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The Best Lactose Free Protein Shakes

Add one scoop of the powder to water or favorite juice and add one serving to your daily diet.

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Will Avoiding Lactose Help Me To Lose Weight

The reason to avoid lactose is that you have an intolerance to it. But, removing it from your diet will not aid weight loss. The only way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories than your body needs on a daily basis.

Protein powders and exercise simply help you to achieve this goal by boosting the number of calories you burn and making sure your body has the nutrition it needs.

Are Plant Protein Powders Any Good

When most people think of protein, their mind goes directly to animal sources. But animals are not the only option. Plant proteins naturally appeal to vegetarians who are opposed ethically to eating animal-sourced products. However, they are also a good option for people who suffer intolerances and allergies to milk-based proteins. Plants also provide a whole complement of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that are not available from animal sources of protein.

The major advantage of animal proteins is that they generally contain all of the essential amino acids. As we discovered on Monday, however, there are a number of plant protein sources that also contain all of the essential amino acids.

Many other plant proteins can be combined in a meal to provide a complete protein source for that meal. For example, combining peanut butter and bread will provide a complete protein source. Here are five plant-based foods/meals that contain complete amino acid profiles:

  • Oats with beans with walnuts
  • Rice with lentils and cashews
  • Pasta with peanuts and sesame seeds
  • Wheat with peas and pumpkin seeds
  • Beans and rice

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What Are The Benefits Of Lactose

With a lactose-free protein, you can expect better digestion and less risk of skin flare-ups. Even though you may not be lactose intolerant, some people still have a negative reaction to dairy, especially when it comes to skin breakouts. If you have multiple food intolerances, especially lactose intolerance, then whey protein isolate and vegan protein are the best options of protein powder for you.

Can Whey Protein Cause Acne

Best Lactose

Despite the numerous benefits of whey, if you have trouble keeping your skin clear, it may not be the best protein supplement for you. While pimples are caused by a number of factors, they have been linked to milk ingestion. Some research points to milk and whey-protein based products in particular as being problematic because they increase insulin secretion, causing sebaceous glands to kick into overdrive. Zits may pop up as an inflammatory response.

Nevertheless, its hard to say if whey or dairy are really the cause. Heather McConochie, RN, nutritionist and host of The Positive Thread Podcast, says there is a lack of research linking dairy to acne over time. We have some experiential data , meaning we talk to people and we observe our own bodies, but its really hard to do good research on this subject because most research studies are done for short windows of timeusually six to 12 weeks. If were really critical about the study design, we dont know how dairy impacts acne over a period of one year or five years or 20 years because the research studies just arent there.

McConochie notes the connection between dairy and skin problems can be different in women than in men. We know that acne is impacted by hormones, particularly in women. There are other contributing factors such as stress and genetics that can also play a role. And synthetic hormones in commercial dairy that are given to cows could also be a factor.

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What Is Lactose Free Protein Powder

Lactose-free Protein powder is any kind of protein powder that doesnt contain lactose a type of sugar that is only found in milk and dairy products. Many people are lactose intolerant to varying degrees, meaning they have to avoid consuming lactose in their diet which can be difficult for trainers, considering how many protein products are made from dairy. Fortunately, you can now get a wide range of vegetarian, vegan and lactose-free protein powders in all types of flavours, including pre-workout and post-workout formulas.

Is It Ok To Use Both Powder And Ready To Feed Formula

No, theres nothing wrong with switching from ready-to-feed formula to the powdered variety. In fact, youll even save some money by doing so since powdered formula is cheaper. Some parents say its cumbersome mixing the powdered form, but you may find that its a minor inconvenience for the savings.

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Why Choose Plant Based Protein

A strong reason why some would choose to eat plant based protein is due to veganism.

Veganism is the lifestyle that does not consume animal products and by products.

While it is often touted that meat and eggs equal protein, the fact of the matter is that all protein comes from plants.

The further away from plants you get in your diet, the less protein from the original source youre getting.

So while investigating which plant based protein powder is best for you, remember two things.

First, that the ingredients matter in both quality and quantity.

Be knowledgeable about what certain foods give to your body and how much of those ingredients you need to be as healthy as you can be.

The second is location.

While some ingredients are only found outside of a certain region, take time to consider the environmental impact that brand is having on the environment.

Get Familiar With The Protein Brand

Orgain Organic Protein Review – Best Plant Based / Vegan / Dairy Free / Lactose Free Protein Powder?

World-famous brands like Optimum Nutrition, Gaspari Nutrition, BSN Syntha, Dymatize, MuscleTech, MusclePharm and others that are well accepted within the bodybuilding community are well tested and safe to use.

On the other hand, there are some protein powders that are not FDA checked and certified. Make sure you do not buy a product derived from questionable ingredients or contains any unhealthy chemicals.

Rely on well-known brands that have been on the market for years. Always check reviews and do not compromise quality for a good bargain. It is your physical wellbeing we are talking about, after all. Have in mind, that some products receive negative reviews due to incompatibility with the reviewers taste and all taste preferences are personal.

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Garden Of Life Raw Organic Plant Protein Unflavored Powder

This is one of the highest-protein plant-based protein powders that provides a protein punch in a reasonable serving size. Garden of Life’s Raw Protein Powder is unique in that it harnesses the power of pulses , grains , and seeds .

Note that although the brand touts that it’s free of stevia on the label, you don’t have to be concerned if you find a powder you like with this sweetener. “Stevia is considered safe by the major health organizations in the amounts people typically consume,” explain the Nutrition Twins. “However, just like with any sweetener it should be used sparingly in the dietâwhether or not it contains calories.”

Pros And Cons Of Plant

In terms of global sustainability, plant-based products are generally considered to have less of an impact on the environment. Research suggests that plant-based diets require less water, land, and energy, and that food production to support them is cheaper. So, if the health of the planet is as important to you as the health of your body, plant-based proteins are a wise and considerate choice.

If youre shopping for a plant-based powder because dairy-based ones give you digestive troubles, plant proteins score again. With the exception of soy protein, most plant powders are easy for the body to process and wont inhibit your guts ability to absorb nutrients. Rice protein typically isnt associated with bloating, cramping, or other discomfort, and research in Food Chemistry shows it may be easier to digest than whey. Rice is a hypoallergenic food, and any difficulty you might have digesting brown rice due to its hull is negated by the fact that rice protein powders are made from grains where the hull is removed.

On the other hand, you may find that plant protein powders dont taste as good as dairy-based ones, and are therefore harder to use consistently. Many people report that plant-based shakes have a chalky texture, but sugar-free sweeteners such as monk fruit extract are becoming more common additions to plant powders, and could help on the flavor front. Avocado powder is sometimes added as well to improve flavor and mouthfeel.

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Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate Powder

This powder is one of the most ideal and healthiest for people with lactose intolerance.

Not only is this protein supplement made as nutritious as possible, but they also have cut out all unnecessary fillers and is free from GMOs. This protein powder is also completely free of hormones and added sugars.

This finely-blended protein powder is great for drinking in smoothies and lactose free milkshakes. Since its full of clean, pure, grass-fed protein, it is very easily digested by the body.

This protein powder contains 27g of protein for every serving.

However, if you prefer your protein shakes to be flavorful, you might want to try another product. According to some reviews, the unflavored version can be unpleasant to drink.

Legion Whey+ Whey Protein Powder 85/10

Best Lactose Free Protein Powder For Weight Loss ...


  • No fillers or artificial nonsense


  • Contains soy
  • May cause digestive discomfort

Legion Whey+ is a top Labdoor-ranked product that has many amazing qualities, hence why we consider it to be one of the best lactose-free protein powders. The ingredients are sourced from Irish dairy farms which are some of the best in the world.

With every shake, you get 22g 100% whey protein isolate and only 100 calories for an ultra-low calorie protein option.

Theres no fat, only 3g carbs, and zero added sugar in this formula. Not to mention, its naturally-flavored and sweetened with Stevia for those who despise the artificial stuff. It does have xanthan gum which could affect the stomach a little but not likely.


  • Protein 100% grass-fed whey isolate is ideal for sensitive stomachs and its a purer form of protein.
  • Natural sweetener Stevia is used to sweetener this product and nothing else.

Who makes it?

Legion Athletics was founded by bestselling author Mike Matthews. His goal was to make science-based sports supplements that have plenty of what you do want and none of what you dont.

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Musclemeds Carnivor Beef Protein Isolate

If youre looking for a protein powder thats going to help you put on muscle while helping you stay lean, MuscleMeds Carnivor protein isolate is a very dependable solution. Its high in protein with 23g per serving and offers very little that you dont need while packing in everything that you do. This protein powder is impressive because it manages to be dairy, gluten and lactose-free, while offering a nice dose of protein in just 120 calories per serving. That means you can avoid putting on much weight while getting the fuel you need for muscle gain.

This powder is tested by many athletes and serious weightlifters, and they have good results using it. The one issue that this powder has is that it doesnt taste great. It doesnt have the added fillers that other powders have to make it taste like a milkshake. Instead, it has a somewhat unpleasant taste, but that can be fixed by mixing it with juice or some other substance with a strong taste. Anyone looking for a great tasting smoothy additive probably wont want this powder, but we added it to the list of the best lactose-free protein powders because its a highly concentrated solution of protein with little else added.

Checking To Ensure Lactose

Most protein powders are not FDA approved or checked. This means that the ingredients or the preparation may not be as good as you are being led to believe.

Check the ingredients to ensure they are lactose-free, and choose a product that operates in-line with the good standards guidelines this ensures the powder is prepared in a controlled environment.

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What Protein Is Good For Lactose Intolerance

The following are good alternatives to regular milk-based protein. Just make sure any vegan product provides a complete protein with sufficient amino acids:

  • Meat, chicken, & fish

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Jym Supplement Science Pro Jym Protein Powder

The best Vegan gluten free protein powder for weightloss


Generally, whey is still considered the premium protein source despite the significant increase in plant source protein powders.

One of the potential disadvantages with whey is that it digests very quickly. We use the word potential because its a disadvantage based on intended use.

First thing in the morning or after a workout, you want a fast digesting whey protein.

Yet, if youre at the start of a long day at work or school and you know you may not be able to get to a planned meal, or if its just before bed, the rapid rate of digestion that whey provides would be a disadvantage.

Thats where Pro Jym protein powder comes in.

Heres the ideal choice for any scenario where you have to go several hours longer than planned without a meal.

Pro Jym protein powder provides 24g of fast and slow digesting proteins from whey isolate, milk isolate, casein and egg white.

This combination of high quality proteins creates a sustained release effect that keeps your protein needs covered for several hours longer than whey can by itself.

If youre a bodybuilder or athlete, thats a huge benefit. The fact that a lactose free protein is this good is an even bigger benefit.

This is the best choice in a multi-source lactose free protein that allows for sustained digestion.


on 2021-09-19

Platinum Hydrowhey protein powder provides a huge 30g of very high quality, fast digesting protein per serving.


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Transparent Labs Organic Vegan

Save 11% Transparent Labs Coupon: BFG11

Transparent labs have built an incredible reputation for producing sports supplements that are totally free of artificial ingredients. All their products are third party tested, and they even provide certificates to prove it.

Introducing, just about the most unique lactose free/ dairy free protein powder in the industry Transparent Labs Vegan Protein going the extra mile being 100% USDA Organic Certified.

This ProteinSeries Organic Vegan has a solid protein base of 2:1 rice to pea protein ratio. This creates a 10/10 smooth mixability, as well as creating the most ease on your digestive system. I know with whey products Ive used in the past created havoc on my digestive track boating.. gas.. you name it.

Well with Transparent Labs Organic Vegan protein, you dont have to worry about any negative side effects on your body

Packing in a whopping 24 grams of protein for muscle recovery and 4 grams of fiber for anyone who is focused on complete health optimization, this product does it all.

All users report super smooth mixability and consistency in their T Labs Vegan Protein Shakes and all who previously had dairy/ whey protein gut issues, are happy to report complete ease on their digestion and 0 side effects theyd previously had with whey or dairy products.

Isopure Low Carb Protein

This is the best alternative for people who desire lactose-free weight protein.

Isopure was founded in 1984 with the goal of providing high-quality, effective, and unique protein supplements that do not really cause constipation and taste great.

A water-based, full of fruits, zero-carb, ready-to-drink protein beverage that is sweeping the market has made history.

It contains Vitamin C and Zinc, both of which are essential for the development of a healthy immune system, as well as Vitamin E.

Isopure Low Carb Vitamin C and Zinc protein powder is a high-quality lactose free protein powder that provides 25 grams of protein per serving to help you grow muscle and heal soon.

It includes all of the additional vitamins and minerals that support the bodys needs and promote an active lifestyle.

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Know The Reason Why You Are Taking A Certain Supplement

Not all protein powders can be used to replace meals since they lack vitamins and minerals. If meal replacement is your idea, make sure to conduct thorough research on which supplements are fit for that.

Some protein powders are better for weight loss, others for weight gain. Consider your long-term fitness and health goals before choosing a supplement. A good example of that is the rate at which they get absorbed by your body.

Whey protein powder, as well as pea protein powders, are very quickly digested, which means they have the advantage of being suitable for a post-workout meal.

Casein, on the other hand, is a slowly digestible protein that is best used as a meal replacement or before bed. Unfortunately, it is derived from dairy products and is not a good fit for lactose intolerant people.

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