goal is to focus on nutrient-rich, high-protein foods to help you feel satisfied and full.

This way, youll be less likely to cheat on your diet or give up altogether. By avoiding sugars, unhealthy fats, and processed carbs, youll be well on your way to successful weight loss.

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Protein Shakes While Dieting Proteins Role In Weight Loss

Do Protein Shakes Help You Lose Weight ?

Many people mistakenly feel whey protein shakes are only for people who want to increase their size or get big, by adding muscle mass. This idea is a common misconception, based on the fact that people often consume extra protein to add muscle.

The truth is, there is no single type of shake, drink or food that will cause weight gain. Whenever you consume more calories than your body needs throughout the day also known as your daily caloric goal or maintenance caloric rate you will put on weight. To lose weight, you have to consume fewer calories than your daily maintenance rate.

In fact, protein can actually be one of the most important nutrients in a weight loss diet. Studiesindicate that a diet higher in protein may confer weight loss benefits for those looking to shed body fat, primarily due to its impact on satiety feeling full. Data indicates that eating meals higher in protein will lead to an increase in satiety to a greater degree than meals higher in fats and carbohydrates. Feeling full is important for weight loss, since it helps you manage your caloric intake.

And while certain kinds of protein shakes can be loaded with calories sometimes advertised as bulkers or weight gainers there are plenty of different formulations of protein powder made to help people with vastly different fitness goals. Some are low-calorie formulations that are designed for people who are looking to lose weight.

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How Whey Protein Can Help You Lose Fat

Whey protein isn’t just for building muscle. This supplement can help you lose weight, too. Here’s how.

Sleep, genetics, your training program, nutrition, and stress all play a role in how your body looks and how you feel. If you’ve reined in your diet and are doing tons of resistance training but you still can’t seem to drop body fat, whey protein may help.

How To Choose And Use The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss

Read the label: Your body can only absorb up to 30 grams of protein at a time, says Sarah Mirkin, R.D.N., author of Fill Your Plate, Lose The Weight, a 21-day weight loss plan for women over 40. Look for powders with 20 to 30 grams of protein per 120-calorie scoop. Ideally, it should be pure protein with no sugar or artificial sweeteners. I recommend minimizing or avoiding Stevia, Mirkin says, as it can boost your cravings for sweets. The shorter the ingredients label, the better.

Experiment with a blend: A powder that contains a blend of high-quality proteins, such as whey, egg, and soy, will give you a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids, explains If you choose a plant-based protein, look for a combination of proteins versus one single source, she says.

Steer clear of junk: Spano says to avoid protein powders littered with other additives. A high-quality protein does not contain added taurine, creatine, BCAAs, beta alanine, glycinethese are high-nitrogen amino acids that make the protein powder artificially tested for more protein than it actually contains, she says. If you want protein, get protein and no extras.

Now that you have the basics down, weve rounded up the best protein powders to aid your weight loss goalsall approved by our dietitans standards.

Nutrition info per scoop: 120 calories, 3 g fat, 390 mg sodium, 2 g carbs , 21 g protein

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Protein Makes You Lose Weight Even Without Conscious Calorie Restriction

Protein works on both sides of the calories in vs calories out equation. It reduces calories in and boosts calories out.

For this reason, it is not surprising to see that high-protein diets lead to weight loss, even without intentionally restricting calories, portions, fat or carbs (

In this study, the participants lost an average of 11 pounds over a period of 12 weeks. Keep in mind that they only added protein to their diet, they did not intentionally restrict anything.

Although the results arent always this dramatic, the majority of studies do show that high-protein diets lead to significant weight loss .

A higher protein intake is also associated with less belly fat, the harmful fat that builds up around the organs and causes disease .

All that being said, losing weight is not the most important factor. It is keeping it off in the long-term that really counts.

Many people can go on a diet and lose weight, but most end up gaining the weight back .

Interestingly, a higher protein intake can also help prevent weight regain. In one study, a modest increase in protein intake reduced weight regain after weight loss by 50% .

So not only can protein help you lose weight, it can also help you keep it off in the long-term .

Bottom Line:

Eating a high-protein diet can cause weight loss, even without calorie counting, portion control or carb restriction. A modest increase in protein intake can also help prevent weight regain.

Protein Shakes To Control Calories


All lean protein sources will help you achieve a healthy, calorie-controlled diet to lose more weight. But protein powder and protein shakes really come into their own. Why? Because they deliver extremely high levels of protein with barely any other macronutrients, meaning they are a low-calorie way to get the protein you need.

Drinking a protein shake during the day will give you all the benefits of protein, with almost zero carbs and fats. Take a look at PhD Diet Whey which gives you 34g protein per 50g serving . Diet Whey also contains useful dieting extras like l-carnitine, green tea extract, and CLA.

Some people may find a meal replacement shake useful when dieting, Diet Whey Lean MRP takes all the fuss out of planning a meal and ensures you have all the nutrients and minerals that you would find in a well-balanced meal in a convenient and delicious shake. PhDs Diet Whey range even features a protein bar, Diet Whey Bar which comes in under 200 calories, making it easy to slot into any calorie controlled diet did I mention it was triple layered and still under 200 calories!

Find all our protein powders here to support your weight loss journey.

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Protein Is Hard To Store As Body Fat

During periods of weight loss, there are often times where more energy is consumed than expended. As such, minimizing how much of that excess energy is stored as fat is important.

The body processes the three different macronutrients in very different ways.

Leaving out a lot of jargon and mumbo jumbo, in order for protein to be stored as fat, it goes through a much different biochemical process than either carbohydrates or protein.

This process makes it much harder for protein to store as body fat.

One study found that protein is stored as body fat with roughly 66% efficiency, while carbohydrates store with 80% efficiency and fats store at 96% efficiency .

During weight loss, overeating protein results in much less stored body fat than overeating on carbohydrates or fat. If you are looking for ways to lose weight fast, consuming protein is a great option!

Protein Increases The Thermic Effect Of Food

The thermic effect of food is the cost of digesting your food.

Essentially, it takes some energy to break food down, digest it, and turn it into energy. Protein has the highest cost of all the three macronutrients.

While the total effect that the thermic effect of food has on daily energy expenditure and weight loss is small, it is not meaningless and is important to note.

In one study, a high protein diet increased the thermic effect of food by roughly 6-8 kcals per hour when compared to a low protein diet, which may translate to ~50-75 calories per day .

However, not all studies show this large of an effect, and the thermic effect of protein is not likely responsible for most of its benefit, but it may be the cherry on top of adequate dietary protein during weight loss.

You can track things like the thermic effect of food, total daily energy expenditure, and macros with the NASM Weight Loss Calculator.

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Are You Getting The Right Amount Of Protein For Your Body

If youd like to know more about if you are getting the right amount of protein for your body and your needs, and if youre wondering if youre getting the right amount of protein to help with your weight loss efforts or hinder it, wed be happy to send you our FREE protein evaluation, just email us at and let us know youd like our protein evaluation. Well send it right over and then we can set up a time to chat so that we canreview and see how we may be able to help. Thats a great place to start to get a good idea of where you stand in terms of the protein that you need for fueling weight loss.

If youre wondering if youre absorbing protein and other nutrients properly to assist in weight loss, we can help you here too.

If you are someone who is bloated all of the time, or youre constipated or have other digestive issues, you likely have some issues with digestion that may not help you to digest and absorb what you eat well, including protein powder. This is something we help our clients with.

But regardless, its a great idea to start with our free protein evaluation and to understand whats going on in your protein world and if its helping your weight loss efforts are harming them. So again, just email us at and let us know that youd like to have our free-protein evaluation.

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