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How To Get Enough Protein As A Vegan

Best Vegan Protein Powder? *UPDATE* My *NEW* Favorite!

Being a vegan isnt the easiest of life choices. By eliminating meat, dairy, and eggs, you eliminate three of the most protein-dense food sources in the human diet. But that doesnt mean you have to get rid of protein entirely.

Protein is an essential macronutrient and, without it, your body wouldnt be able to perform basic tasks or develop new tissue.

Many vegans opt to restructure their entire diets to work in extra protein but it doesnt have to be that hard. Vegan protein powders are an excellent way to pad out your protein requirements without making huge dietary changes. Theyre also in line with most peoples monthly food budgets.

Each scoop of a quality vegan protein powder contains around 20 grams of protein. Scientists and doctors recommend consuming around 40 to 50 grams of protein every day. By adding just two scoops of powder to coconut water or your food, you can safely consume all the protein you need without eating animal products.

Many vegan protein powder manufacturers understand their target market and produce products in line with their values. They rely on organic, non-GMO, and fair-trade ingredients and are committed to protecting the environment.

If youre vegan, we highly recommend trying out a protein powder to meet your daily requirements.

Which Vegan Protein Sources Are Best

Pea protein is widely accepted as the best protein powder for vegans because its rich in essential brand-chain amino acids which stimulate muscle growth. It is a complete protein, meaning that just like whey, it has all nine essential amino acids.

Studies have also shown that pea protein may promote feelings of fullness, which can help with weight loss.

Another great vegan protein source that is often used in combination with pea protein is hemp protein. This comes from the seeds of the cannabis plant, but as it contains only trace elements of THC, theres no chance it will get you high.

Hemp protein is a great source of dietary fibre as well as iron, zinc, magnesium and omega 3. However, as its not a complete protein, its best used in combination with other protein sources.

How Much Protein Do Vegans Need

According to the NHS, the daily recommended intake of protein is 55.5g for men and 45 g for women. This includes protein from all foods as well as any supplements like protein shakes.

Those aiming to increase muscle mass may benefit from consuming slightly more than this. A common recommendation is to consume 2.3 grams of protein per kg of body weight during short-term weight loss.

However, the Department of Health advises adults to avoid consuming more than twice the recommended daily intake of protein. So men shouldnt take more than 111g and women should not have more than 90g per day in the long term.

To help you to work out how much protein you should consume based on your sex, age weight, activity level and goals, take a look at this Protein Calculator Tool.

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Ora So Lean & So Clean Vegan Protein Powder

Because getting protein is crucial to the overall health of your body, you want nothing but the best in your body as your protein source. Ora So Lean & So Clean is free from dairy, gluten, soy, GMOs, peanuts, tree nuts, added sugars, filler ingredients, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. This is what makes this vegan protein powder the best choice for your body! And whats even better is how great it tastes.

The taste is derived from organic cocoa and goes down smoothly like a cold glass of chocolate milk! What we liked even better about this vegan protein powder is that it has 20 organic superfoods that give your body a complete serving of amino acids. With 22 grams of plant-based protein, So Lean & So Clean is great for getting you the crucial ingredients your body needs without sacrificing taste or effectiveness.

Customer Reviews

Customers love that they can use this vegan protein powder in their kids foods without them even knowing! They love the taste as much as their parents. Users also noted that the product doesnt leave an aftertaste, which is a huge complaint of most vegan protein powders on the market!

A word to the wise, customers did note that it can be a little sweet, but that problem is easily remedied with an extra pinch of spinach!

Overall, customers loved this vegan protein powder and would recommend it to anyone looking for a vegan protein source!


  • Some did not like the taste

Vega Sport Premium Protein Powder

About Time Ve Vegan Protein Supplement Powder, Chocolate ...
  • 30 Grams of plant based protein powder with 5 gram BCAA amino acids and 5 gram Glutamic Acid.
  • Support recovery post workout with ingredients like tart cherry, turmeric extract and 2 billion CFU probiotics to help build muscle and support recovery.
  • Made for athletes NSF Certified for Sport, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Vegan protein powder and gluten free.
  • Keto-friendly protein powder for women and men with 3 gram net carbs, and no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors, lactose and dairy free, soy free and non whey.
  • Smooth taste and texture, just blend or shake with water or your choice of beverage post workout or even add some fruit to make a tasty protein packed smoothie.

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Are Vegan Protein Powders As Good As Regular Ones

It all depends on what the powder contains. The best vegan protein powders are made up of different protein sources, such as pea and hemp or hemp and algae, making them wonderfully effective when consumed after training.

The efficacy of vegan protein might not be as high as whey, but as long as your body is getting all the essential amino acids through a combination of plant sources, it can be just as good for building and repairing muscle tissue.

How Many Grams Of Protein Are In The Protein Powder

This question comes in two parts, since in order to know how many grams of protein youll want to consume, you have to identify how much protein you need first. The Recommended Dietary Allowance for protein, in other words the minimum amount of protein you should consume in order to stay healthy, is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. But even with this guideline, calculating how much protein you need can get tricky, since it not only varies by gender and body weight, but also depending on how much you exercise. The average sedentary man typically needs about 56 grams per day while the average sedentary woman needs only about 46 grams per day.

To take the guesswork out of protein, the USDA released a handy calculator to help determine how much protein you need personally. You can use this estimation, and think about how much protein you currently get through your diet, to get a sense of how much supplementation you may need.

Ready to start your personalized routine?

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Vega One Organic: All

Vega One Organic is an absolute nutrient powerhouse. It has 18 vitamins and minerals, nine of which offer half or more of your daily recommended intake. As far as antioxidants go, it offers vitamins A, C, and D, which can help boost your immune system to help protect against illness and ward off inflammation. Also, it boasts a hefty dose of probiotics for more optimal gut health. One thing to note, this is marketed as an all-in-one formula. While it does offer 20 grams of protein, it also has five grams of fat and 10 grams of carbs at 150 calories per serving.

This plant-based shake boasts 140 calories, 20 grams of protein, and an ample amount of the antioxidants Vitamins A, C, and D which help boost your immune system and fight inflammation.

What Are The Benefits Of Vegan Protein Powder

BEST Vegan Protein Powder Review!

If you opt for a vegan protein powder that is a complete source of protein, they will contain all nine of the essential amino acids.

The body cant make these itself and they play crucial roles in muscle growth and muscle trauma repair. They can even help speed up your recovery process in between workouts.

Pea, hemp, quinoa and soy products are all complete protein sources.

Looking to add more protein to your diet? Try these high-protein vegan recipes:

Pea, hemp, quinoa and soy products are all complete protein sources.

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Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

  • Includes 1 orgain organic plant based vanilla bean protein powder
  • 21 grams of organic plant based protein , 2 grams of organic dietary fiber, low net carbs, 0 grams of added sugar, 150 calories per serving.
  • USDA organic, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, low net carbs, no added sugar, soy free, kosher, non GMO, carrageenan free, and no artificial ingredients.
  • Mix with water, milk, or your favorite protein shake recipe for a quick breakfast or snack drink.
  • Ideal for healthy, on the go nutrition for men, women, and kids.

Does Protein Powder Have Side Effects

For most of us, consuming protein powder carries no direct riskand a lot of benefits. It all depends on the requirements of your body, your lifestyle, and your training goals.

There are a couple of caveats, however. For starters, supplements can come with a risk of heavy metal contamination. Theres an easy workaround here, thoughfind a brand that carries out third-party heavy metal testing .

Excessive use of protein powders above and beyond what your body requires could also potentially lead to weight gain, kidney stones, or decreased liver function.

Again, the solution is simpledo the math, and be sure that youre consuming the correct amount of high-quality protein for your bodys needs.

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What Are Your Goals

In order to choose the right protein powder for you, your first must decide what your goals and reasons are behind trying a protein supplement.

Muscle gain

If your goal is muscle gain, for example, you should look for a protein that is easily absorbed and used by the body. Whey is usually your best option in this case.

Losing weight

If losing weight is your goal, you want to avoid supplements with added sugars or sweeteners. You also want to avoid BCAAs, because they are used to promote increased muscle mass and weight gain.

Dietary restrictions

You also must take into consideration any dietary restrictions you may have such, as a dairy sensitivity or allergy, or a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Always read the labels carefully if you have any food restrictions, as many powders contain things like gluten or artificial sweeteners that may not be tolerated well by some people.

If you have any health issues or medical conditions, be sure to consult with your doctor before beginning any supplement routine. For example, if you have kidney disease, you may have to follow a low-protein diet, thus a supplement may not be a healthy choice for you.

Sf Nutrition Vegan Protein Powder 27 For 500g

The Best Vegan Protein Powders of 2020  ReviewThis

Whether you’re vegan, or are just adopting an allergen free lifestyle this protein powder from SF Nutrition combines natural ingredients with tasty flavours, that you’ll love.

The formula is made from a blend of pea and hemp protein sources, making it free from lactose, gluten and animal products. Each serving contains the optimal amount of protein to reach your fitness goals and healthily aid fat loss.

Indulge in yummy flavours that include salted caramel and Madagascan vanilla.

Price: £27, SF Nutrition – buy here now

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Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Proteins +

Coming in with 15 grams of fermented protein per serving, this plant-based protein source is great for giving your gut an easier time in the digestion department. It comes with fermented vegan protein that has more of a balanced amino acid profile as well as added benefits for gut health. While most plant-based vegan protein powders are hard to digest, this one is not! In fact, it is known for helping nourish the gut itself. It doesnt only have seven ingredients, which means it has a wide range of different nutrients you may need.

Customer Reviews

Customers really liked that the taste was smooth and very little chalkiness was found. They also liked that there was an unflavored option, which took out some of the sweetness. It was also easy to blend. Users have noted with other vegan protein powders that blending in mixers or blend is a problem for them. Thats why they like Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Proteins + powder. What they didnt like was that the flavor could be a bit off, so blending it with the right ingredients is a must.


Brown Rice Protein Powder

For those with soy allergies or people who experience stomach issues when eating pea protein, brown rice is another type of plant-based protein powder. With about 4-6 grams of protein per scoop, its not as high in protein as other plant-based options. Brown rice protein isnt particularly high in BCAAs either, but its main benefit is that its easy on the stomach, making it a more sensitive solution for athletes with tummy troubles .

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The Best Vegan Protein Powders Tried And Tested


With more people making the switch to a plant-based diet for ethical, environmental or health reasons, the range of vegan protein supplements has rapidly expanded in recent years.

We tested the most popular protein powders on the market, and asked our nutritionist for her tips on how to include them in your diet safely. Scroll down the page to see her advice.

Once you’ve researched whether a protein supplement is right for you, discover which protein bars are best. You might also enjoy our review of the best vegan protein bars.

For over 400 buyer’s guides, visit our product reviews section, where you’ll find more health-related reviews including fitness trackers, kombucha and meal prep containers.

Why Choose Vegan Protein

Best Vegan Protein Powder? My 3 Favorite Vegan Protein Powders

If you choose to go plant based, vegan or have food intolerances, vegan protein is the best substitute. Vegan protein powders in particular are the easiest way to consume protein and increase daily intake.

Although vegan protein is not as effective as whey protein for muscle repair and gain, it does have a multitude of health benefits and is the best alternative for vegans.

Vegan protein powders do work to build muscle and can have the same effect as whey, but with a bit more effort. Whey simply offers a quicker protein release. But with time and patience, vegan protein powders can work as effectively. It is all about choosing the right vegan protein with a high protein volume, amino acid profile and purity. The list above will help you decide if vegan protein powder is right for you and if so, which is best for you.

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Vegan Protein Drinks For The Win

The superiority of vegan protein-packed drinks may not be blatantly obvious, but trust us, its still there.

Not only does vegan protein come with its benefits, but it matches all of those from animal-based protein drinks.

Vegan protein powders and shakes can help reduce your risk of chronic disease, digestive disruption, and contributing to unsustainable farming practices. Youre not missing out on anything that animal-based protein sources offer, as vegan options are just as effective.

What To Look For In A Vegan Protein Powder

When hunting for vegan protein powder, consider the following major factors before you make your purchase.

  • Is your protein organic? Start by looking for a protein powder that is organic, recommends , RD, a New York-based dietitian and founder of MPM nutrition. Lots of the components to protein powder here can be contaminated with pesticide residue, she explains. So yup, be sure to check the label before you add to cart.
  • Is your protein complete? Usually, youll want to get a protein powder that contains a mix of different proteins, such as pea, rice, hemp, soy, etc., Meshulaum says. When you combine the proteins, you get a complete protein, she explains. Because ICYMI, most plant-based protein sources are incomplete, meaning they dont contain all ofor enough ofthe nine essential amino acids.
  • Is there *enough* protein?Youll also want to be sure the amount of protein in the shake is enough to help support your bodys needs, as well as allow you to feel satisfied after eating, explains Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, a New Jersey-based dietitian and author of 2 Day Diabetes Diet. Generally, look for a vegan protein powder with about 14 grams of protein or more per serving.

Now, let’s get into the specifics: Whether you’re spiking your smoothies, iced coffee, or pancake mix, today’s vegan protein powders are better than everand totally worth your while, whether you’re a carnivore or not. Here are 14 vegan protein powder options you’ll drool over.

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Best Tasting Vegan Protein Powder: Vega Sport Protein

Often, protein powders lack taste. Whilst some will consume a drink no matter the taste for the benefits of the product, others prefer to have a nice tasting drink.

Vega Sport Protein has been reported by its consumers as the best tasting vegan protein powder on the market. In 2020 it was voted the number one vegan protein in the US.

Its no surprise why as it comes in many flavours including chocolate, mocha, peanut butter, berry and vanilla. This allows its consumers to enjoy it with just water, making it lower in calories. It also makes it delicious to add to smoothies and plant based milks for shakes.

Although there are many flavours, Vega Sport Protein Powder contains zero sugar. It is made from natural plant based ingredients such as pea, alfalfa protein, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Even with few ingredients and zero sugar, it manages to promote 30 grams of plant based protein per serving.

Vega Sports Protein is sold in two sizes large and extra large, starting at $49.99 for the smaller size.

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