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The Best Vegan Protein Powders

â Vegan Protein: Best Vegan Protein Powders (Buying Guide)

Heres my round-up of the very best vegan protein powders in the UK, based on taste, quality of ingredients, packaging and price.

Protein: 21g Calories: 89 Fat: 0.7g Carbs: 1.3g Sugar: 0.6g

Taste: 10/10 | Price: Low | Nutrients: Pea, Soy, Hemp & Brown Rice Protein

Vegan Wondershake by The Protein Works is hands-down the best vegan protein shake Ive tried. Plus, its also the cheapest. Win-win!

Incredibly, this vegan protein shake tastes just like a real dairy milkshake. Its so creamy that its hard to believe it could be vegan, but it is!

The Protein Works says that this taste is achieved by the use of their ground-breaking QuadPlant technology an innovative manufacturing process that allows them to blend pea, soy, hemp and brown rice protein until its perfectly smooth.

And it really is smooth. When you open the elegant black cardboard container the powder looks incredibly fine and youre greeted by the lovely chocolatey smell. The Double Chocolate Vegan Wondershake isnt sickly though it has more of a biscuity taste, like a Kit Kat. If chocolate isnt for you, there are 12 more flavours to choose from.

Vegan Wondershake is really quick and easy to make. You can use water, but for a really indulgent treat, its lovely with oat milk too. The scoop has a nice long handle so you can reach the bottom of the tub.


Protein: 10g Calories: 48 Fat: 0g Carbs: 1.7g Sugar: 0.8g

Taste: 8/10 | Price: Mid-range | Nutrients: Pea Protein



What Is Vegan Protein

If youre new to sports nutrition or being vegan, you may be thinking: how can you have animal free and dairy free protein powder? Doesnt it come from meat and dairy? Well plants have protein too! Think about it, cows and other farm animals predominantly eat plants and their bodies turn that into protein. So consuming vegan protein shakes and other products just cuts out the middle man.

Vegan Protein Powder And Power Of The Plant

Whey-based formulas have traditionally been the go-to for protein powders. But vegan protein powders are now giving dairy mixes a run for their money, thanks to the protein power of plants!

In fact, not only can you get all the protein you need from a plant-based powder, but vegan protein powders also have a number of added benefits:

  • Plant-based proteins are more environmentally-friendly
  • They are easier to digest for those with dairy sensitivities
  • Vegan powders contain no animal products at all zilch, zero! so they can easily form part of a plant-based diet
  • And whats more: some have higher levels of fibre and iron versus whey helping make vegan protein powders actually some of the best protein powders for active women, full stop!

And, seeing as the trend for plant-based and vegan eating has skyrocketed of late, brands are all vying to make the best vegan protein powder for women. This is great news, as it means theres always new and delicious flavours of vegan protein powders popping up in health food stores across Australia and NZ.

But you want a vegan protein powder that not only tastes good but does good too, right?

The best protein powder for women is one which helps them repair muscle and supports them in their fitness goals and vegan protein can do just that.

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Wanneer Moet Je De Vegan Protein Blend Gebruiken

Voeg 30 minuten vóór en/of na je training ¾ van een grote schep toe aan 250 ml water of amandelmelk in een van onze shakers. Bovendien kun je het op ieder ander moment van de dag gebruiken om je dagelijkse eiwitinname te verhogen.

Koel, droog en donker bewaren. Dit product dient als aanvulling op een actieve levensstijl en een evenwichtig dieet. Geschikt voor vegetariërs en veganisten.

Nutra Organics Clean Protein Exotic Vanilla Sachets

Vega One Organic Vegan Protein Powder, Chocolate Mint, 20g Protein, 12 ...

Price: $5.95 per sachet

Perfect pre or post workout, this protein powder from Nutra Organics will help nourish your body without the nasty ingredients. Formulated with sprouted, bio-fermented pea protein and sacha inchi protein thatll assist you in building and repairing muscle mass to help you feel toned, fit and healthy.

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How To Choose The Most Popular Vegan Chocolate Protein Shake

The three most crucial criteria to consider are price, quality, and popularity.Price is an obvious factor to consider, as you want to ensure it is acceptable for your needs.Quality should also be examined because buying a low-quality goods will not help you achieve your main aim of obtaining the best product.Finally, while not as obvious as price or quality, popularity can be just as significant as both when it comes to attracting new customers.

Bobs Red Mill Soy Protein Powder

Image courtesy Bobs Red Mill

Soy Protein Powder, produced by Nature’s Plus, is a complete protein that is filling. This dairy-free, gluten-free, unflavored, unsweetened powder is a simple way for vegans and vegetarians to increase their protein intake. Ideal for smoothies, shakes, pancakes, bars, and other dishes.

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How To Choose The Best Vegan Protein Powder For You

If Black Friday has spurred you into investing in an exercise bike deal or even a treadmill deal, making sure you get enough protein into your diet is important especially if youre keen on gaining muscle.

When choosing the best vegan protein powder for you, concentrate on the best protein source that works for your body. Dr Dehghan recommends getting your protein from natural food sources such as hemp seeds or tofu, but goes on to add, “if someone is looking for a protein powder, Id recommend soy protein and if theyre allergic to soy, then pea protein is a good choice.

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Dont assume that the best vegan protein powder is the one with the highest levels of protein per calorie – Dr Dehghan warns that this approach can be counterproductive. “If we dont increase our caloric intake to meet the increased demand during exercise, any excess protein will be utilized as fuel and not for muscle synthesis. This is why increasing calorie intake should be top priority for anybody whos engaging in physical activity, even before deciding on protein shakes.”

You should also take the balance between protein, carbohydrates, and fat into consideration. “The International Society of Sports Nutrition recommends that we set carbohydrates at 45-65%, fats at 20-35%, protein at 10-15% of total energy intake,” advises Dr Dehghan.

Where To Buy Vegan Protein Powders

The ULTIMATE Vegan Protein Powder Review (Top 19 Tested!)

As we mentioned above, completely vegan powders are easy to find and clearly labelled.

To buy them and find more information your best bet is to look on the brands website.

In terms of buying options, most powders will come in a variety of different flavours and sizes. Typically, the larger quantity you buy, the cheaper it becomes per serving.

OUR ADVICE: If its your first time trying a product, dont go for a 5kg bag straight away. Everyone has different tastes and its better to start small, find a product you really like and then save money with bulk discounts.

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Added Sugars And/or Artificial Sweeteners

This one is a no-brainer. Anything artificial is not good for your body. This includes artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. You will want to make sure that whatever protein powder source you use is completely void of anything added or artificial. Stevia is a good sweetener, though, so that is not an ingredient that is completely out of the question.

Vegan Protein Isn’t What It Used To Be

The last time I had a plant-based protein was roughly four years ago, and I can still remember the grainy, earthy flavor that coated my tongue – it was gross. Today’s options are able to deliver both delicious flavor and a lower-calorie high-protein formula, making the market for plant-based protein much more desirable.

But one of the main issues with veganism and vegetarianism is getting ample protein – the FDA recommends one gram for every three pounds of body weight, though some experts suggest you should double that. Eliminating meat from your diet means you need to rely heavily on nuts and legumes, which pack less protein per ounce than meat – so you have to eat a lot more of them – and also contain more fat. That’s why relying on a protein powder helps up your intake without upsetting your stomach.

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Essential Hemp Powder In Chocolate

Price: $39.95

Dont let the word hemp deter you, this protein powder is an excellent vegan protein option. Jam-packed with a complete amino acid profile, this natural plant-based protein is made with Hemp Gold containing 60% protein, which means its super easy to digest and good for your gut. Plus the creamy texture makes it feel like a tasty treat. Grab the vanilla version here too.

Notify Me About This Product

Vega Plant

    Our Vegan Protein helps you to reach the full potential of your muscles. This delicious plant-based protein blend, featuring a complete amino acid profile, supplies your muscles with everything they need to support both muscle growth and regeneration.This innovative formula is your perfect supply before and after your workouts as well as during your daily life.

    Features of Women’s Best Vegan Protein Shake

    • Over 21g of high-quality plant-based protein per shake
    • Sensational taste
    • Ideal for muscle growth and muscle maintenance
    • High biological value & complete amino acid profile
    • Low amounts of carbohydrates and fats

    Mix 1 level scoop with 300-400 ml of cold water, almond milk, or coconut milk and shake well.Have a shake in the morning, after your workout, or as a snack. .Smoothie Recipe: Blend 1 level scoop with 300-400 ml of almond or coconut milk and a frozen banana.

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    Free Soul Vegan Protein Blend Vanilla

    Grams of protein per serving: 20g protein per 30g servingCalories per serving: 118kcalsType of protein: pea protein isolate, white hemp proteinType of sweetener: steviol glycosides

    Best vegan protein powder for women’s health

    More than just a protein shake, this product is formulated specifically to support women’s nutritional needs, providing several key vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium and vitamin B12. Free Soul also include a few extra ingredients so you get more bang for your buck including Peruvian maca, ginseng, guarana and L-Carnitine.

    It was also the best tasting vanilla powder in the test, with a very subtle, natural flavour that’s not too sweet, and pairs well with a banana. It did taste a little bit floury but not in an unpleasant way it was reminiscent of cake batter, which is no bad thing.

    It’s pretty good value-for-money too, with 20 servings in a 600g packet, costing £24 £1.20 per shake.

    Available from:

    Meal Replacement Shakes Are Proven To Help In Weight Loss

    There is an interesting study that demonstrated the following: people who replaced one or two meals with a meal replacement shake for three months lost almost six pounds MORE than people who altered their diet to consume fewer calories.

    Whats even more interesting is that at the one-year mark, participants that altered their diet to eat fewer calories dropped out of the study at a higher rate. In other words, people on a meal replacement shake managed to further sustain their weight loss plan compared to the other group.

    As Ive said earlier, if your ultimate goal is to GAIN weight, then replacing meals is not the most effective way to do that. Weight gainers exist for that reason.

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    Advantages Of Taking A Meal Replacement Shake

    Save time in food prep and know exactly what youre eating

    Taking a meal replacement shake is a convenient way of getting a healthy meal without worrying about the composition of every important macro and micronutrient. With a meal replacement shake, you can save 30 minutes to 1 hour of your time preparing a meal, and you know exactly how many calories youre ingesting, something that is very useful when losing weight.

    Good for people that are constantly on the move

    If you happen to be extremely busy and are constantly moving around from one place to the next and dont have time to prep your meals during the week grabbing a meal replacement shake is a good way to:

    • Have a balanced meal without necessarily stopping to eat
    • Avoid eating fast-food or other foods that are rather unhealthy.

    Its easy to be swayed by the delicacies within local bakeries, fast-food chains, or restaurants, and frankly, its easy to get out of shape when eating at these places day in and day out.

    A better alternative to fast-food or other unhealthy snacks

    As long as you pick a meal replacement shake that hits all your nutritional bases, is low in sugar and has a more natural composition, I can certainly guarantee you that youll be better off.

    These shakes are way more nutritious than burger and fries, or any other snack youd usually grab in a vending machine, which is typically what anyone does when theyre hungry at work.

    May contain all the nutrients your diet is lacking

    Vega Sport Premium Protein

    The Best Tasting Vegan Protein Powder| For weight gain or weight loss #BlackOwnedVeganProtein

    Image courtesy Vega Sport

    Vega Sport Premium Protein is certified by Informed Choice and NSF. This protein powder is also vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and non-GMO.

    It comes in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, and mocha. Vega Sport also has a line of protein bars that are vegan and gluten-free. Vega Sport’s protein powders are made with pea protein, brown rice protein, and hemp protein.

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    Our #1 Recommended Vegan Meal Replacement Shake Is

    After months of testing, Orgain’s Organic Nutrition Shake stood out as my favorite among the supplements on this list.

    This plant-derived drink is loaded with micronutrients and a great amount of protein per serving, making it an ideal choice for people trying to lose weight or those with dietary deficiencies.

    Having this shake for breakfast just leaves me immensely satisfied, and that’s how I know it’s really good for me.

    I know it’s not the cheapest drink out there, but given its impressive nutritional profile and delicious taste, I believe it might just be worth a shot.

    Orgain Organic Vegan Nutritional Shake

    Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shake

    • 16g of protein and 220 calories
    • 21 vitamins and minerals

    The Best Vegan Protein Powders For 2021 Are:

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    What Is Vegan Protein Made Of

    You probably already consume a lot of vegan protein through your diet. Spinach, chickpeas, lentils, quinoa, peanuts, spirulina, almonds and edamame beans are all good sources of vegan protein and theyre packed with other nutrients too like vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

    When it comes to vegan protein powder, the most popular ingredients are soy protein, pea protein, hemp protein and rice protein. Soy, hemp and pea protein are considered complete proteins which means that they contain all the essential amino acids , just like meat and whey protein does. Incomplete plant proteins like rice protein can be mixed with others to make sure all the amino acids are in a finished product.

    Why Do We Need Protein

    Vega Plant

    Our bodies need protein to support many bodily functions. Its essential and most of us get enough protein to support a relatively inactive lifestyle. However, once we start exercising, our bodies need more protein to rebuild our hard-working muscles and grow new ones. This is where protein powders and protein bars step in helping us to fuel our bodies properly and smash our fitness goals.

    Theres more vegan sports nutrition where that came from!

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    Are Vegan Protein Powders Safe

    While there are some concerns over heavy metals in protein powder, current evidence suggests that vegan protein powders are safe to drink on a regular basis in moderation. If youre worried about this, stick with a brand like Future Kind that uses pea protein sourced from North America or Europe and has 3rd party testing.

    Who Should Take Protein Powders

    Protein supplements are used by all sorts of performers and athletes from football, tennis and golf players to stage performers and dancers, says Shane Collins, founder of Circuit Society gym and co-founder of NUA Health supplements. But we all cause damage to our muscles every day just by walking around and lifting things, and certainly when we train. Protein helps repair that damage.

    In other words, theyre for everyone. Choosing the right one for you comes down to what its made from. With the exception of vegan protein powders, most are made from whey , which comes in three different forms.

    Whey concentrate is the most common form and is often the cheapest, according to Rachel Butcher, head nutritionist at Natural Fitness Food. It typically has low fat and cholesterol content but the protein levels can vary from 40 to 90% depending on the brand, she says. If your goal is to build muscle, a whey concentrate with a higher protein content is probably the best to go for.

    Whey isolate is more refined, and therefore more expensive. Whey isolate is refined in a process that will remove the fat and the lactose from the compound, says Butcher. That makes it one of the leanest options, meaning it usually comprises of upwards of 90% protein content.

    Head to the FAQ section at the bottom to find out which protein powders are best for weight loss and building muscle. Read on for our pick of the best protein powders for 2022.

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