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If youve found this article, then you know the catch-22 of protein powder shakes: milk is too high in fat and carbs for cutting, while most powders with water taste like chalk.

Because of that, our fitness experts set out to research the best tasting protein powders with water so that we won’t have to force ourselves to down our morning shakes.

These protein powders are said to be good quality products, and in a way, the flavors are surprisingly good and sweet enough as well.

If youre trying to cut fat and carbs, or if youve got a sensitive stomach, heres a list of our top recommended protein powders that taste good with just water .

Quest For The Best Protein Water

02.16 2019

Now that the market has become saturated with these protein waters, I figured it was time for me to do some taste testing for you! Youve probably seen some of these brands on the shelves of your local Target, Walmart, pharmacy, nutrition store, or maybe even the grocery store. Its rare to find all TEN of these brands in the same place thoughexcept of course right here on my blog . When I first started seeing these pop up, I was excited at the possibility of drinking something cool and refreshing that would supplement my protein intake for the day Im sure you are too!

Before we get into the good stuff, I want to point out some of my overall impressions of these protein waters. First, if youre looking for something that tastes like Gatorade, youre probably going to be disappointed. Most of these brands have a protein aftertaste, although some brands/flavors do a better job of minimizing that aftertaste. Because of the protein content, many of them also gave me a feeling of the moisture being sucked out of my mouth. Thats kind of a weird thing when youre drinking cold liquid, but again some brands/flavors do a better job of minimizing that effect.

Second, I was a little surprised by just how many of these brands are using sweeteners like Sucralose and acesulfame potassium. You may or may not care about that, but they upset my stomach and I try to avoid them.

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15g of Premium Whey Protein Isolate // Nostalgic flavors // Unmatched hydration 15g of Premium Whey Protein Isolate // Light flavors // Unmatched hydration 15g of Premium Whey Protein Isolate // Hydrating electrolytes // Bursting flavors 15g of Premium Whey Protein Isolate // Nostalgic flavors // Unmatched hydration 15g of Premium Whey Protein Isolate // 125mg of naturally sourced caffeine // Bold flavors // Unmatched hydration
Grams of Net Carbs
Keto and Low Carb Friendly

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More About Protein Water

This whey protein isolate drink is becoming more and more popular as bigger brands get in on the trend.

It’s kind of like what we all wish Vitamin Water could have been, except it’s actually beneficial to you

We bet you have questions. Is it healthy? What is protein water? Why should I drink protein water? How much protein do I need to consume every day?

There are many different options out there and it may be hard to choose the best protein water that fits your lifestyle. Read below to help make an educated choice about which of our recommendations is truly right for your unique needs.

What is protein water?Essentially, protein water is unflavored protein powder mixed into water with flavorings and sugar/sweeteners added to improve the taste. Most use Whey Protein Isolate, but some alternatives use plant-based protein such as Pea, Chia, and Hemp protein. While most protein waters dont have sugar in them, they do have artificial sweeteners or natural sweeteners such as stevia or erythritol. Some may also use synthetic dyes, so its best to pay attention to the ingredients if you have any allergies or sensitivities.

The main thing to take away from this is that protein plays a huge role in your health. It helps your body to repair tissues, helps metabolic reactions, and coordinates your bodily functions. It also helps to keep your immune system healthy or helps to build it back up after an illness.

You can also use it to make fun summer recipes, like ice pops!

    Whom Do We Recommend Biotechusa Protein Water Zero For

    Protein2o Low Calorie Protein Infused Water, 10g Whey ...

    For those who

    • are looking for a product that can be consumed immediately.
    • are lactose and gluten sensitive
    • are vegetarians to make their protein intake more varied.
    • Due to its protein content, it helps maintain muscle mass and also contributes to the maintenance of normal bone, and muscle mass growth.
    • For those who consume protein during workout or as a supplement to meals.

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    Why Mix Protein With Water

    As much as wed love to indulge on the best and delicious chocolate milkshakes all day, being physically fit means cutting the fluff and pumping your body full of as many clean, healthy nutrients as possible.

    Mixing protein powder in water accomplishes two goals:

  • Your body absorbs proteins faster
  • It cuts unneeded calories, fats, and carbs out of your diet
  • If you want to lose weight and gain lean muscle, you have very little nutritional wiggle room.

    When you mix whey powder with water, you are getting all of the good with none of the bad, unless you’re trying to bulk up. And in that case, you might want to add some milk in there for the extra calories.

    Muscleblaze Sparkling Protein Water

    The good news about the MuscleBlaze protein water is that it contains few calories, no fat, no sugar, zero fat, zero carbohydrates and no artificial flavours. Consuming it immediately after an intense workout can rebuild damaged muscle tissue. As MuscleBlaze Sparkling Protein Water is specially formulated to meet an individuals protein requirement, to support hydration and for fast recovery, making it perfect for gym-goers, everyday and crossfit athletes.

    Plus, it may help in weight loss because protein boost metabolism and makes you feel full and leads to lower calorie intake.

    A bottle of protein water is not gonna cause any harm to your body. To get better results combine it with a protein-rich snack like cheese, and yogurt. It is available in two refreshing and delicious flavours, i.e: cola and green apple. Where cola flavor contains low carb and green apple flavor contains zero carbs.

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    The People Have Spoken

    What can I say, I’m in protein heaven when I drink any of the flavours. All absolutely delicious and the clear whey omg it’s a complete game changer turns water into deliciousness! More orders coming once I’ve gone through this batch

    Ive been trying to find a protein shake for ages and after spending ridiculous money on loads of milkshake protein powder that tastes awful, I found this which is amazing! Its literally like drinking blueberry juice Id buy from the shop! No aftertaste or sickly feeling afterwards! Plus reasonable price!

    Omg these are all of my favourites combined in a pack so much so that I’ve already ordered them again . I normally have 1 after a workout when I need to top up on my protein.

    When I first tried these I was blown away for the amount of protein it has it’s very easy to hit my protein goals which I tend to struggle with and at the same time I’m getting in my water.

    I had this during my HIIT workout today and it honestly gave me the extra boost I needed. The easiest way to help reach my protein goal as well!Delicious – thank you Upbeat

    Where To Buy Quality Protein Water In India

    Protein2O Protein Water Plus Energy Product Review. Protein infused water plus caffeine.

    If you want to give protein water a try, consider buying it from HealthKart. As HealthKart offers the best quality health and nutritional supplements at a price that anyone can afford. From providing health and protein drinks to kids to multivitamins supplements for every age group to varieties of protein supplements to wellness products for men and women, they have got something for everyone. All you need to do is visit www.healthkart.com, choose, compare and place the order. Your order will be delivered to your doorstep. In case you dont like the product, you can return it by following our 14-days return policy.

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    Milk Vs Water: Whats The Difference

    Aside from taste, the main difference between milk and water is the nutrient intake.

    The best protein powder shake with milk will contain roughly 250 + calories, 10 + grams of fat, and 12 + grams of carbs.

    If you mix it with water, you are looking at roughly 120-150 calories, 2g of fat, and very few carbs per serving.

    If you cant take your protein with just water, almond milk is another alternative. Compared to water, it creates a thicker smoothie while adding only 20-30 calories .

    On the flipside, drinking a shake with milk provides your body more protein and more carbs, which is beneficial if you are trying to add mass.

    Verdict: Take protein with milk when bulking and with water when trying to lose weight.

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    A Month’s Protein Supply Delivered Weekly At Your Doorstep

    Book your month’s supply of Aquatein and never worry about your protein and hydration supply.

    Whats included?


    “I can have a salad or a wrap with it. Get my protein and eat something with it. Best of both worlds!”

    Rahul Kripalani


    It was surprising to see Protein in this form, Now I can have it throughout the day directly from the bottleVedanti Awad


    I got different flavors for different days in my refrigerator. Dont have to go through a whole month of the same flavor.Ritika Gangwani

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    Best Vegan Protein Powder Vega Sport Protein

    • Nutrition: 150 calories, 30g protein, 3g fat, 5g carbohydrates
    • Protein source: pea, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, alfalfa protein
    • Cost: $5.97/100g

    Vega Sport is gluten-free, non-GMO, and keto-friendly. It gets a perfect score for nutrition because at 30 grams per serving, its protein content makes up 80% of its calories. There are very few plant-based protein powders on the market that offer a protein ratio that is that high.

    This powder comes in 4 flavours: chocolate, vanilla, mocha, and berry. The mocha flavour in particular gets very high ratings. It does, however, have a bit of a chalkiness to it, and a very slight aftertaste. That being said, it tastes better than many other plant-based powders out there.

    The texture of Vega Sport is very smooth, however it does tend to leave a few chunks, especially when it is mixed in a shaker bottle or by hand. If you use this product, you will most likely end up with a few small chunks, and some un-mixed power left behind.

    This product is easy to find on most grocery store shelves. Although it is more expensive than many of the non-vegan powders that are available, it often goes on sale, sometimes by 10 or 20 dollars off.

    Because of its high protein content, good flavour, and high availability, Vega Sport is the best vegan protein powder available in Canada.

    • Nutrition: 127 calories, 24g protein, 2.5g fat, 2g carbohydrates
    • Protein source: Whey protein concentrate
    • Cost: $2.50/100g

    Who Should Avoid Protein Water

    Buy AQUATEIN Pro Whey Protein Water Pack of 8

    Some people should eat less protein than average, including individuals with kidney disease or poor kidney function, as well as those with protein metabolism issues, such as homocystinuria and phenylketonuria .

    If you need to limit or watch your protein intake, you should not drink protein water.

    Whats more, be cautious about drinking protein water if you are allergic or intolerant to milk or milk proteins, as many varieties are made with the milk protein whey.


    For most people, it doesnt hurt to drink protein water, but you dont need it to meet your protein requirements. Those who need to limit their protein intake or have an allergy to whey protein should avoid drinking protein water.

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    Protein2o Rolls Out Plant

    CHICAGO Protein2O, maker of whey-based protein waters, is debuting new Plant Protein Waters. The company views this expansion into plant-based protein as an immediate growth vehicle beyond its premium whey-based products, Protein2O said.

    Available in blackberry basil, lemongrass chamomile and key lime coconut flavors, Protein2O Plant Protein Water contains 15 grams of non-GMO pea protein isolate and fewer than 80 calories per 11-oz can. The beverages are vegan, soy-free and gluten-free.

    Protein2O spent the last two years wrestling with the formulation for the new plant protein waters, the company said. The main obstacle to overcome was answering consumer demand for great taste and non-gritty mouthfeel without sugar or too many calories.

    Developing our new Protein2O Plant Protein Waters has been one of the biggest challenges in our companys history, said Rob Kral, co-founder and vice president of Protein2O. Plant proteins come with an enormous set of challenges, and it took a great group of scientists and formulators to keep knocking down walls until we got this right. To say were excited about this would be the understatement of the year.

    Protein2O Plant Protein Waters will roll out to retail in May. The beverages initially were slated to debut last week at Natural Products Expo West, but the show was postponed due to caution regarding the coronavirus.

    How Much Protein Do Women Need Every Day

    This one’s a nuanced one because it does really depend on your daily lifestyle and what type of exercise you do. General guidelines from the NHS and the British Nutrition Foundation recommend 0.75g of protein per kilogram of body weight a day but, if you’re doing more than 150 minutes of exercise a week, those numbers are thought to be too low. Here’s what Medlin suggests based on your workout routine:

    • Women who don’t exercise regularly: 0.75g per kg of bodyweight
    • Women who exercise regularly or do more than one hour of exercise per day: 1 1.2g per kg of bodyweight
    • Women who run long distance or do cardio workouts regularly: 1.2 1.4g per kg of bodyweight
    • Women who strength train or speed train: 1.2 1.7g per kg of bodyweight

    If you feel that you don’t fit into one of those categories perfectly, aim for 1.2 to 1.5g of protein per kg of body weight per day.

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    Is Protein Water Good For You

    Some foods are good as dietary staples that means you have them on hand almost all the time: fruits, veggies, complex carbs, healthy fats and lean protein fall into this category. Other foods are good sporadically, dotted into your nutrition every so often. Protein water is without a doubt one of the latter.

    ‘Protein water, like all protein products, is an ultra-processed food,’ explains Medlin. ‘Despite the “health halo” of the protein, it really isnt something that most people need to be consuming and it is likely to make people less healthy overall rather than more healthy. It would be far better to add a protein food source to your diet such as yoghurt, nuts or skimmed milk and a glass of water to avoid the ultra processing of these products.’

    Other protein sources to prioritise over ultra-processed “protein foods”:

    • Cheese
    • Greek yoghurt

    What Are Your Goals

    Homemade Protein Powder

    In order to choose the right protein powder for you, your first must decide what your goals and reasons are behind trying a protein supplement.

    Muscle gain

    If your goal is muscle gain, for example, you should look for a protein that is easily absorbed and used by the body. Whey is usually your best option in this case.

    Losing weight

    If losing weight is your goal, you want to avoid supplements with added sugars or sweeteners. You also want to avoid BCAAs, because they are used to promote increased muscle mass and weight gain.

    Dietary restrictions

    You also must take into consideration any dietary restrictions you may have such, as a dairy sensitivity or allergy, or a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Always read the labels carefully if you have any food restrictions, as many powders contain things like gluten or artificial sweeteners that may not be tolerated well by some people.

    If you have any health issues or medical conditions, be sure to consult with your doctor before beginning any supplement routine. For example, if you have kidney disease, you may have to follow a low-protein diet, thus a supplement may not be a healthy choice for you.

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    Protein2o Low Calorie Whey Protein Drink Variety Pack

  • 10-15 grams of protein per serving
  • Excellent customer service, should any issues arise
  • Actually tastes good!
  • Cons:

    • The thickness of it may deter some people. However, it’s really not that thick at all, in my opinion.
    • The aftertaste can be unpleasant for some, but it’s better than others on this list.
    • It uses an artificial sweetener.

    Protein2o already has a loyal fanbase due to its surprisingly good taste and diet-friendly nutritional facts. It has a lot of positive reviews and people love the taste, price, and packaging.

    This protein water uses the highest quality whey protein isolate to refresh, replenish, and restore your bodys needs. It comes in fun, colorful bottles and lots of yummy flavors. They also have Protein2o + Energy which is the same drink we know and love, plus a hefty dose of energy!

    Ive tried Protein2o myself and actually have a few in my fridge right now. Its one of my favorites on this list especially the tropical coconut flavor!

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