Will Premier Protein Shakes Help Me Lose Weight

What You Can Eat And What You Can’t

Premier Protein High Shake Review. One of the Best Shakes for Weight Loss, Cutting, and Lean Mass!

Meal replacements include a variety of flavors in their original and advance protein meal bars, premade protein meal shakes, and powdered protein shake mixes .

For 100-calorie snack options, choose from a variety of flavors from their original Slimfast snack bars or from the Slimfast Advanced Nutrition snacks.

For the meal you provide, Slimfast recommends filling half of your plate with vegetables a quarter with lean protein and the remaining quarter with starch .

Nothing is totally off-limits with Slimfast, including alcohol. The Slimfast website features recipes for alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks made with its shakes.

The Benefits Of Protein Shakes

  • Increased Protein Intake

The main advantage comes through the increase in protein intake, which is key when you are starting to cut down on other protein sources.

Most people will stop eating enough protein when they go down this weight loss path. It happens naturally and that is when you start feeling sluggish and/or not yourself.

To avoid feeling like this without overdoing the calories, you will have to find a middle ground and that is why most people look towards protein shakes. These are the best for ensuring you are getting enough protein during the day and maximizing your health.

  • Promotes Muscle Growth

Muscle growth is one of those things most people dont think about as much as they should. If you are someone that is putting in time at the gym, it doesnt hurt to drink a protein shake after your workout.

This improves your protein synthesis and ensures you continue to build high-quality muscle throughout the day.

For a lot of people, this is one of those requirements that make things easier when it comes to getting fitter. You will need that additional protein especially if you are losing weight and not getting protein through other food sources.

  • Easy to Digest

A lot of people dont realize how difficult it is to eat specific foods during the day. When you are losing weight, it might not be easy to eat some of the foods that are you are required to.

The beauty of a protein shake is, you will know it is going to taste great.

  • Reduces Blood Pressure

What If The Protein Powder Has Artificial Sweeteners

While artificial sweeteners do not contribute any extra calories, they may have indirect effects on your metabolism and appetite cutes. Alternatives to sugar may not meet your needs either: artificial sweeteners when consumed in moderation are generally recognized as safe. However, many choose to avoid them due to associating them with headaches, stomach upset, and an increase in cravings. Your best bet is to choose more natural sugar alternatives like stevia, monk fruit, or erythritol.

If you are wondering if alternative sugars are right for you, consider whether or not you are experiencing any of these side effects.

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Types Of Protein Shakes

There are three types of protein powders: whey, casein, and soy. All of them stimulate muscle growth differently.

Whey protein is digested faster, providing instant MPS, making it a good post work-out drink. Soy and casein are digested slowly, prolonging MPS through the night. Casein protein is the slowest, making it the best for overnight recovery.

Benefits Of Drinking A Protein Shake Before Bed

Free Sample of Premier Protein Shake

A convenient breakfast drink can double as an excellent pre-sleep drink, too. Protein shakes are best known for building muscles, but they can have extra advantages when consumed at bedtime. Since

A convenient breakfast drink can double as an excellent pre-sleep drink, too. Protein shakes are best known for building muscles, but they can have extra advantages when consumed at bedtime.

Since early mornings are the best time for working out, drinking a post-workout protein shake during breakfast is common amongst many health-conscious Americans. Protein compensates for energy expenditure during exercise and helps build muscles. However, severalWiley studiesVerified SourceWileyMultinational publishing company specializing in academic and instructional materials.View sourceshow protein-ingestion at bedtime can improve your muscle strength, size, and fiber intake.

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Circadian Rhythms And Sleep

Your circadian rhythms are your bodys natural 24-hour rhythms. In addition to affecting your sleep schedule, they also control other vital aspects of your health, such as your hormone levels.

Mismatched or inconsistent circadian rhythms, such as those of nighttime workers, for instance, are associated with higher rates of cancer, heart disease, and even mental health issues such as depression.

And while light exposure is the most significant factor in determining your circadian rhythms, food intake also impacts your bodys internal timekeeping.

For example, research suggests that eating late meals can alter your 24-hour hormonal profile.

Therefore, while drinking a protein shake before bed may be useful temporarily for building muscle, its probably not a wise life-long habit for your health.

Soylent Meal Replacement Shakes

4.4 out of 5 stars10,500+ Amazon customer reviews

Soylent’s vegan-friendly meal replacement shakes are 400 calories, which makes them a convenient choice for a full-on meal when you don’t have time to pick up breakfast. One shake has 20 grams of protein and three grams of fiber,plus hefty doses of vitamin D, iron, magnesium, and other nutrients.Soylent is pretty good! I love chai so I was excited to try this flavor. You can definitely taste the chai and it doesnt taste too much like a protein drink. I am excited to try the other flavors and I love that it keeps me full for several hours, an Amazon reviewer writes.

Nutrition info for chai: 400 calories, 24 g fat , 38 g carbs , 300 mg sodium, 20 g protein

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Are Protein Shakes Good For Weight Loss: Heres Why They Really Are Worth All The Hype

Weight gain and obesity are increasingly becoming a health risk to individuals in recent years, and the notion that those problems are caused by lack of willpower doesnt do any justice. Although weight gain is largely a product of eating behavior and lifestyle, some individuals are not entirely in control of their body size. Overweight and obesity can be caused by several factors, including genetics and hormones, making some people predisposed to gaining weight. Many turn to weight loss interventions such as workouts and protein shakes. So, are protein shakes good for weight loss?

Despite the predisposition to gain weight, people can overcome their genetic disadvantages by changing their lifestyle and behavior. It is not a simple task, but it can be accomplished through willpower, dedication, and perseverance. One of the most popular strategies for weight loss is to follow a high protein diet because protein curbs ones appetite, thus resulting in the reduction of the total calories consumed in a day.

Is Premier Protein Good For You

Two Protein Shakes Per Day Weight Loss Challenge Meal Replacement Shakes!

Can you lose weight drinking Premier Protein Shakes? In many ways, the answer is to see if this idea works for you. Anyway, the higher protein content of Premier Protein Shakes is definitely a huge plus. Other nutrients are less important, but can still be important. In particular, the low sugar and fat content is ideal for weight loss.

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What’s In Protein Shakes

Whats in a protein shake is up to you. You just need to choose your protein powder and your liquid of choice. Protein powder itself is literally a protein source whether thats whey, soy, pea or another thats been powdered.

The simplest type of protein shake contains just protein powder and water or milk.

The other end of the scale sees more complicated protein shakes with peanut butter, Greek yoghurt, oats, fruit juice or chia seeds.

Adding dried fruit, nut butters, cocoa powder, etc, ramps up the calories significantly and can turn your weight-loss protein shake into a weight-gain one.

Be sure to check the ingredients, as some protein powders also contain carbohydrate-heavy thickeners or sugar which could be detrimental to weight loss.

Be warned – protein powder on its own isnt known for its great taste, so it usually comes flavoured. Most people use milk or plant-based milks in their protein shakes for a thicker consistency. Use water or reduced-fat or skimmed versions of your favourite milk to keep the calories down.

Ice cubes are often used to help thicken protein shakes, too. Simply add them to the blender while you whizz up the powder and your liquid of choice.

Risks And Side Effects

  • Meal replacement shakes should not completely replace a healthy, balanced diet. Doing so could be harmful because there is no way you can get all the essential nutrients from just a single food source. You may end up losing more weight than you anticipated or even leave your body vulnerable to diseases .
  • If the body does not get enough calories and nutrients, there is the risk that you might experience problems with metabolism. The result will be slowing or disrupting your weight loss plan. Furthermore, eating a varied diet reduces your chances of having obesity.
  • A good number of protein shakes utilize large sweetener quantities to improve their flavor, and this can trigger blood sugar spikes.
  • Consuming too much protein over the long term may not be good for your body. It may cause you problems in the kidneys and bones and even increase the risk of certain cancers .
  • Some protein shakes contain unsafe levels of contaminants such as mercury, arsenic, lead, and cadmium. These contaminants can potentially cause serious health problems, some of which are life-threatening.
  • Because they are nutritional supplements, protein shakes are not subject to stringent regulations, as is the case with medicine, and marketing materials of these products may sometimes be misleading.

BetterMe app will provide you with a host of fat-frying fitness routines thatll scare the extra pounds away and turn your body into a masterpiece! Get your life moving in the right direction with BetterMe!

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Peanut Butter Protein Shake

The homemade peanut butter protein shake gives you a nutty, creamy, and delicious feel. The upside with this shake is that it does not contain added sugar, and it is high in fiber and low in fat. Prepare it by blending 1 cup of yogurt, ½ cup of almond milk, 1 to 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and 15-20 green grapes. Refrigerate the mixture and enjoy it chilled.

Taste Is Good And Convenient

Do Protein Shakes Help You Lose Weight ? Find Out Now

Ok, not an actual item, but kind of actually is. Premier Protein shakes are a keto-friendly source that tastes pretty good relative to many other whey protein shakes and protein powders I’ve tried. The ready to drink containers are also a convenient option for anyone on the go.

However, you’re more than welcome to use any other source or keto-friendly protein shake if Premier shakes don’t suit your preferences. Any whey protein, protein powder, or protein shake is perfectly acceptable just stick to low carb protein sources.

Another great brand in the ready to drink category is Muscle Milk, another recommendation of mine in the flavor department. Give my article down below a read to determine which ones are low carb and which ones are high in carbohydrates and should be avoided.

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Weight Loss And Metabolism

A 2018 study of physically-active women published in the journal Nutrients found a 4% increase in resting metabolic rate the next day from consuming 48 grams of casein protein before bed.

However, the result was not statistically significant. In other words, the study findings on metabolism may well have been due to random chance.

Regardless, burning 4% more calories is not a game-changer for fat loss–especially since the women had to consume an extra 192 calories in the form of protein first.

And the same study found that consuming whey protein before bed may lower fat oxidation.

And a 2016 study of young obese men found that although pre-bed casein did not alter lipolysis , fat-burning, GH levels, insulin, or glucose, it also didn’t increase energy expenditure or reduce appetite.

Therefore, while the 2016 study didnt find any adverse effects on fat loss, it also showed no benefit to drinking casein before bed, either.

To sum up, its safe to say that based on recent research, drinking a protein shake before bed isnt the best practice for weight loss.

What Is A Protein Shake

A protein shake is a drink made with a source of protein usually protein powder – and a liquid such as water or milk. There are a range of different types of protein powder, from both animal and plant-based sources.

The benefits of consuming a daily protein shake for weight loss can be huge. First, though, you need to understand a little about them and how they work to avoid making common mistakes which will sabotage your results.

Using protein shakes incorrectly will leave you with weight gain the opposite of what you want!

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How To Lose Weight With Protein Shakes

Many people try to lose weight with protein shakes. There are many protein powders, pre-measured mixes and commercial drinks that might make this strategy an easy choice. But can you really lose weight with a protein shake diet plan? And if so, what’s the best protein powder for weight loss?

Are Premier Protein Shakes Keto


I saw this big box of shakes at my parent’s home one day. Naturally, I figured they purchased it at Costco since everything they buy comes from there. I was wondering if these premier protein shakes were low-carb keto-friendly, and here’s what I found.

Premier Protein shakes, clear protein drinks, and protein powders are low enough in carbs for those following a keto diet. All Premier Protein products range between 1 and 3 grams of net carbs per serving except for the protein shakes with oats and protein bars, which should be avoided.

In this article, I’ll cover the different Premier Protein products and let you know which ones are keto-friendly and which are not. I’ll then cover protein on the ketogenic diet and how most people have it wrong so you can get started on the right foot with keto.

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Does Supplementing A Protein Shake For Breakfast Help You Lose Weight

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When it comes to losing weight, protein just might help by keeping you full longer, assisting in muscle retention and giving your metabolism a tiny boost. So, yes, supplementing a protein shake for breakfast may help you lose weight. But, in addition to just swapping out your bowl of cereal for a high-protein shake, you may need to make a few more changes to your diet to reach your weight goals.


Replacing your breakfast with a high-protein shake can help you lose weight if you also follow a healthy, sensible, low-calorie diet the rest of the day.

The Science Of Weight Loss

A protein-shakes-only diet will encourage weight loss as long as you observe strict dietary guidelines. Your meal-in-a-bottle could help cut those pounds down because, as fitness instructors say, abs are not made in the gym, theyre made in the kitchen. In other words, you cannot out-exercise a poor diet.

Exercise only helps in weight loss if you burn more calories than you eat. Unfortunately, most people overestimate the efficacy of their workout regime. They often burn fewer calories than they think.

As an illustration, a 5 10 154-pound man will only burn 480 calories after an hour of vigorous aerobic exercises. A pre-made burger can easily deliver 460 calories! Should this man leave the gym and head for the grill?

You can easily cancel those tireless efforts at the gym with a single meal. Stay on top of your relationship with food, and you will win the battle of the bulge.

A good long-term weight loss and maintenance menu should have ample vegetables, fruit, and lean proteins. It should also have whole grains, healthy fats, and a regular exercise routine.

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The Best Protein Powder Brand To Grab

If you’re looking for a protein powder that checks all the boxes, I recommend Orgain Organic Protein. They use a plant-based formula using pea protein, brown rice, and chia seeds which includes all essential amino acids. They sweeten the shakes with organic stevia and erythritol to provide a lightly sweet taste that doesn’t leave a weird aftertaste. They are highly digestible as their line of protein supplements are dairy and soy free.

If you prefer to find an unsweetened option, they have all the bases covered! Their line of naturally unsweetened protein is a great alternative. And if you want more comparisons, take a look at our review of nine different protein powders we taste-tested.

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Can I Add Protein Powder To Cold Coffee

Will Whey Protein Shakes Help Me Lose Weight

If you prefer, you can also chill your coffee as usual by using milk or creamer beforehand, or you can also add protein powder to it after adding the creamer. If you are drinking cold coffee, add protein powder as soon as possible. Blend it or stir it continuously in hot coffee if you plan to add it to the beverage.

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Will Protein Shakes Help Me Feel Less Hungry

Researchers have shown that protein helps manage appetite by altering hormone levels that affect appetite. It can also help you feel fuller for a more extended period .

In one study, men who had protein at breakfast ate an average of 112 fewer calories at a buffet luncheon and 400 less in the subsequent 24-hour period, Medical News Today reports.

Since eating protein will help you feel more full, youll automatically find yourself reaching for snacks less often, helping you to eat fewer calories throughout the day, MNT adds.

In fact, one study in Obesity of overweight men showed that those who upped their protein intake to 25% of their daily calories reduced their cravings by up to 60% and cut late-night snack consumption in half.

Another study in Appetite of athletes who were participating in resistance training showed that when they drank protein shakes containing whey protein, they rated their hunger at 50%-65% lower than without the protein shakes.

Takeaway: Protein shakes can help you feel less hungry so that you reach for snacks less often and eat less at regular meals.

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