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Crickets. The closest thing to a perfect protein source this planet has ever seen. Turn these sustainable wonders into powder, add wholesome ingredients like apples and almonds, and youve got some damn delicious fuel. Most of the world has joined the bug-eating revolutionwere here to convert the rest. If youre looking for nutritional info, youll find the specifics on each products page.

Exo Protein

80% of the world already feasts on crickets daily. They produce virtually no methane and require minimal feed, water and space compared to traditional protein sources. Theyre also nutritionally balanced and down right delicious. Crickets produce 1% of the greenhouse gases that cows produce.

Crickets Are High In Protein Low In Saturated Fats Contain All The Essential Amino Acids And Are High In Micronutrients Like Iron Calcium And B

Also, raising crickets has almost no environmental impact. Some estimate that they are twenty times more efficient to raise for protein than cattle.

Check out the following factoids:

  • 100lbs of animal feed creates 5lbs edible beef protein while that same amount of feed will create 60lbs edible cricket protein.
  • It takes 2000 gallons of water to create every pound of cow vs. 1 gallon of water for each pound of cricket.

When I started eating the Exo bars at the crags, I was thankful they offered up an even, long lasting energy.

The ingredient challenged, or anyone from Boulder, will appreciate that all Exo protein bars are:

  • Gluten free
  • Grain free

Along with the Acheta Domesticus , each bar is primarily composed of nuts, fruit, coconut and is naturally sweetened with honey.

I enjoyed all four flavors. The Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry Vanilla were my go-to bars for crag-day snacking, while the Cocoa Nut bar was my choice when I wanted something a bit more dessert-like. Finally, the Peanut Butter & Jelly bar did a fine job of representing that classic flavor combo.

Whey Protein: Kidney And Liver Function

Even during short-term use, whey protein consumption was found to negatively affect kidney function. In a 2011 study, those who consumed whey protein during the experiment experienced increased plasma urea, urinary volume, and urinary calcium excretion while the pH of urinary citrate decreased. Essentially, this indicates an increased taxing of the kidneys, which marks the first step in kidney disease.In regards to liver function, those who live generally sedentary lives are most affected. Researchers found that when not exercising, the proteins from the whey supplement ended up going to the liver for processinginstead of being used for muscle synthesis. Over time, sedentary participants showed signs of early liver injury. While whey protein is heavily used by athletes, many non-athletes consume it as well. Whey protein can be found in meal replacement shakes and other diet-related food products that promise weight loss or increased muscle mass through food alone. This becomes an issue because consumers are led to believe that whey is akin to a superfood, when in reality it could damage their liver over time.

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The Benefits Of Protein Bars

There are a number of benefits to protein bars. Namely, theyre super convenient. You can squirrel some away in your cupboard, backpack, or car trunk so you have them ready whenever you need that extra boost. Theyre ready on the spot, and make for some of the best hiking snacks no need to refrigerate, heat, fuss or fidget. In addition, here are a few more benefits of protein bars:

Macronutrient Balance: Protein bars vary from manufacturer, but in general, they tend to offer a better balance of macronutrients than shakes. Again, it depends on the shake your using or what youre adding to it. But if youre using a protein powder for your shake, youll get a dose of protein, but fewer fat and carbs on average than you will from a protein bar. For instance, the Exo Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Bar provides a combo of 10 g protein, 15 g fat, and 27 g of carbohydrate.

Satiety: Studies have indicated that chewing solid food is more satiating than getting your calories in liquid form. Thats one of the reasons carbohydrate rich beverages are so risky they provide a load of calories, but theyre not very satiating. So, feeling unsatisfied, you reach for more. One of the reasons bars are also satiating, is that they tend to have more fiber. Bars with 3 grams of fiber or more per serving will help you to feel more full. Exo protein bars range from 4 16 grams of fiber.

These Protein Bars Are Made Of Crickets

Exo Raises Another $4 Million for Cricket Flour Protein ...

If I had a truly sophisticated palate and open mind I wouldnt even blink when I read that there was cricket flour in my granola bar. But I am unrefined and simple. The idea of a cricket bar makes me simultaneously concerned and curious. For some reason I feel like slow roasted and milled crickets could be good.

Called Exo, there are a lot of claims surrounding these protein bars: cricket flour has more protein by dry weight than beef, one bar has 10g of high quality protein, and perhaps most importantly, crickets are a sustainable source of protein with a low environmental impact. Mix in some raw cacao, dates, almond butter and coconut and this sounds like a winner. And so far on Kickstarter it has been. Exo exceeded its $US20,000 goal in three days.

TechCrunch sampled early prototypes and said they were crumbly and crunchy, maybe not sweet enough, but good overall. And most importantly, they couldnt taste the cricket. I think I would be too intrigued to let cricket bars pass me by, so maybe theyre a green way to make people more cosmopolitan.

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They Also Have No Gluten Grain Soy Dairy Or Refined Sugars

I bought a , but you can also get an Exo 4 flavor sample pack from them directly for only $9.99 with free shipping. I was excited to get my package from Amazon and opened up the box. I started with the Apple Cinnamon one as I was assuming that I would like that one the most. Unfortunately I ended up spitting half of the bar out. I then tried the blueberry one and almost gagged. It had nothing to do with the consistency, I just thought the flavor was horrible! Again, I didnt like them and wont ever be buying again, but I still recommend at least trying them. They claim to be developed by 3-Starred Michelin Chef, maybe I dont eat enough high-end foods lol.

Why was I so exited to try them? Because there are many health benefits from cricket flour and they are an amazing source of protein. These are also paleo compliant, low carb, and have 10g protein per bar!

Here is an example of the ingredients in the Apple Cinnamon bar.

Almonds, Plum Paste , Apricots, Apple Paste , Cricket Flour , Honey, Apples, Ground Flaxseeds, Coconut, Vanilla Extract, Spices, Sea Salt.

As you can see, pretty healthy stuff! No crap preservatives that a lot of store protein bars have. I do commend Exo as they have created a great product and I do know a lot of people that do like them. Seriously, I wish I did. Unfortunately though I cant even stomach a whole bar. So I am still on the hunt for the perfect gluten-free protein bar!

Exo Protein Bars

Best For Weight Loss: Primal Kitchen Almond Spice

If you want to lose weight, youll want to keep your blood sugar balanced to remove thos dreaded spikes in blood sugar that can leave you hungry. This bar has 8 grams of protein and minimal sugar, which helps keep blood sugar balanced by preventing a blood sugar spike , says King. This flavor, specially, contains cinnamon. Cinnamon has been shown to improve fasting blood sugar levels, making it a great addition for people with diabetes, pre-diabetes, insulin sensitivity, and those with PCOS experiencing blood sugar irregularities.

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Why On Earth Would You Eat Crickets

Although eating bugs seems to be an extremely disgusting thing in the West, the fact is, much of the world eats insects as a nutritious snack!

Last time I visited the Beijing night markets, my cousin assured me that the scorpions on sticks were crunchy and delicious! I passed on that experience.

Insects are also a high protein source and a complete protein source.

Plus, theyre highly sustainable. While it may be difficult to imagine supplying the entire worlds population with grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and pasture raised pork, supplying the world with insect protein is significantly more realistic.

Top Tips For Homemade Protein Bars

Eating Live Crickets? EXO Cricket Protein Bar Review

Use a good food processor this has to be our #1 tip. A high-speed food processor is so important for not only pulverizing your dates but combining all of your ingredients into a smooth consistency.

Consistency is key all said and done, youre looking to get a cookie dough-like consistency out of your batter. This is why this recipe calls for drippy peanut butter and honey. They will help your ingredients stick!

  • too dry: add more water
  • too wet: add more oat flour

Any size pan works dont have a 9×13-inch pan? No worries! Since these are no-bake protein bars, you can use any size pan. Use a square pan or even 2 loaf pans. You can cut your bars smaller, longer, thicker, etc. The world is your oyster.

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Look For Ingredients With Whole Foods

Surprise, surprise: the best protein bars are made up of whole foods and straightforward ingredients, such as dried fruit, egg whites, nuts, oats and coconut. Any bar where you can understand whats actually in it gets a big high five from most nutritionists as an optimal choice.

As a big fan of Larabars, I knew these made the cut since all of their bars prioritize 3-9 simple ingredients, i.e., my beloved cherry flavor which includes unsweetened cherries, dates and almonds. Rxbars, whose No B.S. claim on the front packaging pretty much says it all, are also great options and popular with most of my active friends, family members and colleagues.

Everyone can picture what an almond looks like, but youd probably have a tough time distinguishing whey protein isolate from any other ambiguous powder.

I always look for bars with whole foods like nuts, fruits, seeds and veggies. says nutritionist Elissa Goodman. For example, everyone can picture what an almond looks like, but youd probably have a tough time distinguishing whey protein isolate from any other ambiguous powder. Ideally, the ingredients are organic, non-GMO, dairy and gluten-free. Look for vegan protein sources and cacao instead of cacao powder or chocolate. My personal favorites are YES bars, Tosi protein bars and my own homemade recipes.

Are Protein Bars Good For You: The Bottom Line

So, are protein bars healthy? If you find a good one, they can be. But theyre also costly, and not at all necessary. Two things are far better than reaching for these grab-and-go bars: making your own, or getting enough protein from whole foods.

Making your own protein bars is a powerful way to control what youre putting into your body. There are plenty of recipes all over the internet, but youll want to ensure they meet the healthy criteria above.

Better yet, snack on protein-rich whole foods, like a handful of nuts, nut butter with veggie sticks, a hard-boiled egg, an avocado, or try some of Dr. Gundrys awesome baked artichoke hearts!

A diet rich in whole food proteins willbe enough to meet your daily protein goals.

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Disclosure: The GundryMD team creates these articles as a way to provide you with the latest information on health and nutrition. Unfortunately, we cannot make specific product recommendations for our website visitors, such as ProPlant Complete Shake or Primal Plants Please consult with your healthcare provider to determine the best products for you.

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No Bake Cinnamon Roll Protein Bars

Serves: 8Nutrition: 120 calories, 5 g fat, 1 g sat fat, 11 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 4 g sugar, 9 g protein

Whipping up a batch of these no-bake bars is as easy and fast as it gets, and totally worth it. Flavor boosting cinnamon will stabilize your blood sugar and ward off insulin spikes, meaning theyll keep you feeling full longer. Pack one or two of these sweet bars for an afternoon snack and you wont look twice at the break-room vending machine.

Get the recipe from The Healthy Maven.

Best Overall: Rxbar Chocolate Sea Salt

EXO Cricket High Protein Bars

If you want to feel like youre eating a decadent salted brownie while meeting all your protein needs, youve met your match with an RXBAR. Dubbed a favorite by many of the experts we spoke to, Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD, an NYC-based Registered Dietitian, particularly likes the simplicity of ingredients: RXBAR does a nice job of making bars out of recognizable ingredients. They are very straightforward on their packaging and tell you that each bar contains dates, nuts, egg whites, and flavors. My personal favorite is the Chocolate Sea Salt, and I find that the 12 grams of protein really keeps me full.

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How To Choose A Whey Protein Bar

If youre looking for the best whey protein bars, you cant go wrong with buying one at a nutrition store or even an online sports nutrition store. You can find everything from flavored whey drinks to whole food whey protein bars to sports whey protein bars and thats the key to choosing the best whey. Of course, choosing a whey protein bar doesnt have to be difficult here are some tips on how to choose a whey protein bar:

  • Find the whey protein bar that has the most protein per serving. Theres no point in buying a bar that doesnt contain high-quality whey. The best whey protein bars offer about 1g of whey protein per serving, so check that number before you buy. This is just an average, so make sure you dont buy a big whey protein bar and end up eating less than what you think youre taking in!
  • Look at the calories. Do they list the calories per serving? The top whey protein bars are about 1 gram of whey for every serving. You want to get as much whey as you can, so try looking for low-carb or low-sugar options if youre trying to cut back on carbohydrates. If youre trying to lose weight, its also important to remember that whey protein wont help you burn fat. It will only help you build muscle, so focus on other sources of protein instead.
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    Exo Protein Bars Review

    Protein is an essential part of everyones diet. To build the muscle needed to stay healthy, as well as to fuel the body and give it energy, a certain amount of protein should be consumed every day. While most meat eaters feel that their daily diets contain enough protein, many would be wrong. Meat products arent only insufficient for meeting daily protein needs, but most of them are filled with chemicals and additives that do more harm than good.

    Those who work out have an even greater need for protein. There are hundreds of thousands of products on the market that offer protein bars, protein shakes, protein chews, and more. However, most of these products dont offer users the complete protein they need to be truly healthy. And, to be honest, most of them taste like chalk.

    A couple of college students decided to change the way people ate protein. Instead of focusing on more traditional methods, soy based, vegetable based, or meat based, they decided to think outside the box. For their protein bars, they were going to use one of the most complete forms of protein available on earth: The Cricket.

    Most people are astonished when they first hear that Exo Protein Barscontain crickets. After all, who wants to eat an insect? However, those who give the products a chance find that not only are these bars really good, but they give users the protein they really need, along with several other vital nutrients.

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    The Scary Truth About Protein Barsand 4 Ways To Choose A Healthy One

    • Copy By:

    Walk into any grocery store lately, and a vast selection of protein bars beckons as a quick, efficient and nutritious way to fuel your body. But no protein bar is created equal they vary in cost, purpose, flavor and most of all, ingredients. Its enough to make your head spin, and enough to make me wonder: which ones are actually good for you? After trying several different brands, and speaking to a few nutritionists, heres what you need to know to choose a protein bar without sabotaging your health.

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    Are Crickets the Tastiest Alternative Protein Source?! (Review of Exo Protein Bars)

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