What Is The Best Way To Take Protein Powder

Protein Powder For Beginners

Is Collagen Powder Good for You?

If youre new to using protein powder supplements, its important to know that not all powders are the same. Hemp, soy, whey, casein, rice, pea and egg proteins all offer value, depending on your goals. Theyre metabolized and used differently and contain slightly different combinations of essential amino acids.

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For example, whey protein is popular for post-workout because its quickly digested and goes right to repairing and building worked muscles. Nutrients published research to back up years of support for whey protein. The July 2017 study concluded that supplementation with whey protein enhances your bodys muscle-building mechanisms and can improve your recovery after a strenuous workout.

Look for protein powders with no added sugars or other compounds that could dilute their quality or raise their caloric load. Protein powder isnt regulated by the FDA either, so ask around about high-quality producers to ensure youre getting the best possible.

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My Favorite Hack For Making Whey Protein Shakes

If drinking a whey protein shake is a part of your daily routine, you have to check out SmoothieBox. SmoothieBox is a protein shake delivery service that uses only the best, organic produce with no added sugar or artificial ingredients.

Each box comes with between 20 to 25 pre-portioned smoothie pouches that contain a blend of flash-frozen fruits, vegetables, and seeds. You can add either vanilla or chocolate whey protein powder to your box. You can also choose to add grass-fed collagen, vanilla vegan, or chocolate vegan protein powder. SmoothieBoxs protein shakes are available in four tasty flavors Clementine, Berry, Green, and Cacao.

To make a protein shake, simply pour the contents of a smoothie pouch into your blender. Then add a scoop of protein powder, your liquid of choice, and blend. Depending on the amount of liquid you use, each smoothie pouch will yield one 16-20 ounce smoothie, or two 8-12 ounce smoothies.

The price varies between $5.56 to $7.44 per smoothie and shipping is always free. You can make a one-time order or sign-up for a monthly subscription. If you choose to have a subscription, it can be paused, delayed or cancelled at any time. In addition, SmoothieBox offers a 100% money-back guarantee if youre not satisfied. As an added bonus, my readers will get a discount on their order using the link and code below:

Protein Powder With Water

Water, as mentioned earlier is one of the commonly used liquids for mixing protein powder. It is calorie-free as long as no other ingredients have been added. For lean builders, and those aiming to tone up, this is the way to go.

Water is excellent for hydration purposes and it cleans out your system . But this may not suit everyones taste as it doesnt add much in the way of creaminess and will be of very thin consistency.

Summary: Water is the way to go if youre looking for a calorie-free ingredient. This helps with hydration but may not be the best option for someone wanting a more creamy consistency.

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Creatine Vs Protein: Which Is Better

Creatine and protein are, without a doubt, two of the best natural supplements you can take to enhance your exercise performance and results. In fact, they may be the best natural supplements you can take, except for perhaps a few close runners-up that are also worth considering.

Yet, while both creatine and protein assist with your muscle mass and strength gains, essentially targeting the same training benefits, their differences in structure and function make it so you dont have to choose between the two.

Neither creatine nor protein is better than the other, though certainly theres a fun conversation to be had on which is more essential to ones workout supplement regimen.

With that in mind, if youd like to stack both creatine and protein, theres no reason not tounless you have some special conditions that preclude you from supplementing either. Research has found both creatine and protein to be clinically effective at enhancing muscle mass, strength, and some measures of endurance,6,7 with plenty of evidence to back the safety of combining the two.

The Scoop On Protein Powder

best way to use Dymatize Iso 100 Hydrolyzed fruity pebbles protein ...

Eating enough protein is not just for athletes or would-be Schwarzenegger types. It is necessary for a healthy immune system and required for organs like your heart, brain, and skin to function properly. The nutrient is also touted for its ability to help control appetite and enhance muscle growth.

How much protein you need typically depends on your exercise routine, age, and health. And whether to supplement protein intake with a protein powder has become a common query.

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Why Use Protein Powder

While whole-food protein is best, its just not always possible to get all the protein you need from whole foods. Ultimately, there are two big reasons you might want to consider adding protein powder to your diet.

Reason #1: Convenience: In some cases, people just dont have time to sit down and eat a whole-food meal. This might happen when a person is:

  • Very busy with work, caregiving, or other responsibilities
  • Aiming for a very high protein requirement and doesnt have time/desire to eat that much whole-food protein
  • Transitioning to a plant-based diet and still figuring out their preferred whole-food protein sources
  • Trying to meet protein goals while traveling or with limited food options

Reason #2: Appetite: Other times, people dont feel hungry enough to eat the amount of protein they need. This might happen when a person is:

  • Trying to gain weight and is struggling to increase their intake
  • Sick and has lost their desire to eat
  • Aiming to improve athletic performance and recovery, but doesnt feel hungry enough to meet their nutrient needs

These reasons are all completely legitimate.

But you dont NEED protein powder to be healthy. Its a supplement, not an essential food group.

When To Take Whey Protein To Enhance Performance

Our muscles are constantly being broken down and built back up based on our activity level. High-intensity exercise requires extra dietary protein to be available for muscle rebuilding and growth.

Think of your muscles as a stack of building blocks that gets knocked over by intense exercise, and whey as extra blocks that can make the tower even stronger when you rebuild it. Research shows that supplementing with extra protein, like whey, can increase gains in mass, strength, and the rate at which our muscles rebuild when combined with the right workout regimen1.

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Other Foods To Integrate Into Your Diet

Aside from protein shakes, there are many other foods that can help you lose weight and gain lean muscle for a more physically fit body. Fatty fish is one of the most important types of protein to integrate into your diet because of the high omega-3 content. The American Heart Association recommends eating a 3.5 ounce serving of fatty fish at least twice a week for optimal health benefits, including decreased risk of heart disease.

Chicken is another protein flush with health benefits that makes for the perfect main course at dinner or lunchtime, particularly because it is low in fat. Throughout the day, you should try to integrate healthy snacks over those void of nutritional value, like chips. Pita and hummus is an excellent snack, which is also rich in protein and low in fat. Nuts are one of the best snacks because they also contain protein along with minerals and vitamins that help support a healthy diet and reduce feelings of hunger.

Protein Shake Mistake #1: Using Expired Protein Powder

We’re gonna use it ’til it dies

Keep it, or bin it? Chug it, or leave it? We’ve all been there staring into the abyss of a past-its-sell-by-date tub of protein. How bad can it be? It’s made from milk after all and, due to the manufacturing process, whey protein doesn’t spoil like meat or dairy.

However, that doesn’t mean your protein shake is good to drink. It’s muscle-building potential does diminish after the sell-by date. That’s because the protein reacts with leftover sugar, resulting in a slow decrease of the amino acid lysine. Crucially, this mens the protein power will not be as effective as it was when you bought it.

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Protein Powder: Everything You Need To Know

If youre putting in the hours in your gyms weights room, lifting dumbbell after barbell after kettlebell, its only natural to expect bigger, stronger muscles. Unfortunately, if youre not also making the same effort in the kitchen to ensure youre eating the right food to support your workout regime, the effect of your exercise might be a little disappointing.

Eating more protein is generally something people have no trouble signing up for, because its found in many delicious foods. However, getting the amount you need to support a heavy training workload is not always that easy. If youre looking to hit the 1.4-2g of protein per kg of bodyweight per day thats recommended for those trying to build muscle, it will probably take more than a chicken breast for lunch and dinner and a handful of nuts for breakfast. A lot more, in fact, and that can be as expensive as it is annoying to keep track of.

Protein shakes can be a handy way to ensure you hit your daily targets. Theyre easy to make and quick to consume, and theyre certainly easier to get down after a savage training session than a plate of steak and eggs.

But with more protein shakes options now available than ever before, finding the right product for the right situation can be confusing. Here youll find out all you need to know about the options available, allowing you to make the right decision to get the results you want with minimum time, effort and expense.

Do I need a protein powder?

What Is The Best Protein Powder To Use

With literally thousands of different protein powders on the market to choose from, this can quickly become a confusing choice.

Especially when every company out there is hyping their product up as the best option available and giving an endless list of reasons as to why youll make better gains with their powder as opposed to another.

However, heres the simple truth when it comes to selecting a protein powder for your diet

As long as youre consuming enough total protein for the day as a whole and from a variety of sources, the specific type of protein powder you use is not going to make any noticeable difference to your bottom line results.

This is because ALL forms of protein are ultimately broken down into their individual amino acid building blocks, and youll easily be getting enough of all the different aminos your body needs to max out its muscle building capabilities over any given day assuming sufficient protein quantity/variety is present.

Yes, certain types of protein powder like whey or egg are technically superior to certain other types such as brown rice or soy due to their superior amino acid profile on a gram for gram basis, but the differences in quality gradually become less and less important as the total amount of protein you consume throughout the day increases.

For that reason, the particular type of protein powder that you use is really up to you and primarily just comes down to the issues of taste, texture and cost.

3)Cellucor COR-Performance Whey

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Are Whey Protein Shakes Good For You

Absolutely! Whey protein shakes are an terrific choice for breakfast, a snack, or meal replacement. All adults need around 46-56 grams of protein each day and protein shakes are an excellent way to meet that requirement. Whey protein also promotes muscle growth, helps reduce hunger, may lower blood pressure, may help reduce inflammation, and can help you lose weight .

For maximum health benefits, make sure the whey protein powder you use is free from additives, hormones, artificial sweeteners, and fillers. Lastly, always remember that organic is best. As I stated earlier, my favorite whey protein powder is this one from Thrive Market.

Take Whey Protein In The Morning To Lose Weight And Crush Cravings

10 Of the Most Creative Ways to Use Protein Powder

When you sleep, your body uses amino acids to power your metabolism. This means upon waking, it is always a good idea to consume protein to give your body an extra dose of amino acids. Whey protein is packed with BCAAs , which promotes lean muscle mass, helping you to burn calories and fat, even if youre not working out.

Taking whey protein in the morning can also curb your hunger and increase satiety, keeping you feeling fuller longer and less tempted to reach for junk food or snacks throughout the day.

Our suggestion? Start your morning off strong with this Healthy Green Breakfast Smoothie for breakfast to reduce hunger cravings throughout the day and promote fat loss.

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How Much Protein Powder Should I Take

I had mentioned some benefits of consuming more protein consistently throughout the day, but how much protein should you take and when?

Once again, much of this depends on your individual physical goals, but here are some general guidelines.

Quantity of Protein for Optimal Muscle Gain

This a heavily studied topic and there are some mixed reviews on quantity. I prefer one of the most consistent theories to get the biggest muscle gains.

A good rule of thumb for this is to consume approximately one gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. So if you are 200lbs, that would be approximately 200 grams.

This sounds easy, but this calculation can still be a bit vague because this quantity includes your daily intake of protein in your meals as well. Then it gets almost like calorie counting.

An average scoop of protein powder is between 20-30 grams. 2 servings a day would get you well on your way.

Also, take into consideration how intense your workouts are and how active your lifestyle is. Of course, the more physically active you are, the more protein you will need.

Quantity of Protein for Weight Loss

Plenty of protein in your diet is a sure way to lose body fat. There is no exact science for this either because there are so many factors such as your level of activity and genetics that take part in this.

If you are actively and actively trying to lose weight, it is recommended to eat between .6-.9 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day.

Making A Protein Shake For Workouts

  • 1Choose a liquid base and a fruity addition to mix with your protein powder. There are a huge variety of recipes when it comes to making your own protein shakes. Each recipe has three main components: the liquid base, fruits for flavor, and protein powder.XResearch source
  • The liquid base is usually a form of milk or yoghurt, but plain water is also perfectly usable and will reduce the calories of the shake. Opt for milk or yoghurt if you want more protein, but use water if you don’t want to go over your daily amount.
  • Some common fruits to include in a protein shake include bananas, berries, and mangos, but choose fruits that you like. Avoid juicy fruits like grapes and oranges as their flavors will not come through as strong and will make your shake much more watery.
  • 2Pour your liquid base into the blender before anything else. Pour about 1 cup of your chosen liquid base into the blender. Milk, water, and even thin yoghurt are great options for the liquid base, but follow whichever recipe sounds good to you. You can use more or less liquid if you want your shake to be more or less runny, depending on your personal preference.XResearch source
  • Be sure to use at least 0.5 cups of liquid to effectively blend all the ingredients together.
  • For a sweet option, mix together 1 cup of vanilla almond milk, 30 g of protein powder, 1 banana, and a handful of chopped berries.
  • If the shake still seems too liquidy, add some more toppings and yoghurt to thicken it up.
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    So How Much Protein Do I Need

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    It depends on your training goals. The US Food and Nutrition Board’s current guidelines for the average adult is 0.8g of protein per kg of bodyweight. If you’re looking to bulk up, you’ll need to increase this number, but that’s not as easy as simply stuffing your face.

    You have to play it a bit smarter. Instead of reaching for calorie-dense foods, opt for high-protein foods. Not only will these cupboard staples build mass in your muscle groups currently, research suggests, 2.2g of protein per kg of bodyweight is your limit but also help stave off any hunger pangs that could derail even the most diligent of dieters.

    For example, if you weigh 100kg, you’d need to be eating the equivalent of seven chicken breasts every day. Seven. A tad unrealistic. This type of extreme eating is reserved for competitive bodybuilders, so an achievable alternative for a first timer is 1.5g of protein per kg of bodyweight.

    The amount you need to eat is a complex topic, and there is no one size fits all. It’s important to tailor your intake to your workouts. Here’s how to do it.

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