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Is Protein Powder Good For You?

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Question #: What Other Ingredients Are In The Protein Powder

While sweeteners, flavoring, and thickeners are common in protein powders, some contain more than others.

There are exceptions, but you generally want to look for protein powders with fewer ingredients. That said, guidelines like look for foods with fewer than five ingredients dont necessarily apply to protein powders.

Heres a look at the most common ingredients in protein powders, plus how to make sense of them.

What Are The Risks

There are numerous risks to consider when using a protein powder. Among them:

  • A protein powder is a dietary supplement. The FDA leaves it up to manufacturers to evaluate the safety and labeling of products. So, there’s no way to know if a protein powder contains what manufacturers claim.
  • We don’t know the long-term effects. “There are limited data on the possible side effects of high protein intake from supplements,” McManus says.
  • It may cause digestive distress. “People with dairy allergies or trouble digesting lactose can experience gastrointestinal discomfort if they use a milk-based protein powder,” McManus points out.
  • It may be high in added sugars and calories. Some protein powders have little added sugar, and others have a lot . Some protein powders wind up turning a glass of milk into a drink with more than 1,200 calories. The risk: weight gain and an unhealthy spike in blood sugar. The American Heart Association recommends a limit of 24 grams of added sugar per day for women and 36 grams for men.

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San Nutrition Rawfusion Plant Protein Powder Peanut Chocolate Fudge

For people looking for a vegan-friendly and dairy-free protein powder that still tastes great, RawFusion has got you covered. This protein powder supplement uses from a robust blend of pea protein, rice protein, and artichoke protein.

Its flavored with stevia and a small amount of fructose, but the carbohydrate content is still pretty low, and the sugar content is only one gram per serving.

Different Ways To Use Protein Powder

Good Hemp Nutrition Hemp Protein Powder

The most common method for consuming protein powder is by adding water and mixing it in a protein shaker. This is a quick, easy way to prepare protein powder and can be taken with you anywhere. However, you can easily get tired of consuming the same protein shake day after day. Get creative and try new protein shake recipes or use your protein powder to make other food items besides shakes. Protein cookies are a popular alternative to shakes. Some people mix protein powder into other foods for an extra boost. Purchase a protein powder that doesnt have a strong flavor and you can add it to items such as soups, guacamole or other kinds of dips like hummus and even desserts.

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Lets Take A Deeper Look: Protein Digestibility

Beyond complete and incomplete proteins, there are several other methods scientists use to assess protein quality.

The main measures scientists look at are digestibility and bioavailability, or how well your body is able to utilize a given type of protein. This can vary depending on a proteins amino acid makeup, along with other factors.

The Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score is a measure of how much of a given protein is truly digestible. The highest possible score is 1.0. And the higher the score, the higher the quality of protein.

Theres another scale that some prefer, as it may provide a more accurate picture of bioavailability: The Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score . Similar to the PDCAAS, the higher the score, the higher-quality the protein.8

Heres how several common protein powders stack up according to these scales:

Protein type9,10,11

*Because DIAAS is a newer measure of protein quality, some values are unknown.**A 70:30 blend of pea and rice protein closely resembles whey protein, but ratios vary across manufacturers.

As you can see, animal proteins tend to score higher than plant proteins.

Similar to choosing protein made from incomplete protein sources, just because a protein powder doesnt have a PDCAAS of 1.0 or has a lower DIAAS doesnt mean its a poor option. It can still be beneficial as long as you get a variety of protein sources throughout the day.

How Much Protein Do I Need

Before you can find the protein powder thats right for you , it helps to understand exactly why protein matters so much in the first place.

The main reason to use protein powder is to help you hit your protein goals.

Not getting enough protein can cause you to:

  • lose muscle mass
  • have skin, hair, and nail problems
  • heal more slowly if you get cuts or bruises
  • experience mood swings
  • be more likely to break bones

To be clear, though, this isnt a concern for the majority of folks.

Most people eating the average Western diet arent protein deficient.

The bare minimum protein requirement is estimated to be 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight, or 0.36 grams per pound. So at the absolute minimum, a 160-pound person needs about 58 grams of protein to prevent protein deficiency.

For reference, a palm of protein has about 20 to 30 grams of protein. So with 2 to 3 palms of proteinlike chicken breast, tofu, Greek yogurt, or legumesper day, youd be set.

But eating the bare minimum of protein is different from eating an optimal amount of protein.

Generally, most active people can meet their optimal protein intake by eating 1 to 2 palms of protein at each meal.

Unless you have a specific medical reason to keep your protein intake low, most people will benefit from eating more protein.

Why? There are plenty of reasons, including:

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Is Protein Powder Healthy Here’s What A Dietitian Says

Protein powders are popular, but are they healthy? We look into the pros and cons, as well as the science.

Protein is a mighty macronutrient famous for its help in muscle building. Amino acids are small parts that make up protein. Protein is essential and has special functions all over the body, including fluid balance, hormone regulation, and sustaining good health.

The hair on your head, the skin that covers you, and the muscles you move each day are just a few parts of you supported by protein.

Many health-conscious people have concerns about getting enough protein. The most popular way to stay on top of getting enough protein is by taking protein supplements. In 2018, there were $4.14 billion in sales of protein powders.

Is protein powder healthy? Keep reading to find out.

Live Conscious Organic Protein

Is Your Protein Powder Good For Building Muscle & Losing Fat?

Live Conscious Organic Protein is one of the highest-quality protein powders on our list. Its a USDA Organic certified protein powder that delivers surprisingly good taste with just 80 calories per serving.

Like other top-rated vegan protein powders, Live Conscious Organic Protein contains pea, rice, sacha inchi, and pumpkin seed protein blended together. These ingredients can support metabolism and muscle development while delivering 15g of protein per serving.

Live Conscious manufactures its Organic Protein in the United States. With popular flavors like Vanilla Dream and additional ingredients like prebiotic fiber, Live Conscious Organic Protein is everything you want in a high-quality vegan protein powder and it doesnt break the budget at $43 per bag .

Price: $43

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Is Protein Powder Good For You

Is protein powder good for you? We give you all the answers you need right here. Protein powders were once exclusively guzzled by elite athletes and bodybuilders, but now, many of us have tried a protein shake. But before you purchase the best protein powder for weight loss or the best protein powder for women, you may wonder whether its really that good for you.

Nutritionist and personal trainer Lamorna Hollingsworth said, Protein powder is ideal for people who are looking for help with weight management, looking to gain muscle or weight, for athletic recovery/performance, and in some cases, as a meal replacement.

Whether your goal is weight loss, bulking up, or simply supplementing your protein intake, theres a protein powder for you. Read on to discover if protein powder is good for you, the purpose of protein powder, and whether you can have too much protein powder.

Pros And Cons Of Plant

Alternatively to whey protein, plant-based protein powders have become increasingly popular and available due to the rise in popularity of plant-based or even vegan diets. Many individuals also have digestive issues when it comes to whey protein , so plant-based protein can remedy that. These powders are derived from vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Plant proteins are often low in some of the essential amino acids, or dont contain all of the essential amino acids required to build proteinsome examples being beans, lentils, and nuts. As such, theyre deemed a second tier protein source.

Conversely, plant foods provide many more nutrients like vitamin C, flavonoids, quercetin, catechins, and antioxidants that animal proteins dont. The choice is yours whether you choose whey protein or plant-based protein powder to supplement your diet. Just make sure its high quality and free of unnecessary additives, preservatives, or synthetic ingredients.

Something to consider: Oftentimes when it comes to supplements, you get what you pay for. Cheaper brands are often lower in quality and contain many additives, contaminants, lower amounts of actual protein, or unfavorable amino acid profiles.

Weve done the tough work for you. These are the cleanest whey and plant-based protein powders you can buy.

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Ranking The Best Protein Powders Of 2021

Protein powder is a highly concentrated and powderized supplement thats derived from protein-rich foods like milk, peas, soybeans, and bone broth.

Its widely used by athletes for better strength gain and muscle recovery following tough training sessions, but its also incredibly useful if you are trying to lose weight or maintain a lean physique.

Protein powder has a number of special biological properties that make it ideal for dropping fat and maintaining muscle mass. Our researchers have ranked the ten best protein powders for staying fit and healthy, whether that means adding muscle at the gym or fighting body fat.


Ladder offers two types of protein: whey and plant-based. Their whey protein contains a mix of whey isolates and casein protein to consistently fuel your muscles with amino acids, ensuring maximum protein synthesis.

Ladder whey only uses natural sweeteners, without the use of fillers, additives, or coloring. With its NSF-certified badge, you can be confident that every serving of Ladder whey is compliant with even the strictest Olympic standards. If you are going to buy any protein powder, this is BodyNutritions top choice.

What Are Your Goals

Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder ...

In order to choose the right protein powder for you, your first must decide what your goals and reasons are behind trying a protein supplement.

Muscle gain

If your goal is muscle gain, for example, you should look for a protein that is easily absorbed and used by the body. Whey is usually your best option in this case.

Losing weight

If losing weight is your goal, you want to avoid supplements with added sugars or sweeteners. You also want to avoid BCAAs, because they are used to promote increased muscle mass and weight gain.

Dietary restrictions

You also must take into consideration any dietary restrictions you may have such, as a dairy sensitivity or allergy, or a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Always read the labels carefully if you have any food restrictions, as many powders contain things like gluten or artificial sweeteners that may not be tolerated well by some people.

If you have any health issues or medical conditions, be sure to consult with your doctor before beginning any supplement routine. For example, if you have kidney disease, you may have to follow a low-protein diet, thus a supplement may not be a healthy choice for you.

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What Is Orgains Return Policy

If youd like to return your order to Orgain, youll have to submit a request within 30 days of receiving it. After submitting your claim, youll receive a return authorization and instructions for how to proceed with shipping your product back. Orgain covers the cost of returns by providing you with a prepaid shipping label.

Buying Guide For The Best Protein Powders

If you’re starting a new workout routine, amping up your existing program, or you’re just not getting enough protein in general, one solution is to add a protein shake to your diet. To do that, you’ll need a big container of protein powder it’s more cost-effective to purchase larger quantities. It’s an investment, so you’ll want to be sure to purchase the right powder for your needs.

The three most common types of protein powder include whey, casein, and soy. The first step is to read the entire label to be sure there is nothing in the protein powder that you might be allergic to. The other main consideration is taste. If you find you have to plug your nose to swallow, you won’t be finishing that massive jug of powder anytime soon.

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Hydrolyzed Whey Is Best For The Elite Few

Its the most expensive form of whey, and yes, some studies have found it useful for athletes who work out twice per day and need to recover really fast. However, for the average person, it wont make a practical difference. A caveat here is that hydrolyzed whey is so broken down that its usually the whey of choice for people with milk allergies. The downsides of hydrolyzed whey one of which being that its more expensive and tastes worse probably arent worth it to most people.

Which Protein Powder Is Best For Runners And Triathletes

Is Walmart Protein Powder Any GOOD?

As an endurance athlete, you know protein is super important for your training. Protein is a macronutrient, one of the major three food groups you need each day, and is crucial to building and repairing muscle. You probably know to have protein after a workout, and not so much before. You might see your weightlifting buddy or people at your gym always drinking their protein drinks to maximize results, but dont think it applies to you.

But protein powders can help you perform better, its just a matter of which ones are best for runners and triathletes.

Well break down why protein powders are beneficial for endurance athletes, when to skip them, and make specific recommendations so you dont waste your money on fillers and make protein powder work for you!

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You Probably Dont Need To Worry About Soy Lecithin

The vast majority of protein powders contain a dash of soy lecithin because it helps to improve mixability. Concerns over soy raising estrogen levels or lowering testosterone levels have been floating around the strength training world for years, but studies show that most peoples hormone levels are unaffected by soy. If you want to learn more about the effects of soy, check out our video below where we dive deeper into the studies surrounding this topic.

And note that if youd rather avoid plant estrogen, youll also need to cut out coffee, oatmeal, apples, and a lot of other foods, too.

Does Your Whey Protein Powder Suck Get A Crash Course On Which Powders Pack A Real Punch

    How do you choose a whey protein powder? Do you go on the recommendation of your buddy at the gym and take what he takes? Do you pick the bottle with the shiniest, most cutting-edge label? Do you go by what tastes good or whats on sale at your local GNC?

    The truth is, these are serious questions. You know that taking whey protein at the right times of day can make all the difference in between building an extra half-inch on your arms or adding 20 pounds to your personal best on the bench press. But not just any whey will do. There are great whey protein products and there are not-so-good whey protein products. And being able to tell the difference between them can be critical to your gains.

    The first step in determining whether your protein is worthy is to give yourself a pat on the back. Youve recognized wheys benefits and have included it in your daily regimen. Just to review, whey is enormously beneficial for several reasons, including amino acid and microfraction content and digestion rate.

    But probably the most critical factor that puts whey protein miles ahead of other forms of protein is digestion rate. Whey digests very rapidly. In fewer than 30 minutes it can fast-track a good portion of its aminos to your muscles, and that rapid delivery of amino acids to muscle cells has been shown to be important for pushing muscle growth.

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    Recommended Amount Of Protein Powder Per Day

    Now that you have a better understanding of how much protein a person needs to consume during an entire day, youll be able to determine how much protein powder is healthy to consume. Theoretically, you could draw all of your daily protein from protein powder, but you should not attempt to do this because there are many other vital nutrients that you receive from actual food.

    One scoop of protein powder is typically about 25 grams of protein. Most active people drink one protein shake per day, which contains a single scoop of protein, meaning that you are receiving nearly half of your daily recommended protein intake from this shake. Its recommended that you try to only consume somewhere between 25 to 50 grams of protein from protein powder each day.

    In the past, there have been claims that high-protein diets can have dangerous health effects like kidney damage, but research has disproven this. Protein is a necessary part of your diet and, without it, your body would not be able to perform necessary tasks. One study did discover that anyone with a pre-existing kidney condition should be more careful about their protein consumption and may need to lower their intake to avoid complications.

    Overall, consuming too much protein is not detrimental to your health unless you are only receiving it from unhealthy sources and you do not participate in any physical activity. Identify how much protein is ideal for your body and try to stick to this range.

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