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What Measurements Will I Find

How To Use Urine Test Strips

The results of home urine tests fall into two categories: Qualitative and Semi-Quantitative.

A qualitative result is non-numerical and will generally show a negative result, meaning the compound is not present, Trace result, meaning there might be a low concentration of the molecule present, or a Positive result, meaning the compound is present.

Positive results are often shown on a scale of +s such as +, ++, +++ etc. with each additional + indicating a higher concentration of the molecule.

A semi-quantitative result means a numerical value is given with its unit of measure. It is semi-quantitative because it is not a precise result; but one with a range of error. Semi-quantitative results in Urinalysis Test Strips will often have more than one unit of measure given. This type of test shows the presence or absence of certain compounds and typically the compounds concentration.

Finally, some results such as Acid-Base balance or Specific Gravity give a result that measures this chemical property on a scale. For example Acid-Base balance uses the pH scale which runs from 1 to 14. A low result from 1 to 6 means the sample is acidic, 7, the sample is neutral, and a result greater than 7 the sample is basic .

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Faq ‘s On Urine Tests

What is Urine Dipstick ?

Dipstick test. A dipstick a thin, plastic stick with strips of chemicals on it is placed in the urine to detect abnormalities. The chemical strips change color if certain substances are present or if their levels are above normal

What can be detected in this urine test?

The urinalysis is a set of screening tests that can detect some common diseases. It may be used to screen for and/or help diagnose conditions such metabolic conditions of Glucose and Proteins

What are normal urine dipstick results?

Normal urinary proteins values are less than 150 mg/d and are undetectable using urinary dipstick. The urinary dipstick only detects the presence of albumin and no other proteins. When urinary protein values exceed 300-500 mg/d, the dipstick test result becomes positive

What is urine glucose test used for?

A hormone called insulin helps move glucose from your bloodstream into your cells. If too much glucose gets into the blood, the extra glucose will be eliminated through your urine. A urine glucose test can be used to help determine if blood glucose levels are too high.

What does a urine protein test show?

Urine protein testing is used to detect excess protein in the urine . A semi-quantitative test such as a dipstick urine protein may be used to screen for the presence of protein in the urine as part of a routine urinalysis

Just Urine Needed To Test Health

How to Test ?

in short for clarity purpose use as below

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Home Use Urinalysis Test Strip Color Chart

PTPTRATE 20pcs New Test Protein Urine Test Strips Kidney ...
Urine Leukocytes Home Test


Wait 30 Seconds – g/dL – Expected result: Negative

  • Top numbers = Grams per deciliter – A gram is equal to the weight of one milliliter or 16 drops of water.
  • Bottom numbers = Milligrams per deciliter – A milligram is one-thousandth of a gram.

In order to measure the amount of sugar in your urine, you need a urine test strip and a container for collecting urine. It is important to talk with your doctor about the best time of day to perform the urine glucose test, and whether to do it before or after eating. Glucose in the urine could indicate diabetes or renal glycosuria. Having sugar in your urine is usually a sign of very high blood sugar levels. The extra sugar in the bloodstream is usually only removed via the kidneys and detectable in urine at blood sugar concentrations of 10 mmol/L and above. Normally the amount of sugar in urine is too low to be detected. Any detection of sugar on this test usually calls for follow-up testing for diabetes. Blood sugar levels can be measured a lot more accurately by taking a blood sample and having it tested in a laboratory. NOTE: These last two parameters are commonly used to screen for possible metabolic disorders.

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What Is A Dipstick Or Test Strip Urinalysis

A urinalysis is a urine test best performed on a full bladder first thing in the morning. A urinalysis checks appearance, concentration and content of urine and is used to detect and/or manage a wide range of medical disorders, such as urinary tract infections , kidney disease and diabetes. A dipstick, usually a thin, plastic stick with strips of chemicals on it, is coated with urine, the chemical strips will change color if certain substances are present or if certain levels are above, or below, normal which can indicate the presence of compounds like proteins, ketones, hemoglobin, and nitrites, as well as harmful pathogens. Dipstick urinalysis is convenient, but false-positive and false-negative results can occur.

No preparation other than cleansing the area around the urethra is required for the automated dipstick urinalysis.

Reviews For 10 Parameter Urine Strips

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Dr Moses T 15th September 2016

    Product very good,price very competitive,prompt delivery.As a practising medical doctor I find it very good value for money for my patients

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    jenifer 6th November 2016

    I have a couple of illnesses and have to catheterise myself. These strips help me to keep an eye on things, if I suspect infections or other issues and catch things before serious complications occur.

    Great price and speedy delivery. Very highly recommended.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Pauline 26th July 2017

    Good product and service.Have tried other urine reagent test sticks and have found that the colours run on contact with urine.These do not. Easy to use. Good product, sensibly priced.Would buy again.

  • Rated 5 out of 5


    Good product, sensibly priced and prompt delivery.Very pleased thank you.

  • Rated 5 out of 5


    Fast deliver, and pleased with this good value product.

  • Rated 5 out of 5


    Prompt delivery and good service!

  • Rated 4 out of 5

    Liz Lillicrap 19th December 2019

    I am a Medical Herbalist and found this product very good. The last Urinalysis sticks I bought gave false readings. These are accurate, good value and arrived quickly.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Donna Connew

    Good product and fast delivery. Would recommend product and this supplier.

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    How Do I Choose A Strip

    We recommend that users start with a strip which has most, if not all, testing parameters available. Products like the;Roche Combur 9;or Combur 10, and the;Siemens Multistix 10SG, are perfect for this purpose. These strips have up to 10 assays that cover the vast majority of tests that can be done with a Urine Dipstick. By testing all these parameters and you can identify quickly if you have presence of any compounds that could indicate health problems and acts as a general health screen.

    Another Consumer friendly test is the Roche Combur 5. We like this test as it has an easy to interpret 3 step qualitative scale starting with 0 for no presence and a 2 step positive scale with + and ++ results. The 5 parameters covered by the Combur 5 test cover the most usually tested parameters and can give insight into kidney and urinary tract health.

    For users with an existing diagnosis using a Urine Dipstick with a wide range of assays can be beneficial as in addition to monitoring your known condition you can also monitor your general health and identify early onset of other issues which is an additional benefit if you are testing regularly anyhow.

    What Does This All Mean

    Un-Packaging MDK 10 pad Urine Test Strips

    Doctors are trained to understand these results, the average patient not. For first time buyer and user of Urine Dipsticks it can be difficult to know what these results mean. We have also found that most first time users it is difficult to know which strip to buy. People using strips for the first time most often accept the recommendation from their doctor or their pharmacist, which is always a good place to start. That said, we have found that not all manufacturers make their strips easy to use for the average patient.

    Some of the issues we have found with Urine Test Strips are that the majority are aimed at Doctors and trained medical professionals. This means that after completing a Urine Test that there is no information available to assist the user in interpreting the results. For a patient under the care of a medical professional, this is less of a problem as at the next visit the doctor can interpret the results for them. For patients with chronic conditions they will learn over time. For the first time user it will most likely require some internet research and an eventual visit to the doctor.

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    Testing Kits > Urine Reagent Test Strips

    Urine reagent test strips are important devices used to determine what changes have occurred, if any, in a patients urine during a standard urinalysis.; Standard urine testing kits will test for a range of elements, some of which include:

    • Keytones
    • Protein
    • Bilirubin

    Mountainside Medical Equipment offers a variety of quality urine reagent test strips designed to help you make a proper diagnosis. Order online today, or call to speak with a Medical Supply Professional for assistance at 1-888-687-4334.

    How To Use Urine Test Strips

    While UTI Test 5V® is suitable for professional testing by medical professionals, it is also ideal for home use. We thus include a very easy to understand guide for people who are not at all technical, as well as the full medical information leaflet, for professionals who understand the technicalities.

    Supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet.

    Do not exceed the recommended dose.

    Full instructions are inside the box.

    The urine test Strips are a fast and easy-to-use indicator of the infection condition of your urine. See your doctor or urologist for more detailed advice about interpreting the results.

    • Urinate into a clean container.
    • Remove one urine test strip and close the tub tightly immediately. Dip it into the urine for 2 seconds. Tap on the side of the container to remove excess. Any excess that passes between the urine reagents can invalidate the results.
    • Observe the reagent patches. The first item to check is the pH 2nd from bottom.
    • If the reagent has gone Orange, that is too acidic.
    • If it has gone deep green that is too alkaline.
  • Check the Protein . Any greenish/ turquoise indication is a sign of the presence of protein. The darker it is, the more is present. Usually, this means your kidneys are involved in an infection. See your doctor for advice.
  • Check for Nitrites next . Nitrites are cracked from Nitrates by bacteria, so any pink colouration indicates bacterial presence.
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    Why Do I Need This Test

    Normally, healthy individuals do not have protein in their urine. Although a small amount of protein in the urine is normally not a problem, larger levels of protein in the urine may indicate that the kidneys are not working properly or they might suggest a urinary tract infection . High levels of protein in the urine can also be a sign of:

    • diabetes
    • amyloidosis
    • hypertension
    • preeclampsia
    • heavy metal poisoning
    • glomerulonephritis
    • systemic lupus erythematosus
    • Goodpasture syndrome
    • multiple myeloma
    • bladder tumor or cancer
    • Do not touch test areas of Urinalysis Reagent Strips.
    • Do not store the sample for longer than 1 hour before testing.
    • Comparison to the colour chart is dependent on the interpretation of the individual and must ideally be read by a Doctor or health care professional.
    • Interpretation of results are read at users own risk.

    Expected Values

    Protein: Normal urine specimens ordinarily contain some protein therefore only persistent elevated levels of urine protein indicate kidney or urinary tract disease. The persistent results of trace levels or over, indicate significant proteinuria and thus further clinical testing is needed to evaluate the results.

    Specimen Collection and Preparation

    Collect fresh urine in a clean container and test as soon as possible. Do not centrifuge. If testing cannot be performed within one hour after collection of urine, refrigerate the specimen immediately. Allow refrigerated specimen to return to room temperature before testing.


    Liver And Blood Disorders

    10 Parameter Urinalysis Test Strips 150ct

    In many liver diseases the patients often show signs of pathology only at a late stage. Early diagnosis allows appropriate therapeutic measures to be instituted in good time, avoiding consequential damage and further infections.

    Specific liver diseases and haemolytic disorders able to be identified include liver disease, , cirrhosis, urobilinogenuria and bilirubinuria.

    Bilirubin test

    Bilirubin is a highly pigmented compound that is a by-product of haemoglobin degradation. The haemoglobin that is released after the mononuclear phagocyte system withdraws old red blood cells from circulation is degraded into its components; iron, protoporphyrin and protein. The system’s cells convert the protoporphyrin into unconjugated bilirubin that passes through the circulatory system bound to protein, particularly albumin. The kidney is unable to filter out this bilirubin as it is bound to protein, however, it is conjugated with glucuronic acid in the liver to form water-soluble conjugated bilirubin. This conjugated bilirubin does not normally appear in the urine as it is excreted directly from the intestine in bile. Intestinal bacteria reduce the bilirubin to urobilinogen, which is later oxidised and either excreted with the faeces as stercobilin or in the urine as urobilin.

    The detection of urinary bilirubin is an early indication of liver disease and its presence or absence can be used to determine the causes of clinical jaundice.

    Urobilinogen test

    Nitrites test

    Leukocytes test

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    Other Things To Consider

    While monitoring the health of your urine can help in understanding your progress, it may not represent the whole picture. UTI Test 5V® can tell you with a high degree of reliability if there is still infection present in your urine, but cannot tell you what species of bacteria are causing the symptoms. If natural remedies are unable to clear the infection, consider having your urine cultured by a competent clinic to identify the agents of infection.

    The Importance Of Urine

    Urine is a waste product of the body produced by the Kidney. The kidney filters blood by removing waste and balancing water, minerals and salts. Clean filtered blood is exits the kidney and circulates through the body.;

    Excess water, waste products and excess mineral and salts leave the kidney via the urinary tract, are stored in the bladder and then evacuated via the urethra.

    Urinalysis is the 2nd;most used diagnostic in the world. While there are many types of urinalysis in existence, in this article we are focusing on home urine tests done via a chemical dipstick. These urine dipsticks are useful because they are cheap, fast and effective.

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    Multistix 10 Sg Urine Test Stripsnegative Means Negative

    The Multistix® 10 SG reagent strip is the reliable frontline test for detection of a broad range of conditions, from detecting urinary tract infections to diabetes and kidney disorders. Accurately gain a broader clinical insight into a patient’s health.

    • Reliable testing for UTI, diabetes, and kidney disorders
    • 10 tests for important markers on a single strip
    • Combined leukocyte/nitrite results for better prediction of UTI with fewer false negatives

    Multistix 10 SG Reagent Strips

    We Receive Your Return

    Pregnancy Urinalysis: Protein & Glucose in Urine Reagent Test Strips
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    Multistix 10 Sg 100 Test Strips


    Reagent Strips for Urinalysis tests for: Glucose Nitrite LeukocytesThe reagent test areas on Bayer Diagnostics Reagent Strips are ready to use upon removal from the bottle and the entire reagent strip is disposable. The strips may be read visually, requiring no additional laboratory equipment for testing. Certain configurations of strips may also be read instrumentally, using the Clinitek family of Urine Chemistry Analyzers and the appropriate Program Module or Program Card.

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