What Protein Shakes Are Safe For Pregnancy

Do I Have Extended Or Non

Safe protein shakes for pregnancy and breastfeeding

Many proteins are stimulated to help them taste better. The vitamins and minerals included often leave a taste, so some flavors of chocolate or vanilla go a long way in helping them become a fun way to supplement your protein diet.

Non-dairy protein shakes are also becoming increasingly popular. Traditionally, protein shakes use whey or casein protein, which are both dairy products.

Non-dairy protein synthesis has found new sources of protein, using everything from soy and pea protein to, quinoa, and pumpkin.

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No matter what plant comes from protein or whatever flavor you choose, protein shakes sold as a diet will only contain safety ingredients, foods that are usually good when you are pregnant.

Do I Need To Include Protein Powder In My Diet

This is a question everyone should be asking themselves at this point. If you are no longer suffering from nausea and food aversions, eat a good mixture of animal and plant proteins. And can meet your protein needs through food, there is no reason to add this powder to your diet.

If you dont eat meat or even dont eat a lot of meat, you may be at risk of low protein intake and, therefore, low glycine intake. If this is the case, either bone broth or collagen peptides may be essential for you.

The Prenatal Nutrition Library includes more information on glycine needs during pregnancy.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder

  • If you dont want to get just protein powder, the collagen route is an option. Its perfect for helping your joints, skin, everywhere you need some elastic. Learn more about collage protein and some potential side effects.
  • One huge benefit of collage protein is how easily it dissolves into liquids. You can even put a scoop into a hot beverage to add protein with no flavor change.
  • Collagen protein is not a complete protein, though, so be sure you are also getting other complete sources.
  • Protein: 18 grams per two scoops

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Types Of Protein Powders

Whey and casein protein

Whey and casein are the two predominant proteins in milk. In fact, Whey accounts for about 20% and casein 80%. Interestingly, breast milk is 60% whey protein.

Whey and casein protein are not dairy-free for those that are lactose-intolerant or sensitive to dairy. They are both products of cheese production and are then turned into powders. Both contain all the essential amino acids, unlike some plant-based proteins.

Whey protein digests much faster, which is why it is preferred to build muscle mass quickly. Casein still boosts muscle growth over time, helps you recover from exercise, and may even provide other health benefits.

Whey protein has been studied extensively since it is hugely popular in the bodybuilding and athletics world, however, because of this, the majority of studies are completed in athletes and focused on how it helps build muscle mass.

In the preconception and pregnancy period, we want to focus our energy on getting in as many nutrients as possible while ensuring an appropriate weight, not building muscle. Although strength exercises are important during pregnancy, the focus is to regulate weight gain and prepare for labor!

But, are either of these protein powders safe for pregnancy? Yes, just as milk and cheese are safe, they are safe when turned into powders.

Hemp protein

Hemp protein is a plant-based protein-based from grinding hemp seeds into a powder.

Pea protein

Collagen peptides

Rice protein

Mixed protein powders

Protein Shakes During Pregnancy

Pin On Prego Meals

Pregnancy is a time to ensure you are getting the recommended amount of protein and other essential nutrients only from healthy sources. Protein shakes with the right ingredients can be a healthy supplement to your diet as snack or a meal if:

  • You find it difficult to eat enough protein foods or get enough calories in your diet to fulfill recommendations.
  • You tend to eat unhealthy snacks. Drinking a small, low-fat, low- sugar protein shake or two will fill you up so you can avoid the temptations.
  • Your appetite is poor and you are not gaining enough weight.
  • You have morning sickness that makes it hard to eat certain solid foods.
  • Your doctor recommends adding protein shakes to improve your nutrition.

It is important to know that if you have no problems with eating or gaining weight during your pregnancy, don’t use protein shakes as a substitute for eating a variety of healthy whole foods. In addition, examine the list of ingredients before you buy a brand of protein shake. When you are pregnant, it is more important than ever to know everything about what you eat or drink to ensure it is safe, for your baby’s sake and yours.

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What Type Of Protein Powder Should You Choose When Pregnant

The proteins that are derived from the food sources listed above should be safe.

However, you will want to avoid protein powders will a large number of additives or artificial sweeteners, as listed below.

Some women are advised to remove dairy from their diet when breastfeeding due to their baby having a possible dairy intolerance, so, in that case, a woman would want to avoid whey or casein protein powders.

What Is Considered Normal Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Your weight gain during pregnancy depends of the weight that you started at before becoming pregnant.

If you started at a healthy weight before pregnancy, gaining 25 to 35 pounds is considered normal during pregnancy.

For the first trimester eat the same number of calories as you did before becoming pregnant. The 2nd and 3rd trimester add another 300 calories to your daily amount to support your growing baby.

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Why Do Pregnant Women Need More Protein

Protein serves a powerful purpose in all areas of the body, including the growth and repair of new and damaged tissues, so its clear to see why women require more while growing a baby! Protein helps to create antibodies for the babys immune system, as well as creating hormones and enzymes, moving the oxygen around their bodies through their blood and helping their muscles to function properly.

Notably, getting enough protein is key to helping your baby to get to a healthy birth weight, which reduces the risk of diabetes or obesity later in life for the baby.

Wrapping Up The Best Protein Powders For Pregnancy

PREGNANCY and Breastfeeding SAFE Protein Powder

Extensive research has gone into choosing these protein powders for pregnancy. In fact so much research because these protein powders are highly recommended in my prenatal nutrition program that is helping many moms grow healthier babies right now!

If you choose to consume protein powder while pregnant be sure that it is one that is safe for pregnancy and doesnt contain any fillers or artificial ingredients.

Any of the protein powders from this list can greatly enhance your pregnancy nutrition, fill nutritional gaps that your diet may have, help to grow a healthy baby, and help you gain a safe amount of pregnancy weight.

What is your favorite flavor of protein powder? Id love to hear in the comments below. I almost always choose vanilla because it blends so easily with any smoothie flavor that I create for the day. Most of these protein powders come in at least vanilla and chocolate but some have even more flavors!

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Time To Start The Supplementation

Some studies showed that supplementation should start as early as possible . Longer pregnancy and small benefits on infants performance were observed when women were supplemented early in pregnancy . However, studies from Africa show that fetal growth is severely retarded during late gestation and therefore this may be the period most amendable to intervention . Compared to a well-nourished population, Gambian babies were 250 and 600 g smaller at week 35 and at term, respectively .

It is not known if the frequency or the time of the day to provide supplementation during pregnancy influences fetal growth but it is believed that providing a supplement during a long period without food would introduce a glucose peak and consequently increase insulin levels . Insulin promotes mitosis, increases glucose uptake and oxidation in fetal tissues and alters concentrations of IGF-1 in utero all of which affect fetal growth .

In summary, there is no consensus on the best time to start supplementation during pregnancy to optimize fetal growth. Nutritional status of the woman during the preconception period may be a greater determinant of fetal growth than nutritional status during the latter part of pregnancy. Conversely, fetal growth is severely retarded during late gestation and therefore this may be the period most amendable to intervention.

Mango And Orange Shake

If you love the zesty taste of orange, then youll love this shake.

Youll need the following:

1 scoop of protein powder of your choice

1 cup of milk

1 cup of orange

1 cup of mango.

Mix the protein, fruit, and milk until smooth and enjoy! If you dont have mangoes, try adding peaches it makes for a delicious combination.

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Is Protein Powder Suitable For Pregnancy

It is a pleasure to answer that now as of 2020 there are definitely clean protein powders whose ingredients are pure enough to enhance your pregnancy nutrition. It is a wonderful idea to drink protein shakes throughout your pregnancy as long as you are sure to choose the right type.

Some protein powders contain so many vitamins and minerals they can be compared to your prenatal!

Protein powders have come quite far in their nutritional content in the more recent years and some provide a myriad of different nutrients that are essential to a healthy pregnancy.

Protein powders are usually seen as a supplement, so its a good idea to have any supplement cleared by your trusted OBGYN or midwife.

As you may well know, your nutritional requirements are exponentially increased during pregnancy.

While it is ideal to get your nutrients from your diet as they are more readily absorbed and in their most pure and natural forms, your nutritional needs during pregnancy are so high in fact that certain nutrients must be consumed in the form of a supplement.

Like a really clean prenatal vitamin that contains real folate, not the artificial folic acid that theres a good chance you cant even absorb.

High-quality protein powders are another great way to get all these extra vitamins and minerals into your diet that are required to grow a healthy baby.

Safe Protein Shake For Pregnancy: Vega Protein Powder Shake

Important Benefits of Protein Powder During Pregnancy ...

Vega is a popular plant-based protein powder that has provided expecting mothers with the proper nutrition for many years. The new package is stylish, still has the same quality ingredients as the old one.

It is an all-natural plant-based protein free of dairy, soy, and artificial flavors. For starters, every serving contains 20 grams of protein. Its a versatile product that you can mix with other food items, such as fruits, yogurts, bananas, and peanut butter. The protein shake is easy to digest and keeps you full for a while. Thats why it is a favorite protein powder to many expecting moms.

Another thing to note is that it is non-GMO verified. So you can be sure that it passed the quality assurance tests.


Orgain Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder is one of our top picks in this list, and there are reasons for that. Free from soy, dairy, gluten, artificial sweeteners, this plant-based protein powder is safe for pregnancy.

If youre afraid of synthetic sweeteners or sugars, know that Orgain Organic uses stevia, a natural sweetener, for its creamy goodness. Whats more, it has lean protein in the right proportions for pregnant women.

Its a delicious protein powder that comes with a plant-based formula. The formula blends well with water and milk. You can even add bananas and a handful of ice to prepare it just the way you like. Its also perfect for baking different recipes such as cakes, cookies, and sauces.





  • Its a little pricey

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Chocolate And Peanut Butter Shake

This is one of my favorite protein shakes for pregnant mothers, especially for those days when youre craving chocolate.

Youll need the following:

1 scoop of protein

1 cup of milk

2 teaspoons of cocoa powder

1 frozen banana

2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

Place all the ingredients in a blender, mix until smooth, and your shake is ready!

You can also add a couple of ice cubes for a more refreshing drink. If you dont drink regular milk, you can add almond milk or any other milk alternative.

Garden Of Life Raw Organic Protein Unflavored Powder

  • This easy-to-digest vegan powder excludes soy and stevia, so it is a great option. Garden of Life is a trusted brand and has a lot of quality products. This one is excellent because it has no added sugars or sweeteners. The protein comes from a variety of plant sources.
  • This Garden of Life Protein powder would go great in my Peanut Butter Cauliflower Smoothie.
  • Protein: 21 grams per scoop

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Protein And Pregnancy: Balance Is Key

Advice from an expert:

Dr. Nicole Avena, author of What to Eat When Youre Pregnant, says that protein is one of the key macronutrients that our bodies need to properly grow and function. Protein is especially important during pregnancy, when your body is hard at work building a new human being!

Protein helps with the growth of fetal tissue and it impacts the development of the brain, as well. Protein can also help increase blood supply which will then be sent to your growing baby.

Protein deficiency in mothers during pregnancy has been associated with lower birth weight and various undesirable changes in the infants biochemistry. On the other hand, a diet too high in protein can raise maternal blood pressure and result in preterm birth. Nutritional balance is key when you are pregnant for your own health and the health of your baby!

A 2014 report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that both low and high protein diets during pregnancy seem to have a detrimental effect on offspring. The report discusses that most of the research on protein needs during pregnancy is based on animal studies. It is challenging to extrapolate the results of this research to humans.

But, what we do know is that inadequate protein can impact fetal development, resulting in low birthweight and other complications. It also may cause long-term health effects later in life.

Protein Powder In Pregnancy

Protein powder during pregnancy: is it safe? | Nourish with Melanie #98

Are you curious about protein powder consumption in pregnancy?

Do you want to know if youre getting enough protein to support your baby?

Youre in the right place.

Today, youll learn

  • Is it safe to take protein powder while pregnant?
  • How much protein should you get throughout your gestation?
  • What are the best alternatives to protein powder?

Lets dive right in.



Although I am a doctor, I am not your doctor. This information is for informational purposes only and should not substitute the advice from your healthcare professional. All kinds of exercise and dietary changes are potentially dangerous, and those who do not seek counsel from the appropriate health care authority assume the liability of any injury which may occur. Please read my full Disclaimer for more information. Also, this post may contain affiliate links: meaning I may receive a commission if you use them.

Ok, moving on.

Protein powder is a supplement that concentrates protein-rich foods into a dissolvable mixture.

They are made from different kinds of foods such as

  • Milk products
  • Soy

Just to name a few.

Often times, protein powders are also fortified with other essential nutrients, making them similar to a multivitamin.

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The Pros And Cons Of Drinking Shakeology While Pregnant

In this article we are going to discuss the pros and cons of using Shakeology protein powder during your pregnancy. If you search the web or reach out to your trusted physician or nutritionist you might be surprised by what you hear about Shakeology during pregnancy. In fact theres a lot of contradicting information out there. So whats right?

Pretty sure by the end of this article all your questions will be answered and youll know exactly whether or not you are comfortable with drinking Shakeology throughout your gestation.

**This post may contain affiliate links to items that I own and am confident will benefit you immensely. Please read full disclosure here.**

Which Protein Powder Is Best During Pregnancy

Whey powder is a natural protein powder thats made from milk. Look for pure whey powder that has no added ingredients. But if youre allergic or sensitive to dairy, make sure youre not taking a milk-based dairy powder. The last thing you want during pregnancy is unnecessary bloating and gas or an allergic reaction.

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To Protein Powder Or Not To Protein Powder

Protein powders can help you meet your protein needs during pregnancy. But talk to your OB before you add any kind of supplement to your diet including protein powders.

Once you have the go-ahead, ask your doctor what protein powder they recommend. As with any kind of food supplement, its best to look for a unflavored variety with very few ingredients. A good rule of thumb: If you cant pronounce it, dont eat it.

Whey powder is a natural protein powder thats made from milk. Look for pure whey powder that has no added ingredients.

But if youre allergic or sensitive to dairy, make sure youre not taking a milk-based dairy powder. The last thing you want during pregnancy is unnecessary bloating and gas or an allergic reaction.

In addition to avoiding whey, carefully check protein powder labels for milk ingredients like casein or lactose. Your best bet is to reach for a pure pea protein powder instead.

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