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What To Look For In Keto Protein Powder

KETO DIET: The Best Keto protein Powder

When you are shopping for a keto protein powder, you should go directly to the nutrition label and focus on the carbohydrate count. To be keto-friendly, it should not have more than 3 grams of carbohydrate per serving.

A good keto protein powder will not contain sweeteners, flavorings, or artificial additives. It should also have a high level of protein concentration. Look, too, for a healthy dose of fiber to aid with digestion and help with fat loss.

As an extra bonus, look to see if the product contains medium-chain triglycerides , which help with digestion and improve cognitive functioning.

Is Pea Protein Okay On Keto

It is, in fact, one of the best types for keto regardless of your eating habits. Pea protein is a low-carb, non-animal product that can accommodate people on any stage of their keto diets. Besides, its very effective in alleviating the feeling of hunger, so pea protein is a life-saver in the first weeks of going keto.

The bottom line, keto protein powders are a great way to balance your nutrition plan and get the essential elements your body needs. As long as you consume the right amount a day, proteins will help your organism get into ketosis quickly and easily. Besides, several essential powders can accommodate people of different lifestyles: vegans, lactose-intolerant, weight-losing, or muscle-building dieters will have no problem finding the right protein powder for them.

Ketologie Keto Shake Chocolate

One of the best protein powder right now is the Ketologie Keto Shake Chocolate flavor. Usually, flavored keto protein powders are not recommended because the added sugar can kick you out of ketosis. However, Ketologie Keto Shake contains no sugar and has 14 grams of protein plus 25 grams of healthy fats per servings.

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Awesome But Which One Should I Go For

This is where things get a little tricky.

A lot of protein powders, such as soy and rice powders, are naturally high in carbohydrates. Some manufacturers even choose to add additional carbohydrates to boost the calorie content. For example, this helps professional athletes that require a high carb diet. But they are also added for taste so that the general public is more likely to purchase them.

This then means you then have to waste time scouring online stores for 100% unflavoured, unsweetened protein powder. This can be a nightmare, as some are incredibly expensive and you cant be sure whats in them.

But not to fret, because were here to save the day! Here at The Keto Cookbook, we have searched high and low for the best keto protein powder. We have even taken everything into account so you dont have to. But before we list the keto protein powders that are low-carb, available on amazon, and are suitable for either men or women, wed just like to give you a bit of information on what types of powder are available.

Supplement Protein With Fat

Keto Protein Powder

Its easy to get caught up on the low-carb part of the diet and not give enough attention to the high-fat part. Fat is what makes you full, gives you energy , and makes food taste delicious. For most people this figure should be north of 70 percent of daily calories. Keep carbs under 20g, hit your protein goal, and eat fat until youre full.

At first, you may be overeating calories, but overtime, the keto diet will auto correct that. Your eating patterns and bodys natural hunger signals will auto-correct.

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Keto Protein Powder #: Perfect Keto Protein Powder

The first product we think is near the top of the best keto protein powder list, is Perfect Keto Protein Powder. ;Remember previously when we were talking about those molecules called ketones? Well, whats amazing is that each serving of this keto protein powder comes with 5 grams of pure MCT oil powder, which helps raise blood ketone levels and also helps your body achieve a quicker state of ketosis. As the ratio of collagen protein has a 2:1 ratio to MCT, it also means you will be provided with immediate energy, as well as getting a good dose of protein.

As this keto protein powder is collagen based, it contains anti-aging hydrolyzed protein to encourage the growth of healthy skin, hair, and nails. It contains no artificial sweeteners, colorings, chemicals or binding agents, which means its low carb and its also gluten-free!

Finally, we love this brand because of their ethical policies. For example, they only use collagen peptides from grass-fed cattle that have been bred in the USA. This means no destruction of the beautiful Brazilian Amazon Rainforest ever takes places. Perfect!

Ora Organic Chocolate Protein Powder

130 Calories | 3g Fat | 5g Net Carbs | 22g Protein | 0g Sugar

All Organic & Plant-Based Protein: Our all-natural ingredients, including 21 grams of protein and 4 grams of carbs, are made from our organic plant-based protein powder formula, all while being fully vegan. For added micronutrients and all essential amino acids, we include 20+ superfoods to ensure you get the most out of your post-workout routine.

Ora Organic protein tastes amazing and has a smooth, silky texture. It blends easily and comes in flavors that are delicious or complement many food recipes and smoothies effortlessly on their own.

Great for Moms & Kids: Tested with heavy metal. Safe for children and for moms that are breastfeeding or pregnant.

This keto protein also uses high-quality ingredients across the board. Clean, vegan, non-GMO, whole-food ingredients sourced from certified USDA Organic farms. Gluten, dairy, fillers, sugar, and artificial ingredients are free. Tested Heavy Metal.

Its also an excellent choice for people with sensitive stomachs. Using pea protein and rice protein, their integrated plant-based protein formula also includes digestive enzymes to help break down the plants protein, which helps eliminate bloating while maximizing absorption.

Nutrition Facts:

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Why A Keto Protein Shake

Protein is essential for muscle and tissue growth, repair, and maintenance. It can even aid in weight loss by helping you feel full for hours until your next meal.

Protein smoothies can offer anywhere from 10 to 30 grams of protein in an easy-to-drink package, which is especially important when youre on the go. Theyre also a great substitute if you simply dont feel like eating meat or eggs at every meal.

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But protein content isnt the only thing to think about when youre drinking your calories. Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Your source of protein. Whey protein especially grass-fed whey protein isolate is the most bioavailable form of protein powder. If youre allergic or sensitive to whey, use a beef protein isolate. The most important thing when it comes to protein shakes is bioavailability. This means you want your body to be able to break down and absorb as many amino acids from protein as possible.
  • Sugar and carbs are sneaky. Even low-sugar fruits like blueberries can increase the carb count, so be cautious of fruit in your protein shakes.
  • Inflammatory ingredients. Ingredients like peanut butter, fillers, and so-called natural flavors may not increase carbs in your low-carb smoothies, but they might promote inflammation and may kick you out of ketosis.
  • Healthy fats. Make sure youre adding healthy fats like coconut oil and avocado.

What Happens If I Eat Too Much Protein On Keto

Are protein powders okay on keto? (Chapter 8, Question #151)

If your body gets more protein than it really needs, some of it will turn into glucose. This interferes with the keto diet because its ultimate goal is to produce less glucose, thus going on ketosis. When your body cannot produce glucose, it is forced to produce ketones, which is the whole purpose of going on such a diet.

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Isopure Zero Carb Whey Protein Isolate

This whey protein isolate by Isopure is ideal for super-strict keto dieters because it contains zero grams of carbs per serving. It also provides 25 grams of protein per scoop, along with muscle-building branched-chain amino acids .

Additionally, it contains several vitamins and minerals to help you meet your nutrient needs.

The Best Keto Protein Powders To Buy In 2021

Natures Way MCT Oil vs Kiss My Keto

Havent picked the right keto protein powder to buy yet that boosts your nutrition while maintaining ketosis? To help you decide, see our roundup below.

An important macronutrient, protein builds and repairs your muscle, helps with hormone production, and increases satiety. One of the ways to meet your moderate protein intake on the keto diet is by supplementing with powders. These keto-friendly protein powders offer convenience, especially when you have no time to cook a meal from scratch or youd rather drink your protein.

However, youre faced with a problem: A lot of protein powders out there have too many carbs and added sugar that ruin ketosis. Thats where our suggestions come in! Because in this post, were going to reveal 10 best protein powders from your favorite keto stores. Continue reading.

How We Use Keto Whey Protein

After getting my pump on, I take1-2 scoops. Usually I’ll throw an electrolyte pill down as well, for optimal recovery.

Will, our Director of eCommerce

After my workout, I make a shake with a combination of whey protein and collagen.

Anthony, our Founder

After my workout, I use two scoops of Keto Whey blended with unsweetened almond milk and avocado to help my body recover and build muscle.

Chris, our Education Manager

Read more about how our team uses Perfect Keto products.

Ingredients To Avoid In Keto Protein Powder

Amazon.com: Perfect Keto Chocolate Protein Powder ...

The key ingredients to avoid when shopping for a keto protein powder are artificial sweeteners. Particular bad ingredients to look out for include saccharin, sucrose, and aspartame.

You should also avoid vegetable oils and fats which may be added in order to improve the consistency and mixability of the powder.

You also need to avoid added glucose and stay well away from powders that use milk solids and skim milk powders.

Keto Protein Powder #: Dymatize Iso 100 Whey Protein Powder

Now onto the final product! The last supplement in our best keto protein powder;list is Dymatize ISO 100 Whey Protein Powder. The reason we have chosen this particular powder is because its plain and simple. And with 73% five-star reviews on Amazon, thats pretty hard to beat. To be honest, it also comes in fudge brownie flavor. Life is all about priorities people!

The product contains 1.6lbs of powder, which gives 23 good size servings. Containing from 100% whey isolate, it is scientifically proven to be fast digesting and is gluten and lactose-free. Regarding nutrition, it contains a good 25 grams of protein and 5.5 grams of BCCAAs . It also contains 2.7 grams of the important muscle building Leucine and finally, 1 gram of sugar per serving.

See, plain, simple and does what it says on the tin!

If you are interested in other keto supplements, check out our article on the Best MCT Oils for Keto.

Do Protein Shakes Help You Lose Belly Fat

I get asked this question quite a bit. And like most people who havent been privy to seeing anyone try them, Ive never tried a protein shake in my life. So if youre not a fan of the flavor or the consistency of the shakes that youve seen in the grocery store, let me give you a few reasons to give them a try. Youre Better Off Not Dieting And Actually Losing Weight Instead.

Diets are a waste of time and the cause of weight gain. This is because the majority of what were told to eat is only good for burning fats for energy and muscle growth. And theyre hard to get and super expensive. Most people who try to diet, give up because they never see the result they wanted. Protein shakes are a solution to that. Instead of counting calories, you eat the number of calories that your body actually needs, without paying attention to macros and all of the other jargon that goes into fitness and weight loss. And you get the benefits of high protein, low carb, and fat content from those calories.

How Much Protein On The Keto Diet

The right amount on a keto diet is essential if you do not want protein excess to interfere with your ketosis process. Any excessive protein will turn into glucose, and since the goal of going keto is to stop producing it, you should carefully balance out how much powder you take.

Considering your weight is the easiest way to calculate the right consumption. Around 0.70.9 grams per each pound of weight is your daily norm. Still, dont neglect your keto diet goals. If you only want to lose weight, go with the lower limit. If you are working to build muscle, aim for the upper one.

Sunwarrior Protein Warrior Blend

Perfect Keto Whey Protein Powder // Keto Protein Shakes For Those Busy Days // Egged Out Meal Ideas

Short Description

This keto protein supplement blend by Sunwarrior is the perfect combination of ingredients in a plant-based protein supplement. Among those ingredients, we find pea proteids, antioxidants, MCT, legumes, and especially electrolytes to keep your body functioning at peak performance.

Pros and Cons

+ Organic, low-carb, and high-proteid, non-GMO ingredients.

+ Variety of flavors, many of them also vegan.

+ Perfect if you want to make keto protein shakes.

Non all ingredients are vegan; some only vegetarian.


Mix, shake, or blend 1 scoop of powder with 300 ml of your favorite beverage. If you want to use the prepared supplement more than once, refrigerate and use it the same day.


As mentioned above, the Warrior Blend Powder protein supplement comes in five flavors and two sizes, 375 g, and 750 g. The cost averages $37.

Best Whey Protein Powder For Keto

Whey Protein Isolate is a great, go-to option for the Keto diet! Unlike Collagen and plant-based protein, whey isolate is a “complete” protein and contains the lowest number of carbohydrates per serving of any whey protein. For added health benefits, choose a grass-fed whey protein isolate free of hormones, additives, and heavy metals.

In this article, we explore the ways to incorporate whey protein into your keto diet and why whey is a better alternative than Collagen and plant-based proteins to achieve your health & fitness goals. Step one of this process is to define “Ketosis.”;

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrowhey

This Platinum Hydrowhey protein powder by ON features the most advanced whey products. It features a protein source that is delivered to your body faster, youre going to feel the advantages faster.

Heres why youll like it:

Hi-Protein Yield this protein powder yields 30 grams of pure protein with each serving. This also means youll need to take fewer servings throughout the day.

  • High protein yield per serving
  • Does not taste very good

Summary: This protein powder is perfect for anyone who is looking for something that is fast-acting and delivers an excellent bit of protein. Its very low when it comes to sugar and net carbohydrate content which makes it perfect for keto diets. However, it doesnt taste very good so its better mixed into complicated protein shakes and smoothies.

Will Whey Protein Kick Me Out Of Ketosis

If you consume too much of any type of protein in one day or one sitting, not just whey protein, it can kick you out of ketosis. However, this is no different to consuming too many carbs or not enough fats.8

Generally speaking, whey protein is keto-friendly because its low carb and contains 25g of protein per serving.

Likewise, not consuming enough protein can kick you out of ketosis too. It can result in your body eating away at your lean muscle mass. Meanwhile, your metabolism will produce glucose from non-carb sources, which can potentially compromise your ketosis results.

Bulk Supplements Whey Protein Isolate 90%

Best Keto Protein Powder for 2019: 9 of the Best

This protein powder is best for anyone who doesnt want to spend a fortune on excellent protein powder. Although certainly not the best on this list, it does pack a lot of good products for a reasonable price.

Heres why I like it:

Good Value unlike other budget products, this protein powder provides you with an excellent source of protein.; You can add it any diet, inlcuding ketogenic diet without any of the usual drawbacks.

  • Container needs improvement

Summary: Despite lacking in presentation and packaging, this protein powder is undeniably top value for a reasonable price. It provides you with a hi-protein yield and a excellent source of daily nutrients.

Collagen Protein For Keto

In terms of abundance, Collagen tops the chart as one of the most abundant proteins found in the human body. Collagen protein powder originate from animal by-products . As a naturally carbohydrate-free protein, it is a popular choice in the Keto community.

Though naturally carb-free, Collagen is not a “complete” protein as it only contains eight of the nine essential amino acids. It is rich in proline and glycine , though, for lean muscle development, you need a complete protein.

Collagen peptides marketed explicitly to the keto community, are often fortified with MCTs , which are fats found in the oil phase of various foods, such as coconuts .

Though the added fats make it an attractive choice for keto, the flavor more often than not to mask the MCT taste usually comes with carbohydrates, so be sure to check the nutrition label carefully.

Are Premier Protein Shakes Keto Friendly

Thrive Market has been carrying other Premier Protein varieties lately, so you can compare those to the new keto-friendly varieties. Like many brands, Premier Protein claims that they are true Paleo foods. Personally, I wouldnt recommend these on a keto diet, but I wouldnt classify them as junk food, either. If you want to use Premier Protein as part of your keto diet, I recommend sticking to the original protein flavors. Soy Protein. Premier Protein uses soy protein powder, not whey, which is the primary protein found in many protein shakes and bars. Soy proteins have a higher glycemic index, so youll want to use them as part of a meal or snack, not as the main ingredient in a protein shake.

While soy protein powders arent the most reliable protein sources, they are convenient. You can pick up a box at most major grocery stores or major drug stores, or you can order Premier Protein shakes with net carbs and bars online. FATS: Are Premier Protein Shakes Keto Friendly? While soy and whey are both excellent, non-animal proteins, the main ingredients in some keto-friendly protein shakes are natural fats, like coconut and avocados. Premier Protein is a brand that puts both in their shakes and bars, but most keto-friendly brands contain only olive oil or walnuts.

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