What Yogurt Has The Highest Protein

Full Fat Plain & Organic Greek Yogurt

High Protein Frozen Yogurt with Quark Maxinutrition Recipes by Warren Nash

For dairy products to be certified as organic, they have to come from cows that graze on pasture for not less than120 days per year. Organic standards help lower risk of contaminated feed and organic yogurt usually has higher nutrient quality. Grass fed yogurt is up to five times higher in CLA than that from cows fed grains year-round.

Just like the case of full fat variety, plain, organic full-fat yogurt is not easily found. Majority Greek yogurts are low or fat free and come in flavors. Here are some very important things you should consider when shopping

  • Taste and texture
  • Check for yogurt labeled 100% grass fed or look for is certified organic.

.There are a few brands of organic, full-fat and plain Greek yogurt

  • Straus Family Creamery
  • Wallaby Organic.

In addition, the Wegmans Greek yogurt has developed an organic full fat Greek yogurt variety. A taste test done brands this variety as rich, creamy, delicious yet not too thick.

If you cannot find organic full fat Greek options at your local grocery store, you can as well create your own using some cheesecloth and regular yogurt that is organic, full-fat, and plain.

Oikos Greek Yogurt: A High

As you can see, protein is essential for our body. But in addition to providing us with the nutrients we need, it has the benefit of making us feel full! The dose of protein in Greek yogurt therefore makes it an excellent snack between meals to stave off hunger or to enrich your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with a touch of protein.

Are you wondering how much protein can be found in Oikos yogurts? Here are a few figures to help you:

  • Oikos Plain: 9 grams of protein per 100 grams of yogurt
  • Oikos Vanilla or with Fruit: 8 grams of protein per 100 grams of yogurt

In addition to being a rich source of protein, Oikos Greek yogurt is available in a wide variety of sizes and flavours! Choose your favourites from among our plain, vanilla, or cherry Greek yogurts!

Ready to experience them for yourself? All our Greek yogurts can be consumed with:

  • Cereal and/or fresh fruit in the morning
  • In your recipes to replace cream cheese or other fats
  • In your desserts or
  • However you prefer!

However, you enjoy it, Oikos Greek yogurt will bring you a delicious moment of pleasure and sharing!

How To Choose The Best Probiotic Yogurt

Overwhelmed in the yogurt aisle? There are two main things to look for on a label. First, make sure it says contains live and active cultures,saysDana Eshelman, R.D.N., dietitian and founder of A Dash of Dana Nutrition Coaching. Then, pay attention to the sugar contentsome yogurts can contain more sugar than a bowl of ice cream!

The bad bacteria in your gut thrive on sugar, Eshelman explains. So, going overboard on sugar can cause the bad bacteria to outnumber the good, leading to inflammation and even chronic disease. Sure, the probiotics help, but why make it work harder? Experts agree that not all yogurts are good probiotic sources, so weve gathered the ones you can count on to keep your gut healthy .

This coconut-based yogurt which contains 50 billion probiotics in each serving. Theres also a dash of Himalayan salt and cassava root in each cup which balances out its flavor and creamy texture.

Nutrition serving:140 calories, 11 g fat , 65 mg sodium, 9 g carbs , 2 g protein

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Protein In Homemade Yogurt: How To Double It

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Preview: Did you know you can almost double the protein in homemade yogurt by straining it? Get your questions about yogurt, whey, and protein answered here.

Are you looking to eat more protein? If you like to make your own yogurt, you can practically double the protein content by straining it . Find out why this process pumps up the protein numbers and makes your yogurt more satisfying.

If you prefer to add protein to your yogurt, skip to the last section for some ideas you may not have thought about before.

A while back, I received the following question from a reader:

If Greek yogurt is plain yogurt with the whey removed and whey is 100% protein, then why is Greek yogurt higher in protein than plain yogurt?

Answering this question sent me down an eye-opening path. Im excited to share my findings with you, my favorite yogurt makers and yogurt lovers.

The commenter appears confused about the different types of whey. Not uncommon! Whey is the secret to increasing the protein, but not in the way this reader is thinking.

The pros and cons of eating lots of protein are not the subjects of this post. However, you can read more about the benefits or reasons to eat more protein here.

Lets jump in!

Yogurt Can Help Build Stronger Bones

High Protein Frozen Yogurt  The Healthy Foodie

Dairy foods like yogurt are a fantastic source of vitamin D, which helps build strong bones, per the National Institute of Health. Because yogurt is rich in calcium and vitamin D, it is sometimes recommended to older adults, who often need assistance in enhancing their bone-mineral density, according to Tufts University.

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Alpro Soya Strawberry Yogurts

Price: £1.50 for 4 pots at Sainsburys

Verdict: With 163 calories, this is definitely one of the most calorific yogurts we tested but that doesnt necessarily mean its bad. Its sugar content isnt as high as some of the more kid-focused offerings, but its still up there among the highest. So while it may be deliciously creamy, the Perle de Lait coconut might not be the best choice if youre after a healthy snack.

Dr Sana Khan says, Sugar content is slightly less here which makes this an average option.

Price: 198 Per 450g Tub

Everyones heard of Yeo Valley and their dairy products, but did you know that they make high protein yoghurts too?

This big, 450g tub is packed with protein, making it a worthy addition to this list of the best high protein yoghurts.

A 100g serving of Yeo Valleys Super Thick yoghurt contains 9g of protein, which will go a long way towards keeping you feeling full after youve finished eating it.

This product also contains just 5g of fat and 3.5g of carbs per 100g, making it a great healthy addition to your everyday diet.

As well as containing no added sugar, this organic, high-protein yoghurt is also suitable for vegetarians.

This product is one of the thickest, creamiest yoghurts Yeo Valley has ever made and the 450g tub will only set you back by £1.98, which we reckon is excellent value for money!

If youre looking to store your protein yoghurt to have as a snack on the go, read our article on the best meal prep bags you can find online!

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Worst: Dannon Light & Fit Greek Nonfat Vanilla

Ingredients we don’t like seeing in our yogurt: artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, modified corn starch, and fructose. And each is found in Dannon’s Light & Fit Greek yogurt. You can find a better ingredient list with the same number of calories below on our best list.

Eat This, Not That!

The 20 Best Greek Yogurts

Fage Greek Yogurt has More Protein per Calorie than Protein Powder

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Heres our process.

Greek yogurt has taken the dairy aisle by storm.

Like traditional yogurt, Greek yogurt is made from cultured milk. What makes Greek yogurt unique is that after the fermentation process is complete, its triple strained. As such, theres much less water in the final product, compared with traditional yogurt.

This extra step gives Greek yogurt its strong flavor, thick texture, and protein boost.

If youre new to the Greek yogurt scene, the sheer number of options may make choosing one feel overwhelming. Still, dont worry youve come to the right place.

The products below were all chosen based on ingredient quality, nutrition content, flavor, and production methods.

Here are 20 of the best Greek yogurts.

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How Much Protein Is In Yoghurt

It really depends on the type of yoghurt, for example, 100 grams of Greek non-fat yoghurt will contain 10 grams of protein. Whereas, a regular yoghurt may only have 3.8g of protein per tub!

There are some other protein yoghurts which contain up to 15 grams of protein per 100 grams. It really is e down to you choosing the right one!

How To Choose A Healthy Yogurt

Before choosing any yogurt, you should read the label, keeping in mind the 1-cup, or 8-ounce , serving size recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture , says Janette Marsac, RDN, a New York-based registered dietitian with Forward in Heels.

While probiotics labeling can be confusing, you can always look for the Live and Active Cultures seal from the International Dairy Foods Association, which indicates that dairy-based yogurts contain 100 million cultures or more per gram . In general, says Marsac, the more cultures in your yogurt, the better. Nondairy yogurts are also fermented, so they also contain live cultures, but the specific kinds and amounts may differ from dairy-based products, according to Today’s Dietitian.

Aside from that, the biggest thing to look for are added sugars. Yogurt contains between 5 and 10 g per cup of natural sugar in the form of lactose, according to USDA data, but many companies add more, particularly to flavored yogurts or low-fat varieties. According to one U.K. survey published in September 2018 in BMJ Open, fruit and other flavored yogurts had even more added sugar than those designed for children, with a median count of around 12 g . For that reason, many nutritionists recommend sticking with plain yogurt and adding your own toppings for flavor.

Beyond those general guidelines, the following info should help you choose something healthy no matter what your preference.

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Price: 075 Per 200g Pot

If youre after the yoghurt with the highest amount of protein, then look no further than this product from Brooklea!

The Brooklea vanilla yoghurt contains a whopping 25g of protein in a single 200g tub!

As well as being high in protein, this yoghurt is incredibly good for you. One 200g tub of Brooklea protein yoghurt only contains 143 calories, 8.9g of carbs, and 0.9g of fat.

Suppose youre not a fan of vanilla then all isn’t lost as Brooklea has various flavours available. Some of these flavours include raspberry, strawberry, and peach & passionfruit.

As for price, one 200g tub will only set you back by £0.75p, meaning you can get a huge, healthy dose of protein for a low price!

In terms of high protein yoghurts, they dont get much higher, or better than this product from Brooklea!

Maple Hill Creamery Greek Yogurt

High Protein Frozen Yogurt  The Healthy Foodie

Maple Hill Creamery’s yogurts are made with just two ingredients: grass-fed milk and live cultures. That difference in milk might be reflected in the price, but it’s well worth the extra cents if you can afford it. “Grass-fed yogurt contains more omega-3s and conjugated linoleic acids, both of which help prevent heart disease, inflammation, diabetes and various cancers,” Middleberg explains. Bonus: Maple Hill Greek yogurts are rich, creamy and taste way more decadent than they are considering their high protein content will help you lose 10 pounds.

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Amount Of Protein In Greek Yogurt

A great source of protein, a single cup of greek yogurt contains 22.7 grams of protein, or about 45% of recommended daily values. To get the adequate amount of protein with greek yogurt alone, you will need 2.2 cups of greek yogurt for an average female, or 2.6 cups of greek yogurt for males. That’s about 367 calories.

Macronutrients in 1 cup of greek yogurt:

% of RDV
22.7 grams

One Disadvantage Of Yogurt

Not all is perfect in yogurt land. Because of the wide array of yogurt options, it’s important to read the product labels carefully, as too much added sugar can outweigh the food’s benefits.

Some yogurts contain upwards of 25 grams of added sugar per serving, according to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Added sugar contributes to calorie intake without adding essential nutrients, per the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Yogurt marked specifically for children or toddlers often contains more added sugars. Even more, fat-free products will often add more sugar for better flavor.


Always check the levels for added sugar, even if the yogurt is labeled “organic” or “natural.”

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Dannon Oikos Triple Zero Greek Nonfat Yogurt Vanilla

Cultured from milk and enzymes, no yogurt should have fiber in it. That being said, Dannon’s addition of chicory root fiber allows the yogurt’s six grams of naturally occurring sugar to be matched with an equal amount of digestion-slowing fiber. Chicory root fiber is a source of inulin, a prebiotic that may help feed those live active probiotic cultures and can help minimize spikes in insulin after a carb-heavy meal.

Yogurt : Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits

Delicious high protein greek yogurt snack!

Yogurt is one of the most popular fermented dairy products in the world, made by adding live bacteria to milk.

It has been eaten for thousands of years and is frequently used as part of a meal or snack, as well as a component of sauces and desserts.

In addition, yogurt contains beneficial bacteria and may function as a probiotic, providing a variety of health benefits above and beyond plain milk.

Most yogurt is white and thick, but many commercial brands are artificially colored.

This article tells you everything you need to know about yogurt.

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Price: 100 Per 200g Pot

Arla is a well-known yoghurt brand, and is one of the first names that come up when you search for high protein yoghurts online!

Like the previous two yoghurts, Arla yoghurts are packed with protein, with one 200g tub containing around 20g of protein.

This protein rich yoghurt is a healthy addition to your everyday diet too, with one tub containing 126kcal, 0.4g of fat, and just 11.2g of carbs!

Additionally, these yoghurts are free from lactose and are suitable for vegetarians.

As with most yoghurts, there is a range of different flavours to choose from, including raspberry, blueberry, caramel, and strawberry.

At just £1.00 per pot, youll be able to make a healthy change to your diet at an affordable price with Arla!

The Greek Gods Traditional

Noting that the serving sizes of Greek Yogurt are almost always 227 grams or 170 grams and that this one is in the former larger serving category, it’s just a not great choice if you’re trying to be great about your health, given the fats, sugars, and sodium. It’s also lacking in the protein department.

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Why Does Greek Yogurt Have More Protein Than Regular

  • Can You Bake Greek Yogurt?
  • It used to be that shopping for yogurt was a matter of choosing a flavor and container size. Greek-style yogurt companies have made a name for their product by touting protein-content, too. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Nutrient Database, a 6-ounce container of regular yogurt has a mere 8.9 grams of protein compared to the 17.3 grams found in the same serving of Greek yogurt.

    How Much Protein Is In Yogurt

    The Best Low Sugar and High Protein Yogurt

    Related Articles

    Yogurt is a food that you should incorporate as part of your daily food regimen. It is a nutrient-dense food that contains protein, calcium, Vitamin D, potassium and little to no fat and cholesterol, depending upon which variety you choose. Eating yogurt each day will help you achieve your daily recommended protein intake.

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    Nutrition Facts: Yogurt Plain Whole Milk 100 Grams


    One cup of plain yogurt made from whole milk packs about 8.5 grams of protein.

    The protein content of commercial yogurt is sometimes higher than in milk because dry milk may be added to yogurt during processing (

    Protein in yogurt is either whey or casein, depending on its solubility in water.

    Water-soluble milk proteins are called whey proteins, whereas insoluble milk proteins are called caseins.

    Both casein and whey are nutritionally excellent, rich in essential amino acids, and easy to digest.


    Most of the proteins in yogurt are caseins. Alpha-casein is the most abundant.

    Casein increases your absorption of minerals like calcium and phosphorus and promotes lower blood pressure (

    Whey accounts for 20% of the protein in yogurt.

    It is very high in branched-chain amino acids , such as valine, leucine, and isoleucine.

    Whey protein has long been popular amongst bodybuilders and athletes.

    In addition, consumption of whey protein supplements may provide various health benefits, promoting weight loss and lower blood pressure .

    Why Trust Verywell Fit

    A personal note on my recommendations written above. As a dietitian, I am cautious to recommend yogurt, as many brands contain tons of added sugars or artificial sweeteners. However, there are many great options on the market, such as the Greek yogurts above. In writing this article, I spent time looking at current clinical research on dairy and milk fat.

    I also looked at multiple products and brands and consulted with trusted peers in dietetics. I believe the products in the round-up are made by trusted brands and are composed of high-quality ingredients. I would recommend the above products to friends, family, and clients, and I have personally tried all of the products. You can currently find Stonyfield Organic Plain Greek Yogurt, Fage 2%, and Siggi’s in my refrigerator. Eliza Savage, MS, RD, CDN

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