When To Drink Protein Shakes For Weight Gain

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Whey Protein Shakes

Easy Weight Gain Shake How To Gain Weight Fast with High-Protein Shakes

Whey protein shakes have a huge effect on the human body if consumed in a good amount. Five evidence-based health benefits of whey protein are as follows:

  • Whey provide a high quality of protein that contains all the essential amino acids and minerals for your body.
  • Whey protein promotes muscle growth as the amino acid present in help in muscle loss. It contains a branched-chain amino acid called leucine.
  • If you have a problem related to blood pressure, then whey protein helps lower blood pressure.
  • Whey protein help treat type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease which is caused by a spike of insulin in the bloodstream.
  • Whey protein help reduce inflammation, which means in the short term, inflammation is beneficial. Still, in certain cases, it turns into a chronic disease.

What Happens If You Have Too Much Protein

Although some people enjoy a high protein diet and its benefits, there is a limit to how much protein you should consume, eating no more than 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. For instance, somebody who weighs 150 pounds should eat no more than 300 grams of protein. However, this is an incredibly high amount of protein and it would be difficult to consume in the first place.

Prolonged overconsumption of protein may lead to weight gain, kidney damage, calcium loss, heart disease, and an increased risk of cancer. Additionally, if you frequently receive your protein from sources such as red meat, saturated fats can raise your cholesterol.

If you are worried youre overconsuming protein, speak with your doctor about any potential health risks. If you eat a high amount of protein, try consuming lower-fat or less-processed options to balance everything out.

What Are The Side Effects Of Taking Protein Shakes

One of the benefits of protein shakes to help gain weight, but with the health benefit, there are some side effects too. If you consume highly, then you can face some serious problems. Some side effects include increased bowel movements, thirst, bloating, cramps, reduced appetite, nausea, and headaches.

If you consume too much protein in a day, it is advised to drink ample water. Water is essential to absorb the protein in your body. If you dont drink a good amount of water, then kidney failure risk might increase.

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To Enrich Your Sugar Levels Pre And Post

Every ingredient used to make a shake has properties of proteins, vitamins, sugars, minerals, calcium, carbohydrates and fats. When the body gets exhausted working out and you feel dizzy it is best to have something sweet. For these reasons, a shake can add up to your sugar levels pre and post-workout.

When To Take Whey Protein For Weight Gain

Protein Shakes to Gain Weight?

To gain mass, you need to have more calories coming into your body than youre burning during your workouts. Some people use whey protein simply to get extra healthy calories throughout the day in this case, the timing doesnt matter as much for the results.1,3

If you want to use whey protein in this way , it can be best to space out your whey shakes between meals so they dont ruin your appetite for other foods. If you want a high-calorie shake, add some milk or a nut butter for a boost of healthy fats and a more satiating shake.

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/7what Is Your Fitness Goal

There are a lot of options available in the market but if there is anything you should be paying attention to, it has to be the time of the day when you drink it. Depending on when you have it, it can have different results.

For maximum performance output and impact, it is ideal if you take your fitness goal into consideration- weight loss or muscle gain and buildup.

Whey Protein Side Effects And Advantages

Protein is an important component of any weight-gain plan since it is the most important nutrient for muscle growth. For muscle protein synthesis, your body need branched-chain amino acids , which are the building blocks of protein. Its crucial to look for complete protein sources that include key amino acids that your body cant produce on its own.

Increased protein consumption has the potential to improve satiety , which may make it difficult for certain people to meet their daily calorie targets. Protein consumption should be roughly 0.7 grams per pound of body weight for weight growth, however you can go higher based on your entire daily calorie diet. This might feel like youre eating or drinking a lot more than usual if youre not used to it.

Bloating and cramping are other typical adverse effects of a high-protein diet, especially for people who are sensitive to dairy products and drink whey. If youre new to protein powder, try a variety of various protein sources, such as soy or pea protein, until you discover one that feels right for you.

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How Much Protein Do I Really Need

The truth is, those bodybuilding physiques that spring to mind for many women when they are considering whether to take protein powder, are shaped not by protein powder itself, but through hours of specific and intense training in the gym daily, a super restrictive diet, and often other supplements. Unlike men, most women do not have the same level of hormones specifically testosterone levels – that are needed for this kind of bulky, hyper-muscly look, so theres no need to worry that youll resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger.

When it comes to protein powder serving sizes, it really varies depending on the individual and their activity level, so its best to experiment with portions until you find the size that suits you best. As a general guide, if youre trying to lose a few kilos, take a 20-30g serving. If your priority is on building lean muscles, use 35g or more per serving.

If you dont have the time or energy to get your protein from meal-prepping a weeks worth of chicken breast, eggs and peas, protein powder offers a convenient means of getting the necessary protein into your diet. Women are more at risk of developing protein deficiencies, so keep in mind the recommended amount is roughly 1g/kg body weight per day of protein in your diet. Find out how much protein should I have for losing weight, gaining muscle or maintaining your current physique.

So How Much Protein Do I Need

what is the best time to drink a protein shake for weight gain

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It depends on your training goals. The US Food and Nutrition Board’s current guidelines for the average adult is 0.8g of protein per kg of bodyweight. If you’re looking to bulk up, you’ll need to increase this number, but that’s not as easy as simply stuffing your face.

You have to play it a bit smarter. Instead of reaching for calorie-dense foods, opt for high-protein foods. Not only will these cupboard staples build mass in your muscle groups currently, research suggests, 2.2g of protein per kg of bodyweight is your limit but also help stave off any hunger pangs that could derail even the most diligent of dieters.

For example, if you weigh 100kg, you’d need to be eating the equivalent of seven chicken breasts every day. Seven. A tad unrealistic. This type of extreme eating is reserved for competitive bodybuilders, so an achievable alternative for a first timer is 1.5g of protein per kg of bodyweight.

The amount you need to eat is a complex topic, and there is no one size fits all. It’s important to tailor your intake to your workouts. Here’s how to do it.

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Six Star Pro Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Plus Triple Chocolate

If you are a power lifter, or your training involves heavy weights. This should be your choice protein powder. This product would provide the necessary amount of protein that you require. If you are just going into weight lifting then you should buy and use this product and let it work wonders on your body.

For your source of quick protein, you should purchase this product. It is easy to prepare, and does not involve much shaking.

  • Type: Whey

How Can I Make A 1000 Calorie Shake

The 1000 calorie shakes require proteins with good fats. Usually, the protein powders found in the market have 380-390 calories. Further, the calories are increased by adding fruits and tastemakers.

Additionally, milk also increases the calorie count. Every 100 grams of milk has over 40 calories. A quick recipe for a 1000 calorie shake requires banana, peanut butter, honey, milk, and your favorite flavor.

Shake them up in a blender with protein powder. The net count of calories will be over 1000. Check the calorie count on each ingredient you pick.

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You’re Not Measuring It Properly

Your protein powder may claim it has 15 grams of protein per serving on the front of the container, but you have to be careful to make sure you’re actually getting what you’re looking for. Oftentimes, brands will provide you with smaller scoopers , and they write on the nutrition label that you’ll need two scoops to get that 15 or 18 grams of protein. If you don’t catch this, and you’re only using one, you’d be reaping 7 grams of the muscle-building stuff.

While that’s by no means a bad thing, it can be troublesome if you’re making a protein smoothie and were relying on protein to balance out the carbs and sugars. Less protein means you’re not going to reap the same digestion-slowing benefits of protein as you would with touble. As a result, you could be misled into thinking you can drink a larger smoothie with more carbs and sugar, which may actually make you gain weight.

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What Is Protein Powder

Whey and milk-based protein powder is a result of the cheese-making process which essentially takes the most nutritious part of milk, and removes the carbohydrates and fats. This powdered form of protein sourced from soy, pea, hemp or dairy is an essential supplement for women looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle and boost your protein intake to help with fitness goals, dietary requirements or managing a healthy immune system.

Best Premade Protein Shakes

When it comes to premade protein shakes there are plenty of options in the aisles of your local grocery store or online.

Premade protein shakes add convenience and ease to your day. You dont have to dirty dishes or have shake ingredients on hand. You just open a bottle.

Even if you choose to make homemade protein shakes, having a few premade shakes on hand is nice for the days you dont feel like making a shake. We all have those days we arent up for cooking!

So, what makes the best premade protein shake? Well, thats up to you.

The best premade protein shake for you may depend on the protein content, calorie content, flavor options available, brand taste, or other factors. I believe the best protein shake is the one you will drink. And enjoy. There are enough options out there, so go find a favorite!

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How Many Protein Shakes Should I Have A Day

The number of protein shakes you should consume a day depends on how much protein is in each shake and how much protein youre consuming a day from other foods. The National Academy of Medicine recommends that adults get a minimum of 0.8 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight per day, or just over 7 grams for every 20 pounds of body weight. But its important to remember that protein shakes are to serve as supplements, so one protein shake a day should be more than enough if youre eating healthfully and getting a majority of your protein naturally.

A warning for those with weight loss goals: Too many calories from any source including protein will lead to weight gain. So there is an upper limit of how much protein intake is actually beneficial. When you have your post-workout protein shake, youll still want to include a mix of carbs and fats for a complete snack after your workout to optimize recovery and restore your energy levels. Aim for a 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein for your post-exercise snack or meal . So if you consume 20 grams of protein in your protein shake, make sure youre also having 80 grams of carbs with it. A winning combination of protein and carbs will ensure your body can maximize protein and glycogen synthesis.

Does Drinking Protein Shakes Help Build Muscle

How To Make A Weight Gain & Loss Protein Shake

Whey protein contains stacks of amino acids, which assists in the process of building muscles. During athletic activity, muscle fibres break down, and a quality protein powder such as Happy Ways whey protein range can help repair that damage, whilst simultaneously helping you to recover faster, allowing for easier workout sessions . Sounds like a win-win to us.

If youre looking to lean down, theres more good news multiple studies have found that when supplementing with whey protein and exercising, those trying to lose weight have better results, with more lean muscle and less body fat. Furthermore, their metabolism is improved too meaning more calories burned per day when compared to those who didnt exercise or supplement.

Its important to note that consuming protein shakes alone will not reap results such as weight loss or a more toned appearance this will only happen in conjunction with exercise and a balanced diet.

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Protein Shake Mistake #: Getting Your Intake ‘window’ Wrong

You don’t need to inhale a four-egg omlette with a side of whey protein as soon as you’ve completed your cooldown. According to a review published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, your muscle groups are primed for protein for a larger ‘window’ than previously thought. So you don’t need to rush things as soon as you’re out of the showers.

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Does Drinking Protein Shakes Help Build Muscle For Women

Whether youre an avid gym junkie or not, youre probably familiar with protein shakes. No longer reserved for the likes of professional bodybuilders or athletes, protein powder has recently gained mainstream popularity and for good reason. No matter your gender or fitness goals, everyone should aim to consume enough protein for optimal health and wellbeing.

Although the benefits of getting sufficient protein are plenty, there are also some common misconceptions which, unfortunately, may deter women in particular from supplementing with protein. Some women may wonder, Does drinking protein shakes help build muscle for women? And to what extent? Read ahead for the answer to this question, as we detail the benefits of protein and bust some popular myths below.

Protein Shakes For Muscle Gain

1200 Calories Weight Gain Protein Shake â Mass Gainer ...

Physical fitness is something everyone should be concerned about. You probably heard the phrase health is wealth a gazillion times, and its no lie.

So how do protein shakes figure in all this?

To begin with, protein is the one essential element that dabbles in almost all cell processes, whether its immunity, metabolism, energy production, or cell regeneration and repair.

And yes, most importantly, what were here to discuss, protein is crucial to building bones and body tissues- body tissues meaning muscles.

Protein shakes are of two types- whey and casein. These are powdered protein concentrates that are mixed with water and taken during workouts to maximize muscle building and other fitness-related processes.

Lets find out how exactly all of this works and when to drink protein shakes for muscle gain.

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The Different Types Of Protein Powder

There are two major types of protein powder: casein and whey protein. Though it may not seem to make a big difference to some, the difference between the two can greatly influence your muscular growth. What are the best situations then for either protein?


As you see, whey protein gives you a much stronger initial spike of available blood-leucine levels, however it drops off much quicker than casein protein does. Casein on the other hand reaches that high level and they stays constant for much longer. This means reduced anabolic catabolism after the 3 hour mark with casein particularly effective for those who have activities later in the day or who engage in night time workouts.

So, after youve discovered which of the two types or protein powder would suit you best, its time to choose the best protein powder! Below are a total of 7 high-quality protein shakes for weight gain to choose between, each with a specific focus in mind.

Depending on your body, lifestyle and goals, each different one will provide you with different benefits. Below are 7 different supplements for weight gain whether youre looking for the best protein powder or a lean, no-frills isolate, youll find something thatll suit your needs!

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