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Skinnypop Owner Amplify Acquires Oatmega Producer Boundless Nutrition

Oatmega Protein Bars Review (Gluten Free & Non GMO)

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Boundless was the perfect addition to Amplifys better-for-snack snack brands, said Amplify president and chief executive officer Tom Ennis.

Based in Austin, Boundless Nutrition produces Oatmega protein bars that contain 14g of grass-fed whey protein and a daily dose of omega-3s. The range is available in eight flavors including chocolate mint crisp and chocolate peanut crisp and is currently sold nationwide across natural, grocery, mass and foodservice retailers.

Grass-fed whey protein

The business also produces three varieties of Perfect Cookie that also contain 14g of grass-fed whey protein.

Reporting its first-quarter results this week, Amplify said Boundless Nutrition net sales doubled in the year to March 31, to $7m.

We have been attracted to the size and growth rates of the snack bar category for some time and the Boundless Nutrition brands have shown very strong momentum as consumers are increasingly looking for great tasting, convenient, on-the-go protein snack options, said Ennis.

Early stages of growth cycle

Boundless Nutritions brands are in the early stages of their growth cycle, he added. We believe Amplify has the capabilities to leverage our existing infrastructure and expertise in better-for-you snacking to drive significant growth and earnings, as we have done with SkinnyPop and more recently Paqui.

Net sales up 22.7% in Q1

Oatmega Protein Bars Chocolate Peanut Healthy Snacks Made With Omega

12 x 7 x 7.5 inches
Item Weight
  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • PROTEIN BAR: Can’t decide what you’re craving? You can never go wrong with smooth chocolate mixed with crunchy peanuts
  • NUTRITION BARS: This pack of 12counts, 1.8-ounce OATMEGA Chocolate Peanut grass-fed whey protein bars is an excellent addition to any pantry and is a great alternative to granola bars
  • ENERGY BAR: These protein bars are non-GMO, gluten-free and contain Omega-3 fatty acids
  • LOW SUGAR PROTEIN BAR: The perfect combination of sweet and salty made with premium grass-fed whey protein
  • OATMEGA PROTEIN BAR: A delicious alternative to protein bars and nutrition bars from other brands including, Clif Bars, Clif Z Bars for Kids, Kind Bars, Larabar, Rx Bars, Quaker, Evo Hemp, NuGo Slim Bars, Onnit, Weight Watchers and Whole Foods.SNACK BARS: OATMEGA Protein Bars are a delicious snack! Compare to a range of similar snacks, including nutrition bars, gluten free snacks, dairy free snacks, Asian snacks, snack sticks, keto-friendly snacks, vegan bars and paleo snacks

Ingredients Of Oatmega Protein Bar

Most other bars miss a number of surprising yet creative components included in these bars. Its great to see a protein bar that goes beyond merely providing protein. Continue reading to see what I mean.

Fish oil from responsibly caught fish has a long list of health advantages, including heart, brain, and immune system benefits. The omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, are the potent medication in fish oil.

These acids have been linked to a slew of other health advantages, but no such benefit has been demonstrated for these oils. Scientists cant seem to agree on anything. Many people believe that fish oil is good for the heart because of a research on Eskimos and their remarkable heart health. They consume a great deal of seafood!

Another study connected fish oil supplementation to Alzheimers disease protection. There are several claims that fish oil can help cure ADHD and ADD, as well as aid with baby brain development. However, no conclusive research has been done.

In fact, too much omega 3 fatty acid supplementation may be harmful. Check out this study from the National Cancer Institutes Journal from four years ago.

Grass-Fed Whey Protein is a popular complete protein due to its ease of absorption and use by the body. Cows milk contains whey protein. During the cheese-making process, whey is separated from the remainder of the milk. This whey is then powdered, which may be utilized in smoothies and protein bar recipes like these.

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The Best Healthy Protein Bars

This list is not exhaustive and there are always new bars coming on the scene, these are just my favorites based on the criteria above. I also recognize there are a ton of OTHER bars out there but many are not marketed as protein bars as they are lackluster in that arena so today we will just focus on those protein bars.

I listed them in alphabetical order so that I didnt show any preference amongst them and allow you to decided for yourself based on how they make you feel, taste, cost, etc.


Living Up To The Name

Oatmega Protein Bar White Chocolate Raspberry Crisp 12 ...

In addition to whey, Oatmegas contain omega-3s. If you didn’t already know, omega-3s are essential fats that fuel our hearts and our brains, and can even boost nail and hair growth. The omega-3s used in Oatmegas come straight from fish that are pole caught in sustainable marine sources, so by eating this bar, you’re helping the environment AND making yourself smarter.

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Flavors Of Oatmega Protein Bar

When ordering the Oatmega Bars, consumers have a variety of flavors to select from.

  • Blueberry
  • Vanilla almost
  • White chocolate raspberry

The bars are available in single flavors, so you can buy a pack of one type and have it on hand at all times. You may also get a variety pack if you want to be more adventurous. For chocolate aficionados, theres a 12-pack that includes a few of each of the chocolate varieties. You can also get the entire variety pack, which includes 16 bars in total, two of each of the eight varieties.

Oatmega Protein Bars: The Best Bars On The Market Today

Oatmega Bars rock. In this Oatmega Grass Fed Whey Protein bar review Im going to tell you why Im literally in love with these amazing and delicious high-protein bars. Ill tell you all kinds of things in this super entertaining fit Life Allie review, but the most important thing that you will learn from this in-depth article is the question that has probably been on your mind since you started looking for Oatmega Reviews- and that is: Whats the best flavor of Oatmega Protein Bars?. Well guess what? You are in luck. Ive tried three of these delicious bars and will be able to speak very confidently to this question. In this Oatmega review Ill go over not just those three flavors that Ive tried but also such important questions l like what ingredients are in here, and of course how sexy the packaging is. Yes, youre going to get a full packaging overview in which I break down these protein bars from a visual standpoint as well as the taste. You are really getting a full 360 degree view of these protein bars from my review, so get so excited for this review- because I know I am. Let the Oatmega Bar Review begin!

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Think Thin Protein Bars

Think Thin are pretty tasty and could be mistaken for a granola bar or a candy bar by some, but dont be fooled, these bars are jam-packed with protein and fiber. The flavors may be misleading but the nutrition is all there. With 0 grams of sugar and 20 grams of protein, these are great bars for after a workout or an in-between snack.

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About Oatmega Protein Bar

Bountless Nutrition, LLC, which is owned by Amplified Snack Brands, Inc., is the parent business of Oatmega. They provide a variety of healthy snack products for people who are seeking for something different. When it comes to nutritious and delicious snack food, they know what theyre doing.

Oatmega tries to strike the ideal balance between making your body and your taste senses pleased. When you live an active lifestyle, the delicious and healthy bars provide everything your body need. Whether youre running a marathon or hitting the gym, Oatmega aims to provide you with the nutrients your body requires to be healthy while still tasting great.

Why You May Need A Protein Bar

You may be thinking to yourself, do I need to eat a protein bar to be healthy? The answer is simply, no. You do not need a protein bar to be healthy but you may benefit from one or want one and that is A-Okay. Here are some reasons you may benefit from a protein bar:

You struggle to eat enough calories daily. Some of us just arent hungry all the time or we are so busy we forget to eat. A bar can be a nice concentrated source of energy and fuel for your day. The extra 200-400 calories may give you the extra energy you didnt even know you needed.

You need help reaching your protein goals. Some people struggle with reaching their protein goals. This can be because we didnt have time to prep , we are sick of meat, or we just completely forget to eat protein. A bar is a quick way to get 10-20g of protein.

You are on the go often and need something quick to grab. If youre someone who doesnt sit down well or are just busy juggling 400 things a day, a bar may be an easy way to bridge the gap between meals and prevent a hunger meltdown .

You struggle to fuel your workouts. You may be unsure of what to eat before and/or after a workout. While a real food meal may sound ideal it may not be feasible with your life schedule. A bar is usually easy to digest and even easier to pack with you in your gym bag.

You want something different for your snacks. You may be tired of your apple and peanut butter and want a change up and thats okay. Swap in a bar for a snack and enjoy.

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Fuel For You And A Better Future

I tried Oatmegas for the first time over a year ago and they still haven’t lost their hype. I eat them almost every day after my morning workout and they are always satisfying. I don’t feel the need to eat Quest Bars, Kind Bars, or Luna Bars because after trying Oatmega, I’ve become a loyal follower and nothing compares. And, to know that I’m helping those in need by supporting Oatmega sales, it makes it even better.

Vega Protein Snack Bar

OATMEGA Protein Bar, Chocolate Brownie, Energy Bars, 14g ...

Another great snacking option is Vega, who makes an awesome protein powder that shouldnt be missed. Head on over there after you pick out your favorite protein bar flavor. These vegan bars are more wholesome than other protein bars and have better texture as well. With chunks of almonds and chocolate chips, these bars will make you nutritionally and deliciously satisfied.

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The Best Protein Bars According To A Dietitian

Its everyones dilemma: you want something healthy you can grab on-the-go that tastes great and is actually good for you.

If youre looking for a bar thats best for a snack between meals or a quick source of energy before a workout, check outThe Best Snack Bars Under 150 Calories. If youre looking for strictly plant-based bars, check out The Best Vegan Protein Bars.

For this post I reviewed heftier bars with at least 10 grams of protein that can be used as a post-workout recovery food or even part of lunch in a pinch if youre stuck in your car or cant leave your desk.

Theres no reason that you HAVE to start incorporating protein bars into your daily routine but it is great to have some healthier options on hand in times in need.

Unfortunately most protein bars have loads of artificial ingredients and are really no better for you than a candy bar.

Ive rated the following bars based on taste, ingredients, nutrients, and price. This is a popular post that I continue to update. Some companies have sent me bars to sample but I have not been paid by any company to review these products. All opinions are my own.

I skipped the bars with a million sketchy ingredients like Power Bar, ZonePerfect, Met-RX, Adkins, Muscle Milk, Detour, Myoplex, EAS, Probar and Balance Bar do NOT eat this crap. They all get automatic Fs.

Whats The Best Flavor Of Oatmega Bar

I have been lucky enough to try three different flavors of the Oatmega bar. These bars taste phenomenal and I am actually pumped to try all the other ones. The lemon chia in particular has caught my eye and I bet the Brownie flavor is unbelievable as well. But let me tell you which is my favorite among the three that I HAVE tried thus far.

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter: Such a surprise, right?! Allie Lewis picking the Chocolate Peanut Butter AGAIN. Lol. Whatever. Give me a break. Its the best flavor combination in the world and Ill stand behind that statement until the day Im pushing up daisies. . Now. Dont get your hopes up thinking that the OATMEGA Chocolate Peanut Butter bar tastes as good as a Reeses, because it doesnt. But Ill tell you what- these bars are so freaking healthy and taste so freaking good that I would HONESTLY grab one of these before a Reeses. You get 90% of the flavor enjoyment with NONE of the guilt of candy. Its amazing. Its sweet, has good peanut flavor, and little textured bits of cacao to please the texture gods in your mouth. This is my favorite flavor of Oatmega Protein Bars so far.
  • So hopefully that gives you a good idea of how these protein bars taste. Oatmega has done such a nice job on flavoring that I want to kiss their product developer. And ask him for some Perfect Cookies to review. Hm.. now theres an idea. Who would like to see some cookie reviews added to the site?

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    Oatmega Protein Bar Review: Delicious Nutritious And Sustainable

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Grab an Oatmega Bar if youre looking for a fast bite to eat while on the road. You will not be dissatisfied. Theyre ideal for individuals who need a fast bite to eat before, during, or after a strenuous workout. Are you training for a marathon and need a fast bite to eat? This is a fantastic go-to choice.

    Do you get a rumbling in your stomach after a tough weight-lifting session? To satisfy your hunger, eat a protein bar. The Oatmega Bars are a great fast snack for whatever youre doing.

    The bars are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals. Two of the most significant are protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. You may get all of the advantages while still enjoying a delicious bar. You can benefit from the lack of artificial sweeteners and the lower than normal sugar content.

    Its worth noting that these bars do include several components that are known to cause food allergies. Milk, seafood, tree nuts, and soy are all present in the snacks. They may, however, contain residues of peanuts.

    Customers generally enjoy the flavor of Oatmega Bars. More than that, they adore all of the wonderful health advantages they may get when eating them.

    Grenade Carb Killa Bars

    The Best Protein Bar You Can Buy! (Competition)

    These bars are high in protein and fiber and low in everything else. The variety pack boasts flavors such as birthday cake, peanut butter, and other wildly delicious flavors that will keep you going after your intense workout. Low in carbs means high in protein so be sure to consume these after a workout.

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    What Makes A Healthy Protein Bar

    There are many different areas I looked at while looking into protein bars. After evaluating over 40 different brands, I found there were a few things that made a bar worthy of my approval. Here are some of the factors I considered:

    Protein Content. Protein tends to be the hardest macronutrient for us to get in our diet because it requires preparation. For that reason I included bars that had a minimum of 12g of protein or more.

    Ingredient Quality. This meant that the bar wasnt just a load of fillers but also had some nutrient dense foods like nuts, seeds, whey protein, etc. I tried to avoid bars with any artificial sugar or ingredients.

    Added Sugar. This one is a bit tricky as sugar can be a really easy way for athletes to fuel their workout and isnt always a bad thing. For this, I tried to be mindful of overall health and not just the athlete in mind so we are looking at bars with 15g or less. I also did not intentionally exclude any bars that contained sugar alcohols but just know some people cannot tolerate these well as they may lead to digestive distress.

    Taste & Available Flavors. Just because something is healthy doesnt mean it tastes good and vice versa. I narrowed down the bars that had decent nutrition content but then ALSO tasted good. Remember taste is relative so you may need to dig into a few options to figure out which ones taste best to you.

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