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How to Make a Protein Shake without Protein Powder – HASfit Homemade Protein Shake Drink

According to the Dietary Guidelines For Americans, your daily calorie consumption should be 10 to 35 percent protein. The average rule of thumb for protein consumption is to have 0.5 grams per pound of body weight. So if you weigh 170 pounds, you should have at least 85 grams of protein daily for healthy muscle growth.

However, those who are into intense weight lifting and resistance exercises should consume more protein to make up for the extra muscle tissue breakdown. They should eat at least 0.7 grams of protein per pound of their body weight for sufficient muscle gain.

Should You Have A Protein Shake Before Or After Your Workout

Protein is necessary for muscle repair and growth.

For this reason, many people consume protein supplements in the form of shakes along with their workouts.

However, the optimal time to have a protein shake is a hotly debated topic.

Some believe its best to drink a protein shake before a workout, whereas others argue that after a workout is ideal.

This article explains whether its best to have a protein shake before or after your workout.

When Is The Best Time To Take Your Protein Shake

There is no single optimal time to take your protein shake. Ideally, you need to distribute your total protein intake and consume protein every 3-5 hours.

This is because most of use tend to eat a carb-rich breakfast . And our protein intake is heavily skewed towards the latter half of the day, typically dinner.

Several studies show that consuming protein, either through diet or through protein supplements, throughout the day instead of all at once is associated with more efficient muscle protein synthesis.

Indeed, many experts feel that more than protein shake before or after a workout, its your total protein intake thats important. In other words, theres no significant difference.

Recent research suggests that pre-workout protein powders and post-workout protein are equally effective in promoting muscle strength, muscle growth, and changes in body composition.

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How Does Protein Shakes Help Weight Loss

Protein shakes contain protein, but how does protein help your weight loss journey?

Protein Decreases Hunger

To lose weight, you need to do intense exercise and eat a proper diet. In short, burn more calories than how much you gain in a day. So you may want your diet to be filled with nutritious contents but at the same time low in calories.

Highly processed foods contain high calories, carbohydrates, sodium, and fats, without any nutrients. These kinds of foods are the leading causes of chronic illnesses. On top of that, despite eating a lot of them, you still will get hungry rather quickly.

If you want to fill your stomach without any add-ons, you need wholesome foods. If wholesome foods are hard to find, then protein shakes it is. Protein shakes are great snack replacements since they are low in calories but high in nutrients. Not only do they obtain protein, but it also has small amounts of iron, magnesium, and calcium.

Do note that some protein shake companies have mixed ingredients added to their formulas. Some have artificial sugars added to them. Make sure to inspect the ingredients before purchasing protein shakes. They might hamper your fitness goals instead of helping.

Protein Shakes Boosts Metabolism

Due to the abundance of protein in your system, the easier your muscles can buildprovided you do strength training. As a result, you will gain larger muscles which then increases your metabolism and energy production.

Should You Take Protein Before Bed

The Best Protein Shakes Review

The elderly, as well as people looking to build muscle, increase strength and improve exercise performance and recovery, can benefit from taking protein before bed .

In a review of studies, scientists concluded that taking protein before bed is an effective strategy to promote muscle building and help them adapt to exercise .

This is because protein consumed before bed is effectively digested and absorbed, increasing the availability of protein to muscles for recovery throughout the night.

Scientists from that study recommended consuming 40 grams of protein prior to bed to maximize muscle growth and adaptation through the night .

In another study in 16 healthy elderly men, half the participants consumed casein protein before bed, while the other half consumed a placebo. The study showed consuming casein protein before bed promoted muscle growth, even in less active elderly people .

If you want to take protein before bed, you may consider taking a form of casein protein. Casein is digested slowly, which means it can provide the body with a steady supply of protein through the night .

You can also get the benefits of casein protein from real foods instead of supplements. Dairy products like cottage cheese and Greek yogurt are high in casein.

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So How Much Whey Protein Do I Need

Your age, goals and weight are just a few factors that’ll determine how much protein you will need to build muscle. Not sure how much is enough? Our complete guide to protein will help.

It’s worth noting here, however, that the majority of your protein intake, and macronutrients in general, should come from your diet. Supplements are there to do just that: supplement. Real foods, for example, contain more nutrients, fibre and minerals and are far easier to digest.

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How Much Protein Do You Need

The Recommended Daily Allowance for protein is 0.36 grams per pound of body weight .

The RDA is the estimated amount of a nutrient a person needs to avoid a deficiency. It doesnt specify the amount needed to optimize body composition or health .

For protein, its clear that the RDA is far too low to support muscle recovery and growth (3,

9 ).

A protein shake is a good option between meals, either as a snack or around your workout. Protein powders typically contain 2530 grams of protein per scoop.


People who exercise regularly need more protein to support muscle recovery and growth. Consume your protein at equally spaced times throughout the day to maximize results.

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How Many Protein Shakes Should You Consume On An Average Day

While theres nothing inherently wrong with protein shakes, drinking too many could mean that youre not getting enough nutrients from other foods.

In my mind, food should come first, Byrd says. But, if you have a food intolerance or struggle to get enough protein in your diet naturally, protein shakes are a great way to get a boost of protein daily. However, Byrd doesnt recommend using a protein shake alone to replace a meal, as the nutrient profile doesnt come close to what you should be getting from a full meal.

The most I would recommend to an average person is two per day, simply because anything beyond that point is going to cut into your diet in a negative way, she says. If you work out regularly and youre trying to build muscle, two protein shakes per day is plenty. And if youre not that active, you likely dont need more than one protein shake per day.

If youre extremely active , three protein shakes per day might be appropriate, Byrd says.

The bottom line? Protein shakes are supplements, not food.

Protein shakes are a convenient and affordable way to up your protein intake, and they can certainly be part of an overall healthy diet. But remember: Protein shakes arent food, and you shouldnt be relying on them too heavily.

What Else We Considered

Who Should Take Protein Shakes – (And How Safe Are They?)

I tested 11 different brands of protein shakes including several flavors and variations of each brand while researching this guide, and the following just missed the cut but are still worth considering:

Core Power High Protein Milk Shake : There’s a lot to like about the Core Power Protein Shakes. The drink comes in 26g, 30g, and 42g protein varieties all from filtered, low-fat Grade A milk and several flavors of each. It was a good afternoon snack, and I experienced several good workouts while testing it. Unfortunately, it relies on sucralose for sweetening and didn’t have an impressive enough taste to usurp any of our top picks above, though Carson said these are actually her favorite RTD protein drinks so it may be a taste test of your own.

Atkins Protein-Rich Shake : The Atkins shake was the cheapest of the drinks I tested, but it only has 15 grams of protein, which is on the lower side. It tasted pretty good and served as an adequate meal replacement option. But, it features soy protein isolate, which our expert Samantha Cassetty, RD, said could be unsafe. The shake also relies heavily on sucralose.

American Body Building Pure Pro 50 Protein Shake : The Pure Pro 50 shake has 50 grams of protein, which comes from good sources of milk and whey protein concentrates. But, it’s packed with sucralose and artificial ingredients, and your body can’t digest this much protein in one sitting anyway. Also, I didn’t care for the strawberry flavor I tested.

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Is It Better To Drink Protein Shakes In The Morning Or At Night

If youre looking to lose weight, a great time for you to drink your protein shake could be in the morning. Thats because protein is one of the most crucial nutrients for fat loss. Starting your day with protein can give your metabolism a boost and keep it raised all day long. Protein can also reduce your appetite throughout the day by reducing levels of the hunger hormone, ghrelin, and increasing the levels of appetite-inhibiting hormones like peptide-1, peptide YY and cholecystokinin. So if youre working toward weight loss, then drinking a protein in the morning may help you to consume fewer calories throughout the rest of the day.

That said, if your goal is to build muscle mass and strength, then the time of day you have your protein shake may be different. Protein is important for building muscle however, your body naturally breaks down protein during resistance training or weight lifting. So to make up for the protein that your body breaks down, its advised to consume extra protein within 2 hours of your workout. That means if you work out in the morning, then its suggested that you have your protein shake in the morning. But if you work out at night, then its typically better to have a protein shake at night around the time of your workout.

Best Keto Protein Shake

Amples attempt at a keto-friendly product really the mark. Available in both 400- and 600-calorie varieties, it avoids some of the common pitfalls of keto shakes, like too much protein or not enough fat. There are 50 grams of fat and 19 grams of protein in the larger size, 22 grams of carbohydrates with 13 grams of fiber, and three grams of sugar.

As mentioned earlier, it comes in a super convenient fillable bottle finding keto snacks on the go can be extremely frustrating and this variety of Ample actually has more nutrition than the regular kind with 25 percent of your daily Vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium.

A keto-friendly shake packed with probiotics to help curb hunger while maintaining ketosis. Each bottle packs 400 calories and 25 grams of protein alongside 28 grams of fat and seven grams of fiber.

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Can Protein Shakes Change Body Composition

Shakes can also be used to increase your protein intake when trying to lose fat and gain lean mass. When you exercise and burn calories, but are also consuming less from your diet, the body starts to break down stored fat as long as it has enough protein.4

It may sound confusing that gaining mass can lead to weight loss, but the more muscle your body has, the more energy it burns. Plus, when youre burning calories during intense workouts, protein shakes not only help your muscles to repair, but also prevent their breakdown. This helps your body to burn fat instead.3

Using protein powder in addition to exercise that builds muscle can help lead to these long-term body composition changes.5

Summary: High protein diets promote muscle growth by providing the protein they need to build and repair after a workout. Higher levels of muscle, or lean mass, increase metabolism for greater calorie burn even at rest.

How Much Protein Do I Need Every Day

Pure Protein® Complete Protein Shake, 30 grams of Protein, Rich ...

This section is taken from our guide How Much Protein Do I Need to Eat Every Day?

need to be eating 500 grams of protein every day.

They like to tell you this so that you use their supplement faster and need to buy more.

Heres the real deal: claims for the amount of protein the human body needs vary wildly from source to source . You are a unique snowflake and your protein goals should be aligned with your goals.

You want specific numbers, right?

Dont worry, I got you.

Although the current international Recommended Dietary Allowance for protein is 0.4g per pound of bodyweight , this study shows that this number is too low and should be higher regardless of your body composition.

You just want me to tell you how much to eat, right? I figured.

Well, youre in luck, because we have a protein calculator you can play with!

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Chunky Sesame Banana Smoothie

Open Sesame! Sesame seeds are high in protein, vitamins and minerals. For a more nutty flavor, we recommend roasting your sesame seeds before adding them to your smoothie. All you need to do is heat a pan to medium heat and add your seeds. Keep them spread out and shake the pan often so they dont burn.

There Are Many Types Of Protein

When it comes to essential nutrients, protein sits atop the list.

Its a jack of all trades with many roles in the body. Protein is a source of energy, can help repair damaged tissue, is essential for growth and plays a role in preventing infection and disease .

Protein is naturally abundant in foods like meats, fish, eggs, dairy products, grains, seeds and legumes. It is also available as a dietary supplement, commonly known as protein powder.

Here are some of the most well-known protein powders you can buy.

  • Whey protein: A dairy-based protein. It contains all the essential amino acids and is quickly absorbed (
  • protein: A dairy-based protein. It contains all the essential amino acids and is slowly absorbed, which is why people often take it before bed (
  • protein: A plant-based protein that contains all the essential amino acids. It has also been linked to some impressive health benefits (
  • protein: A plant-based protein. It has low levels of the nonessential amino acids cysteine and methionine .
  • Rice protein: A plant-based protein with low levels of the essential amino acid lysine (
  • Hemp protein: A plant-based protein made from hemp seeds that has high levels of fiber and essential omega-3 and omega-6 fats. Hemp protein is low in the amino acid lysine .

Protein powders are a useful way to increase your protein intake if youre always on the go. They are convenient, portable and come in a variety of flavors.

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When You Drink Protein Shakes Every Day This Is What Happens To Your Body

Protein shakes have never been more popular. As a report in Healthline advises, the most well-known and beloved dietary supplement is used predominantly to add extra protein to your diet in order to help you meet your fitness goals. Protein shakes are easy, affordable, and particularly handy for anybody looking to up their intake on the go.

Protein shakes work mainly to promote muscle gain and to help improve performance during workouts and, afterwards, for recovery. They also prevent muscle loss and could even help with weight loss, particularly around the stomach. But, do we need to be drinking protein shakes every day? And what happens if we do?

When Is The Best Time To Drink Protein Shakes Benefits Of Protein Shakes

How many protein shakes to drink a day

We should not consume any supplement without any knowledge. Protein shakes have a very good quality protein which we can drink at any time or replace meals. Many people say that after a workout is the best time to drink protein shakes.

Some people say that the best time to drink protein is in the morning and after a workout. Protein is a complete micronutrient supplement. Because it builds muscles, recovers, and repairs muscle tissues, and helps to prevent muscle loss in low-calorie programs.

This is the reason that we should take more protein-based foods in our daily routine life. Protein intake requirement is 0.8g/kilogram of the body weight for an average man and for building muscles, this range goes up to 1.3g or 2.0g/kilogram of the body weight.

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Protein Shakes May Help With Weight Management

Proteins effect on metabolism, appetite, and muscle mass may also keep you from regaining weight once youve successfully lost it.

A study from 2005 found that when participants who had lost weight from a specific diet program were given 30 grams of protein in addition to their regular diet during a weight management period of 6 months, they regained less weight than participants who didnt have the supplemented protein .

A 2015 literature review suggests that higher protein intakes appears to improve both weight loss and weight management. Yet, researchers caution that full adherence to a higher-protein diet and other lifestyle factors are usually required for this improvement .


Additional protein, whether from shakes or whole foods, can help minimize the amount of weight you regain after weight loss.

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