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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain

Protein For Cats With Kidney Disease | Top 3 Protein Foods For Your Cat With Kidney Disease

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness product line is all grain-free and rich in protein, making it a great choice for diabetic cats. This Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Chicken Recipe Canned Food is a particularly good choice if youre looking for a more affordable option and your cat tolerates chicken well. This formula is designed for digestibility and to provide premium-quality animal protein with no by-products. It is rich in moisture and fiber for healthy digestion and packs a punch when it comes to omega-3 fatty acids as well. Youll also find that this recipe contains chelated minerals. Chelated minerals are simply mineral supplements that have been chemically bound to protein molecules, making them easier for your cats body to absorb. Overall, this is a rich source of protein that is low in carbohydrates for diabetic cats.

  • Pros: Real chicken as first ingredient, rich in moisture and protein, very low in carbohydrates, highly digestible grain-free recipe, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, chelated minerals
  • Cons: Some cats are sensitive to chicken ingredients, may be too high in fat for some cats

The Importance Of Protein In Your Cat’s Food

You probably already know that proteins are important for your own health, and cats need them, too. The right combination of proteins is essential, but your cat needs help achieving the correct mix. Choosing the right cat food can make ensure your pet gets a sufficient boost of protein power.

Proteins at work.

What they do. Proteins are the building blocks of body organs and tissues, everything from cartilage and tendons to hair, skin and blood. They can also function as enzymes, hormones and antibodies. It’s important to remember that more protein doesn’t necessarily mean better health. Protein is a powerful part of good nutrition, but no more powerful than other essential nutrients also requires for optimal health.

How they are used. Your cat’s body absorbs amino acids the key components of proteins from food and puts them to use by creating new proteins or fuelling other bodily processes. This “synthesis” can be limited when certain amino acids are not present in the cat’s body or not available in the right amounts. That’s why food is so crucial in maintaining proper levels.

The taurine factor. Taurine is a required component of proteins in cats and deficiency can contribute to a variety of serious health problems. Maintaining healthy levels is a particular challenge because cats have a limited ability to create taurine as needed and taurine is easily lost in digestive waste.

Raw Cat Food: The Risks And The Rewards

When it comes to the risks of raw cat food, it is all about common pathogens like Salmonella and Listeria. People who want to feed their cats raw diet must know about animal to human disease transmission and contagion problems.

Despite these risks, more and more pet owners choose a raw food diet for their cats because it offers some fantastic rewards like big improvements in skin, coat, energy and overall well-being.

It is known that raw food helps felines recover faster from numerous health issues such as urinary tract problems, digestive problems, dental disease, allergies, asthma, degenerative diseases, immune disorders, epilepsy and so on.

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Purina Pro Plan True Nature Natural Chicken & Salmon Entre

First 5 Ingredients: Water Sufficient For Processing, Chicken, Liver, Wheat Gluten, Meat By-Products

As most weight control cat foods are quite costly, among the affordable ones is the True Nature canned food line from Purina Pro Plan.

Deserving to be part of the best cat food for pancreatitis list, this canned recipe also features real chicken as its main source of protein, for a high 11% minimum crude protein mass thats suitable for senior cats.

A meaty meal with chunks in gravy, this recipe has zero artificial ingredients. Its carb percentage is below 1%. It boasts essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for the overall well-being of cats.

Omega fatty acids in this canned food help support healthy skin and coat, while matural prebiotic fiber help promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

This formula is also among the favorites of a lot of cat owners, many of them highly recommending this cat food as seen in online reviews. Some of the comments include seeing positive changes in their cats, such as better skin and coat condition.

A lot of the reviews came from pet parents looking for low calorie food for their picky cats. The fussy kitties just loved this highly palatable meal.

The very few adverse responses were about their cats being fans of the sauce, but found the food too chunky to chew.


Made with prime-quality animal protein sources like real chicken, herring, and eggs, which convert into an abundant protein fill of 12.5% minimum.



Dry Cat Food With The Right Amount Of Fiber And Probiotics

The Best High Protein, Low Carb Cat Food Reviews for 2019

Fiber is a form of carbs which is not digested by your cats gastrointestinal tract. But, it is good for your cats health as it provides bulk for food to move through. But too much fiber can lead to diarrhea. What we are looking for is a balance of fiber and probiotics to treat irritable bowel syndrome.

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How Do I Determine How Much Protein Is In My Cats Food

It can be difficult to determine how much protein is in pet food based on the label alone. This is in large part due to variations in the moisture content of food.

The AAFCO Dog and Cat Food Nutrient Profiles base nutrient recommendations on a dry matter basis, which means that nutrient percentages are calculated without considering water content.

Pet food labels, however, print nutrient content on an as-fed basis, which includes water content. This can lead to confusion on the part of consumers, since canned pet food usually contains around 75% moisture, and dry pet food contains about 10% moisture.

So, how do you compare the protein content of cat food when all you have to go off of is the label? The answer is to convert the protein level from an as-fed to a dry matter basis.

Find the Moisture percentage and Crude Protein listed on the pet food label to perform these calculations:

  • Subtract the Moisture percentage from 100. This will give you the percent dry matter of the diet.

  • Divide the Crude Protein by the percent dry matter of the product.

  • Multiply the result by 100. This will give you the percent of protein on a dry matter basis.

Canned food example:

Canned Food A has the following listed on its label:

12% crude protein minimum

100 12 = 88

37 / 88 = 0.420

0.420 x 100 = 42.0

The percent protein of Dry Food A on a dry matter basis is 42.0%

What About Vegan And Vegetarian Cat Food

Its understandable to have misgivings about the impact of the livestock industry and the amount of meat used to produce pet food. While we dont recommend any vegan foods, you can learn more about them in this article.

Many cats seem to do well on vegan food. A combination of plant ingredients and synthetic additives are capable of, at least according to our current understanding, recreating the mix of nutrients your carnivore requires. But it may be foolish to believe that we can recreate a perfect facsimile of the nutritional profile found in cats prey. Doing so may lead to unexpected nutritional deficiencies or overloads.

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You Could Be Feeding Fluffy Too Much

Overeating is the number one problem we see in both cats and dogs, Wakshlag says.

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, about 58% of cats in America are overweight. Their risk for weight problems is higher than dogs, in part because they often dont get as much exercise as their canine friends.Get advice from your vet about how many calories your pet should eat every day, and check food labels to make sure youre serving portions that match those needs. And think twice before you leave a heap of food out for your cat to graze on all day. This may work for some finicky felines, but others will eat more than they should. If it works with your schedule, split up the food into two servings a day.

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The Quality Of The Protein

Top 5 Best High Protein Dry Cat Foods in 2020

As you already know, lowering the protein content will help your cat slow down the progression of kidney diseases. With less protein for your cats kidney to worry about, itll be able to distribute its workload in excreting other materials.

However, your cat still needs reasonable amounts of protein in its diet, which should be about 25 to 35% of its daily diet. Anything lower than this will start breaking down the cats muscle mass.

For that reason, you have to replace quantity with quality. Its critical that the protein in these cat foods is easily digestible and of high nutritional value. This includes real meats and animal-based proteins.

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What Is The Best Food For Senior Cats

When choosing pet food for your senior cat, consider the following nutritional guidelines:

  • Older cats usually require calorie-dense foods.
  • Look for foods that contain 30-40% quality, digestible protein , as long as your cat has no chronic diseases.
  • Good senior cat food will have added vitamins and essential fatty acids to support your cats digestive system and health.
  • Canned/wet food is recommended for senior cats, perhaps with small amounts of kibble.
  • Smell and palatability are important because older cats can sometimes lose their appetite.
  • Senior cats should be fed small, regular portions to aid digestion.
  • If your cat has an age-related illness, then it may require a medically-formulated cat food.

Calorie Requirements

Most vets agree that senior cats need just as many calories as younger cats, and sometimes more. If your cat is starting to look scrawny, you should look for pet food thats higher in calories and/or encourage them to eat more regularly. Assuming your cat is currently a healthy weight for its body type/breed, you should feed it the following number of calories per day:

Large breeds360 Kcals

The National Research Council provides these guidelines. If your cat is already underweight or overweight based on breed, its daily caloric requirements may differ.

Key Ingredients

Does Wet or Dry Cat Food Have More Protein?

Protein For Pets: Sources Allergies And Feeding Guidelines

Dogs require a complete and well-balanced diet to keep them healthy and active. Imagine how susceptible to illness you would be if you cut natural vitamins out of your diet or how little strength youd have if you cut out power-boosting foods that are high in protein.

Protein is a crucial part of your dogs diet, just like it is in yours. We literally cant survive without it, says Dr. Gary Richter, author of The Ultimate Pet Health Guide: Breakthrough Nutrition and Integrative Care for Dogs and Cats and veterinarian at Montclair Veterinary Hospital in Oakland, California.

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Crude Protein : Where Does It Come From

Cat food with crude protein made with chicken, turkey, lamb, tuna fish, salmon, and beef. Also, few cat foods are designed with animal derivatives such as chicken meal, turkey meal, and tuna meal. All crude protein in these ingredients comes from animal meat which is highly recommended for our carnivore cats.

Cats are meat eaters instead of vegetables and fruits. So, its best for cat owners to buy cat food or homemade food for cats that provide at least 25-30% crude protein which is recommended by vets.

Every cat owner knows crude protein includes in guaranteed analysis where you can see label instructions and story. Its an estimated level that determines measures by the amount of nitrogen present.

How Much Protein Is High Protein

High Protein Cat Food

While youre checking the ingredients list on the back of a new packet of cat food, be sure to look at the nutritional breakdown of the food as well. The first thing to check will be the percentage of protein.

According to The Association of American Feed Control Officials, also known as the AAFCO, any cat food should contain at least a minimum of 26% protein to meet the basic requirements of a cats maintenance diet. For younger cats in the growth phase, 30% protein is recommended.

A high protein cat food is defined as one which contains 30% or more protein. The products on this list range from Purina ONE, with the lowest percentage of 35%, to Taste of the Wild and Solid Gold, which tie for the highest percentage at 42%. The majority has a protein content of 40%.

All cat food will have the nutritional breakdown on the back of the packet. When buying from an online retailer, such as Amazon, you can easily find this information either within the product images or the description.

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Benefits Of Crude Protein In Cat Food

  • Only source of energy
  • Create tissue and build muscles
  • Control diseases

Is there any drawback of crude protein for cats? No, crude protein is an essential option for cats as an energy source. But cat food that is made with cheap quality ingredients and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives with crude protein has no benefits for cats. Its harmful to cats so its best to avoid these types of foods.

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Protein And Food Sensitivities In Cats

Dr. Richter stated that the majority of a dogs immune system lives in the gastrointestinal tract. The same is true for cats, and when that part of the immune system malfunctions, food allergies can be the result.

Food intolerances do not involve the immune system but include other types of adverse reactions to specific ingredients in a cats diet. Food intolerances typically cause gastrointestinal problems, like vomiting and diarrhea, while food allergies tend to lead to chronic itchiness and skin infections with or without digestive upset.

Protein sensitivities often resolve when cats are fed a novel protein cat food. Look for a product that contains a single, major protein source that your cat has never been exposed to before. Venison or duck may be good first options, but talk to your veterinarian if your cats symptoms fail to improve. Therapeutic diets that require veterinary approval are sometimes needed to diagnose and treat severe food sensitivities.

Protein is a vital part of your pets diet. Ensuring that your cat or dog gets enough high-quality protein in their diet does take some work, but the rewards of health and vitality are well worth the effort.

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Thoughts On Homemade Cat Food Recipes

  • Linda MathewsMay 19, 2021 at 1:31 pm

    Good Recipes!

  • KathieMay 29, 2021 at 10:26 pm

    Why on earth would you add GARLIC POWDER to a cats food? Garlic can make your cat really sick!Some of these menus are really well made, otherwise! However, never use canned tuna since tuna contains a lot of heavy metals.

  • Buy Food In Smaller Quantities

    Dr. Elseyâs Purrfessor Cat⢠– cleanprotein⢠explained

    Those 30 and 40-pound bags of dry kibble, or entire flats of cat food, may be enticing budget-wise, but theyre really intended for homes with multiple kitties. Aim for buying in quantities that can be used up in less than a months time, and ideally within three weeks. Find out the things you do that your cat secretly hates.

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    Demystifying The Cat Diet

    Many times a day I hear the following question from my clients: What is the best food to feed my cat? My answer is always dependent on the age, body condition and health of the cat. However, for the average adult healthy cat, I recommend a canned diet with the following composition greater than 50 percent of the calories ingested should be from protein, less than 10 percent daily calories from carbohydrates, and at least 30 percent of their daily calories from fat.

    Why would I make this recommendation? It is for the following reasons.

    Cats are obligate carnivores. They are designed to eat meat, not plants. An ideal diet for a cat would be five-to-six mice per day for your information, mice are high in protein , low in carbohydrates and approximately 48 kcal per mouse. Unlike omnivores, cats are unable to process and store carbohydrates well. Cats fed high carbohydrate diets have higher blood glucose levels compared to cats fed low carbohydrate diets due to their failure to convert excess glucose to glycogen . Many cats recently diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus are placed on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet and their diabetes has gone into remission. These cats no longer need insulin. In addition, it has been speculated that cats fed high carbohydrate diets may have a have a higher incidence of gastrointestinal disease due to their poor management of carbohydrates ingested and resultant bacterial overgrowth in their gastrointestinal tract.

    Eukanuba Cat Veterinary Diet Renal Formula

    This specially-designed food is ideal for cats with kidney problems. Its low in phosphorus and contains balanced protein levels to reduce pressure on the kidneys. It has also got omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which can aid filtration and lower hypertension and inflammation.

    This food will also aid digestion through fibre and prebiotics, reducing additional strain on your cats kidneys. Plus your cats will gobble this food up in no time.

    Shop UKEukanuba Cat Veterinary Diet Renal Formula

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