What Is Impact Whey Protein

When Should I Take My Whey Protein Shakes

MyProtein Impact Diet Whey. Best protein for dieting? – Review

When it comes to whey protein drinks, timing isnt always everything. When you take protein is mostly determined by your own schedule and the physical objectives you want to achieve. I believe you should drink your whey protein shakes whenever it is most convenient for you. Some of us eat protein before bed to feel filled, sleep better, and begin our intermittent fasting. Some of us begin our days with a protein meal replacement because it is a convenient and quick method to replace breakfast.

When is the best time of day to take your protein supplement? I already answered this topic in my article When is the best time of day to take your protein supplement? However, you can also learn the answers by watching this video!

What Is Impact Whey Protein

Premium whey packed with 21g of protein per serving, for the everyday protein you need from a quality source. And where does this whey come from? The same cows that produce your milk and cheese simply filtered, evaporated, and spray-dried to produce all-natural nutritionals. Ranked Grade A by independent tester Labdoor for both quality and value, Impact Whey Protein is officially certified as one of the best protein powders on the market.

When Should You Take Impact Whey Isolate

Impact Whey Isolate is fast absorbing, so its recommended to be consumed 30-60 mins post-workout, but its also great for enjoying any time of the day to get the protein you need.

Add to milk or water, or try it out with your favourite smoothies or porridge at breakfast times for a protein-packed treat. Check out The Zone for some meal inspirations.

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Asu Researchers Rank Foods On The Basis Of Nutritional Value And Long

Editor’s note: This story is being highlighted in ASU Now’s year in review. Read more top stories from 2019.

Whether youre a bacon fanatic, a vegan or somewhere in between, the choices you make about the foods you consume reverberate much further than your own body. As more consumers become aware of this, demand for sustainably sourced foods is on the rise. Yet personal health remains an important consideration.

So how does the average consumer weigh both the nutritional quality and the environmental impact of a food? Until now, they couldnt. But thanks to recently published research that included ASU College of Health Solutions professors Carol Johnston and Chris Wharton as authors, there now exists the basis for such a tool.

Chris Wharton

This paper is as much about consumers making choices right now as it is about the future of protein, Wharton said. Because this is one of the most important sustainability questions of our time.

Hoping to address the growing conundrum, Wharton, Johnston and colleagues built an algorithm to assign a score to some of the most commonly consumed protein-rich foods and rank them based on their efficiency at delivering the most protein at the smallest cost to the environment.

Environmental impact was calculated through life cycle assessment analysis, which determines a foods environmental impact by accounting for a variety of measures in the life cycle of a food product, from production to consumption to disposal.

Carol Johnston

Whey Protein Is Convenient


The most obvious benefit is that it is a convenient, and quick option to replenish lost protein stores due to its ease of transport and use on the go. The powder does not need to be refrigerated and is easy to measure and mix simply with water or add to a smoothie, yoghurt, oatmeal, or other liquid. There are even ways to add whey protein powder into baked goods and other recipes for an extra boost of protein.

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Whey Protein And The Microbiome

While physical activity can increase the good bacteria in your gut, supplementing with whey protein can counteract those positive effects. A 2018 study that looked at athletes who specifically supplemented with whey protein found a decrease in the participants beneficial bacteria and an increase in the harmful bacteria. When the balance shifts and ones microbiome contains too much bad bacteria, one can experience uncomfortable symptoms such as severe and chronic bloating, constipation, stomach pain, gas, and other gastrointestinal distress. Athlete or not, no one wants to contend with these awful feelings on a day-to-day basis.

Flavors Of Myprotein Impact Whey

A protein shake is something that many individuals desire to consume soon after a hard workout in order to boost their gains and speed up their recuperation. As a result, it doesnt matter too much how it tastes all that matters is that it provides the necessary nourishment. Unflavored whey protein will enough for these individuals.

However, whey protein supplements are increasingly being used for baking, smoothies, and simply as a healthy drink to improve protein consumption, and more and more people are turning to them in search of tasty flavors to replace the snacks and sweets theyve given up. Youre on a diet and cant have your favorite apple crumble and custard dessert? Myprotein sells it as a protein shake!

Myprotein, for example, has more flavor options than ever before, and their Impact Whey Protein takes the cake in terms of the variety of odd and fascinating flavors available. Rainbow , cherry blossom milk tea,black sesame, and yuzu are some of the more unusual flavors available . We tried a variety of samples to see how these flavors transferred into a protein shake and whether they tasted as good as they sounded. We did, however, stick to the more traditional tastes!

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High Impact Whey Protein Ingredients

Now that we took a good look at the behind-the-scenes with this supplement, we can take a proper look at the ingredients it features. This is where we truly find out how powerful this protein powder is.

High Impact Whey Protein is much more than just whey protein. Tony Horton decided to add several other ingredients to the formula to enhance the benefits in each scoop, including HMB, Vitamin D3, Prohydrolase, Chlorella, and Chromium Picolinate.

Impact Whey Protein Ingredient List:

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Review

Remember that the ingredient list differs for each flavor and to check the ingredient list and nutrition label for the most up-to-date information. Nevertheless, this is the ingredient list of the Chocolate Smooth flavor.

Heres the ingredients used.

  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Cocoa processed with Alkali
  • Natural and Artificial Flavoring
  • Cellulose Gum
  • Acesulfame K artificial sweetener
  • Salt

The first thing that you should note is that the actual protein used is Whey Protein Concentrate rather than Whey Protein Isolate. If you dont know what this means, it essentially describes how the product is using a worse quality protein in an attempt to make the overall item more affordable. In other words, youre not getting high-quality protein. If you take a look at the ingredient list you can see that theres some clear use of artificial sweetener, and although its widely-used in many products, its best to stay clear of them entirely. So, what does this all mean? Youre getting low-quality protein powder and artificial sweeteners to manipulate the price and overall quality of this product. In other words, this protein powder sucks.

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How To Take Impact Whey Protein

Impact Whey protein is fast absorbing and therefore ideal to be consumed post workout. It can be consumed with water or milk as a delicious protein shake, or combined in your favourite smoothie or greek yoghurt.

Directions for Use: Protein contributes to the growth & maintenance of muscle mass, so to reap the benefits of this product we recommend adding 1 large scoop to 150-250ml of water or milk in a Myprotein shaker 30 minutes before and/or after your workout. Alternatively consume any time of day to increase your daily protein intake.

Serving Size 1 Scoop

Servings Per Container 40 , 100

Whats The Best Flavor Of Myprotein Impact Whey:

This is a brief overview of how I rank the five flavors of Impact Whey by Myprotein. As a refresher- I make my whey shakes with skim milk, some ice cubes, and of course a magic bullet. I used the same ratio of ingredients for all of these. So you should know that all my variables were kept very consistent. So here they are! As you can see the best flavor of Myprotein , is

  • Maple And Pecan: Wow. Just wow. This flavor blew me away even more than I already would have been just due to the fact that I was not expecting it at all to be pleasant. This, and a few of the others I bought just because they were so out there, but I have to give this flavor a 9.4/10. Excellent and authentic maple flavors, and the pecan has such a lovely sharpness to it that I love so much. The best flavor of Myprotein is maple pecan.
  • Tiramisu: Tiramisu is the second best flavor of myProtein in my opinion . Its weird because I dont even really like Tiramisu in real life. I always prefer something a little richer for my desserts. But Tiramisu-flavored Impact Whey is super well done, and Im really starting to like these flavors more and more during post-workout recovery time. This flavor has really noticeable coffee flavors, and also some sort of nuttiness that offsets the sweetness in the best way. Its super tasty.
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    High Impact Whey Protein Nutritional Facts

    One of the things you should always consider looking at when shopping for a new protein powder is its nutritional content. You might want to look for low-fat, no cholesterol, low-sugar, and low-sodium, but also ensure the calorie and protein content fits your needs.

    Take a look at the nutrition facts behind High Impact Whey Protein:

    • Calories 70
    • Sugars 0mg
    • Protein 15g

    As you can see, the calorie content is under 100. But there is barely any fat, no sugar or cholesterol, and a low amount of sodium in each serving. The 15 grams of protein is respectable for active people, but the perfect amount for anyone else.

    Since these are the nutrition facts for one scoop of powder, you can easily double up without consuming an excess of calories, protein, sodium, or anything else.

    Why Does Whey Protein Remain So Popular*


    In a nutshell, whey is the watery liquid that separates from milk during the process of making cheese. Whey protein is what remains when carbohydrates and fats are filtered out. Youll typically find whey protein in powder form, which you can mix with water or sprinkle on applesauce. You could also mix it with fruit and ice and make a nutritious smoothie.

    Scientists have performed an extensive amount of research on whey protein, and uncovered a wide range of health benefits. Here are just a few.

    • A great protein source As youd expect from the name, whey protein is one of the best sources of protein you can find. It digests easily, allowing the body to quickly absorb the protein needed to help build your muscles and cartilage.1
    • Supports muscle mass With age comes the loss of muscle mass. As you lose muscle, you gain fat. Research indicates that a combination of increased protein intake and strength training may help support muscle thickness.2
    • Antioxidant boost Antioxidants help the body defend itself against effects of oxidation specifically, the formation of free radicals, molecules that are missing an electron. Free radicals will take electrons wherever they can find them, including muscles and tissues. Whey protein has been shown to help support the bodys antioxidant levels.3,4
    • Better appetite control Whey protein may make it easier for you to step back from the dinner table. It helps promote satiety, or a feeling of fullness.5

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    Impact Whey Protein Nutrition Facts:

    Just a heads up. There are tons of flavors that this product offers and just know that the nutrition facts will vary from flavor to flavor. However, the nutrition facts Im about to show you is very similar/applicable to many of the different flavors. Nevertheless, Im taking a look at the most popular flavor, Chocolate Smooth, so thats what these following nutrition facts will represent. Remember to always check the ingredient and nutrition label for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

    For one serving size youll receive:

    • 100 calories
    • 3g of total carbohydrates
    • 2g of total fat

    If you look at the list above, its actually not that bad. Receiving 18g of protein in each serving size which only contains 100 calories is actually a pretty impressive ratio. Furthermore, minimal sugar, carbs, and fat really provide emphasis on the protein-to-calorie ratio, helping those on a bulk/cut achieve their goals. Not too bad, but youll soon see where the issues start arising courtesy of the ingredient list.

    Faq And Related Questions:

    Is Impact Whey Protein good or bad?

    In my eyes Myproteins impact whey protein is far from good, and is overall poor quality and bad. Although its affordable, it uses low-quality protein and artificial sweeteners in an attempt to lower the price and mask-up the horrible taste. Its a horrible protein powder.

    Does Impact Whey protein taste good?

    Even though Impact Whey protein is very mixable, it doesnt taste good.

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    Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Powder Review: The Best Shake For Your Meal Plan

    True fitness can only be reached when a daily workout regimen is combined with a nutritious diet. In this situation, a healthy diet should include nutrients that stimulate muscle growth in your body. Of course, this implies protein powder.

    Protein powder has a high concentration of amino acids, which promotes the creation of new muscle tissue and increases the amount of energy stored in your muscle fibers. Whey protein, in particular, is beneficial because it is quickly absorbed and used by the body. There are practically hundreds of whey protein powders on the market, so deciding which one to use might be difficult.

    What Are The Benefits Of Impact Whey Protein

    *HONEST* MYPROTEIN REVIEW | Impact Whey Protein | Impact Whey Isolate Protein | Vegan Protein

    It provides your body with convenient, high-quality protein, which contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass making sure youre getting the protein you need, each and every day.

    It also includes 3.6g of glutamine and all the essential amino acids, including 4.5g of BCAAs these naturally occur in protein which helps to build and repair new muscle1 so youre always ready for the next session.

    With just 1.9g of fat, 1g of carbs, and at just 103 calories per serving, Impact Whey Protein is perfect for everyone, whatever your fitness goals.

    And it comes in a range of indulgent, mouth-watering flavors, too!

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    May Keep You Feeling Fuller For Longer Compared To Other Snacks

    Additionally, protein slows down the process of digestion, which increases satiety. When a carbohydrate source is paired with protein, it keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

    This feeling of fullness and can limit over eating and help long term with weight loss.8 Whey protein was shown to be even more beneficial than casein proteins for satiety in overweight and obese individuals.9 When trying to lose weight, whey is a great option for increasing protein intake while keeping calories low thanks to its low fat and carbohydrate content. Adequate protein intake is important for preserving lean tissue while trying to lose weight, and is also beneficial during the aging process to preserve muscle mass.10

    When To Take Whey Protein

    In terms of timing your protein intake, post-workout protein is key for rebuilding muscle, but it is also important to include sources of protein throughout the day. While food sources may be useful at mealtimes, protein supplementation such as whey is an effective and efficient way of making sure protein intake is met.6 It offers an easy, convenient way for people to boost their protein intake without consuming extra carbohydrates and fat, often at a lower cost than animal-based proteins.

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    Protein Is Key For Muscle Growth And Maintenance

    The body needs protein for many daily functions, like immune responses, transport, signalling pathways, and cell structure.5 Protein is also the key factor in muscle growth and retention. Because whey protein is rich in leucine , it benefits those trying to build lean mass and decrease body fat.6 Since exercise causes both protein breakdown and protein growth, adequate amounts of protein need to be consumed to result in a positive net balance of protein after exercise.

    Is Myprotein Impact Whey Good For Weight Loss

    Nutrition Depot

    If you utilize high-quality whey protein appropriately, it can help you lose weight. If you want to lose weight, its all about consuming the appropriate quantity of calories while also ensuring that you obtain the nutrients your body requires. Because your body will feel full and satisfied after consuming more nutrients, you will be less inclined to give in to your desires.

    Using a high-quality whey protein as a meal replacement, for example, can help you consume less calories throughout the day. Make cautious to limit your add-ons its quite simple to turn a 500-calorie smoothie into a 1000-calorie meal replacement by adding good fats, extra dairy, nut butter, bananas, and other ingredients. If you dont want to bulk up, dont make this mistake!

    Because MyProtein Impact Whey offers just about 100 calories per serving, you may dramatically reduce your calorie intake for one meal by simply adding water. However, without the carbohydrates or healthful fat, you might not feel as satiated. To construct your own meal replacement for around 300 calories, I would add a bit of healthy fat, such as 80-90 calories worth of nut butter or avocado, as well as unsweetened almond milk to your smoothie.

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