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Dont Forget The Topping

NuGo Slim Protein Bar Review | Taste Test

I was so excited to be able to work with the NuGo brand for these brownies. As I have mentioned before, not only are they are truly loyal company, but I share the same values for their healthful food products. Using the NuGo Slim Toasted Coconut bars were the perfect topping to these vegan avocado brownies. Besides being absolutely delicious, they are protein and fiber-rich, low in sugar, vegan, and gluten-free! Just one of these tasty real dark chocolate bars with coconut topping provides:

  • Under 200 calories
  • 7 grams of dietary fiber
  • 16 grams of protein
  • Only 3 grams of sugar and only 5 grams of net carbs thanks to the high fiber content!
  • A very low glycemic index of 29

To buy your own box of this delicious chocolate treat click here!

De Beste Eiwitreep Ooit

  • Eiwitrijk: 20g hoogwaardige whey eiwitten per reep!
  • Verlaagd gehalte aan koolhydraten* Slechts 182 kcal per reep
  • Bevat IMO, prebiotische voedingsvezels

Voedingsinformatie wordt weergegeven wanneer een smaak en/of formaat wordt geselecteerd.

Er is helaas geen voedingsinformatie voor deze smaak en/of formaat.

Protein Bar With Pistachios And White Chocolate

Being one of those unlucky folks who dont only gain weight easily but is also stricken by having sweet teeth , it fills my heart with heavenly joy that whenever I monomaniacally long for something sweet which happens every now and again there is a way. Only a bit of creativity is needed.

Can you recall being unable to concentrate on anything because you see pink doughnuts sprinkled with colourful candies everywhere, your head is in a huge cloud of cotton candy and you feel that without immediate carbohydrate intake your brain will definitely disintegrate. You dream of pancakes and cheesecakes all night and wake up relieved that you hadnt died of hunger after all. Well, these are the times when no will-power will prevent you from getting out of bed and, still in your pajamas, access your hidden stash of Nutella on the topmost shelf of the kitchen cupboard . Now, no matter how high the cupboard is or whether a three-headed dragon is standing guard, I myself would even fight Godzilla with my bare knuckles just to get hold of the treasure. Well, I might have exaggerated a tiny bit, but you get the feeling, right? Going the Paleo route? Opt for these all-natural Paleo protein bars with tasty kicthen recipes for the whole family.

For such unbearably tough moments here we come with a high-protein chocolate bar recipe with friendly fat and carbohydrate content.

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Low Calorie Bar Is Ideaal In Je Eiwitdieet Voor Fanatieke Sporters En Bij Een Bewuste Levensstijl

Vervanging van één maaltijd per dag door Low Calorie Bar ondersteunt gewichtsbeheersing. De vervanging van twee dagelijkse maaltijden door een Low Calorie Bar helpt bij het afslanken. Met één Low Calorie Bar krijg je 30% van de RI binnen aan vitamines en mineralen*. Wanneer je gewicht probeert te verliezen of te beheersen, is het belangrijk een voedzaam en uitgebalanceerd dieet te behouden. Daarom bevat onze Low Calorie Bar een uitgebalanceerde hoeveelheid vitamines, mineralen en voedingsstoffen. Zo ben je slim en bewust bezig met het beheersen van je gewicht*. Wat is het verschil tussen een Smart Bar en de Low Calorie Bar? De Smart Bar is een echte eiwitreep, reduced carb met 15 gram eiwit en slechts 153 kcal. De Low Calorie bar is een volwaardige maaltijd vervangende reep van 208 kcal met alle voedingsstoffen die je in een maaltijd ook terug vindt. Een maaltijdvervangend product in een handige reep.

* De vervanging van 1 van de dagelijkse hoofdmaaltijden van een energiebeperkt dieet door een maaltijdvervangend product draagt bij tot het behoud van het gewicht na gewichtsverlies.

** De vervanging van 2 dagelijkse hoofdmaaltijden van een energiebeperkt dieet door een maaltijdvervangend product draagt bij tot gewichtsverlies.

Steady Blood Sugar Levels

Crazy Food Dude: Review: NuGo Slim Roasted Peanut Bar

They help me when I need a snack and and most importantly, theres no blood sugar spikes and they help maintain a steady blood sugar. Here are a couple of Dexcom screenshots to show my blood sugar graphs before and after eating NuGo Slim.

Here is a Dexcom screenshot from when I dont eat a Low Glycemic index snack or foods. You can see the crazy spikes which then lead to a rapid decline which just makes my body feel like absolute crap!

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Slim Toasted Coconut Protein Bar

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The Best Weight Management And Diabetic Friendly Protein Bar

Low GI â NuGo Slim bars boast an incredibly low score , the lowest tested published Glycemic Index score of any low sugar protein bar, making them the perfect high-protein treat to help those with diabetes manage blood sugar without spikes in glucose levels. Slimâs low glycemic impact can also help dieters avoid blood-sugar spikes and the ‘crash’ cravings that follow.

Chicory Root Fiber – NuGo SLIM is sweetened with Natural Chicory Root, a prebiotic fiber, in place of maltitol. Chicory root has zero glycemic response and virtually zero effect on blood sugar. Chicory root is a great source of prebiotic fiber, which will help you eat less, naturally supporting healthy, long-term weight loss.

Nugo Slim Protein Bar Review

Honest Reviews: NuGo Nutrition Slim Vegan Protein Bar – Chocolate Mint

Ever since my diagnosis in 2004, one of the biggest issues that Ive had in my diabetes management are spikes in my blood glucose levels after meals. Because of this, snacking in-between meals has always been difficult. The primary reason of why its been difficult is because, even though I need a snack, Im trying to bring my blood glucose levels down, so a snack may just keep them spiked .

I have tried so many different granola bars, fruit bars, nuts, this, that and everything else in the middle, and I just couldnt seem to find something that worked great for me.

Then I found NuGo Slim.

So, here is exactly what I was looking for. Something high in protein and fiber and low in carbs.

Here is some information from NuGo about their healthy protein bars:

NuGo is the only company to make REAL Dark Chocolate coated protein bars for many lifestyles. NuGos REAL Dark Chocolate melts in your mouth, releasing a luscious flavor. Other dark chocolate protein bars substitute unhealthy palm kernel oil for the natural cocoa butter, raising the melt point above body temp, making it waxy and too sweet.

Read and sign the petition created on change.org by NuGo Nutrition to create a FDA standard for dark chocolate.

So, why am I so bullish on these NuGo Slim bars? Simple.

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Clean Protein Bar Is De Eat Clean Eiwitreep Zonder Coating Met De Ideale Voedingswaardes Voor Fanatieke Sporters En In Je Eiwitdieet

Zuivere eiwitten, vezels, verlaagd gehalte aan koolhydraten* en slechts 182 kcal. Dat is onze Clean Protein Bar! De Clean Protein Bars bevatten de juiste eiwitten uit whey en melk eiwitten in combinatie met prebiotische vezels. Dit betekent high protein, reduced carb en fantastische voedingswaardes. Clean Protein Bars zijn koudgeperst waardoor de eiwitten maximaal werkzaam zijn. Ideaal op elk eetmoment in je eiwitdieet. Clean Protein Bar is een eiwitreep zonder coating met de meest zuivere en juiste eiwitten voor fanatieke sporters. * Clean Protein Bar bevat 94% minder koolhydraten vergeleken met een reguliere candybar.

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Op Elk Front De #1 Plantaardige Eiwitreep

  • Geschikt voor een eiwitdieet of als bewuste snack voor onderweg.

  • Bevat 20 gram puur koudgeperste plantaardige eiwitten en 186 kcal per reep
  • Vezelrijk, met maar liefst 20g vezels per bar
  • Low carb slechts 4.6 gram koolhydraten per reep
  • Low sugar, slechts 0.6 gram suiker per reep
  • Geen toegevoegde suikers, gezoet met stevia
  • Suikerarm en 0 toegevoegde suikers
  • Slechts 186 kcal


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For This Vegan Avocado Brownie Recipe

The majority of this recipe is adapted from my first avocado brownie recipe. I substituted flax eggs for regular large eggs, gluten free flour for the whole wheat flour, and cacao nibs for the semi sweet chocolate chips. Gluten free baking is still new to me. I have tried almond flour and chickpea flour in the past, but the flour blend that came out with the best result was the Bobs Red Mill version. Both the All Purpose flour and 1:1 Baking flour have come out perfectly. To find both version click here and here.

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