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100% Native Whey Protein

Our natural whey protein powders provide a unique source of biologically active protein fractions. Misconceived for many years as purely a body building supplement, grass fed whey proteins can benefit people from all walks of life, not just extreme athletes. Apart from the valuable amino acid profile whey offers, the protein fractions that whey contains provide significant biological benefits.

Amino Acids

All protein consists of molecules called amino acids which are the building blocks of almost all life on earth. Each amino acid plays its own role in helping our body function. Bare Blends Natural Whey Protein Isolate is exceptionally high in Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, & Cysteine.


Hemoglobin Production – This essential branched chain amino acid is needed for the formation of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries iron in the blood, and regulates blood sugar which is burned for energy in the muscles during exercise.


Muscle Synthesis – This essential amino acid is critical for stimulating muscle synthesis and helps to retain lean muscle when dieting. Leucine is the main amino acids directly responsible for activating a essential compound in muscle called mTOR. mTOR is directly responsible for up-regulating protein synthesis, so leucine provides the basic building blocks for muscle and helps to synthesis more!



Helps to transport vitamins around the body

Support Healthy Immune Systems

Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder Review

February 1, 2021 By Jess Billitz

A trip to the Vitamin Shoppe is supposed to be exciting. Dozens of options, flavors galore, and almost guaranteed gains on the horizon.

But then you flip those 4-pound tubs around and scan the labels.

80mg of cholesterol?


190 calories per serving?

Choosing a new whey protein powder winds up being a lesser of two evils scenario. If you want the mass, you have to make nutritional sacrifices elsewhere .

Note quite.

From the Official Sponsor of Hard Work comes Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder. Now, does this rare clean supplement deliver on its expectations?

Were about to find out!

  • Wrapping Up This Ascent Whey Protein Review
  • What Are The Benefits Of Native Whey Protein Such As Pronativ

    Compared to traditional whey protein, Pronativ® Native Whey Protein offers a number of key advantages such as: improved recovery, excellent amino acid composition, and good availability. This makes it suitable for fitness enthusiasts and people who regularly consume protein powders and supplements.

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    How To Avoid Mechanically Denaturing Your Undenatured / Non

    If your protein is already instantized , blend all smoothie ingredients first, then stir a protein solution on the side . Finally, mix the blended smoothie ingredients and the protein solution as the final step.

    If accustomed to using a single-serve blender with an air-tight seal like a Magic Bullet or Ninja mixer, limiting the amount of air in the container will cut the air supply down to negligible levels and allow you to blend away.

    In all cases, the idea is to reduce the amount of exposure the whey protein has to mechanical shearing. Both the speed of the shearing force and the time under this tension are critical to ensure your undenatured whey protein stays that way.

    Do I Require Protein In Order To Gain Muscle Mass

    Native Whey by IAFSTORE SUPPLEMENTS (1500 grams)

    Protein is required for the development of lean muscular tissue. However, this does not imply that the protein must be obtained through supplements. High protein meals should provide the majority, if not all, of the protein your body requires.

    Suppose youre attempting to bulk up for a competitive activity. In that case, youll almost certainly need to supplement with protein powder to boost muscle growth because you wont be able to get enough chicken, beef, or eggs to fulfill your protein needs.

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    Who Should Use Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder

    Protein supplements, for starters, are extremely useful to athletes who engage in high-intensity training on a regular basis. You may not require additional protein if you do not exercise frequently or vigorously.

    This product is for you if youre one of those athletes that grinds all the time. Only an allergy to tree nuts, peanuts, or soy, which this Ascent product may contain traces of, will prohibit you from trying this unusual, tasty whey protein. If thats the case, Six Stars Protein is a good alternative.

    Aside from that, Ascent Protein may be one of the greatest protein powders available, according to its unique protein derivation procedures, which result in more BCAAs and better, purer protein.

    Types Of Whey Protein Processing

    For all commercial dairy proteins on the market, the milk used has been pasteurized to protect against harmful bacteria. This is true whether it’s “native whey,” whether the whey protein isolate was separated from casein by adjusting the pH , by disrupting the casein micelles using enzymes , by using positive and negative chemical charges to “extract” the whey proteins , or by any of the other processes available. In almost all cases, the milk has been homogenized to make the fat droplets more evenly distributed, and then skimmed to remove the fat.

    Why is all of that important for you to know? The processes of homogenizing, pasteurizing, or removing fat from milk significantly affects the composition and structure of the proteins derived from that milk. Yep, that’s right all whey has been denatured to some extent and is no longer in its raw, native state by the time it leaves the dairy processing facility.

    For example, one recent study showed that simply homogenizing raw whole milk has a significant destructive effect on the structural stability of whey proteins. It was as significant as pasteurizing the milk, or both processes combined! Skimming the milkâor removing some of the fatâand pasteurizing it was even more destructive on the proteins and found to be as damaging as ultra-high temperature pasteurization. The most damaging of the methods tested, predictably, was the combination of homogenization plus ultra-high temperature pasteurization.

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    Native Whey Protein Isolate

    In conclusion, it is clear that native whey protein isolate is the best type of whey protein you can buy. When my customers want the BEST whey protein this is what I tell them to get. If you are a beginner and just starting out with whey protein and/or dont have the budget to afford native whey, then get my CFM whey isolate or Molkegan whey isolate. But if you want the best this is it.

    Keep in mind that I imported this from Europe. That is what took so damn long to get in. If you like this stuff I would suggest stocking up. I cannot predict shortages, import problems, shipping delays, and other things that held us up so long. This is the ONLY place I will buy my native whey protein from . They are the highest quality whey producers in the world, and I refuse to settle for anything less. So stock up!!

    Manufacturing Flow Chart Of Native Whey Powder

    What is Native Whey Isolate? – BioTechUSA

    Native whey protein will have pretty much the same macronutrient profile as cheese whey protein. The protein grams, carbs, and fats will be the same. Native and cheese whey protein isolates will be 90% protein, and native whey and cheese whey protein concentrate will be 80% protein. Depending on the density of the powder, 1/3 cup of native whey protein isolate will yield about 25 grams of protein. Native whey isolate will not have the lactose that the concentrate does. This would be ideal for people that are lactose intolerant.

    The most up to date method to determine protein quality is the DIAA or digestible indispensable amino acid score. It has replaced the testing method of the biological value, PER, and PDCAA. The DIAA method is what is accepted by food research scientists to rank the overall quality of a protein that a human can utilize and help increase protein synthesis. It is important to know the protein quality of foods when it comes to helping feed starving countries and communities that are in need of quality nutrition. My research has to lead me to believe that native whey protein has not been analyzed. Cheese whey protein has. Therefore from a food technology standpoint, I cannot make an opinion on whether native whey protein scores higher on the DIAA chart over cheese whey protein. Hopefully, one-day native whey protein will be analyzed.

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    From Milk To Muscleaustralias Only Producer Of Pure Native Whey Isolate

    Vitalstrength PUREnWPI uses only 100% Native Whey Protein Isolate sourced directly from trusted Australian dairy farms.We use only the highest quality fresh Australian milk together with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes right here in our own facility in Shepparton, Australia.

    Bringing you a protein like no other, intentionally different.

    With no fillers, binders, anti-caking agents or artificial ingredients.


    PUREnWPI will foam when shaken with liquid, then settle. This is the ultimate proof of purity of process just like fresh milk or egg whites.


    Aiding faster muscle synthesis & recovery with a faster absorbing whey protein vs. other whey protein sources


    This product is formulated free from banned substances and is manufactured in an Informed Sport registered facility.

  • PurenWpi Vanilla

    I have always used vital strength for a long time normally just the WPI Chocolate. When I saw this one I was happy it’s more Australian whey, and how purified it is. I opted for Vanilla purely for the calorie count. Best choice ever! It’s smooth it’s not sweet and doesn’t make me bloated! Body recovers well after gym makes me feel recovered.

  • Great product

    Easy to digest and not an overpowering taste. Very easy to consume. Was also delivered in great time!

  • Lean & Clean

    Bought this from a recommendation from a friend. Quietly impressed with the macros and leucine levels. Aussie whey too!

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    What Exactly Is Native Whey

    The word “native” in this application refers to a process in which whey protein and the milk become separated. Emphasizing that the whey as related to being “native” is NOT a byproduct of a cheese manufacturing process but instead is isolated from the milk by pressuring pasteurized milk through a very small Micro-Filtration system. The system’s membrane is sized-right to allow whey protein particles to permeate while filtering the other macro nutrition at the membrane wall.

    What Is Native Whey Protein

    Whey Protein Natural (Unflavored &  Unsweetened), 2 lbs ...

    Native whey protein is a protein extracted directly from milk. It has a neutral taste and a higher nutritional value than traditional whey proteins.

    It is naturally found in fresh milk and is not a by-product of the production of other products. It is made exclusively using physical manufacturing processes, without chemical treatment and added ingredients.

    Native whey protein is naturally found in fresh milk and is not a by-product of the production of other products.

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    Buying Native Whey Protein

    Companies selling whey protein powder can choose between selling a native whey protein or cheese whey protein. As of January 2020, the cost of cheese whey protein concentrate is around $2.50 per pound. The cost of a native whey protein is around $4.50 per pound. Therefore, the cost difference is quite drastic.

    Buying native whey protein is pretty simple to do. A Google search will show a handful of supplement companies that sell native whey protein isolate and native whey protein concentrate.

    My company, Proteinfactory.com, sells both native whey concentrate and native whey isolate. Both are excellent powders. One can purchase them here.

    Other than my company, a handful of other companies sell native whey protein. The first company that sells native whey protein powder is Designer Whey Protein. They sell a native whey protein isolate that is made with Pronativ whey protein, which is manufactured by Lactalis. Lactalis is a large dairy company. On their website, they sell 1.85lbs for $49.99. The product sells as a food product, which means it has a nutrition facts panel. Listed in the ingredients are the free form amino acids, L-leucine, and L-Glutamine. In my opinion, I feel L-Glutamine is completely worthless. I have never seen one study with compelling evidence that it can help increase muscle mass or improve recovery.

    Whats The Best Protein Powder For Women

    Ive yet to see a medical reason why ladies should choose one protein over another. I understand that certain businesses target women in their marketing, but you may disregard it. Everything Ive mentioned here is applicable to both men and women.

    How important is pastured raised in protein powders? Pasture-raised cows meat and dairy are healthier than their corn-fed counterparts due to better fatty acid and micronutrient profiles.

    Protein powder, in particular whey protein, has neither fat nor vitamins. Consequently, some producers may suggest that you dont require protein powder from grass-fed cattle to reap the most health advantages.

    While I tend to agree with that evaluation, I also consider the animals and our environments health, and Im ready to pay a premium for it. Thats why, wherever feasible, I advocate using grass-fed goods.

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    What Impact Does The Native Whey Process Have On The Other Protein Fractions

    The average particle size for Whey Protein Fractions is 20nm . When the particle sizes of the protein fractions fall, a single standard deviation outside of the .02 Micron average, the Native Whey process inadvertently strips the protein fractions out.

    In closing, when it comes to whey protein supplementation, there are many whey protein forms to consider. We would be remiss to guide you away from grass-fed whey protein isolate due to the massive difference in nutrient potential. When it comes to the goal of most around muscle protein synthesis and achieving our daily intake goals of branched-chain amino acids, essential amino acids, lactoferrin, & glutathione, hands down, grass-fed whey isolate is the way to go!

    For more information or questions you have, please feel free to reach out and contact us!

    ~AGN Roots Grassfed Whey Team

    Grass-Fed Whey, Sourced the Right Whey!

    Morr, C V. Chemistry of milk proteins in food processing. Journal of dairy science vol. 58,7 : 977-84. doi:10.3168/jds.S0022-030284669-8

    What Is Native Whey

    What is Native Whey Isolate? – BioTechUSA

    The great thing about honest information is that it always makes it’s way out there, albeit sometimes it takes the scenic route via pack mule.” ~ AGN Roots Founder

    At AGN Roots, we’ve taken on the responsibility to source the best grass-fed whey protein the right way, but also to provide every detail setting the precedent that claims made impacting the welfare of animals, the environment, and our health need to be verified.

    Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of significant inquiries around the term “Native Whey.” As the questions stem from customers who’ve had recent dealings with a native whey supplier, we’ve approached this article through the following angles –

    • What & Why – “Native Whey”
    • Is Native Whey better than Grassfed Whey?
    • Is Native Whey Protein Powder Better than WPC?
    • What’s Different about Native Whey?
    • What are Native Whey Facts?

    Background: In the last decade, as the health & wellness boom has naturally elevated discussions around nutrition and specifically whey protein powders, there has been a corresponding rise in the number of whey protein brands representing their products as “native whey.” The industry’s most popular offenders of false claims like “grass-fed” are private labels and not the significant brands or ingredients companies. In contrast, the big-name brands are notorious for misleading information in terms of the stated benefits of a particular process or product.

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    Raw Whey Protein Is A Myth

    Although the degree of structural alterations can matter if you are using a high-end grassfed whey protein product loaded with macro-nutrients, consuming raw milk can be wildly dangerous with severe consequences. Subsequently, consuming whey protein derived from unpasteurized milk can be deadly.

    What Causes Denaturation Of Whey Protein

    The term denatured protein refers to a protein compound whose spatial arrangement is no longer natural.

    This alteration process that physically changes the shape of the protein compound is known as denaturation. Many forces have the potential to denature your whey protein. Some of these forces exist during the manufacturing process, while others, incidentally applied after the protein is in the consumers possession.

    The following elements comprise the primary forces that cause protein structures to change form :

    • High Heat / Temperature
    • Pasteurization Method
    • Mechanical Shear
    • Chemicals
    • Ultra Violate rays

    To Learn More about Native Whey ProteinWhat is Native Whey Protein?

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    Q: Is The Well Wisdom Whey A Raw Product

    A: Per the FDA, all powdered dairy products are legally required to undergo pasteurization in order to be sold. The Proserum® in our products is minimally processed using a single pasteurization and is dried using ambient air temperature. However, because we use the highest quality milk and minimal heat, our Proserum® is able to maintain the full range of biologically active protein components in their native forms.

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