What Puppy Food Has The Highest Protein

Merrick Whole Earth Farms Fit For All Breeds

ACANA Highest Protein Dog Food

First Five Ingredients:

Merrick Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Canned Dog Food is an excellent choice for a puppy who is just starting to wean or elderly dogs with sensitive stomachs. It contains beef as its first ingredients and the primary nutrient source.

This formula is grain-free, and it doesnt contain soy, wheat, corn or artificial flavors, preservatives and colors. Those are excellent news for pet owners worried about their canines allergies or his grain intake. Thanks to the vegetables and fruits that are featured in this formula, your dog will be provided with the essential nutrients he needs.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with this fantastic dog food. It contains natural ingredients that provide well-balanced nutrition at an affordable price.

Nutro Perfect Portions Grain Free Pate Wet

NUTRO PERFECT PORTIONS adult cat food makes it possible to feed your cat with high quality moisturized food without losing out on protein and other essential nutrients. Asides water, meat protein is the number one ingredient in this cat food. And only high-quality whole meat is used too.

This chicken and turkey recipe contains soft and delicious cuts of real meat in tasty gravy. Another unique thing about this wet cat food is the fact that it comes in a sealed multipack. You can simply peel the seal to serve and keep the leftover for later. This helps to ensure that you are only serving your cat fresh food every time.


  • Ingredients are sourced from trusted farmers and suppliers who provide the best chicken formula
  • It is best for weight development in kittens


Why Is Feeding A High Protein Dog Food Is Important And Healthy For Your Dog

When high quality meat-based proteins such as turkey, chicken or salmon are included at increased amounts into a dogs diet this can deliver nutrition that is tailored to how a dog was meant to eat to vitalize their wellbeing:

  • As a key macro nutrient, dietary protein is essential for the growth and for the maintenance of almost all tissues in a dogs body.
  • Protein works to supply the amino acids necessary for the dogs body to build hair, skin, muscles, cartilage, tendons and ligaments
  • Protein makes up the enzymes that drive all metabolic reactions, the hormones that act as the bodys chemical messengers and antibodies that comprise the immune system to help keep dogs healthy.
  • Protein helps ensure a soft and shiny coat, lean, strong muscles and strong immune systems
  • Protein helps your pup love every bite of their food to ensure bowls are always empty.

When meat rich proteins are included in higher amounts in dogs diets, a dog will not only look great but feel great too.

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Instinct Original Grain Free Wet Puppy Food


Instinct Grain Free Real Chicken Recipe for Puppies is one of 8 wet recipes included in our review of the Instinct Original product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Chicken, chicken broth, beef liver, salmon, carrots
  • Type: Grain-free
  • Best for:Small and medium breed puppies
  • Price: $$

This specific Instinct Original recipe derives the bulk of its meat protein from chicken. Our dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 46% protein, 27% fat and 19% estimated carbs which creates a fat-to-protein ratio of about 60%.

An excellent formula by an established company.

Sample buyer reviewI feed my 5 months old Shih Tzu 8 times from one can. I use it as a topper on dry food. He loves it!

Gestating And Lactating Dogs

24lb Blue Buffalo Dry High Protein Adult Dog Food for $36 ...

A gestating dogs diet should be high in protein. For lactating dogs, protein is just one factor to consider. A lactating dog needs a high-quality, nutrient-dense diet that is also high in calories. Before deciding on a food, its wise to consult your veterinarian to be sure your gestating or lactating dog will be getting adequate protein, fat and calories during this critical time.

Looking for high-protein dog food brands? Use our to find a food with the recommended amount of protein for your dog.

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Dog Food Myth No : Lamb Is Hypoallergenic

There is nothing inherently less allergenic in one meat compared to another. Lamb was initially used in hypoallergenic dog foods because it was a meat most dogs had not eaten before, and therefore were unlikely to have developed food allergies to. Now, with so many people feeding lamb as a regular diet, manufacturers have had to find more exotic meat sources such as duck or bison.

Which Dogs May Benefit From A High

Dogs are omnivores who can digest most cooked carbohydrates without difficulty. However, your dogs ancient ancestors derived the bulk of their calories from proteins and fats, rather than carbohydrates just like modern wolves, coyotes, and dingoes. Consequently, most dogs will benefit from a high-protein diet.

Nevertheless, some dogs will benefit more from a high-protein diet than others will. This includes:

  • Working Dogs Dogs who spend their lives working often require more calories and more protein than the average dog does. This includes police or military K9s, search-and-rescue dogs, herding dogs, guard dogs, tracking dogs, and hunting dogs.
  • Canine Athletes If you and your dog spend hours each week training for agility trials, canicross, disc dog activities, or any other canine sport, a high-protein dog food can help ensure he gets enough fuel for his muscles. This also includes dogs who run or jog alongside their owners on a regular basis.
  • Reproductively Active Female Dogs Pregnant and nursing dogs obviously require a bit more protein than normal theyre essentially helping to build new dogs from the ground up. In fact, pregnant and nursing females require the same protein content that puppies require, and theres nothing wrong with providing them with even more.

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Canidae Life Stages Canned Food

Price: $26.11/12 cans 13 oz.

This natural and holistic food is approved for feeding to all life stages. Simmered in broth it contains premium ingredients and is available in chicken and rice, chicken/turkey/lamb/fish, lamb and rice, large breed adult formula with duck meal, and senior and overweight formula with chicken. This best canned dog food is made in the USA.

Buyers Guide To The Best High Protein Dog Food

What is the best protein to feed dogs?

Your goal, as a pet parent, is to ensure that the furriest member of your family is receiving the best nutrition possible so that he can be as happy and healthy as possible. For some dogs, that means feeding them a high protein diet. Why is protein important for dogs? Why do some dogs need more protein than others? What type of factors should you consider when you are selecting a high protein food for your pooch? In this section of our review, youll find the answers to these questions so you can make the best choice for your canine companion.

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Does Your Dog Need A High Calorie Dog Food

Yes and no. Certainly dogs can benefit from some of the good quality holistic foods available today. And these foods often happen to have more calories than other dog foods. However, if you intend to feed one of these foods, you have to be careful about how many calories youre feeding your dog.

Quality ingredients and good nutrition are important but at some point you have to realize that you can be overfeeding your dog and giving him calories that he doesnt need. If you allow your dog to become overweight or obese you will be undermining the good health you are trying to provide for your dog.

The National Research Council provides recommendations for how many calories dogs need based on their weight, activity level, and other factors. AAFCO uses these recommendations and passes them on to pet food companies, though the suggested feeding guidelines found on pet food labels are not always very accurate. However, you may get more accurate calorie requirements for your dog if you figure the information for yourself.

Hills Science Diet Adult Wet

This best high-protein wet cat food very good for every cat. In addition to having high moisture content which is good for your cat, this cat food is also an excellent protein source. Thus it helps as a much-needed source of hydration for your cat and is a great nutritional supplement as well. It supplies just the appropriate and balanced amount of nutrients of all kinds to your cat.

It contains chunks of tenderly baked tuna in delicious gravy your cat will find irresistible. And, also it contains also high-quality ingredients that supplies easy to digest and absorb nutrients needed to keep your tabby fit.


  • Appropriate amount of energy to support ideal body weight and lifesource bits
  • Soft food with low magnesium content. It has no colors flavors and preservatives, or even the artificial colors


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How Do You Deal With A Picky Dog Eater

If your dog is a fussy eater, try to change their diet gradually. We recommend buying smaller packets of dog food when trialling something new and introducing it to their diet gradually, Dos Santos advises.

No matter how desperate the situation gets, dont cave in and give them packets of dog biscuits or a plate of bangers and mash. Instead, you should contact a vet for advice – especially if the dog starts losing weight.

Dog Food Myth No : Meat Is More Nutritious Than Meat Meal

Best Low Protein Dog Food [2020] Top Protein Free Dogs ...

If youre comparing ingredient lists, should you choose the one with meat or with meat meal listed first? If your goal is to have the most meat nutrients, choose meat meal. Ingredients appear in descending order of their weight that weight includes any water in the ingredient. When you see chicken listed as an ingredient, it means unprocessed chicken, complete with water. Chicken meal means chicken with the water and fat removed. It weighs less than chicken but actually can contain a higher percentage of protein.

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Taste Of The Wild High Protein Dog Food Best Overall

When it comes to the most innovative and scientifically developed dog foods on the market, Taste of the Wild never disappoints. This recipe has protein ingredients from roasted bison and venison as the primary source. It also has quinoa, millet, and chia seeds for an extra dose.

The food includes proprietary probiotics designed to live in the gastrointestinal tract for optimal effectiveness. It is easy on the stomach and highly digestible. Its an all-natural selection with no added corn, wheat, or other fillers. The ingredients are globally gathered from trusted and traceable sources.

Taste of the Wild 9669 High Protein dog food is our number one choice in top-notch protein, among other benefits. They are continually staying in tune with a dogs digestive system and promoting products that reflect this. This specific recipe is also for dogs for all life stages.

One big rave to note is that the Taste of the Wild brand was listed in a study by the FDA, linking the brand to canine dilated cardiomyopathy. While this particular recipe was not listed, the brand itself was.

  • FDA linked to canine dilated cardiomyopathy

What Types Of Dogs Need High Protein Diets

Protein is a staple in every dogs dietary needs, but only certain ones will require a more abundant dose. So, which dogs are beneficiaries?

Overweight Dogs

Overweight dogs benefit from having a higher protein, lower carbohydrate dog food. This way, they can build up their muscle and bone strength without packing on extra pounds. You must ensure the carb and calorie content is lower, so you arent doing more harm than good for your chubby buddy.

Weight gain is negative, especially the older they are. It can lead to many other issues such as breathing problems, diabetes, hypertension, liver disease, and osteoarthritis. All these issues may be entirely avoided with appropriate food portions.


Puppies are developing in every sense of the word. They need proper levels of proteins, carbs, omegas, vitamins and minerals, and calorie content. Proteins help the youngling to develop an appropriate muscle tone, bone mass, and body weight.

Protein also plays a direct role in cell and nerve growth and functionality. It also helps prevent or heal sickness and aid in bodily injury. Until they reach maturity, between one and two years of age, they will thrive with high protein content.

Most puppy chows already have the necessary protein in the food. That is why it is essential to feed your dog based on their current life stage to give them the most balanced nutrition you can.


Athletic Dogs

Pregnant or Lactating

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High Protein For Older Dogs

Older dogs can benefit from eating more protein, especially protein from good quality sources that are easy to digest. Many dog foods for older dogs are formulated with lower protein, along with lower fat and calories on the assumption that most older dogs are overweight.

Yet many older dogs have trouble metabolizing nutrients as they age. Instead of reducing their protein percentages, they will do better with more protein to help keep their immune system strong and to prevent their muscles from wasting.

Be careful in selecting dog food for your older dog, especially if he is not overweight. Dont choose a food with lower calories unless he needs that kind of food. Look for a food with plenty of good protein regardless of whether the food has fewer calories or not.

The Ingredients We Use And Why:

Should You Feed Your Dog High Protein?

Dark meat chicken

High in protein . We also include the bones, pressure-cooked until they crumble easily to provide bone meal. Bone is the most natural source of calcium for carnivores. The bone marrow from land animals is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. Chicken provides all 10 essential amino acids that dogs need.

Beef liver

High in vitamin A and B, iron, and protein.


High in vitamin A, calcium, and protein . I mention cooked, because raw eggs have an enzyme that inhibits biotin absorption. We also dry the eggshells in the oven and then grind them to a powder to provide another source of calcium.


High in B vitamins and potassium and a useful carbohydrate .


High in calcium, iron, and protein, and another useful carbohydrate for energy and fiber.


A great source of vitamin A. Avoid feeding vegetables high in oxalic acid, a compound that interferes with calcium absorption. Such as spinach, swiss chard, and rhubarb. We like to use broccoli and carrots. Vegetables are also a good source for bulk to help your dog feel full.

Corn oil

An excellent source of linoleic acid. Its a healthy omega 6 fatty acid, which can help the body burn fat and build the immune system. Fat also provides energy.

Coconut oil

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Purina Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages Dry Dog Food

Purinas Pro Plan SPORT is suitable for dogs at any life stage, from puppy to senior. The balanced formula of 30% protein to 20% fat ensures your dog is getting the right mix to feed his metabolic requirements while promoting and maintaining lean muscle mass. Rich in antioxidants, the food helps promote a healthy immune system, while Omega-3 aids mobility by supporting healthy joints.

Animal protein real chicken meat is used as the primary ingredient and the formula delivers concentrated nutrition to fulfil all your dogs needs and support his activity levels.

You might also want to have a look at Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Review.

Number of calories per serving: 475 kcal/ cup

Protein content: Minimum 30.0%

First 5 ingredients: Chicken, corn gluten meal, brewers rice, animal fat, poultry by-product meal

Contains Amino Acids, Omega-6 and Glucosamine

Picking The Best Proteins

Most dog foods derive their protein content from a variety of different sources. While multiple protein sources can certainly help provide the type of protein content you are looking for, some sources are better for your dog than others.

Most of the protein should come from a whole meat, such as deboned chicken, salmon, or beef, and these types of items should be listed at the very beginning of the ingredient list. And, while there may be small differences between the various types of whole meats used, you neednt worry too much about choosing between them.

Most dog foods also include one or more additional protein sources, listed farther down the ingredient list. These ingredients are included to help ensure the food provides the desired amount of protein. These secondary protein sources require just as much scrutiny as the primary protein source does.

Specifically, you want to look for foods that rely primarily on animal-based proteins. This includes things like chicken meal, liver meal, egg protein, or beef byproducts. These types of ingredients may not sound very appetizing to humans, but theyre very nutritious and your dog will likely love the way they taste.

Just be sure that the source of the meat meal or byproduct is properly identified. This means opting for foods made with chicken meal or pork meal, rather than poultry meal or meat byproducts.

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The Advantages Of High Protein Dog Food

Youre only likely to see the advantages of a high protein diet if your dog has the lifestyle to match. That said, for those dogs who fall under the right categories , you can see some huge benefits to switching to a high protein diet for your dog, which include:

  • Muscle development

Since protein feeds your muscles, you can see a huge improvement in the health of your dogs musculature if you switch over to a high protein diet. This is great for dogs who love to run around all day or for those who take part in agility or flyball.

  • Fat loss

As long as you go for the low calorie, high protein dog food, you will notice a difference in your dogs weight, through using a high protein diet. This is because the extra muscle your dog is likely to build, along with the reduced caloric intake, will allow your dog to burn through the fat used in their diet, resulting in overall fat loss.

    Since your dog will have a more complete nutritional program, youll likely notice that your dog is less likely to ask for a refill in their food bowl. The higher proteins keep their muscles fed, which in turn leads to an overall decrease in appetite.

    • Increased alertness

    Since protein-based diets for dogs are less likely to be packed with carbs, youll probably notice that your dog doesnt feel so lethargic . The overall alertness of your dog will increase during the day, meaning your dog will sleep better at night, too.

    • Better quality of life

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