What Is The Best Alternative To Whey Protein

You Dont Have To Take Protein Before During Or After A Workout

What’s a good alternative to whey protein?

There are many myths perpetuated by 1990s bodybuilding magazines one of them is that you need to down a protein shake minutes after your workout to feed your starving muscles. While that might not be a bad idea for an Olympia competitor who already has all of their calories, macros, micros, sleep, hormone levels, and everything else dialed in, it doesnt matter for the average person. Your total calories and macronutrients determine whether you gain muscle and lose fat, not when you eat.

Effectiveness For Muscle Growth

To build muscle, you need to engage in strength training and consume enough protein that contains all essential amino acids and BCAAs.

Whey protein isolate is considered the gold standard for muscle growth, as its a complete protein, contains a high amount of the BCAA leucine, and is absorbed the quickest .

However, plant-based protein powders can also be complete proteins and contain high amounts of leucine, provided that they contain two or more plant proteins or are fortified with BCAAs (


Both whey and plant-based protein powders are effective for building muscle. Ideally, opt for a protein powder that contains at least 20 grams of protein per serving.

Banana Peanut Butter And Oat Smoothie

It’s tasty, ultra-quick and extremely portable, making this delicious smoothie the perfect post-workout snack. The carbohydrates from the banana are excellent for spiking your glucose, which promotes protein synthesis . The good fats from the peanut butter are also perfect for keeping your joints in check session after session.

Ingredients: A medium-sized banana, milk, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a dash of rolled oats.

Protein: 15 to 30grams of protein depending on size.

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Best Whey Protein Alternatives Conclusion

No doubt, whey protein is the best high-quality protein supplement for muscle building or fat loss out there. Millions of people use whey protein worldwide. Since many people struggle with milk byproducts like whey and want an alternative to providing them with sufficient protein, I wrote this blog.

I recommend these seven high-protein foods that you can include in your diet to complete the protein requirement. These seven foods are the best alternative to whey protein powders. If you like the meat-based diet, you can adapt almost all the seven foods, and if youre vegetarian or vegan, you can use eggs, soya chunks, or tofu to complete your daily protein.

You can build muscles or lose fat without whey protein powders. Supplement means a supplement to something. You cant lose fat on fast/junk food, and supplements are not magical that will do everything for you. Protein supplement is good only if your overall diet, workout, and recovery are proper.

I hope this blog helped you. If you have any doubts, you can ask them in the comment section.

Thank you.

Who Should Buy Jacked Factory Authentic Whey Protein Powder

No Whey, No Problem: 5 Best Whey Protein Alternatives  Mindsets and Reps
  • Anyone one trying to lose weight. This supplement delivers protein with little to no extra macronutrients. If youre looking to bulk up, you can toss this powder into a more caloric shake or bake with it.
  • Budget-conscious buyers. Jacked Factorys whey protein powder costs a dollar per serving, which is definitely on the low end compared to other picks on this list.
  • If youre looking for unique flavors, Jacked Factory offers Fruity Cereal Splash, Orange Cream, and Salted Chocolate Caramel in addition to the more basic Double Chocolate and Vanilla.

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Best Whey Protein Alternatives For Lactose Intolerant In 2022

I often get the question, like what are the best whey protein alternatives for lactose intolerant? What are the non-dairy alternatives to whey protein, etc.? I cant afford a whey protein powder what vegan food do I eat as a substitute for whey protein? I decided to write a blog about it to answer all these questions.

Whey protein powders are the most popular protein supplement, or you can say it is the most popular food supplement worldwide. As per the CAGR reports, the whey protein market is expected to reach $18 billion by the end of 2027.

Millions of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and fitness-conscious people use whey protein daily to prevent muscle loss or to build new muscles.

  • Easy to prepare
  • Great for muscle recovery and growth.

Out of all these qualities, High-quality protein, great biological value, and fast absorption are the most critical factors that make whey protein a favorite choice for everyone.

Whey protein is a milk byproduct. During the cheese-making process, the liquid and the cheese solids are processed separately, and then that liquid is used further to make the whey protein powder.

Whey protein is a versatile high, protein food, and you can mix it with anything. Its fast to digest and taste delicious.

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There Are Plenty Of Other Protein Powders That You Should Consider Using With A Lot Of Amazing Benefits

Are you looking at all of the negative side effects of whey protein powder and wondering what you can do to make the switch to something better? There are plenty of alternatives that you can try out instead of opting for whey protein that can easily can your life and your body in ways that benefit you instead of hurting you.

Healthy Skoopâs Organic Breakfast Protein

If youâre looking for something super quick and easy in the morning with enough protein in it, consider trying out Healthy Skoopâs Organic Breakfast Protein with Probiotics and Vitamins! This amazing protein provides natural energy and can even be used as a meal replacement or supplement. It is also packed with organic fruits and veggies, organic brown rice, pea, hemp, and much more, so give it a try today!

Making the switch from whey protein powder can probably be one of the best things that you can do for your body. Plant-based protein powders can significantly help your body in so many ways, so drop the whey protein and make a positive change in your life and body today!

Main image courtesy of Eat This, Not That.

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  • What Are the Benefits of Protein Powder?
  • Why Should You Avoid Whey Protein Powder?
  • Alternatives to Whey Protein Powder

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What About Collagen Protein

Collagen protein has hit its stride in popularity recently, not only in the fitness space but in the overall health and beauty industry.

Collagen protein supplements are unique in that they are high in two specific amino acids, glycine and hydroxyproline. These amino acids are particularly beneficial for joint and skin health.

However, the amino acid profile for collagen protein from a muscle building standpoint is lacking. It simply does not have the Leucine necessary to stimulate muscle growth on its own.

While it may not have a direct impact on muscle growth joint, ligament, and tendon health is obviously important for workout performance and recovery. When you have a nagging injury, you simply cannot train to the best of your ability.

If you have the discretionary income to add collagen protein to your arsenal go for it, otherwise you can budget your money on the other supplements on this list.

The best scenario would be to add collagen protein to another supplement on this list. Collagen proteins are typically unflavored, which makes this easy to do.

Natural Alternative To Protein Powder

Cheap (And Vegan!) Alternative To Whey Protein Powder

So what is an alternative to protein powder if you want to ensure the fuel youre consuming is as natural and nutritionally beneficial as possible?

If you struggle with the artificial taste or GI issues caused by traditional shakes, Velofortes all-natural Recovery Protein Shakes are designed to give you all the benefits including convenience and portability without the downsides.

Velofortes Vita superberry and ginseng blend, made with low-lactose whey protein, is gentle on the tummy so bloating isnt an issue. Our plant-based is perfect if youre looking for a way to get your vegan post-workout recovery done right. The banana, cocoa and maca shake uses a stomach-friendly blend of pea, brown rice and pumpkin protein.

Both contain the optimal 3:1 carbs to protein ratio to aid recovery, with around 23g of protein when mixed with fresh milk, plus natural carbohydrates to replenish energy stores and natural electrolytes to replace those lost through sweat. Enriched with real fruit and naturally occurring sugars, they taste delicious, too no cloying sweetness here.

If you prefer to eat rather than drink your protein but still want something you can take to the gym or out on a run or ride, try Velofortes hazelnut, coffee and cocoa Mocha protein bar. Or the apricot, almond and fennel Forza protein bar containing 10-12g of complete protein from all-natural sources.

Cheaper alternative to protein powder

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Stock Your Protein Stores

If youre looking for the best alternative to protein powder then, youve got plenty of choice, from Velofortes all-natural Protein Recovery Shakes and protein bars to options youve probably already got in your fridge. So get experimenting and find the natural protein source that works best for you.

Vegan Supplement Alternatives To Whey Protein With Pescience

The plant-based lifestyle is more popular now than ever, and with various health benefits, its easy to see why.

Some of the benefits of reducing animal products in your diet include:

  • lower BMI
  • healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • improved heart health

Whats even more promising is that these results can be observed even if youre not completely eliminating animal products but just modestly reducing your consumption.

If youre interested in an alternative to whey protein and willing to give a vegan supplement a try, use PEScience Vegan Select Protein.

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Know Your Protein Intake

Its important to understand your protein intake.

If youre looking to grow your muscles youre going to want to start at around 0.8 grams per pound you weigh and increase this to over 1. Some research suggests pushing this up to 1.5 grams per pound, while other indicates around 1 gram is more than enough, it really depends on who you want to listen to.

However, you need to understand you cant just eat 60 grams of protein in one sitting.

Much of this will not be processed and will end up wasted. Instead, shoot for around 20 to 30 grams per meal.

If you have three main meals and then two or three snacks, youll have more than enough protein to get the job done .

Even if youre on a strict diet, you can still build muscle with other whey protein alternatives.

Whey protein is great thanks to its low price point and excellent calorie to protein ratio. However, there are other protein options you can choose from that will fill the void left without whey protein.

Youll spend a little bit more on these protein options, but you can cut down on the cost by purchasing it in bulk.

Whatever you decide to go with, just know there is always an alternative to whey protein.

Cheap And Healthy Alternatives Of Whey Protein Powder

No Whey, No Problem: 5 Best Whey Protein Alternatives  Mindsets and Reps

Protein is an essential nutrient. Including protein-rich foods in your diet has various advantages, including weight loss and improved muscle mass.

Fortunately, there are plenty of delectable options to fit every dietary requirement.

Healthy protein sources, on the other hand, maybe too expensive for some people. However, while certain protein powders are pricey, there are many less costly options.

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Cook An Egg Into Your Oatmeal

It might sound strange, but cooking a beaten egg into oatmeal actually adds a custardy texture. To do it, cook oatmeal just as you normally would, then remove the pot from the heat and whisk in a beaten egg. This way, the egg will cook slowly without scrambling, and youll end up with thicker, richer oats that also have an extra 6 grams of protein.

What If Milk Upsets My Stomach

Were so glad you asked. Many people who cannot tolerate dairy can still consume many whey proteins, thanks to their low lactose content. If this is you, you might hesitate to try a protein blend that contains multiple parts of dairy milk for fear of upsetting your stomach.

But fear not. PEScience Select Protein contains less than 0.5 grams of lactose, whereas an equal serving of milk contains 13 grams of lactose. This means you should have far less irritation, even with a protein blend that contains whey and casein protein, than if you consume milk.

As you can see, there are plenty of alternatives to whey protein if you need a change. The plant-based lifestyle has so many benefits to the health of humans and the planet, so if youre feeling adventurous, give a vegan supplement a chance.

If youd rather stick closer to something familiar but still want an alternative to boring old whey, give PEScience Select Protein a try. Youll see and feel the difference with this innovative blend of whey and casein protein to give you the best of both worlds in one product.

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Best Hemp Seed Protein Powder

Hemp protein powder contains all of hemps essential amino acids, which are incredibly hard to come by in a vegan diet. Hemp seed protein powder is also high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

What makes hemp seed protein different from other vegan options is that its made from cold-pressed oil rather than ground up raw seeds. This means that youre getting something closer to what youd get if you ate whole shelled hemp seeds .

The 11 Best Whey Protein Alternatives

Best Alternative to Whey Protein

    Many gym goers, weightlifters and athletes, think whey supplementation is the only way forward when it comes to protein. But as the protein kings ourselves, were here to say thats not the case.

    Whey protein is just one option, which derives from milk, along with casein. Whey is created in the production of cheese, from the liquid whey that remains when curds come together. When whey protein is made, the whey liquid is processed and refined to separate the proteins from the fats and lactose, and then dried to produce a powder. Whey protein contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a great and very popular go-to for protein supplementation. But there are other complete protein sources out there well worth considering.

    But there are plenty of other alternatives to whey protein that may suit allergies, fulfil certain dietary requirements such as vegan and vegetarian bodybuilders or just give any flexitarians a different option.

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    How Much Protein Do We Need

    The recommended daily amount of protein for adults in the UK is 56g for men and 45g for women. In the real world that looks like one and a half servings of chicken or three to four servings of tofu. However, if you exercise regularly, you may need to eat more to kickstart your recovery.

    The American College of Sports Medicine recommends people who take part in vigorous physical activity have around 1.2 to 2g of protein per kg of bodyweight a day so if you weigh 75kg, thats between 90g and 150g of protein.

    In an ideal world wed get the majority of protein through our diet, eating foods such as lean meats, fish, eggs, dairy, pulses, nuts and beans. In reality though, there isnt always time to whip up an omelette for breakfast or a chicken dinner after a workout.

    And sometimes when youve finished a particularly tough or intense training session, the thought of eating anything makes you a bit green around the gills. That 30 minute window after exercise is the ideal time to reap those recovery boosting benefits so how can you be sure to refuel effectively?

    Thats where protein shakes and supplements come in.

    Often providing around a 20g hit of protein in one drink, shakes are a convenient way to make sure youre meeting your macronutrient requirements with minimum fuss. But what if you just dont like them?

    Brown Rice Protein Powder

    Brown Rice Protein gives those of us avoiding whey a great option that suits vegetarians and vegans. It is also chock full of iron, providing you 10 percent of your daily recommendation in just one tablespoon.

    You may usually think of rice as a source of carbs, but its good news for anyone looking to limit their carb intake as brown rice protein is isolated, containing only 2g of carbs per tablespoon.

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    Who Shouldnt Buy Cira Bright Whey

    • Folks who are trying to bulk up may want a higher calorie protein supplement that contains more carbs.
    • Buyers who are looking for more traditional chocolate and vanilla flavors which are great to blend into smoothies or coffee for a boost of protein.
    • Athletes who arent interested in a blend of proteins this pick is made of a blend of whey concentrate and whey isolate.

    Though this supplement is a solid choice for anyone looking for a whey protein, its marketed specifically to women. Its lower in calories, fat, sugar, and carbs than many whey proteins, and the flavors are a nice change from the sea of chocolate and vanilla.

    Why Consider A Whey Protein Powder Alternative


    For many gym goers, weightlifters, athletes and the health and diet- conscious among us, whey supplementation is synonymous with protein as if it is the only option available.

    Whey protein is just one option, which derives from milk, along with casein. Whey is created in the production of cheese, from the liquid whey that remains when curds come together. When whey protein is made the whey liquid is processed and refined to separate the proteins from the fats and lactose, and then dried to produce a powder. Whey protein contains all 9 essential amino acids, making a great and very popular go-to for protein supplementation.

    But there are others that may suit allergies and fulfil certain dietary requirements such as vegan and vegetarian bodybuilders.

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