What Is The Best High Protein Dog Food

Why Is Protein Important For Dogs

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To ensure your pet is getting the nutrition that he needs, its important to feed him a well-balanced diet that features high quality proteins.

Protein is a vital nutrient that all animals require, including canines. While mans best friend also requires other nutrients, like carbohydrates, and fats, protein is the most important. Thats because canines are naturally carnivorous, which means that their bodies need this nutrient in order to thrive. In the wild, canines hunt for their food, and animals make up the largest portion of their diet.

Protein contains amino acids, organic compounds that play an important function in several essential bodily functions. Canines require a total of 22 amino acids in their diet, and 10 of them have to come from their diet because their bodies do not synthesize them naturally. Therefore, its important to feed your pooch a food that contains a balanced blend of high-quality proteins that are preferably sourced from meat.

Protein is important for the following reasons:

  • It helps to maintain and repair vital cells and tissues, such as muscles, bones, skin, and hair
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • It aids in the production of enzymes, hormones, and antibodies

When Is A Dog Considered A Senior

Not all dogs get grey hair around their muzzles. In fact, many are as playful as a puppy for their entire lives.

In fact

You may have noticed that small dogs seem to age more slowly than large dogs. Its true. A small dog can live to be as old as 20 years. But a large dog can reach maturity much sooner.

So, how do you know when your dog has entered her golden years?

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association2

small dogs are generally considered senior at 7 years of age. Larger breed dogs tend to have shorter life spans and are often considered senior when they are 5 to 6 years of age.

Of course, all dogs are different. A healthy diet, regular exercise and good dental care can help extend your dogs middle age phase.

Do Older Dogs Need More Protein Or Less

Despite what you may have heard

An older dog needs more protein in her diet than a younger dog. Thats because , seniors need to replace wasting muscle mass as they age.

Whats more

A dog food rich in meat-based protein will not strain a healthy, older dogs kidneys. However, if your dog has already been diagnosed with kidney disease, be sure to ask your vet about prescribing an appropriate diet.

Although adult dog foods can legally contain as little as 18%, all our recommended senior brands above contain at least 27% protein.

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Canidae All Life Stages Multi

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken Meal, 2. Turkey Meal, 3. Lamb Meal, 4. Brown Rice, 5. White Rice

The multi-protein formula by CANIDAE is much more than just a delicious meal for your pooch it provides a complete and balanced diet that helps them build a strong immune system and fights disease. Its a great pick for dogs with liver problems as it features premium ingredients that offer optimum nutrition. With high-quality ingredients including turkey, chicken, and lamb, the nutritionally dense formula is free of common allergens and supports healthy digestion. A top pick for sure.

What Kind Of Dogs Need A High Protein Dog Food

5 Best Dog Food Brands on Amazon 2018  Wet &  Dry Dog Food ...

If your dog falls under one of the following categories, youll likely see some huge benefits to feeding your dog a high protein diet:

  • Dogs with weight problems

If your dog has started to put on a few pounds, it might be time to switch them to a high protein, a low-calorie diet that will allow them to shed the weight and keep their joints and overall health in top condition. The added protein will also help to curb their appetite, so you may notice Fido is less likely to request a full bowl, once they start their new diet. Head over to our review of dog food for weight loss for more options.

  • Older dogs

Dog food designed for elderly or senior dogs usually come with added protein- but it still might not quite be enough to manage the overall wellbeing of your pup. Having high protein dog food helps to keep your dogs overall body shape in a much healthier condition- feeding their muscles well into old age while supporting their joints. Find out more about senior dog food here.

  • Athletic dogs

The biggest example of the more athletic breeds is the border collie- designed to spend all day running around, herding sheep, this is a breed that will have boundless energy and can become bored very easily. Of course, all that energy needs to be fed, so as to avoid any health problems, later.

  • Puppies
  • Pregnant and lactating dogs

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Liver Disease In Dogs And Specific Diet Requirements

When it comes to nutrients, some people are confused about whether feeding a high protein diet is a good idea or not. Lets be clear about one thing: protein is not a problem for dogs with liver-related health issues. It is an essential nutrient that boosts proper liver function. It is the presence of ammonia in the protein that could trouble dogs with end-stage, chronic liver disease. If the liver is severely damaged, or if theres a shunt problem, the presence of ammonia can be bad for your dog. The key is to figure out the best protein sources with the least amount of ammonia instead of eliminating protein. It is best to stick to high-quality, animal-based protein with the amino acids.

On the other hand, if your dog has an early stage of liver disease, or a minor liver problem, a regular raw diet or prepared wet-food or kibbles are great options too. Just watch out for the amount of fat as it is advisable to give low-to-moderate levels of fat to dogs with liver problems. When the liver function is compromised, the breaking down of fats can be a struggle for dogs.

Next comes in the carbs. Complex carbohydrates contribute soluble fiber, which aids with reducing nitrogenous wastes and absorb ammonia. Some carb sources, such as oatmeal, contain more of this beneficial fiber as compared to other sources. Therefore, it is important to check out the ingredients thoroughly.

What Is My Take

A healthy dog can save you from a lot of stress in the long run. If you want your pooch to be in a good physical condition and full of energy, it is essential to feed him properly. If your dog is energetic and you need to help him release some of it then a self-play toy is a great option.

The ideal food is the one that ensures all the nutrients your dog needs for growth and development. High-calorie dog food will help your dog build muscles over time without developing stomach problems. If you are not sure what is good for your dog wed be happy to help!

Your dogs deserve only the best high-calorie dog food!

If you have any comments, please do let us know. We would be happy to hear from you.

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Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous Low Fat/low Calorie Recipe With Alaskan Pollock Dry Food

Best Low-Fat Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs: Reducing the fat and calorie content of your dogs diet shouldnt mean reducing the nutritional value. This Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous Low Fat/Low Calorie Recipe with Alaskan Pollock is a great low-fat dog food for sensitive stomachs because it is it is a holistic natural formula made with premium-quality ingredients and is complete and balanced in terms of nutrition. It features fresh-caught Alaskan pollock as the first ingredient with supplemental protein from pollock meal, turkey meal, and dried eggs. It is rich in omega fatty acids and supplemented with fresh fruits and veggies to provide natural sources for essential nutrients. This formula contains just 6.5% fat with 26% protein, so it will help your dog maintain lean muscle mass without triggering issues related to pancreatitis or difficulty digesting fats.

  • Pros: Very low in fat , fresh pollock as first ingredient, digestible carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables, rich in omega fatty acids, chelated minerals, probiotic supplements
  • Cons: May be too high in fiber for some dogs, not a grain-free recipe

What Can I Do To Satisfy My Picky Eater

TOP 5 Best Dog Food in 2021 (high protein & dry & wet)

One way to enhance your dogs appetite is to add tasty toppers to her food. Mixing a few tablespoons of a quality canned food to your dogs kibble can help.

Fresh, raw or cooked chicken or beef can also get your dog to drool over their meals again. Eggs are another popular appetizer scrambled or boiled with no salt, oil or seasonings, of course.

Toppers can safely make up about 10-20% of your dogs diet. Youll need to be mindful of added calories and nutrients.

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Why Do Some Dogs Need A Low

Youve probably heard that high-fat diets lead to heart problems such as clogged arteries in humans. While this is a common belief, it is not true at least, not completely. This doesnt take into account the fact that there are different kinds of dietary fats, some of which are good for the heart and some of which are not. When it comes to dogs, there is no evidence that high-fat diets are linked to heart disease. In fact, dogs and cats simply arent affected by the same kind of heart disease that clogs the arteries, so there is no need to restrict your dogs fat intake based on concerns for his heart health.

There are, however, other medical conditions that may necessitate a low-fat diet.

Pancreatitis in dogs is the most common health problem which a low-fat diet is recommended. This is not to say that a high-fat diet will cause pancreatitis in dogs, it simply means that dogs who have pancreatitis often respond well to low-fat diets because it puts less stress on the pancreas and gives the dogs body time to recover. Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency is related health issue that may necessitate a low-fat diet.

High Protein Dog Food Buying Guide

Now that you have seen some of the options available to you for High Protein Dog Foods, I will go over a few things. When you are browsing dog foods and they dont specifically say they are good for protein but you want to check, look for these ingredients: Meat, Fish, Poultry, Eggs and Dairy. All of these contain protein for your dog. Now, you may be asking what all can protein help and is it necessary? The answer to the second question is a solid, Yes. Protein is one of the single most important vitamins your dog needs to consume on a regular basis. Protein helps with many things in your dogs health, some of which are: building and repairing muscles, grows new skin cells, grows fur, builds muscle tissue, and boosting their joint health. To name a few. As you can see proteins are vitally important to almost, if not every, function of the body. Now that Ive gone over what protein is and how it is used in the canine body, I will explain some of the terms I used above.

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Tips For Reducing Your Dogs Fat And Calorie Intake

Before you make any significant changes to your dogs diet, you should consult your veterinarian. Just because your dog is a little bit overweight doesnt necessarily mean he needs a low-fat diet. Dietary fat is a nutritional necessity for dogs and if you decrease his intake unnecessarily, it could lead to other health problems. Your veterinarian will be able to tell you whether your dog needs a low-fat diet to lose weight or he will be able to diagnose problems like digestive issues or pancreatitis which may necessitate a switch to a low-fat dog food.

If your veterinarian determines that your dog doesnt suffer from pancreatitis or a digestive disorder, but he could stand to lose a little weight, there are some simple things you can do to reduce his fat and calorie intake without completely overhauling his diet.

Here are some ways to reduce your dogs fat and/or calorie intake:

Stella & Chewys Perfectly Puppy Beef & Salmon Dinner Patties Freeze

Best Dog Food for German Shepherd Reviews 2018: Top 5 ...

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Beef, 2. Salmon With Ground Bone, 3. Beef Liver, 4. Beef Kidney, 5. Beef Tripe

Stella & Chewy is a regular on my top dog food lists, and for more than one reasons. It is an excellent option for starting your babys raw food journey. It has probiotics and is free of all the known allergens, which means it wont cause any tummy troubles for your little one.

These freeze-dried patties are delicious enough to tempt the picky pups out there. With beef as the main source of protein, your puppy will healthily gain weight.

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Natures Variety Instinct Raw Boost Healthy Weight Grain

For a recipe that is packed with protein and is still lower in fat than traditional kibble, consider this Natures Variety Instinct Raw Boost Healthy Weight Grain-Free Chicken Recipe Dry Food. This formula takes the form of a protein-rich kibble infused with freeze-dried raw bites to provide a boost of flavor and nutrition. It is still a healthy weight formula, made with 15% fewer calories and 25% less fat than the original recipe, but it will also provide your dog with a nutritious source of energy. This dry food recipe lists fresh chicken as the primary ingredient and gets supplemental protein from concentrated sources like turkey meal, chicken meal, and menhaden fish meal. This recipe contains a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids with probiotics to support healthy and regular digestion.

  • Pros: High-protein kibble with freeze-dried raw bites, lower in calories and fat, rich in fiber, digestible grain-free carbohydrates, blend of omega fatty acids, chelated minerals probiotics
  • Cons: Expensive to feed as a staple diet, some dogs may be sensitive to chicken ingredients

Can Liver Disease Be Painful For My Dog

It depends on the cause and the symptoms the liver disease produces. These could range from being very specific to becoming very vague. Most dogs experience a feeling of malaise that progresses into vomiting, nausea, weight loss, anorexia, diarrhea, and possibly abdominal pain. In some cases, liver disease can be painful for your dog.

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Victor Classic Dry Dog Food


Victor Hi-Pro Plus is one of 4 kibble recipes included in our review of the Victor Classic product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Beef meal, grain sorghum, chicken fat, pork meal, chicken meal
  • Type: Grain-inclusive
  • Other recipes: Chicken, puppy, active sporting dog formula and more
  • Price: $

Victor Hi-Pro Plus derives the bulk of its meat protein from beef meal. Our dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 33% protein, 22% fat and 37% estimated carbs which creates a fat-to-protein ratio of about 67%.

An affordable, all life stages kibble recently added to our budget-friendly dog foods list. Highly recommended.

Sample buyer reviewI have 5 active dogs of all different ages. Its been a struggle to find a quality, decently priced food that kept a good weight on all of them and didnt mess with their allergies. Theyve been on this food since April and its been amazing! No bad reactions when switching to Victor, no allergies, and they are all a good weight. Highly recommend.


Annamaet Ultra is one of 7 kibble recipes included in our review of the Annamaet product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Chicken meal, brown rice, chicken fat, whole dry eggs, herring meal
  • Type: Grain-inclusive
  • Other recipes: Puppies, salmon, small breed, senior, weight loss and more
  • Price: $$

Especially popular with sporting dog professionals. Enthusiastically recommended.

Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Grain

Simple Quinoa Dog Food Recipe (Healthy and High in Protein)

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Herring Meal, 2. Peas, 3. Canola Oil , 4. Pea Protein, 5. Tapioca

Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Grain-free is a good option for underweight dogs that prefer seafood over poultry and red meat. This grain-free formula is high in protein and is made from herring meal, which makes it perfect for sensitive tummies.

Aside from fish protein, this formula is also rich in vegetable-based proteins from sources such as peas. Not to mention, this is indeed a holistic formula that contains compounds such as L-carnitine and glucosamine. So, with this one, you can rest assured that youre feeding your pet a complete meal that will take care of its nose to tail health.

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What Causes Diarrhea And Loose Stools In Dogs

There are several possible causes for loose stools and diarrhea in dogs. First of all, a soft stool doesnt necessarily mean diarrhea. Loose stools from diarrhea are more watery or very soft. Some loose stools are just not firm enough to be considered a healthy poop.

Diarrhea is usually caused by the consumption of toxic and unhealthy food like rancid food, while soft stools are normally the product of a poor-quality diet, insufficient fiber, too much fat, or food sensitivities and intolerances.

Healthy dog stool looks firm but not dry. A dry stool typically means constipation, which is also an unhealthy situation for your dog.

According to the American Kennel Club , there are 12 common causes for a dogs loose stools, namely:

Change in diet

It normally takes a few days for a dogs gut system to adapt to new proteins, for instance, if you shift from chicken to lamb, or beef to fish. The best way to transition to the new food is to gradually change the proportion of old food and new food in about a weeks time. A sudden shift to unfamiliar food could result in loose stools.

Food intolerances

Some dogs are food intolerant to some foods, which can cause unhealthy poop. The most common food intolerance is lactose intolerance caused by milk, yogurt, and other dairy products.

Food Allergies

An allergic reaction to food could trigger diarrhea or at least provoke the dogs GI tract, which could result in loose stools.

Dietary Indiscretion
Poisonous substances or plants

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