What To Look For In Whey Protein Powder

Buying Guide For Best Whey Protein Powders

Guide to Buying the Best Protein Powder – Whey Protein

Whey protein powder is one of the most popular options for building up muscle and toning your body. This milk-based protein is easy for your system to absorb and digest, making it a great supplement for anyone looking to increase their strength.

On its own, whey tastes pretty terrible. Thats why most whey protein powders are flavoured with chocolate or vanilla. The three types of whey protein powders are isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate, and your body absorbs each one differently. Whey protein can be used as a protein supplement for building up muscle relatively quickly, or it can help you lose weight. Finding the right whey protein for you means considering your fitness goals, health needs, and flavour preferences.

Most whey protein powders are similarly priced, and whey is one of the most affordable types of protein powder available. To learn more about the benefits of whey and the types of whey protein powders you should consider, continue reading our buying guide. When youre ready to buy, take a look at our favourites, too.

You Want To Build Muscle

In both men and women, whether with or without training experience, research shows that adding whey protein to exercise accelerates fat loss and muscle gain and reduces muscle soreness . Our guide will help you choose between products and fine-tune your protein protocol to take full advantage of your efforts at the gym.

Find Your Favourite Type Of Protein

Just like there are different types of protein powders, there are also different types of protein that make them up. Whey is a milk protein and one of the most common it contains all the essential amino acids, which boost energy and can even reduce stress, according to the Cleveland Clinic. You can also choose soy protein, a dairy-free option that has benefits beyond the gym . Other plant proteins are pea and hemp Vegan Smart makes a line of protein and other nutritional shakes that are completely plant-based. Burts Bees has a new protein powder line that gives you a blast of protein plus added nutrients . Heres how to eat more protein without even trying.

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Artificial And Natural Sweeteners

Protein powders often contain either artificial sweeteners like sucralose or acesulfame potassium, as theyre widely recognized as safe for human consumption. The FDA recommends a daily limit of 15 milligrams of artificial sweeteners. Some of the protein powders weve included on this list contain no artificial sweeteners though. These products are sweetened naturally with ingredients like Stevia.

Vegan Protein Sources: Soy Pea Rice And Flax

EAS 100% Pure Whey Protein Powder, 30 grams of protein ...

One of the few vegetable-based sources of complete protein , soy protein is not digested quickly or slowly it’s right in the middle. It’s also lactose and gluten-free for those with intolerances or sensitivities. If you’re concerned about GMOs, opt for an organic or non-GMO soy protein powder option.

Pea protein is another good source of the amino acid arginine and consumers can often find pea protein, rice protein and hemp protein in vegetarian or vegan protein supplements. Look for a blend of these or others including flaxseeds, quinoa, millet and lentils, which will provide a more complete profile of vitamins, fats and proteins as well as a boost of fiber.

Bottom line: Soy is a complete protein that is easy to digest. Other plant sources from grains, beans and seeds also make a great choice for vegetarian and vegan athletes looking to boost their protein intake.

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Ideallean Protein For Women By Idealfit

IdealFit has formulated IdealLean Protein specifically for women. It is designed to support muscle development and encourage weight loss. This protein formula helps minimize cravings, which helps with weight loss.

Each serving of IdealLean from IdealFit provides 20 grams protein, 100 calories, 2 grams sugar, and 0 grams fat. The reason this protein powder is different from the rest is because it offers a high dose of whey protein isolate with minimal additional ingredients and fillers. Therefore, you can have 100% confidence that you are increasing your energy level, giving your body good, wholesome ingredients, and also losing weight.

How Much Protein Do We Need

Daily protein needs for adults range from 1g per kilogram of body weight per day for inactive folks to 2g or more per kilogram of body weight per day for those with muscle-building goals, although you can gain muscle with less than this.

Active people should try to include high-quality protein in all their meals and should plan the type and timing of protein around specific training sessions.

Ideally, you want to consume your protein at regular intervals throughout the day not all at once, Lisa says. After exercise, aim for 20-25g of high-quality protein that includes leucine .

It just so happens that a smoothie with a scoop of protein powder is a pretty convenient way to get your post-workout protein in!

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Whey + Protein Powder By Legion

Whey + Protein by Legion is a popular protein powder. It is 100% natural, sourced from dairy cattle on farms in Ireland that are family owned/operated. These farms follow the strict guidelines of the SDAS, that is Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme, which means that this protein comes from the healthiest, cleanest milk in the world.

Each serving contains:

What To Look For

What to look for when choosing a protein powder

When shopping for the best whey protein product, you’re likely to see several different terms on the package. It’s helpful to know what they mean so you can make a smart decision about which supplement to buy.

Whey protein powder is 11 percent to 15 percent protein. This type of protein may be added during manufacturing to certain protein foods . Whey concentrate is 25 percent to 89 percent protein, contains some lactose and fat and generally has the best taste. Whey isolate is at least 90 percent protein, contains less lactose and fat, and lacks a lot of the beneficial nutrients found in whey. Whey hydrolysate has been pre-digested for increased absorption.

If you are buying a protein supplement to add to smoothies or include in home recipes, check the ingredients list on the package to see what kind of whey protein is in the product that you choose.

Supplements are not regulated by the FDA so make sure there is a third-party organization that has verified that the supplements are free from toxins or illegal substances. USP, NSF, and Consumer Labs, are third-party organizations that ensure the quality and safety of the ingredients that are listed in a product.

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Figure Out What Your Goals Are

Its important to know that all proteins are not created equal. You can technically try any of them, but they all do different things, says Suggs. Narrow your selection by identifying why you want to add protein powder to your diet in the first place. Are you trying to lose weight, build muscle, or just sneak in extra nutrients?

How To Choose The Best Protein Powder

The first step in choosing the best protein powder is to read the label. Sounds simple, yet so many get this one wrong. The most important information on the back of the food label is not the nutrition table, but the ingredients list. Why? Because its important to know what youre putting into your body.

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Best Upgrade: Norcal Organic Vanilla Whey Protein

When you go through a ton of protein powder, its not worth buying smaller quantitiesyou need something with more heft. This truly massive container of complete whey protein is ideal. This whey protein gives me the strength to move mountains. Build walls. Break them back down. Build another wall, one Amazon reviewer writes with a wink. I am strong now.

The Best Protein Powders

Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder, Gluten ...

Weve tried a lot of protein powders, and youll find our assessment of each ones nutritional composition and our tasting notes in the protein powder reviews section below. But if you want the short version, heres what we recommend.

1. Best Whey Protein Powder: Myprotein Pro THE Whey+

Only the finest ingredients have been used to create this powder, which delivers 26g of protein per 32g serving via beadlets that gradually release muscle-building BCAAs. It mixes easily without lumps and although the textures a touch grainy the chocolate brownie flavour is a winner.

Buy from Myprotein | £42.99 for 960g

2. Best Budget Protein Powder: Bulk Pure Whey Protein

The concentrate whey in this powder might not be the more refined types youll find in pricier options , but its incredible value considering the 24.2g of protein per 30g serving, and with a wide range of flavours you should find one that suits.

Buy from Bulk | £12.99 for 500g

3. Best Casein Protein Powder: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein

Each 32g serving of this powder contains 24g of protein, which is sourced from premium micellar casein to ensure a slow delivery to your muscles over time, making it the ideal option for a pre-bedtime shake.

Buy from Optimum Nutrition | £29.99 for 908g

4. Best Vegan Protein Powder: Healthspan Elite Complete Vegan Protein

Buy from Healthspan | £24.99 for 1kg

5. Best Recovery Protein: SiS REGO Rapid Recovery+

Buy from SiS | £46 for 1.54kg

Buy from Myprotein | £21.99 for 500g

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Go Easy On The Sweets

Companies often use artificial sugars or natural zero-calorie ones like stevia in order to keep calories and carbs low. Thats a noble pursuit, but heres the thing: Animal studies report that artificial sweeteners may harm beneficial gut bacteria. While stevia doesnt seem to cause problems, it tastes weird, so its often mixed with xylitol and sorbitol, sugar alcohols that may cause gas and bloating. Go unsweetened.

Lets Take A Deeper Look: Protein Digestibility

Beyond complete and incomplete proteins, there are several other methods scientists use to assess protein quality.

The main measures scientists look at are digestibility and bioavailability, or how well your body is able to utilize a given type of protein. This can vary depending on a proteins amino acid makeup, along with other factors.

The Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score is a measure of how much of a given protein is truly digestible. The highest possible score is 1.0. And the higher the score, the higher the quality of protein.

Theres another scale that some prefer, as it may provide a more accurate picture of bioavailability: The Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score . Similar to the PDCAAS, the higher the score, the higher-quality the protein.8

Heres how several common protein powders stack up according to these scales:

Protein type9,10,11

*Because DIAAS is a newer measure of protein quality, some values are unknown.**A 70:30 blend of pea and rice protein closely resembles whey protein, but ratios vary across manufacturers.

As you can see, animal proteins tend to score higher than plant proteins.

Similar to choosing protein made from incomplete protein sources, just because a protein powder doesnt have a PDCAAS of 1.0 or has a lower DIAAS doesnt mean its a poor option. It can still be beneficial as long as you get a variety of protein sources throughout the day.

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Who Shouldnt Buy Legion Whey+

  • People who want to avoid maltodextrin at all costs. This is a common additive in many whey proteins to help with flavor, and Legions Whey+ does contain some.
  • If youre avoiding seed oils at all cost, you may want to look elsewhere. Whey+ contains a tiny amount of sunflower oil to help with flavor.

For people who are environmentally-minded, Legion+ Whey ensures that their whey is sourced sustainably from American cows, with a protein-by-weight ratio of 88 percent.

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What Are The Benefits Of Protein Powders

How Is Your Protein Supplement Made? | An Inside Look at Whey Protein

Protein powders can help build muscle mass, increase performance, improve recovery and reduce fatigue and muscle soreness. They can also assist in weight loss, due to individuals substituting processed, higher energy food with protein shakes.

Protein powders can be useful in your overall nutrition plan but theyre not essential for everyone. Elite athletes who participate in heavy training and athletes who are trying to gain muscle mass and strength have increased protein needs and thus protein powders may be beneficial. It is imperative that any athlete only uses batch-tested protein powders, and any supplements for that matter some of the common logos to look out for include HASTA and Informed Sport. Individuals who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet may also benefit from the use of protein powders in order to meet their protein requirements.

The inclusion of protein powders should depend on an individuals training load, goals, energy requirements and general dietary intake. An accredited sports dietitian can help determine if protein supplementation is necessary.

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A Nutritionist Explains: How To Choose The Right Protein Powder For You

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Choosing the right protein powder can be a daunting task its a jungle out there with so many different types, brands, flavors, and additives. The ideal protein powder can vary from person to person, depending on their specific lifestyle and needs, but there are some general guidelines you can follow to sift through the many options at hand.

Protein powders have come a long way since their chalk-like days collagen powders dont even have a detectable taste! And as vegetables are increasingly looked to as a good source of protein, there are moreplant-based options on the market .

How To Choose Protein Powder

Once youve selected the best protein supplement for you, its important to give the ingredient list a thorough read. Many protein powders are packed with sugar in an effort to make them more flavorful, and these tend to pack a heck of a calorific punch, which often negates the purpose of using a healthy protein powder in the first place.

If sugar or another sweetener is one of the first ingredients, move on to another brand. Also, keep an eye open for bulking ingredients and fillers such as apple fiber, maltodextrin, or cellulose, which just get in the way of what you really want: protein.

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Is Protein Powder Healthy

Protein powder is healthy and the benefits outweigh the risks IF you choose the right brand. We need protein to build muscle, repair tissue, and to make important enzymes and hormones that keep our systems balanced. Heres why women especially need protein .

But it is essential for your health and well being that you pass on any product that is highly processed or contains weird additives. Always look at the nutrition label and avoid brands that contain things like xanthan gum, dextrin, and glucose.

As a rule of thumb I also try to avoid added sugars and any kind of artificial flavoring. Check the label to avoid hidden sugars because Ive seen powders that contain as much as 23 grams of sugar per scoop. No thanks!

Everything You Need To Know About Whey Protein Right At Your Fingertips

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein ...

Whey protein is popular, and for good reason: no other supplement has been researched to such an extent, and proven so consistently beneficial, in so many populations athletes, seniors, overweight people, postmenopausal women, the list goes on and on.

It took us thousands of hours over several years to parse the evidence.

It took us over a year to write the Definitive Guide to Whey Protein.

If you take whey protein, our guide will help you.

Normally $39 save51% off the regular price

  • Instant download

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Whey Concentrate Isolate Or Hydrolysate

Usually a byproduct of cheesemaking, whey concentrate is the cheapest form of protein and contains the most fat and carbs, including lactose. Whey isolate has been processed through a microfilter and results in fewer carbs and less fat, sometimes none at all. In contrast, hydrolysate has been further broken down with enzymes, so it digests the fastest.

If Other Amino Acids Can Make A Difference

While whey protein is naturally rich in BCAAs, some amino acids not found in whey may have been added to your powder. Can glutamine promote recovery? Can taurine increase endurance? Can beta-alanine give you an edge when you train or compete? Can HMB promote muscle gain or stave off muscle loss? Can some amino acids raise your levels of nitric oxide, thereby promoting nutrient delivery, muscle growth, and exercise performance?

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Risks Of Protein Powders

Eating protein-rich foods as part of a balanced meal would provide more of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed than a protein powder shake alone.

In general, some supplements may interact with medications. Therefore, people who are taking other medications or supplements may want to seek guidance from a healthcare professional before taking protein powder.

Consuming extra protein may also lead to dehydration if a person does not drink enough fluids. As a result, people with kidney disease must take extra care with the amount of protein they consume.

People should also be aware of

There are a couple of key factors to consider when choosing a protein powder.

What Are Amino Acids

The BEST Whey Protein Powder || Dietitian Explains what to look for when buying protein powders

We have mentioned amino acids several times so far- you may be wondering what they are. Amino acids make up your bodys cells. There are 21. Research tells us that our body produces 11 of them. There are 9 that are considered essential. These are the ones that must be consumed to rebuild cells efficiently.

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