What’s The Difference In Whey Protein And Isolate Protein

How To Make This Recipe With Vanilla Protein Powder

Whey Protein vs Whey Protein Isolate: Which is BETTER?

If you want to use vanilla protein powder instead of plain protein powder in this recipe, you definitely can. I recommend using a high-quality vanilla protein powder that is naturally flavored and sweetened, like this one from Thrive Market.

To make your shake, simply make the recipe as written below , but omit the sweetener and dont add any vanilla extract. If your protein shake is not sweet enough after youve blended it, then feel free to sweeten it to taste with a natural sweetener.

The Best Protein Powder To Choose

Whey protein contains protein, fat, carbs, vitamins and minerals. Due to its strong amino acid content and the ability to be absorbed by the body, its ideal for building muscle. It has been shown to promote muscle protein synthesis, support fat burning, improve insulin sensitivity and suppress appetite. It has also been shown to increase the production of glutathione .

Protein powders are available in the form of whey concentrate or whey isolate. Both of these contain protein, however, isolate, which is made of whey concentrate, undergoes further processing to yield a product with a higher protein concentration.

Are Whey Protein Shakes Good For You

Absolutely! Whey protein shakes are an terrific choice for breakfast, a snack, or meal replacement. All adults need around 46-56 grams of protein each day and protein shakes are an excellent way to meet that requirement. Whey protein also promotes muscle growth, helps reduce hunger, may lower blood pressure, may help reduce inflammation, and can help you lose weight .

For maximum health benefits, make sure the whey protein powder you use is free from additives, hormones, artificial sweeteners, and fillers. Lastly, always remember that organic is best. As I stated earlier, my favorite whey protein powder is this one from Thrive Market.

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Whey Protein Vs Plant Protein: Whats The Best Protein For Building Muscle

Studies agree that plant-sourced proteins offer numerous environmental and health benefits, but when it comes to building muscle, plant-based proteins have less of an anabolic effect than animal proteins due to their lower digestibility, lower essential amino acid content , and deficiency in other essential amino acids, including sulfur amino acids or lysine.

According to a 2019study titled The Role of the Anabolic Properties of Plant- versus Animal-Based Protein Sources in Supporting Muscle Mass Maintenance: A Critical Review published in the journal Nutrients, plant amino acids are directed toward oxidation rather than used for muscle protein synthesis. A differentstudy titled Plant Proteins: Assessing Their Nutritional Quality and Effects on Health and Physical Function also published in Nutrients in 2020 noted that the nutritional quality of plant proteins may be inferior in several respects relative to animal proteins including muscle protein synthesis.

So as long as youre getting sufficient leucine from your plant protein supplement, plant protein can still help you build muscle in a comparable way to whey, though whey may be slightly a better fit if your goals center on major gains.

What Is Vegan Protein


Simply put, vegan protein is protein thats isolated from plants. Some of the most common sources found in vegan protein powders include:

  • Pea
  • Spirulina
  • Amaranth and other grains

There are quite a few other plant-based protein sourcessuch as sprouted beans and lentils as well as other whole grains like millet. In general, pea, rice, soy, hemp, and pumpkin are the primary sources found in vegan protein powders, with pea, rice, and soy really making up the bulk.

While soy is among the most popular plant protein sources, we tend to shy away from soy because of potential concerns over phytoestrogens , goitrogens , trypsin inhibitors , and genetic modification . Plus, when compared head-to-head with whey, research has shown that soy underperforms when it comes to fat loss, muscle and strength gain, and appetite control.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Vegan Protein

If whey is ostensibly superior to plant-based proteins, why would someone opt for a plant-based protein supplement instead? There are many reasons, including the following:

In the whey vs vegan protein debate, many folks think vegan protein powders are just an overall healthier or better choice because plant foods are typically regarded as healthier. However, this is not necessarily true, considering the following:

  • Soy is one of the most popular sources of plant-based protein, and as mentioned above, this is one Id suggest shying away from.
  • Many plant-based protein powders contain GMO ingredients derived from corn and soy. While its a controversial topic, theres enough potential harm that Id suggest avoiding exposure to these types of ingredients from GMO crops.
  • If theres known potential harm from consuming GMOs, it can likely be traced back to herbicide and pesticide residues, which may also be found on non-GMO plant-based ingredients as well.
  • Plant-based protein powders, especially those containing predominantly rice protein, can contain high levels of lead and arsenic, which are both toxic heavy metals that can lead to a variety of health complications when consumed in excess.
  • Taste and mixability are often sacrificed when it comes to vegan proteins. This doesnt make them less healthy per se. However, if you cant tolerate it, youre not going to use it consistently, which means you may not get the results you expect.

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate

ON, Dymatize and Labrada are some of the companies that continue this process even further, which means whey protein isolate is converted to whey protein hydrolyzate. This occurs as a result of enzymes acting on whey protein isolate that break the bonds that hold amino acids together. Basically, this means that amino acids are cut into smaller pieces, shorter chains of di- and tripeptides, which causes the hydrolyzed whey protein to release the fastest and easiest protein to digest.

Basically, it is a pre-digestion process that causes hydrolyzed proteins to be absorbed faster in the intestines and at a much faster rate, followed by whey protein isolates and concentrates. Plus, its easier to digest than people with sensitive stomachs.

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% Whey Protein Isolate By Evlution Nutrition

Weve always applauded EVL for having an easy to use website, and their presentation of 100% Whey Protein Isolate gets the same high marks. On the right side you can pick a flavor, then quantity and check out quickly with the buy it now and add to cart options.

100% Isolate Protein is sourced from pure ingredients and offers the best fuel during post-workout. Evlution claims to use the best-in-class components to deliver what matters most- muscle building and recovery.

The product is GMP certified and free of gluten, fillers and sugars. Its made in the US and wont spike amino levels once taken.

Whey Protein Concentrate Vs Isolate: Benefits Of Whey Protein

Whey Protein Isolate vs. Concentrate: What’s the Difference?

Now that you know what whey protein is and how its made, lets discuss what you really came here for the reasons why its optimal for building muscle mass.

Whey protein concentrate and isolate are two of the most common forms of whey protein, and they come with similar health benefits. These include:

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What Are Common Side Effects Of Taking Whey Protein Powder

Although whey protein is broadly recognized as a safe and healthy source of critical nutrients, like everything there me be some drawbacks. The most common side effects experienced by whey protein users consist of the following and relate to digestion:

  • Headache
  • Gas & Diarrhea
  • Constipation

As previously discussed, WPC will naturally contain elevated levels of lactose which depending on your body’s degree of intolerance is usually the culprit to most stomach unease when consuming whey protein.

World wide, lactose is said to have varying negative impacts to as many as three out of every four people – 75%. AGN Roots is a Grass-Fed Whey Isolate with nearly zero lactose per serving, but can easily contain residue being a dairy product.

In the event our product doesn’t agree with you, another consideration could be as simple as a whey protein or sunflower lecithin allergy .

Whey Protein Isolate By Nutricost

True to its brand, Whey Protein Isolate is cheap but that comes at a cost. Theres an unflavored variety for those who want to mix their protein powders in fruit smoothies and flavored ones that can be mixed with cold water.

Every serving gives you a whopping 30g of protein and a complete amino acid profile. However, the actual numbers are much lower when we tried it out. Nutricost has a 90-day money-back guarantee if ever you arent satisfied- just send the remaining product back and youll get refunded without the shipping and handling.

Whey Protein Isolate by Nutricost comes in 2 and 5-lbs variants and flavors such as Chocolate Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Mocha, Chocolate and more.

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Whey Protein Isolate By Bodytech

Bodytech isnt a standalone brand but rather an in-house name of Vitamin Shoppe. It has more than 700 stores in the US and houses a variety of supplements.

Whey Protein Isolate is a post-workout product designed to grow muscle and help with recovery processes. The filtration is such that its easy to absorb and works within the body in just a few hours.

Every serving provides 25g of protein and BCAAs in powder form. You can mix it with plain cold water or go fancy and add it to milk or your favorite beverage.

The good news is that its available to buy on Walmart and other physical shops and not just on the official website.

Protein Isolate Vs Concentrate

Difference Between Pea And Whey Protein

Youll find many types of proteinincluding milk, soy, rice, egg, and peamost of which are available in both concentrate and isolate form. By far the most commonly used protein supplement is whey protein, and in particular whey protein concentrate. The differences between whey protein isolate vs. concentrate also apply to other types of protein, so well focus on these two forms of whey.

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What Is Isolate Protein

Isolate protein, or whey protein isolate , is a processed form of whey protein that does not contain fat and lactose. It contains 90% whey protein by weight. It is virtually carbohydrate-free, lactose-free, fat-free, and cholesterol-free. On the other hand, it contains the highest percentage of pure protein.

Figure 2: Regular Milk and Whey Protein

WPI production involves two methods: ion exchange method or membrane filtration method.

  • Ion exchange method it uses the surface charge characteristics of whey protein in the separation. Little alterations of pH make the attractions between protein molecules and molecules in the ion exchanger.

  • Membrane filtration it uses both microfiltration and ultrafiltration to separate whey protein based on the size of the protein molecules.

  • Whey Protein Concentrate Vs Isolate: What’s The Difference

    There are two main types of whey protein: whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.

    The main difference between whey isolate and whey concentrate is what occurs during the manufacturing process. Put simply, whey isolate goes through a more intense processing phase than whey concentrate.

    The filtration process of whey isolate protein removes virtually all of the non-protein macronutrients carbohydrates and fat yielding highly pure protein content. With whey concentrate, a greater proportion of carbs and fats remain.

    In whey protein concentrate, roughly half of the carb content is made from lactose. Since whey protein isolate has far fewer carbs, it has less lactose content. This is why those who struggle with lactose intolerance should choose whey protein isolate over whey protein concentrate.

    Also, for people who actively count macros and are conscious about maintaining an aesthetic physique, whey protein isolate may be the best form of whey protein to consume. This offers a high-protein supplement without the carbs or fat content.

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    Bulk Natural Pure Whey Isolate

    Reasons to avoid

    Made with just whey isolate, with no whey concentrate, and sweetened only with stevia, which is a natural substance made from the leaves of the stevia plant, this is the best protein powder for anyone who suffers from a sensitive stomach.

    It scores 4.5 stars on Amazon, with reviewers commenting favorably on the natural ingredients and the fact that it doesnt leave them bloated. The negative reviews mostly relate to the flavor. “The stevia is so strong it leaves a nasty tangy aftertaste”, complains one. If you dont mind the taste of stevia, you may love it, though.

    A reassuringly modest list of ingredients means you can be sure whats in the powder. Its low in carbs and pretty modest on calories, too, for the amount of protein per serving.

    The downside is that stevia can be rather overpowering, and this powder scores less well than some of the best protein powders for flavor. The taste is somewhat thin and its very sweet. There are only two available flavors – strawberry and chocolate.

    Milk Protein Isolate Vs Whey Protein Isolate

    Whey Protein Isolate Vs. Concentrate Vs. Hydrolysate

    Both milk protein and whey protein isolate are great sources of protein, but there are some key differences that are important to study up on before you start consuming. To help, were going to compare milk protein isolate vs. whey protein isolate. But first, what even are these things? Basically they are just protein powder the kind of stuff you see people add to protein shakes and smoothies but milk protein isolate has more casein than whey protein isolate. Well explain more why that matters.

    Milk Protein Isolate

    They say the healthiest foods are the ones that contain familiar ingredients no weird stuff like butylated hydroxytoluene and partially hydrogenated oil. So when you see milk protein isolate on a label, you might be like umm pass. But milk protein isolate is actually a natural and healthy ingredient.

    Milk protein isolate is essentially powdered milk its a way to get the same protein you would find in cows milk into things like health food bars without actually using fresh milk.

    There are two proteins in milk: casein and whey. With milk protein isolate, you are going to get both of these proteins, but just as you would in whole milk, youre getting a higher percentage of casein than whey .

    Whey Protein Isolate

    Milk Protein Isolate vs. Whey Protein Isolate

    So whats the difference between the two and why do Rez Bars use milk protein isolate vs whey protein isolate?

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    Differences Between Whey Protein Isolate And Whey Protein Concentrate

    The main difference between these whey protein supplements is nutritional because whey protein isolate goes through a slightly different manufacturing process. The whey is isolated from the carbohydrates and fats, making it lower in carbs and lactose but higher in pure protein. Whey protein concentrate contains the same essential amino acids theres just a slightly higher serving of carbohydrates and fats.

    If youre limiting dairy products or youre lactose intolerant, whey isolate may be easier to digest.

    Whey Protein Isolate Benefits Building Lean Muscle Mass

    Whey Protein Isolate is rich in the essential Branched Chain Amino Acids , which are directly responsible for increasing the rate of the biological process of muscle protein synthesis and decreasing the rate of protein degradation. Theyre the building blocks of protein. Whether you love lifting weights, or crushing times at the CrossFit box, your body utilizes amino acids for fuel, which increases the rate of protein degradation and BCAA oxidation. When you workout, BCAAs are expended quickly, and without a positive balance of BCAAs, the rate of protein breakdown will be greater than the rate of protein synthesis, meaning youll actually lose muscle mass, rather than gain it.

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    In a study published in the Journal Of International Society of Sports Nutrition, thirty college-aged male and female subjects were administered 46g of Whey Protein Isolate immediately the following exercise for a period of 8 weeks. According to Dual emission, x-ray absorptiometry used to determine changes in body composition and maximum strength assessed by one-rep-max for bench press and deadlift the results were astounding. Lean body mass increased by 4.7%, with an 8.3% decrease in body fat, coupled with a 19.3% increase in the bench press, and 17.6% increase in deadlift max . If you want to build lean muscle mass, then you should probably get some Whey Protein Isolate. Gains!

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    The Benefits Of Using The Best Protein Powder

    Protein supplementation can, as Stefanski explains, be useful if youre an athlete looking for extra protein in a small amount of food, or if youre not active but are recovering from an injury or an illness.

    Theres a lot of debate about the best time to consume protein in relation to a workout. “Despite increased debate about the exact ideal timing of protein post workout,” says Stefanski, ” research still supports the goal of high quality protein within the hour after exercise.”

    Its equally important to balance your protein intake with other nutrients. “For maximal muscle repair and growth, protein should be accompanied by carbohydrates within one to two hours,” says Stefanski. “The amount of protein and carbohydrates is dependent on overall energy needs as a person. If total calories arent met, amino acids will be used as an energy source rather than a building block of structures in the body.”

    Difference Between Whey Isolate And Concentrate

    MyProtein Impact Whey vs Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard ...

    Even though both whey isolate and concentrate are nothing but protein, there is a major difference between both of them. Especially, in terms of the nutritional value that they provide because of the processing that would undergo.

    The whey liquid goes several rounds of processing to increase the protein content. Whey concentrate contains 80% of protein by weight and the rest of the 20% are high carbohydrates and fats whereas, whey isolate, also known as the purest form of protein, contains 90% of whey protein by weight and the rest 10% includes carbohydrates and fats. Since the processing steps included in whey isolate is more than the whey concentrate, isolate contains lower fat and carbohydrate as compared to a concentrate. However, the amino acid profile for both of them is surely identical, since they are derived from same protein source.

    In addition, whey isolate also contains lower lactose levels, thus, making it a better choice for those who have lactose intolerance. However, concentrate too has less level of lactose and can be consumed by those suffering from lactose intolerance.

    Another point of difference between whey protein isolate and whey concentrate is a price difference. Generally, whey concentrate supplement can be purchased at a much lesser price as compared to whey isolate supplement. In addition, if you are looking to consume larger quantity protein at a lower price, then concentrate is the one that you should opt for.

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