What Is The Best Protein For Cats

Choose Foods That Control Inflammation

What Is The Healthiest Protein Source For Cats?

Cut out potentially inflammatory additives like lactose, artificial colors and flavors, carrageenan, and certain preservatives like BHA, BHT, TBHQ, and ethoxyquin. Instead, look for foods that contain guaranteed levels of probiotics and the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

These ingredients can help to fight inflammation and support overall health.

Specific Fkd & Fkw Kidney Support Cat Food

This food provides an ideal diet for cats no matter what stage of renal failure theyre in. It provides the necessary support for all vital organs and slows down any further kidney decline in your cat.

It has low levels of phosphorus and a high level of fish oil, helping to keep your cats blood pressure down.

The low levels of protein and minerals decrease the workload of the kidneys. It supports a healthy heart with L-carnitine and Taurine. This food also has increased vitamins and lower salt levels.

It comes in both dry and wet food, which will help maintain your cats weight while preventing any appetite loss.

How Do I Determine How Much Protein Is In My Cats Food

It can be difficult to determine how much protein is in pet food based on the label alone. This is in large part due to variations in the moisture content of food.

The AAFCO Dog and Cat Food Nutrient Profiles base nutrient recommendations on a dry matter basis, which means that nutrient percentages are calculated without considering water content.

Pet food labels, however, print nutrient content on an as-fed basis, which includes water content. This can lead to confusion on the part of consumers, since canned pet food usually contains around 75% moisture, and dry pet food contains about 10% moisture.

So, how do you compare the protein content of cat food when all you have to go off of is the label? The answer is to convert the protein level from an as-fed to a dry matter basis.

Find the Moisture percentage and Crude Protein listed on the pet food label to perform these calculations:

  • Subtract the Moisture percentage from 100. This will give you the percent dry matter of the diet.

  • Divide the Crude Protein by the percent dry matter of the product.

  • Multiply the result by 100. This will give you the percent of protein on a dry matter basis.

Canned food example:

Canned Food A has the following listed on its label:

12% crude protein minimum

100 12 = 88

37 / 88 = 0.420

0.420 x 100 = 42.0

The percent protein of Dry Food A on a dry matter basis is 42.0%

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Can I Mix Wet And Dry Cat Food

Yes. Some cats dont get enough water when they eat only dry foods because you simply cant force a cat to drink water if it doesnt want to.

Mixing wet food with your cats favorite dry food will ensure that it doesnt become dehydrated.

However, you must be cautious about leaving this mix of wet and dry food exposed throughout the day. Wet food can become rancid after several hours, particularly in a warm climate.

Exposed wet food will also dry out and become less appetizing to a cat. Due to this, a cat might stop eating its food after the first feeding.

It is important to bear in mind that cats are small eaters. In the wild, they catch small prey throughout the day, many hours apart. Their stomachs have adapted to handling only small meals. That is why most cats dont finish their food if they are given large quantities in a single sitting.

A mix of wet and dry food will provide a different shape, texture and aroma to your cats regular diet – something that might entice picky cats. A cat that refuses to eat can develop serious medical problems. But to be on the safe side, you should consult your veterinarian first especially if your cat is on a therapeutic diet.

Top Pick For High Protein Wet Cat Food

The Best High Protein, Low Carb Cat Food Reviews for 2019

Were tickled by the punny names of each of the flavors of Weruva Cats in the Kitchen high protein wet cat food, and were impressed by its premium, uncompromising quality. With its nutritional and species-appropriate ingredients and the wide variety of different flavors and textures, we love how this high protein wet cat food appeals to all cats tastes while supporting their health! Our favorite pick for high protein wet cat food is Weruva Cats in The Kitchen.

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Orijen Original Cat High

Orijen Original Cat is the new name of the former Orijen Cat & Kitten formula.

Orijen Original Cat is a moderate protein, grain-free, and relatively low carbohydrate content dry cat food made with fresh or frozen-raw cage-free chicken and turkey, eggs, and wild-caught fish.

Their authentic WholePrey recipe uses animal parts like meat, bones, cartilage, organs, and fat to mimic the diet your cats ancestors would eat in the wild.

The recipe is composed of 90% animal ingredients and 10% fruits, vegetables, and added nutrients like vitamins, minerals, natural preservatives, and probiotics to meet the AAFCO recommendations for a complete and balanced diet for cats of all life stages, which makes it suitable for cats and kittens.

The kibble is freeze-dried coatedto offer your cat a raw yummy flavor and does not contain grains, sugars, or any artificial additives.

Nutritional Information:Ingredients: Caloric Content:Guaranteed Analysis

  • Orijen Tundra
  • Orijen Six Fish

As the leading brand of Champion Petfoods, Orijen has two manufacturing plants, the NorthStar kitchen in Alberta, Canada, and the DogStar kitchen in Auburn, Kentucky, USA.

Q: How Important Is Protein To A Cat’s Diet

Dr. Leslie: Protein is one of the five essential nutrients in a carnivore’s diet. Because cats have evolved to be meat-eating specialists, they require protein and amino acids from animal sources in every meal. Most cats require approximately 30% of their dietary calories to come from protein to fuel their bodies and unique nervous systems, to grow hair continuously and to ensure a functioning immune system.

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Daves Pet Food Restricted Diet Protein & Phosphorus Chicken Formula Canned Food Check Price

Daves Pet Food created a diet geared toward cats that need restricted protein foods to meet their health needs. This food may also benefit cats with reduced kidney function because its low in phosphorus content and high in fiber to help your cats digestive processes move smoothly.

This food also is low in sodium, which can further support your cats kidney function by maintaining consistent blood pressure and preventing dehydration from sodium content.

Daves Pet Food Restricted Diet has several wholesome ingredients that can benefit your cat, like sunflower oil, salmon oil, carrots, parsley, and dandelion greens. This food has high fiber content, which can ensure that your cat has an easy time digesting it, taking some of the pressure off his kidneys.

With additional vitamin and mineral supplements, like Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, Riboflavin, and Folic Acid, you can ensure that your kittys getting a healthy, balanced meal.


  • Possibly the least palatable picky eaters may have a difficult time with the flavor
  • Somewhat dry consistency for a canned food

How Much Protein Do Cats Need

Best WET CAT FOOD for Indoor Cats and Kittens HIGH Protein LOW Carb

Protein requirements change over the lifespan of a cat. Here are the recommended allowances for crude protein:

Nursing Cat41g

The AAFCO set the minimum level of crude protein at 26% for cat food labeled complete. However, most vets consider a high-quality cat food to contain 40-50% protein. This is closer to the amount of protein a wild cat would consume.

It was previously believed that older cats should not be fed protein because their bodies struggle to digest it. However, its now known that older cats do require protein, but that it needs to be in a very digestible form so that their bodies can tolerate it more easily.

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Which Type Of Meat Is Best For Cats

Unprocessed, whole meat is more digestible than meat meal or by-products, but which animal flesh is the best protein source for cats? Some feline nutrition experts have said that feeding a cat an animal they could reasonably catch in the wild is most beneficial. This would include:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Rabbit
  • Fish. According to Nottingham University, fish can contain high levels of arsenic, so it should only be consumed once or twice a week.

Lamb is commonly used in cat food. Several studies, including this one from NCBI, have shown that lamb is poorly digested compared to other meats. The amino acids cysteine, lysine, and threonine are absorbed less efficiently from lamb meal, perhaps because the wool is not adequately separated from the protein.

Beef is commonly used in cat food because it is a cheap form of protein. When a cat has a food intolerance or food allergy, vets often suggest eliminating beef. Many hypoallergenic cat foods dont contain any beef.

Natures Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Real Rabbit Recipe

Easily some of the best cat food for cats with digestive problems, this limited ingredient recipe features a novel source of protein and digestible grain-free carbohydrates. Natures Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Real Rabbit Recipe is a great option for any cat, particularly cats with sensitive stomach and diarrhea. It is loaded with premium animal protein and healthy fats, plus digestible grain-free carbohydrates. It Is supplemented with chelated minerals and vitamins to ensure complete and balanced nutrition and is completely free from artificial additives. Overall, it provides a whopping 35% protein with 19% fat and a 5.5% fiber.

  • Pros: Limited number of ingredients, real rabbit as a novel protein source, digestible grain-free carbohydrates, rich in protein and healthy fats, chelated minerals, freeze-dried rabbit coating
  • Cons: Main source of fat is plant-based , no probiotic supplements, expensive to feed.

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Crave Grain Free Indoor Adult High Protein Natural Dry Cat Food With Protein From Chicken & Salmon

  • Contains one 4 lb.
  • Real chicken is the #1 ingredient to give cats the flavors they love and the protein rich diets they need.
  • Dry, grain free cat food recipes are crafted with all natural, real ingredients inspired by your cats natural, ancestral dietproviding energy from quality carbohydrate sources, plus vitamins, minerals, & other nutrients.
  • High protein cat food provides cats with essential nutrients for developing muscle, aiding in digestion, and supporting healthy immune systems.
  • Each grain free dry cat food recipe has no chicken by-product meal, no corn, no wheat, and no soy protein.
  • More than your average cat kibble, CRAVE cat food gives your cats the complete and balanced diet they need.
  • Provides the texture cats crave in every crunchy bite

Protein And Food Sensitivities In Cats

8 Best High Protein Cat Food 2019

Dr. Richter stated that the majority of a dogs immune system lives in the gastrointestinal tract. The same is true for cats, and when that part of the immune system malfunctions, food allergies can be the result.

Food intolerances do not involve the immune system but include other types of adverse reactions to specific ingredients in a cats diet. Food intolerances typically cause gastrointestinal problems, like vomiting and diarrhea, while food allergies tend to lead to chronic itchiness and skin infections with or without digestive upset.

Protein sensitivities often resolve when cats are fed a novel protein cat food. Look for a product that contains a single, major protein source that your cat has never been exposed to before. Venison or duck may be good first options, but talk to your veterinarian if your cats symptoms fail to improve. Therapeutic diets that require veterinary approval are sometimes needed to diagnose and treat severe food sensitivities.

Protein is a vital part of your pets diet. Ensuring that your cat or dog gets enough high-quality protein in their diet does take some work, but the rewards of health and vitality are well worth the effort.

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Hills Science Diet Adult Wet

This best high-protein wet cat food very good for every cat. In addition to having high moisture content which is good for your cat, this cat food is also an excellent protein source. Thus it helps as a much-needed source of hydration for your cat and is a great nutritional supplement as well. It supplies just the appropriate and balanced amount of nutrients of all kinds to your cat.

It contains chunks of tenderly baked tuna in delicious gravy your cat will find irresistible. And, also it contains also high-quality ingredients that supplies easy to digest and absorb nutrients needed to keep your tabby fit.


  • Appropriate amount of energy to support ideal body weight and lifesource bits
  • Soft food with low magnesium content. It has no colors flavors and preservatives, or even the artificial colors


Look For The Aafco Statement

Instead of sweating over the ingredient list, pay attention to the nutrients in your cat food, says Carey. Look for a statement from the Association of American Feed Control Officials saying that the food is complete and balanced. Do you know what your cat means when they make these noises?

This nutritionally-dense fish-based grain-free cat food is AAFCO-approved and a great all-around option for most adult cats.

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Read The Ingredient List

It is important that you check the ingredient list to find out the composition of the food you are buying. Usually, cats thrive on a carnivorous diet which is essentially rich in protein. The ingredients are listed in order of their abundance. Ensure that the first ingredient which is the most abundant is an animal sourced protein. If possible, avoid foods that have limited ingredient, and go through the manual of several cat food brands for a proper decision making.

Best High Protein Cat Foods

10 best dry cat foods 2020 – top 10 best high protein dry cat foods in 2020
  • Top takeaway
  • What do cats need to feel their best? The easiest answer comes down to genetics: cats are obligate carnivores, which means they prefer a prey-based, mostly meat diet, and that means high protein cat food should be on the menu.

    After researching the ins and outs of high protein cat food and the top brands wet and dry varieties, our picks for the best high protein dry cat food is Dr. Elseys Cleanprotein Formula. We love the nutritious, highly digestible animal proteins that make up the ingredients.

    Our fave for high protein wet cat food is Weruva Cats in the Kitchen. Were impressed by its premium, uncompromising quality, and we love how this high protein wet cat food appeals to all cats tastes while supporting their health!

    These meat-heavy options are formulated to meet your kittys needs and fuel them with the foods they need to thrive.

    Beyond our two top choices, weve rounded up our top fourteen picks for the best high protein cat food.

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    Buy Food In Smaller Quantities

    Those 30 and 40-pound bags of dry kibble, or entire flats of cat food, may be enticing budget-wise, but theyre really intended for homes with multiple kitties. Aim for buying in quantities that can be used up in less than a months time, and ideally within three weeks. Find out the things you do that your cat secretly hates.

    Fancy Feast Grilled Chicken Feast In Gravy

    Cats are just wild over Fancy Feast. Experts point out that this relatively inexpensive brand has some offerings that are high in protein and low in carbs, such as this grilled chicken and gravy recipe thats 55% protein.

    Fancy Feast Grilled Chicken Feast in Gravy

    This recipe leads with grilled chicken.

    Another option from Wellness, this grain-free, protein-powered paté comes in single-serve pouches, perfect for the choosy feline who wont tolerate leftovers. Real duck and chicken top the list of ingredients.

    Wellness CORE Tiny Tasters Duck Paté Pouches

    Real duck takes the lead in this convenient, single-serve pouch.

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    Hills Prescription Diet Kidney Care

    Not only does this food contain low protein and phosphorus, but it also includes fish oil, which can have numerous benefits for your cat. Its also full of antioxidants and your cats shouldnt need any persuading to eat this food, its delicious.

    This food is specifically formulated to help cats with kidney disease and comes in both wet and dry options. It protects the kidneys, provides nutrients and will give your kitty a nice little energy boost.

    The best part, the nutrition of the Hills k/d is clinically tested to improve and lengthen the quality of life.

    You will need a veterinary prescription for this food but your kitty will thank you for it.

    Hills Prescription Diet Kidney Care Wet Food / Dry Food

    What Is High Protein

    Dr. Elsey

    When we talk about the importance of a high protein diet for cats, what we actually mean is a high amino acid diet.

    There are approximately 22 amino acids that cats use in their bodies, of which 11 are considered very important. This means if any of these amino acids are insufficient, it can lead to potential health problems for your cat.

    One example of an important amino acid that needs to be present in your cats body is taurine. As taurine is not stored in large quantities in the cats body, it is indeed important for your cat to obtain these amino acids on a regular basis. Taurine deficiency can lead to degeneration that can impair the vision and weakening of muscle cells in the heart which can lead to death.

    For an optimal high protein diet for cats, you also have to look at the total composition of protein in the food. Ideally, an adult cat required around 30 to 40 percent of their diet to be protein. At minimum, it is at 25 percent. To ensure your cats get the required amount, the composition of protein in the food should be within or above this range so that all your cats health needs are met.

    With all these cleared up, by now you would understand that a natural and high protein based diet is very important to keep your cats active and healthy!

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