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Fish Collagen: The Anti

Benefits of Collagen Powder // Multi Collagen Protein

By Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CN

May 15, 2021

Wondering about major sources of collagen? Fish collagen definitely tops the list.

While there are benefits associated with all animal collagen sources, fish collagen peptides are known to have the best absorption and bioavailability due to their smaller particle sizes compared to other animal collagens, making them antioxidant powerhouses. Bioavailability is highly important since it largely determines the efficacy of any nutrient you ingest.

Fish collagen is absorbed up to 1.5 times more efficiently into the body and has superior bioavailability over bovine or porcine collagens. Since its absorbed more efficiently and enters the bloodstream more quickly, its considered the best collagen source for medicinal purposes.

Fish collagens ability to be more easily absorbed by our bodies is thanks to its lower molecular weight and size, which allow the collagen to be absorbed at a higher level through the intestinal barrier into the bloodstream and carried throughout the body. This leads to collagen synthesis in the joint tissues, bones, skin dermis and many other essential body systems.

Since we dont tend to eat the parts of the fish containing collagen , making homemade fish stock or supplementing with collagen is the next best thing.

Collagen May Buoy Your Heart Health

Stirring collagen into your coffee may be good for your ticker, too. A small uncontrolled open label study published in the Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis in May 2017 looked at 32 participants who took a collagen tripeptide twice a day. After six months, markers of atherosclerosis , including measures of cholesterol and arterial stiffness, had improved. Researchers think that the collagen may help fortify blood vessel walls to reduce the risk of artery disease.

Collagen What Is It And What Is It Good For

Collagen is the most plentiful protein in your body.

It has various important roles, including providing structure to your skin and helping your blood clot.

In recent years, it has gained popularity as a nutritional supplement and ingredient in shampoos and body lotions.

Still, you may wonder what collagen is, as well as what its good for. This article gives you a thorough overview of this important protein.

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Potential Health Benefits Of Collagen Supplements

Because it makes up so many critical parts of our bodies, collagen is not only beneficial but essential to maintaining good health. However, the benefits of collagen supplements are still debated. While there is reasonable evidence that they help maintain hydrated skin and relieve osteoarthritis pain, more research is needed into less well-understood benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Here are some commonly cited benefits of collagen supplements:

Stronger Bones

As you age, your bones become less dense and more brittle, breaking more easily and taking longer to heal. Studies have shown that daily collagen supplements can help make your bones denser, slowing the aging process that makes them brittle and helping your body to produce new bone.

Skin Elasticity and Hydration


Oral collagen supplements have been shown to improve skin hydration and elasticity for older people. They might also help to lessen wrinkles.

Thicker Hair

While more men go bald, many women also experience hair loss or thinning as they age. In one study, a group of women with thinning hair saw significant increases in their hairs quantity, scalp coverage, and thickness while taking daily collagen supplements.

Healthier Nails

Some peoples nails break more easily than others, and dont grow as fast. One study in a group of women showed faster nail growth and fewer broken or chipped nails after only four weeks of daily collagen supplements.

Reduced Osteoarthritis Pain

What Is Collagen Protein

Bundle of Multi Collagen Protein Powder (Unflavored + Flavors)

The first question to answer is, what is collagen? Put simply, collagen is the most common structural protein in the human body. In fact, about one third of the bodys protein is collagen 1, 2.

Collagen protein is primarily found in our connective tissue, including ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and bones, as well as the gut, blood vessels, skin, hair, and nails. Its most significant function is structure, which is why its so critical for the body.

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Is There Vegetarian Or Vegan Collagen Powder

Most collagen supplements on the market are animal-based. They contain collagen from the bones, skin, and connective tissues of animals, including cattle, fish, horses, pigs, or rabbits.

An alternative for those who dont want to consume animal products is vegan collagen builders. These products dont contain collagen. Rather they contain plant-based ingredients that the body can use to build collagen.

Some people wish to avoid chicken collagen and bovine products, instead opting for marine collagen, which is made solely from fish collagen, and is, therefore, pescetarian friendly. Nutritionally, its quite similar to bovine collagen.

Taut Premium Collagen Advanced Formula

This product swears to make your skin more elastic, shiny, and firm, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, apart from strengthening your nails & hair.

With 13 grams of collagen, no preservatives, and sweetened with Stevia, this supplementation also contains hyaluronic acid and 300 mg of vitamin C.

The downside is that you have to drink one bottle every night for fast results, and the bottles are pretty expensive.

On the other hand, what they promise is true and can deliver great results especially for rejuvenating your looks.


  • Extremely expensive

Summary: The Taut Premium Collagen Advanced Formula is a synonym for a miracle in a bottle, but its a very expensive product.

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Increase Muscle Mass & Lose Weight

Want big muscles? Collagen might be able to help!

No, CB Supplements multi-collagen is not steroids and it wont make you look like 1975 Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it can most certainly help you build muscle.

Collagen is found in muscle tissue, but it is a small percentage, only accounting for less than 10%.

The secret is that collagen helps you recover significantly faster by supporting your joints with the amino acids they need to rebuild what you broke down during an intense workout.

Additionally, collagen may help stimulate the production of certain proteins needed for muscle growth.

This promising study, while small, demonstrated the positive effect of supplementing with collagen. Participants were either given a collagen supplement or a placebo. The group that supplemented with 15 grams of collagen per day showed significant improvement in strength and muscle mass.


Whey is like Ron Burgundy. Collagen is like Veronica Corningstone. Enemies or Allies? If you’ve seen Anchorman, you know the answer.

Collagen Helps Smooth Wrinkles And Boost Elasticity In Skin

Multi Collagen Protein | Skin, Hair, Nail, Joint and Gut Support | Ancient Nutrition

Skin health is the most well-researched benefit of taking collagen, says Lachman. In a January 2019 review in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, researchers analyzed 11 randomized, placebo-controlled studies of more than 800 patients who took up to 10 grams per day of collagen with the goal of improving skin health. The results? The supplements were shown to improve skin elasticity, help it better hold onto moisture, and rev the density of collagen fibers within skin. Ten grams per day is a small scoop, says Lachman and it could be a small step in preserving a youthful appearance.

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Health Benefits Of Collagen

Collagen is a protein responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity, or stretchiness. Its in your bones, muscles, and blood, comprising three quarters of your skin and a third of the protein in your body.

As you age, your existing collagen breaks down, and it gets harder for your body to produce more. As a result, many people turn to collagen supplements. These supplements are usually powders, though there are also capsules and liquid supplements available.

Collagen is also produced naturally in the body by combining amino acids, the building blocks of proteins found in food. To produce collagen, your body needs:

Fourteen grams of collagen peptide contains:

  • Calories: 50
  • Fiber: 0 grams
  • Sugar: 0 grams

The same amount of collagen peptide also contains 29 milligrams of calcium, 44.9 milligrams of sodium, and 0.98 milligrams of potassium.

But There Are Lots Of Different Collagen Products On The Market So How Do You Choose

  • Does it come from a clean, sustainable source? If its marine collagen, make sure that it comes from sustainably caught wild fish . If its from a bovine source, make sure that it comes from grass-fed and pasture raised cows and contains no hormones or antibiotics. In both cases, look for a collagen that is consciously-sourced and harvested in a sustainable way that reduces waste.
  • Is it in an effective dose? Most studies on collagen are in the 5-10 grams per serving range.
  • Is it highly absorbable? Without being hydrolyzed , collagen is not absorbable. Look for either hydrolyzed collagen or collagen peptides , which will be ready for your body to use!

collagen+and more

  • We start with sustainably-sourced grass-fed cow hides and wild-caught fish skins from sustainable industries, that would have otherwise been unused, for our careful collagen extraction process.
  • And then we made sure we provided a therapeutic dose of easily absorbed collagen in each serving. Each serving of collagen+ gives you 10 grams of easily absorbed collagen peptides
  • Finally, we wanted to make it simple for you to takecollagen+. So, we created two collagen source options: marine and bovine in both unflavoured and lightly flavoured options. Whether you choose to take collagen from a marine or bovine source theres a collagen+ for you.
  • both

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      Is Collagen Best To Take In Powder Capsule Or Pill Form

      In general, it’s easier to get larger doses of ingestible collagen from powders rather than pills. In our calculations , collagen in pill form was up to 10 times as expensive per gram than collagen in powder form. Drinking collagen as a powder dissolved in water or other beverages allows you to take a larger dose of collagen in one sitting than most pills. We didn’t consider any products marketed as a “collagen drink” as they tend to be more expensive than powders that you prepare yourself.

      Its Made Up Almost Entirely Of Protein

      Dr. Axe / Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein, Beauty ...

      Gelatin is 9899% protein.

      However, its an incomplete protein because it doesnt contain all the essential amino acids. Specifically, it does not contain the essential amino acid tryptophan 14/15.pdf” rel=”nofollow”> 7).

      Yet this is not an issue, because you are unlikely to eat gelatin as your sole source of protein. Its also easy to get tryptophan from other protein-rich foods.

      Here are the most abundant amino acids in gelatin from mammals (

      • Hydroxyproline: 14%
      • Glutamic acid: 11%

      The exact amino acid composition varies depending on the type of animal tissue used and the method of preparation.

      Interestingly, gelatin is the richest food source of the amino acid glycine, which is particularly important for your health.

      Studies have shown that, although your body can make it, you wont usually make enough to cover your needs. This means its important to eat enough in your diet .

      The nutrient content of the remaining 12% varies, but consists of water and small amounts of vitamins and minerals like sodium, calcium, phosphorus and folate .

      Yet, generally speaking, gelatin is not a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Rather, its health benefits are a result of its unique amino acid profile.


      Gelatin is made of 9899% protein. The remaining 12% is water and small amounts of vitamins and minerals. Gelatin is the richest food source of the amino acid glycine.

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      A Dads Love For Multi Collagen

      I love multi collagen powder.

      Adding a scoop to my morning cup of coffee makes the already pleasant experience of sipping coffee that much more enjoyable.

      Plus, a scoop of multi-collagen makes coffee into a powerhouse beverage that delivers 8 grams of high quality protein to the body first thing in the morning .

      But alas, children dont drink coffee.

      If your kids are anything like mine , you dont really want to give them any more energy than they already have because they already exhaust me everyday. In a good way, of course.

      So how do we get kids to enjoy the health benefits of collagen? And, what are the health benefits of collagen for toddlers and young kids?

      Using Collagen Protein Powder

      The protein powder is incredibly each to use, and you can incorporate into just about any type of food. You only need about two tablespoons of it in a serving, which is the perfect addition to your morning smoothie or another beverage. You can also mix it into one of your favorite baked goods.

      The website recommends using the powder for chia coconut collagen protein.

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      Supplements Help Replace Whats Naturally Lost Through Aging

      Collagen is the glue that holds your body together, says Angelone. It makes up about one-third of the protein in your body, research shows. Thing is, she says, your body produces less collagen starting in your thirties and forties. Collagen peptides added to your diet may serve to replace what your body begins to lack as you age, and support your overall health.

      Benefits And Side Effects Of Collagen Powder

      Multi Collagen Protein vs Bone Broth Protein (Which Should You Choose?) | Ancient Nutrition

      Collagen protein powders improve skin elasticity, supports bone and joint health, improves digestive issues, and strengthens hair and nails.

      Conversely, collagen is a protein that might be difficult to digest, which is why some side effects include bloating, constipation, and heartburn.

      Fullness is also one of the side effects, but that might be a good thing, especially if you want to lose weight.

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      Elm & Rye Hydroyzed Collagen Capsules Buy Here

      Elm & Rye Collagen Capsules are one of the most popular collagen products available today. This top-rated collagen capsule supports bone strengths, promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails, and supports stronger bones, with more than 16 mg of full collagen protein per capsule. Each capsule also has added vitamin C to boost your immune health as well.

      Collagen capsules from Elm & Rye make it easy for you to get your health and beauty needs on-the-go. No messy powders necessary. When you are traveling or in a rush to get out the door, just toss them into your bag for later without worrying about where youre going to mix your supplements.

      In addition to the convenience of taking these complete collagen capsules, you can feel good about knowing that you have chosen supplements from a company that cares. Elm & Rye looks out for your health by testing its products in a third-party lab and keeping a transparent, open dialogue with its customers. The ingredients are all sourced with a sense of responsibility to empower you in your wellness choices, while caring for the earth in methods and packaging.

      Elm & Rye Hydroyzed Collagen Capsules Buy Here

      Worried About Your Grandparents

      Collagen is absolutely for seniors. You should tell them to start supplementing with collagen immediately.

      Now for some insights!

      • Post menapausal women that shows supplementing with collagen improved bone density
      • Collagen supplementation to maintains bones health
      • Post menopausal women who take a collagen supplement may maintain better blood markers and better bone health

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      Can A Child Take Collagen Is It Safe

      Currently, there are not many known risks of collagen supplementation. Since collagen is found in many foods we already consume and our bodies naturally produce many forms of collagen, the risk involved in supplementing is extremely low. Theres an excellent chance that kids can take collagen peptides without any risk.

      Collagen should be thought of and looked at as food.

      Anytime you order your child a hot dog, a hamburger or a bone-in ribeye , some collagen is being consumed. Grandmas homemade chicken noodle soup that she brings over when little Danny is sick that contains stock made from chicken bones, is absolutely loaded with collagen.

      On the rare occasion a child is allergic to beef, fish, chicken and/or eggs , consulting with your pediatrician is a smart move. Wed also recommend choosing a collagen thats been tested for heavy metals Otherwise, feel confident feeding you children a food that is the building block to long-term, overall wellness.

      Now, lets get into the benefits of collagen for children.

      When And How To Use Keto Collagen Protein

      Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Plain Protein

      Keto Collagen Protein can be used whenever you feel the need for some energy, like before or after exercise or first thing in the morning.

      Just make sure you dont go over the maximum allowed amount per day, which should be about 3 scoops.

      You can pour it into your coffee, prepare a smoothie, mix it with your yogurt, or bake a cake.

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      Making The Ancient Timeless

      Supplement ingredients are only as good as the source. Thats why Ancient Nutrition makes sure that their protein and collagen ingredients come from non-GMO, grass-fed and pasture-raised, cage-free and/or cruelty-free sources without the use of hormones. They make it easy to power your body and mind with the same ingredients that healed and strengthened our ancestors. Taking the wisdom and principles from Ayurveda and traditional Chinese herbalism that have survived generations and combining them with current research, Ancient Nutrition’s supplements are rooted in tradition and supported by science.

      • BPA Free

      Help Tendons Ligaments & Joint Recovery

      Collagen benefits tendons, ligaments, and helps with joint recovery. Who doesnt need that? No matter what age you are, quick recovery is always a good thing!

      What happens the day after leg day at the gym? Your body hurts, specifically your knees are sore and hips/back are tender At CB Supplements, we arent scared of leg day and like to work hard. We earn that soreness.

      However, we rarely get sore . This is probably hard to believe, but collagen has amazing recovery properties. It can help to keep your cartilage intact, maintain bone health and maintains healthy joints.

      We work hard to grow our muscles stronger, but what are we doing to strengthen/repair those things we call tendons and ligaments that connect our muscles and bones? Well, unless you are routinely eating organ meats, drinking bone broth, or taking daily doses of a powerful multi collagen protein supplement, you are doing very little for your tendons and ligaments.

      Collagen will not guarantee from injuries , but individual results seem to suggest that collagen supplementation throughout the day has powerful abilities to help our bodies rebuild and recover faster.

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