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Protein Powder Review – The BEST Protein Powder To Buy & What To Avoid!
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How We Test Whey Protein Powders

Each of the protein powders in this guide went through a series of tests to determine how well they compared across these four categories:;Taste, ease-of-mixture, ingredients,;and;value. Here’s how each category specifically factored into which whey protein powders ultimately made this guide:

Taste:;If a protein powder doesn’t taste good, you’ll be far less likely to want to return to it time and again. Testing this is fairly straightforward: Does it taste good or not? And though taste;can be subjective sometimes, we felt that there’s still a clear way to decide if something is palatable or not. The protein powders featured here were all determined to taste good not just the first time tasting it but on the fifth, sixth, seventh, and beyond.;

Ease-of-mixture:;Nobody likes choking down a poorly mixed protein shake and some powders, no matter how much you shake them with a blender bottle, still end up chalky, chunky, and just downright unappealing. Like taste, this category was easy to test: Does it mix well with adequate shaking or does it require something like a blender for true smoothness?;

What Does Protein Powder Do

Protein is an essential part of a balanced diet. Due to the high concentration of protein in protein powders, this supplement is a low-calorie, low-fat, low-carb way to add more protein to your diet. You may want to add protein powder to your diet for the following reasons:

  • Muscle gain: Protein is essential to build and maintain muscle mass. Because they are processed, protein powders offer more bioavailable amino acids than protein foods. These amino acids are essential for promoting muscle recovery and aiding growth.
  • Weight loss: Thanks to the high protein content of powder supplements, adding a scoop or two to your smoothies, pancakes, baked goods, or shakes can aid in rapid weight loss efforts by boosting calorie burn, increasing satiety, and preserving lean muscle mass. It helps that gram-for-gram, protein powders are often lower in calories and fat than protein-rich foods.
  • Diet supplement: Whether you lead a busy lifestyle, are vegan or vegetarian, or are following a strict workout regimen, you may find you need more protein in your diet. A protein powder shake or smoothie can be a nutritious meal replacement when blended with fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats.

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Who Shouldnt Buy Micropure Whey Protein Isolate

  • Budget-conscious shoppers. Isolate formulas in general are more expensive, and this protein is no different.;
  • People who need more carbs or fats to supplement hard training sessions.;

This high-protein low-fat formula delivers pure protein that digests in a flash, making it perfect for folks who have trouble processing protein powders.

Is Protein Powder Safe

The 10 Best

While protein supplements are largely documented to be safe, of course there are some brands that are higher quality than othersâand nobody wants to make the wrong choice. So how do you know which protein to pick?

Registered Dietician Douglas Kalman, Ph.D., shares his shopping advice in the video 3 Top Tips for Picking Protein.

He warns in Bodybuilding.com’s Foundations of Fitness Nutrition Course to “first, be wary of crazy claims with any productâespecially if it comes from a brand that looks new or, shall we say, amateurish. Many brands now willingly submit their products to third-party tests or purity certifications. If a brand contains one of these seals, it’s a good sign that it contains what it says. However, don’t simply trust that a store brand from a drugstore chain has followed any sort of third-party testing. These types of supplements have been some of the biggest offenders when it comes to containing far less of an ingredient than they claim.”

It’s always a good idea to ask your doctor if it is safe for you to take supplements as part of your fitness regimen.

It may be that a particular ingredient or brand does not sit well with your metabolic health, or that you’re better off looking for a premium product or isolate. With the great protein powder options we have broken down in this article, we are confident you’ll find the supplement you need to help you in your fitness journey.

Best Overall: Sprout Living Epic Protein Powder Original Flavor

  • Higher calories per serving

If youre looking for a slightly sweet protein powder that tastes great mixed with almond milk or in your favorite smoothie, Sprout Livings Epic Protein Vanilla Lucuma is the top choice. The neutral vanilla flavor provides a hint of sweetness but doesnt overpower the beverage its mixed into. Plus, the paleo-friendly plant-based protein powder checks all the nutrition boxes. Epic Proteins proprietary protein blend is made from yellow pea and a mix of sunflower, pumpkin, sacha inchi, and cranberry seeds. Each 2-scoop serving provides 19 grams of plant-based protein and 4 grams of dietary fiber.

Lucuma, a fruit native to Peru, is used to sweeten the protein. While there is limited research on the health benefits of the fruit, some research published in 2011 suggests that lucuma may have some health benefits.

Key protein sources: yellow pea, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed| Serving size: 2 scoops | Amount of protein per serving: 26 grams| Calories per serving:;186 | Vegan: Yes | Gluten-free:;Yes| Certified Non-GMO: Yes | USDA Organic:;Yes| Additives: No

When You Consider Buying A Chike Mocha High Protein Product

Its a tough choice, but the best way to buy products and services online is by doing your due diligence.

When you know what options are out there for each category of purchase it can feel like an adventure in itself!

Its important to make the right choice when picking out a product for yourself.

There are many different options available at any given moment and it can be difficult determining what will work best with your lifestyle or taste!

A lot of people turn towards reviews online as well but beware: not all those listed have actually used them before judging their review solely off one bad experience could land you with something that does absolutely nothing for you whatsoever so read carefully.

How We Decide The Best

It may look uncomplicated, but assessing the key differences between different protein powders is no easy task. Its important to emphasize that some of the areas we note below arent necessarily;good;or;bad.;Some athletes prefer foods without;artificial sweeteners, and some;try to limit soy. That said, theres not much evidence that either has adverse effects; we simply point them out if theyre a problem for you. Here are the ingredients and factors we took into consideration when putting together this guide.

On Gold Standard 100% Whey

What’s The Best Protein Powder To Buy? | Gym Trainer Secrets | Body Strong Greystanes

Old school whey protein favoured by athletes


One imagines the product designers at Dioxyme as scientists and doctors in white lab coats, mixing different ingredients in vials, holding them up in the light to see how well they mixed. This is because every detail of Dioxyme products seems to be engineered to perfection: the ingredients, the nutritional profile, the taste, all working together in perfect harmony.

A good example of this tinkering is the Dioxyme Grass-fed Ultra Whey Protein. It is full of the best quality ingredients you might want to include in your dream protein powder, not to mention it tastes great. Even if only mixed with water, the Dioxyme Grass-fed Ultra Whey Protein will have a phenomenal, rich taste that satisfies the taste buds with every gulp.

The Dioxyme Grass-fed Ultra Whey Protein combines whey isolate 93 and whey concentrate 80: these take up 80% of the mix. The sweetener is organic stevia, but even the rest of the ingredients are either non-GMO or organic. Definitely no nasties here.;

Each 38-gram serving contains 27 grams of protein, 3 grams of sugar and less than 1 gram of fat. The amino acid profile is also impressive: no less than 18 different amino acids are crammed into this product. All protein is sourced from grass-fed cows, and the product itself is paleo-, keto- and eco-friendly too, or so does Dioxyme claims.

Greens Powder Smoothie Mix

  • FROM AMERICAs 1 FASTEST GROWING SUPPLEMENT BRAND Purely Inspired Organic Greens Powder smoothie mix delivers 39 superfoods, 18 vitamins & minerals and active probiotics with just 1 scoop. 40 Calories per serving
  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS Certified USDA Organic Greens Powder, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan Friendly. No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors in this green smoothie powder
  • EASY TO USE Mix in a glass or shaker bottle with water, juice, smoothies , almond milk, oat milk or your non-dairy drink of choice. Organic Greens plus superfoods powder can also be added to soups and sauces
  • CONVENIENT Its a simple way to add superfoods, greens, grains, sprouts, fruits and veggies to your day with just one serving. Healthy superfood powder on the go for women and men in an easy-to-consume greens powder smoothie mix
  • ANTIOXIDANTS Contains antioxidant vitamins C and E
  • ORGANIC INGREDIENTS Banana, Tomato, Beet, Sweet Potato, Strawberry, Broccoli, Spinach, Carrot, Cherry, Apple, Pineapple, Whole Grains, Radish Sprout, Alfalfa, Chia, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Lentil, Garbanzo, Flaxseed, Quinoa, Wheatgrass and many more

Garden Of Life Sport Organic Plant

Protein Source: Organic pea protein, organic sprouted navy bean, organic sprouted lentil bean, organic sprouted garbanzo bean, organic cranberry protein

Designed for an athlete to use post-workout, Garden of Life took the amazing plant-based protein powder game one step further. This powder is NSF Certified for Sport and Informed-Choice for Sport Certified, meaning there are zero banned athletic substances and only whole clean nutrients. Their unique array of protein products delivers a full profile of essential amino acids: 5.5 BCAAs and 5g glutamine, all of which are essential when it comes to cutting down your body’s recovery time after exercise and maximizing the benefits from your hard work in the weight room.

The Worst Protein Powders

As we mentioned earlier, many protein powder labels read like the stock list of a chemistry lab. But don’t let that science mumbo jumbo confuse you. Below we’ve found some standout examples of what you should avoid when picking out a powder. While these are far from being named the best protein powder, keep in mind that there are many more out there that we weren’t able to include.

Eat This, Not That! Tip: You should typically stay away from really cheap powders, undisclosed sources of protein, a lot of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and hydrogenated oils.

Klean Athlete Whey Protein Isolate

TOP 10 Best Whey Protein to Buy in 2021

This option is also high in protein with 20 grams per scoop, and also offers electrolytes for athletes, which can come in handy as a replenishing drink post-workout, says Garcia.

This would be best used for recovery to reduce the likelihood of sugar cravings and energy crashes that lead to excessive snacking or overeating at meal times later in the day, she explains. Mix one up and drink right after a sweat session for max benefit in the muscle-building and craving-crushing departments.

What Are The Different Types Of Protein Powders

Protein powders can come from animal or plant sources, but both types contain at least one of the following three categories of proteinâand often, all three.

Protein Concentrates: Concentrates contain 60-80 percent protein. The remainder of the concentrate is made of fats and carbohydrates. This is the most common and easy-to-produce type of protein.

Protein Isolates: Isolates are a highly filtered type of protein that contains 90-95 percent pure protein that’s been stripped of fats, carbs, and, in the case of whey isolate, nearly all traces of lactose. For those searching for a lean and ultra-pure protein, isolates are often the way to go.

Protein Hydrolysates: To create a protein hydrolysate, manufacturers partially break down or “pre-digest” in order to make it easier to digest and absorb.

In addition to these categories, you’ll see proteins from numerous sources, including:

Whey protein: The most popular protein on the market, whey is a complete protein, meaning that all nine amino acids necessary for protein synthesis are present. The three branched-chain amino acidsâleucine, isoleucine, and valineâare found in high concentrations in whey protein. Whey protein is a fast-absorbing protein and can be digested in as little as 20 minutes for whey protein hydrolysates. This makes it ideal for post-workout recovery.

Best Australian Protein Brands

No matter what the current dietary trends, theres always a good reason to go hunting for the best protein powder in Australia. Thats because proper proteinwhich breaks down into essential amino acids once its digestedremains fundamental to a healthy body and survival in general. We wont go as far as saying that youll die if you dont consume enough protein, but your body will definitely suffer for it. Were talking weaker bones, skin, and muscles alike.

Thats exactly where Australias best protein powders come in, supplementing your diet to ensure you get enough of the good stuff. In most cases, that good stuff comes in the form of whey protein, which aids muscle recovery, improves fat loss, and even promotes heart health. Available as a concentrate, isolate, or hydrolysate , the best whey protein supplements are used across a swath of fields and by a number of top athletes.

Transparent Labs 100% Grass

Transparent Labs formula contains just four ingredients: grass-fed whey isolate, natural flavor, salt, and stevia. Transparent Labs is also one of the few brands on the market that offer a whey derived from grass-fed cattle in tandem with a minimal-additive formula. Grass-fed beef is thought to have higher iron, more nutrients and minerals, and a better healthy fat source. Their product contains zero fat, nothing artificial, and has an incredible 28 grams of protein per 120 calorie serving, with fewer than two grams of carbs. That said, fillers are sometimes added to help a shake mix more effectively, and so this wheys mixability may be inconsistent. Also, Transparent Labs doesnt offer a lot of flavor options if that matters to you.

Now Sports Egg White Protein

Guide to Buying the Best Protein Powder – Whey Protein

Price: $$

NOW Sports Egg White Protein Powder is free of dairy, making it a good choice if youre lactose intolerant. Its also paleo-friendly and free of fillers, additives, and sweeteners.

Additionally, this product is certified by Informed Sport, a third-party organization that tests supplements to ensure that theyre free of banned substances.

The powder is smooth and unflavored, making it a great addition to shakes, smoothies, and baked goods.

Still, some reviews note that it can be somewhat hard to mix, which may not be suitable for all types of recipes.

Q: Are Protein Bars Good For Muscle Growth

A: If you have been exercising vigorously and especially if you have been using your muscles for a weight or resistance training session, then a protein bar is a great option to help with faster recovery and to assist growth. Its not always convenient to have a protein-rich meal post workout, so a high-quality bar that you can consume quickly and easily can help. Ideally, you need to be consuming 1 gram of protein for each pound of body weight you have to maintain and build muscle so if the thought of eating six chicken breasts fills you with horror, then a good quality, clean protein bar could be a winner.

Who Shouldnt Buy Fitmiss Delight

  • Those who like vanilla. FitMiss only has a Vanilla Chai;flavor, which has a more pungent taste.;
  • People avoiding soy or artificial sweeteners.
  • Dont expect many vitamins and minerals because there are powdered greens; theres a ton of B12 but very few other micronutrients.

Your caloric intake will always dictate which way the scale tips, but this protein can help curb hunger so youre less likely to indulge in unnecessary calories.;

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What Is The Best Protein Powder And Why

We are living in a time where concerns for the food we eat, where it comes from, and how it was made play a big role in how our clients buy. The things that we want from food are evolving and, if you can afford it, organic food is one of the more popular choices for our generation.; Those in the know, choose organic, even when the price is 2x the price.;

When it comes to whey protein, the organic label has become popular in recent years and organic whey protein is a big player in the $220 billion supplement industry.; We are a Certified Organic Lab and can make your protein powder either way, organic or otherwise.

The Best Protein Powders Of 2021

The 7 Best Protein Powders for Men to Buy in 2018

No matter if you’re looking to build muscle, lose weight, or just be healthier, there’s a protein powder to help you do it. Our team of fitness editors, athletes, and nutrition advisors chose the best protein powders for every goal based on nutritional quality, taste, value, and customer feedback.

Best Proteins | Best Mass Gainers | Best Pre-Workouts | Best Creatine | Best Fat Burners | Best Multivitamins | Best Test Boosters | Best Weight-Loss | Best BCAAs

High-quality protein powders are more popular than ever, but they’re also being used by a broader range of people than ever. A post-workout shake definitely isn’t just for athletes training for a competition or bodybuilders trying to build muscle anymore! Everyone on a fitness journeyâwhether you’re a beginner or you’ve been at it for yearsâcan benefit from adequate protein.

The only problem? There are also more choices than ever! To help you narrow down your options and match you up with the best protein powder for your needs and goals, we’ve created this list of our most popular proteins. Each one has been reviewed hundreds or even thousands of times by Bodybuilding.com customers and purchased again and again. And we can stand behind them, too, because at Bodybuilding.com, we drink protein shakes like it’s our job.

Meet the best protein powders of 2021, learn what makes them great, and see how much you should take to be ready to build muscle, burn fat, and feel great.

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