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How I Make My Vital Proteins Collagen Matcha Latte

This Vital Proteins collagen review found out that there is praise towards this brand and its products. On their website, there are thousands of positive reviews for their bestselling items, with an average of 4.5/5 stars.

There are several Vital Protein collagen peptides reviews that state that theproduct was overall beneficial towards their health. Customers have noted that their skin, nails, and hair, have all improved drastically.

I have been using Vital Proteins for over two years now. I cannot tell you exactly when I noticed the difference, but my hair and nails are in top shape. My nails are white and my hair is shiny and grows pretty fast for a 50 yr old, one reviewer wrote on their website.

There are continued positive testimonies in regards to Vital Proteins collagen peptides benefits across other outsider sources. On their Amazon page for Collagen Peptides, there are over 30,774 global ratings with a ranking of 4.5/5 stars.

On Influenster for the same product, there are 1,556 reviews with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars as well. Users have also noted that they like that they can include these peptides in any meal or drink.

I love that it is unflavored so it is very easy to incorporate into any meal, you can even mix it in with coffee. No taste or texture. I will continue using it, one Influenster reviewer wrote.

Collagen Supplements: Good Goddess

A collagen powder from a small Canadian company, Good Goddess Powderful Essential Grass-Fed Collagen is a flavourless bovine formula with type I and III collagen peptides. It also has additional amino acids, including lysine, which is required for the bodys formation of collagen.

Good Goddess Powderful Essential Grass-Fed Collagen, $42, goodgoddess.com

My Wrinkles Did Not Go Away

However, I still had wrinkles on my forehead and the starting lines of crow’s feet around my eyes. These are two trouble areas I’m always focused on, so I was hoping drinking collagen every day would help smooth these out. Although I didn’t see any noticeable difference in terms of skin elasticity and my wrinkles, I only did the challenge for two weeks. I’m going to keep drinking collagen every morning and hope it will help my fine lines disappear. If anything, there are other positive health benefits I found from taking collagen that I’ll definitely make this part of my daily routine.

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Collagen For The Body

Collagen is the vital building block of our bodies including skin, hair, nails, bones and joints. Our bodies cannot synthesize enough collagen on their own and, unfortunately, our diets today contain minimal collagen.

Supplementing your diet with ingestible collagen, however, can increase your collagen intake and help to support your wellness goals.**

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The Science Proof To Back It Up

Matcha Collagen

The official website didnt provide solid science supporting the claims. But, through research of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides ingredients, we found out the main ingredient, collagen, acts as an anti-aging solution, according to the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology and Dermato Endocrinology.

  • Address: 3400 Wolf Rd Franklin Park, IL 60131
  • Phone: 544-9110

Customer service reps are available from 9:00AM 5:00PM Central Time, Monday through Friday, except on holidays.

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Collagen Supplements: Gold Collagen

A form of liquid collagen that comes in 10-vial packs , Pure Gold Collagen is a blend of collagen, hyaluronic acid, borage oil , and vitamins and minerals. It promises to increase skin hydration and radiance, improve suppleness, minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and even promote healthy-looking hair and nailswith results seen after a minimum of three weeks of use.

Pure Gold Collagen, $65 for 10 bottles, gold-collagen.com

After Taking The Powdered Supplement For Over Two Weeks Here’s My Vital Proteins Collagen Peptide Review

When I started this experiment, I was curious about how long it takes for collagen supplements to work. A skeptic, I thought there was no way I would see noticeable before and after results after just two short weeks. Boy was I wrong! The following are a few significant changes I noticed by the end of my experiment. I also talk about some hyped-up results that I did not notice after my two-week experiment.

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Collagen Supplements: Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen comes in fruity flavours like Lavender Lemon, Strawberry Lemon and Tropical Hibiscus. Each two-scoop serving contains 12g of bovine collagen, plus 120mg of hyaluronic acid. The collagen powder also comes in single-use packets so you can get your daily dose while travelling or on the go.

Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen, $49 for 14 packets, naturesante.ca

Original Collagen Peptides With Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C

Benefits of taking collagen | Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides| What I eat in a day

For the die-hard Collagen Peptides fan who’s looking for a little something extra in their routine, this option puts a “boost” in their scoop. Get all of these benefits in a formula that’s now thrice as nice thanks to the addition of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. In addition to grass-fed collagen, which supports healthy hair, nails, skin and joints, comes skin-loving hyaluronic acid plus vitamin C, which helps promote the body’s natural collagen production and promotes a more youthful appearance.**

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What Is Vital Proteins Shipping Policy

Vital Proteins offers free shipping on orders that total $50 or above within the United States. They use couriers such as FedEx Ground Services, USPS Priority, and First Class Services.

Service is selected to ensure that delivery times range from 5 to 7 business days. Customers can track their packages by using a confirmation email sent by the shipping service used.

Collagen For Pregnancy: Can I Use Collagen While Pregnant

Considering the above factors, it’s understandable why people would want to continue their daily scoop while pregnant **

That said, it’s important to seek the advice of a medical professional to determine whether collagen will be a good fit for your new regimen and diet. They can best advise you on the health benefits and/or any side effects that would come with taking it.

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Vital Proteins Promotions & Discounts

This Vital Proteins collagen review found that customers can save 25% if they subscribe for a weekly membership on their first order. Every subscription order after that involves a 15% discount.

Vital Proteins also has a Refer-a-Friend Program in which buyers can give $10 to their friends to receive a free sample pack with an additional 100 points added.

Customers can also receive 15%off if they sign up for the Vital Proteins newsletter.

Is Vital Proteins Worth It

Vital Proteins Morning Get up and Glow Front Tub

For all things collagen-related, this Vital Proteins collagen review recommends this company if youre looking for high quality and healthy supplements. There are dozens of collagen-related powders, drinks, and capsules to choose from, and most are offered in delicious flavor combinations.

Within each product description, its generally detailed in what ingredients are included and what health benefits you can expect by taking these additives daily.

Vital Proteins doesnt just provide items for you to buy. They also have additional informational resources for customers to access on health and fitness, including a recipe blog. Buyers can explore unique dishes to bake or cook and integrate their collagen supplements.

Based on thousands of positive customer reviews online, you may want to keep Vital Proteins in your bookmarked tab.

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Have You Started Taking Collagen Peptides If So Let Me Know Your Experience Below

This post is sponsored by Vital Proteins. All thoughts and opinions are my own! I was the one that proposed this experiment and video idea and these were my true results. I do not have a promo code but Vital Proteins can be found at Whole Foods, Vitacost, , and other sites including their own with occasional deals! Id guess one is coming around Black Friday.

What Users Are Saying

This stuff is awesome! My daily treat is a fruit/veggie smoothie. This gives it a milky/creamy flavor and I love it! I have PCOS which causes hair fall out and Ive noticed less hair fallout and stronger nails. My best friend adds this to her coffee every morning. I would too but I found out Im allergic. I tried it with just water once but the water gets too think for me so I dont like it that way. I have yet to try it by mixing with food like pancake mix.

Denise Carrillo

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Sweet Peptides Beauty Water

With its Peach Collagen and Zint, this marine collagen should make your skin, hair, and nails firmer and stronger.

Thats thanks to the other ingredients, like glucosamine, acai extract, and hyaluronic acid, so your cells are hydrated and healthy.

This is a sweet formula even if its sugar-free, but that means it will add a sort of flavor to your coffee.

Its easy to dissolve it in coffee and smoothies, but it clumps up in cold water.

Still, it has gluten-free and natural ingredients, which fight against free radicals and make your skin visibly suppler.


  • Difficult to dissolve in cold drinks

Summary: Dissolve this into the water, and you get a natural weapon against cell oxidation, wrinkles, and brittle nails, with the sacrifice of a little aftertaste and some extra stirring.

What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item

Costco Collagen Review – Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides VS Orgain Keto Collagen Protein Powder

Bovine hide collagen peptides

Legal Disclaimer

Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than what is shown on our website. We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. Please see our full disclaimer below.

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Should I Take Collagen Supplements

Short answer its up to you. Doctor Tillo reckons maybe, although he shares that other treatments could be more immediately effective. Treatments that use radio-frequency energy enable skin tightening by reactivating collagen production in your skin layers. Thermage FLX, an FDA approved treatment, contracts and tightens for a healthier, more contour skin with just one session, he shares.

And What Is A Collagen Supplement

In short, collagen supplements come in both powder and pill form, and the majority are one of five types:

  • Type I collagen: the one you have most frequently in your body.
  • Type II collagen: the one youll find most frequently in supplement form.
  • Type III collagen: the one youll find most frequently in your muscle structure.
  • Type IV and type V: the ones youll find most frequently in the layers of your skin.

Collagen supplements may be available in several different forms, but their purpose is the same: to support our natural collagen production, Perry explains.

Some studies suggest that taking capsule or powdered collagen supplements can increase muscle mass and bone strength, and result in thicker hair, stronger nails and better skin, the expert adds. However, he points out that the studies do currently vary and are relatively small.

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Does Collagen Help You Lose Weight

Collagen is produced naturally by the body. The primary function of collagen is to provide strength to the muscles and the connective tissues of the body. Its manufacturing involves the production of a chemical called hyaluronic acid, which has the ability to keep the various blood vessels functioning smoothly. When collagen is not available, the body tends to form more fluid in blood vessels that are adjacent to the joints. This is one of the main reasons for joint pain. With age, the collagen content in the body also decreases. A protein called retinol is the primary source of collagen synthesis in the body.

However, both of these products can be supplemented with collagen hydrolysate, which has a huge molecular weight and delivers 30 percent of the required strength. The intake of collagen hydrolysate has been found to reduce the chances of pain and pain attacks, as well as promote longevity and prevents osteoarthritis and cartilage degeneration. What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Collagen Hydrolysate? Consuming Collagen hydrolysate is safe and beneficial. However, there may be some side effects from taking a large dose for a long time. They include diarrhea, abnormal heart rate, weight gain, headaches, skin problems, and blood sugar changes.

Benefits And Side Effects Of Collagen Powder

Beauty Hack: Collagen Supplements

Collagen protein powders improve skin elasticity, supports bone and joint health, improves digestive issues, and strengthens hair and nails.

Conversely, collagen is a protein that might be difficult to digest, which is why some side effects include bloating, constipation, and heartburn.

Fullness is also one of the side effects, but that might be a good thing, especially if you want to lose weight.

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Texture Doesnt Dissolve Properly

Our second concern was the texture of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides ingredients. I wanted to like this product, but it does not dissolve well in cold liquid. It clumps up and becomes glue-like, one review read.

My biggest problem with it is I cannot get it to dissolve all the way let it blend for 20-30 seconds and still have clumps of powder in the bottom.

But there is always another side to the story

The powder dissolved faster than immediately! a commenter exclaimed.

Throughout our years of research, we have found it only takes something small to ruin the chance of real, long-term results. If Viral Proteins really do give users headaches and dont blend well with liquid, it could be a problem.

I Felt Full All Morning

Since I drank my peptides in the morning with my coffee , I found myself full until lunchtime. I tend to take a later lunch, around 2:30, so I typically have a snack sometime mid-morning to tide me over. However, I found I didn’t need my morning snack after I had collagen. It also helped to pair my collagen coffee with breakfast, especially if I ate something that wasn’t super high in protein such as avocado toast. The 9 grams of protein from the collagen kept me satisfied until my next meal.

While I didn’t weigh myself during the experiment, I could definitely see why people take collagen for weight loss. Forgoing my standard 200- to 300-calorie morning snack because I felt full definitely helped to decrease my daily calorie intakeespecially because I was replacing it with a 35-calorie powder. Taking collagen peptides long-term could theoretically mean collagen power may help with weight loss.

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When And How To Use Keto Collagen Protein

Keto Collagen Protein can be used whenever you feel the need for some energy, like before or after exercise or first thing in the morning.

Just make sure you dont go over the maximum allowed amount per day, which should be about 3 scoops.

You can pour it into your coffee, prepare a smoothie, mix it with your yogurt, or bake a cake.

What Are The Benefits Of Collagen

Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer Review

Taking a collagen supplement is supposed to improve the elasticity of your skinin fact, a study published in Skin Pharmacology and Physiologyfound that those who took collagen peptides once daily for eight weeks showed a significant improvement in skin’s elasticity.

As someone who is approaching 30 and constantly stressing over crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles, I was hoping collagen would help smooth out some of these signs of aging.

Collagen is also supposed to help with joint pain. Although I don’t have chronic pain in my joints, my knees do flare up from time to time ever since I ran a half marathon a couple of years ago. I also get some soreness in what feels like the bones in my legs a couple of times a week, usually after a run or intense cardio session. If drinking collagen would ease this pain, then I was game.

Collagen may also prevent weight gain. Collagen peptides are low in calories and high in protein. This one-two punch is the perfect recipe for weight loss. One 2008 study found that consuming gelatin increased participants’ levels of the satiety hormone, ghrelin. That means participants maintained satiety longer and had fewer feelings of hunger, which means they were more likely to stick to their weight-loss diets. There haven’t been many studies done on collagen peptides specifically, but the theory is the same: eating low-calorie protein increases levels of the appetite-suppressing hormone that reduces food intake.

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How To Use Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

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Overview Of Vital Proteins

Founder of Vital Proteins, Kurt Seidensticker, loved to run ever since he was 12 years old. If he wasnt jogging in his local neighborhood, he would take his runs to wherever he traveled. While his outdoor runs proved beneficial for his health as they also gave him a sense of peace and tranquility.

One day while he was out on his daily jog, Seidensticker experienced severe knee pain. He then realized that as a result of his injury, he could not run as far as he used to. The pain continued to worsen, which left Seidensticker grief-stricken.

It wasnt due to his injured knee, but the thought of never being able to run again. He quickly turned to remedies and solutions, specifically towards his diet, on ways to improve his physical stamina. Seidensticker then discovered the benefits of collagen.

Collagen is the bodys most abundant source of proteinandhelps support our nails, bones, skin, ligaments, and tendons. Seidensticker learned that as we age, our bodies start to slow down in terms of collagen production.

His journey of rehabilitating his body gave him an idea to start a company to share with others his newfound knowledge. Vital Proteins was then established in 2013 in Chicago, Illinois.

Before we get into this Vital Proteins collagen review, lets go over some initial pros and cons of the brand:

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