What Is Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey Protein Concentrate Vs Isolate: Benefits Of Whey Protein

Whey Protein Isolate vs. Concentrate: What’s the Difference?

Now that you know what whey protein is and how its made, lets discuss what you really came here for the reasons why its optimal for building muscle mass.

Whey protein concentrate and isolate are two of the most common forms of whey protein, and they come with similar health benefits. These include:

Taste The Grande Difference

While its easy to talk about the proven benefits and qualities of Grande Bravo and other whey products, the best way to find out how it will work in your applications is by testing it for yourself!

Well be happy to send you a sample and show you how to get started! Contact one of our food scientists to see why the right combination of people, products and expertise is the best way to naturally improve food.

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What Are Amino Acids

Amino Acids often described as the “building blocks of life” are organic compounds that combine to form proteins. Amino Acids are responsible for building proteins and synthesizing hormones and neurotransmitters.

Amino acids essentially allow the body to function at its maximum capacity. To optimally function, your body needs 20 different amino acids. Nutritionists classify nine of these amino acids as “Essential.” The essential amino acids are significant as your body cannot make them using the others, and thus you must acquire them through your diet.

Natural sources of protein like eggs, chicken, and beef contain these essential amino acids. When you dive into some proteins like this, your body breaks them down into meaningful amino acid peptides ready to serve you. These amino acids are then utilized all over the body for things like building muscles and regulating your immune system. There are many ancillary benefits to amino acids as well:

Improve Mood & Sleep –

Amino Acids are proven to help produce serotonin, the neurotransmitter related to mood , and assists you in achieving REM sleep.

Boost Exercise Performance

Amino Acids help lessen fatigue and assist in muscle recovery immediately after exercise. On the other side, they prevent muscle loss and work to preserve lean body mass.

Stimulate Fat Loss

In general, a complete set of essential amino acids naturally occurs in both whey protein concentrate form, and whey protein isolate form.

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Whey Protein Isolate Vs Concentrate: Which Is Better

You probably know protein is an important part of the muscle-building process. But this macronutrient matters more than you may think it also plays an essential role in recovery and even bone health.

While the majority of protein should come from whole food sources like beef, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, and beans, a good protein powder can deliver high-quality protein in a concentrated, more convenient form.

And whey protein is considered the gold standard because it has all of the amino acids your body needs to fuel muscle gain and recovery.

Understanding that whey is a great option is the easy part. But before you grab any old whey powder, the details make all the difference in ensuring you’re giving your body what it needs and not getting ripped off.

Here’s what you need to know about whey protein isolate vs. concentrate and how each type of whey protein can play a role in an athlete’s diet.

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How To Take Whey Concentrate Or Whey Isolate

Nutricost Whey Protein Concentrate (Unflavored) 5LBS

Whether you choose whey concentrate or whey isolate, follow these best practices to get the most out of your protein powder supplement strategy.


If youre training hard and want to recover faster or build more muscle, using whey shakes around training sessions is a time-tested strategy.

It doesnt matter much whether you drink your protein shake before or after exercise, but consuming it as close as possible to training is wise.

Conversely, if youre using protein shakes to boost your daily protein intake or to replace meals, timing is less consequential.

Simply drink your whey protein shake with a meal, or whenever youd typically eat.

Amount of Protein

Getting enough protein in your diet is essential for burning fat, retaining lean muscle during fat loss, and building muscle.

At Levels, we recommend consuming 40 grams of whey protein in your recovery drink or meal replacement shake. From there, you can also experiment with higher doses, especially if youre over 200 pounds.

Additionally, research shows that sufficient daily protein intake helps reduce appetite, enhance weight loss, boost your metabolism, and speed up recovery from exercise.

At Levels, we recommend 25-30% of your daily calories come from protein. For example, if you eat 2000 calories per day, thats between 125-150 grams of protein each day.

Whey protein is an ideal and cost-effective way to ensure you get at least 25% of your calories each day from protein.

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When Did Whey Protein Powder Become Popular

Whey protein powders became wildly popular with the rise of bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, marketing whey protein using Arnold’s physique was a breeze. To learn that cheese manufacturers who had been historically paying for whey disposal services are now able to monetize that same need for disposal allowed the whey protein & supplement industry as a whole to explode to what it is today.

Whey Protein Concentrate Nutritional Facts

When whey protein is removed from milk and microfiltered, it retains a very high percentage of protein, and depending on which protein concentrate you buy, the percentage can range from 30% at the bottom of the quality spectrum to 80% at the top quality end.

Most companies usually use 80%, so you know you are getting the most out of every sip. Although it maintains a very high protein content, it is also very low in carbohydrates and low in fat. As an example, see below for nutrients for the flavored Chocolate Whey Protein.

  • Serving 25 g
  • Protein: 19.2g
  • Calories: 101

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Whey Protein Vs Pea Protein

Only recently has pea protein been considered a standalone “complete” protein.

Although pea protein contains all nine essential Amino Acids, the key to being considered “complete” is having a substantial amount of all EAAs such that the body can benefit.

Pea Protein does not contain a comparable amount of Leucine, one of the most critical Branched Chain Amino Acids responsible for muscle tissue repair & growth.

As the pea protein market continues to grow, we expect the misinformation to grow with it. Even though well-recognized deficiencies exist with pea protein’s nutrient capacity, the “complete” protein fallacy will continue to be promulgated by the pea protein suppliers.

Most nutritionists and pea protein enthusiasts do understand the need to complement their pea protein intake with other protein profiles loaded with the Leucine amino acid.

Does Whey Protein Concentrate Contain More Fat

What is Whey Protein Concentrate | Jim Stoppani

Because it spends less time in the filtering process, whey protein concentrate has higher levels of carbohydrates and fat than whey protein isolate. This fact can serve beneficial to individuals who would like to hit their fat and carbohydrate macro targets as part of their whey protein intake.

If you’re nutritionally deficient, perhaps because of chemotherapy treatments or just poor digestion, whey protein concentrate could also serve beneficial albeit harder on the stomach given the lactose.

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Whats The Right Whey For Me

If youre serious about your nutrition, training and recovery, theres no doubt youre serious about your supplements. Whether youre building muscle, losing weight or needing to recover rapidly from a hard workout, protein is your weapon of choice.

Protein builds, repairs and protects lean muscle, making it a critical component of anyones fitness goals.

But with such a diverse array of choices, it can be overwhelming to find the right protein for you.

Most people looking to supplement protein in their diet will turn to whey, normally in the form of a powder mixed with water. Its the most popular choice and for good reason.

Whey is the most nutritionally complete protein, packed with all the amino acids you need and its excellent value for money. When youre training hard, you want to recover well and see the results of your work, and whey protein is one of the best ways to maximise your effort in the gym.

Once you start looking at the right protein supplement for you, youll find theres also plenty of choice within whey supplements. The two most prominent are Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate .

That difference between WPC and WPI is what were taking a deep dive into today.

Is Whey Protein Isolate Better

The answer to this question depends on consumer preference and nutrition goals. Consider the following when making your decision:

Price –

Remember, whey protein concentrate should cost less by the pound. Though often, you will see concentrate sold at a premium due to high demand.

Meal Replacement –

Concentrate retains the carbs and fat that you may need as part of your daily macro count. Isolate whey will allow you to obtain healthier fats and sugars from other foods like avocados or superfoods.

Losing Weight –

If you are watching total calories, isolate is the better choice. On average, whey protein concentrate will have at least 20-30 calories over a WPI due to fat and sugar.

Sensitive Stomach –

If you have a sensitive gut or palate and can’t stomach either the thicker texture of concentrate or the natural lactose, then isolate is your best choice. The lactose in the WPC is a common source of gut irritation responsible for inflaming various IBD symptoms.

Weight Gain & Building Mass –

If you are considered a “hard-gainer” and you’re between 16-22 years of age, high metabolisms are incredibly hard to overcome no matter what form of whey protein you choose. The secret is to eat as much as possible, as frequently as possible, and as healthily as possible . We mention this because the caloric difference between WPC and WPI is negligible when it comes to the desire to pack on the pounds for the bulking season.

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Should I Have Whey Protein Isolate Or Concentrate

Figuring out the best type of protein for you means looking at your body type, goals, fitness routine, and lifestyle. The ideal protein for you could be whey, but could also be a plant-based protein. That said, whey protein remains the most popular form of protein powder on the market, and its no surprise why. It has many proven benefits, and supplies a complete source of all nine essential amino acids. While both whey isolate and whey concentrate are fantastic protein sources, choosing the right one is important.

If you are particularly sensitive to lactose, whey protein isolate is a great option. Whey isolate is so finely filtered that it has virtually no lactose. For those on a diet, whey protein isolate has slightly lower carbohydrate and fat content. On the other hand, if youre looking for the best tasting form of whey protein, whey concentrate is a safe bet. The added carbohydrates and fat in the more concentrated form of whey protein give it a more creamy, milk like flavor. Whey protein concentrate is often cheaper than isolate as well, but offers the same great benefits for muscle growth, maintenance, and overall recovery with the added perk of being packed with bioavailable peptides.

What Are Common Side Effects Of Taking Whey Protein Powder

Koop Whey Protein Concentrate

Although whey protein is broadly recognized as a safe and healthy source of critical nutrients, like everything there me be some drawbacks. The most common side effects experienced by whey protein users consist of the following and relate to digestion:

  • Headache
  • Gas & Diarrhea
  • Constipation

As previously discussed, WPC will naturally contain elevated levels of lactose which depending on your body’s degree of intolerance is usually the culprit to most stomach unease when consuming whey protein.

World wide, lactose is said to have varying negative impacts to as many as three out of every four people – 75%. AGN Roots is a Grass-Fed Whey Isolate with nearly zero lactose per serving, but can easily contain residue being a dairy product.

In the event our product doesn’t agree with you, another consideration could be as simple as a whey protein or sunflower lecithin allergy .

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Whey Protein Concentrate Vs Isolate: What’s The Difference

There are two main types of whey protein: whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.

The main difference between whey isolate and whey concentrate is what occurs during the manufacturing process. Put simply, whey isolate goes through a more intense processing phase than whey concentrate.

The filtration process of whey isolate protein removes virtually all of the non-protein macronutrients carbohydrates and fat yielding highly pure protein content. With whey concentrate, a greater proportion of carbs and fats remain.

In whey protein concentrate, roughly half of the carb content is made from lactose. Since whey protein isolate has far fewer carbs, it has less lactose content. This is why those who struggle with lactose intolerance should choose whey protein isolate over whey protein concentrate.

Also, for people who actively count macros and are conscious about maintaining an aesthetic physique, whey protein isolate may be the best form of whey protein to consume. This offers a high-protein supplement without the carbs or fat content.

First Up: What Is Whey

Whey is a product of cows milk which is separated out from the whole milk in the production process of different dairy products, such as butter, cheese and yoghurt. Whole milk is made up of about 20% whey protein and 80% casein protein.

Both of these dairy proteins contain all of the amino acids your body needs but whey protein is more quickly digested by the body exactly what you need after a hard workout to promote recovery and muscle growth.

In separating milk to make cheese or yoghurt, cheese wrights or yoghurt producers want the thicker part of the milk the curds. The leftover, lighter liquid is the whey protein.

Whey powder is most commonly made from whey leftover from the cheese-making process approximately 10 litres of whey is produced in association with 1kg of cheese.

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Whey Protein Isolate Vs Concentrate: Everything You Need To Know

  • 5 minute read

Theres no question that whey protein is a highly effective supplement. It can help you get better results in the gym, build muscle more efficiently, or shed fat more easily.

But should you go with whey protein isolate or whey protein concentrate?

Get ready for a deep dive into the similarities and differences between whey isolate and concentrate, plus what science says about the pros and cons of each.

In this article, youll learn everything you need to make the right whey protein decision for your needs and goals.

  • The Bottom Line
  • Whey Enhances Your Workout Whey Doesnt Replace Your Workout

    Whey Protein: Isolate vs Concentrate

    Remember, while whey is a solid protein source, whey alone wont build muscle. Mike Roussell, PhD, of The Meta Shred Diet, says while the amino acid Leucine in whey protein will turn on muscle building in the cells, you still have to put in the hard yards in the gym, back yard, or wherever you work out, to build muscle.

    Its a reminder that you need to be eating more calories than youre burning with your workouts and consuming enough protein Dr Roussell recommends 2 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight.

    Whey Protein Concentrate powder a great way to start

    If youre just starting out with protein supplements and have no intolerances to dairy products or lactose, then Whey Protein Concentrate offers excellent value for money.

    Bulk Nutrients WPC is naturally rich in amino acids, particularly Branched Chain Amino Acids which are important for optimal optimum muscle growth. Its also derived from the same type of cheese production for each batch which gives it a premium flavour profile.

    HWPC also contains the most protein for your money and has a more complete nutritional profile that is, a blend of protein, fats and carbohydrates due to the fact it hasnt been processed as significantly as whey protein isolate.

    Whey Protein Isolate powder a more carefully refined protein powder

    WPI is a better choice for people trying to reduce carbohydrates and fat intake as its been processed to have less of these macronutrients whilst maximising protein content.

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    What Is Whey Protein Concentrate And How Is It Made

      In the pursuit of health and weight loss, millions of Americans have made the high-protein diet a top trend, and the number of protein claims on food packaging has skyrocketed.

      Food manufacturers can meet the demand for more protein intake and diet-friendly products by including various forms of functional whey protein in their formulations in place of costly and fat-laden milk, cream, butter and eggs.

      But what exactly is it and how is whey protein made?

      Whey Concentrate Is Cheaper

      When trying to decide what protein to buy, one of the main components is going to be the price. While still generally cheaper than consuming all of your protein from real food, whey isolate will be more expensive than concentrate. This is simply due to the added filtration process and the extra time it takes to produce.

      To give you an example of the price differences, well give you the prices for a whey concentrate and isolate from the brand Dymatize. Note that these prices are also from Amazon:

      • Whey concentrate: 5lb/63 servings/$51.72= $0.82/serving
      • Whey Isolate: 5lb/71 servings/$78.32= $1.10/serving

      So as you can see, the isolate costs about 35% more than the concentrate. Keep in mind that this is specific to Dymatize, but this will be about the norm. However, we also need to consider that $1.10 is still less and more convenient than getting the same protein serving from real food. To be clear, we are not suggesting that you get all your daily protein from powder but its something to keep in mind.

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