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What’s The Difference Between Broth Stock And Bone Broth

Bone Broth Protein Benefits

Broth, stock, and bone broth are similar foods. Further, cooks often exchange one for another easily in cooking, but there are a few key differences between these three foods. Namely, broth, stock, and bone broth are made in slightly different ways and used differently.

  • Broth is typically made from meat and simmered a short while. Broths are light in flavor, and often sipped on their own as a restorative tonic.
  • Stock is made from meaty joints and bones, simmered a moderate amount of time and cooks use them as the foundation of other foods like sauces, soups and stews.
  • Bone broth is made from a variety meaty joints and bones, simmered for an extensive period of time, and typically sipped one its own as a restorative tonic.

Fake Bone Broth Strike 3 Ingredients

More alarming than both of these red flags is the listing of ingredients on bone broth supplement containers. If we look at the nutritional or supplement facts on bone broth products out there, we see some interesting things. For example, a product that has no bones. But they call it bone broth. Hmmm.

Heres an example of a company who is at least being honest about what is included in the product:

Theyve added supplements to the product to make it be more than a normal bone broth. I dont like the added flavors or the vegetable powders would those naturally be in a normal bone broth?

Heres a leading internet doctors label:

We would love to know more about what Chicken Bone Broth Protein Concentrate is and how it is made.

It could be done correctly, but the question is: what are they making? Is it a protein concentrate? Are they making bone broth powder? If it is a protein concentrate, then why bother with the broth? The broths benefit is from all the foods working synergistically together. Remember think whole food supplement!

Heres EPIC Provisions label, a Vitality Approved brand:

Its pretty to see the difference here. We are left with so many questions as to what is truly in Dr. Internet-faces powder, while in EPICs all the ingredients are listed clear as day. This is what we look for here at Woodstock Vitamins. Honesty and clarity in labeling.

What Makes Homemade Bone Broth Rich In Protein

The protein found in bone broth is primarily made up of collagen. Collagen is sourced from the animal or chicken bones that are used in making the bone broth. This is why bone broth contains more protein than regular chicken broth .

To get the most protein from the animal bones you are simmering, be sure to simmer them long enough, typically about 12-24 hours. Use a variety of different parts of the animal, or a whole carcass if available. Adding 2-4 chicken feet or beef feet to your broth is also a great way to increase the amount of gelatin in your homemade broth.

The best bone broths will be slushy or jiggly-like-jello when cooled, the gelatin shows a high amount of collagen-rich protein in the broth.

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Bone Broth: How To Make It And 6 Reasons Why You Should

Bone broth has become very popular recently, especially among health-conscious individuals. This is because its believed to have many health benefits.

Although theres limited research on bone broth itself, theres plenty of evidence that suggests drinking it may be very beneficial.

This article takes a closer look at bone broth, how to make it, and its potential benefits.

What Is Bone Broth And What Are The Benefits

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein: Primal Joint Support

Bone broth is one of the most popular trends in health and fitness right now.

Some people are drinking it to lose weight, improve their skin, and nourish their joints.

This article takes a detailed look at bone broth and its health benefits.

Bone broth is a highly nutritious stock that can be made by simmering animal bones and connective tissue.

Recipes for bone broth often include an acid-based product, such as vinegar or lemon juice.

This breaks down the collagen and connective tissue, and leaves you with a tasty, nutritious liquid commonly used in soups and sauces.

Bone broth has been getting a lot of buzz for the last few years among the health conscious. In fact, there are people who swear by drinking a cup each day.

You can make bone broth from any animal bones, but a few popular sources include:

  • chicken

Any marrow or connective tissue can be used, including feet, beaks, gizzards, spines, legs, hooves, hocks, whole carcasses, or fins.


Bone broth is made by simmering animal bones and connective tissue. The resulting nutrient-dense liquid is used for soups, sauces, and health drinks.

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Important For Healthy Joints

Bone broth contains bones that are rich in cartilage and this cartilage is important for joint health. Articular cartilage is the cushion between our joints to prevent the bones from rubbing up against one other, wearing them down.

Articular cartilage is made of chondrocyte cells that secrete the shock-absorbing extracellular matrix of the cartilage. This extracellular matrix is made up of collagen, glycosaminoglycans , and proteoglycans . These components of cartilage are specifically critical for maintaining the integrity of joints, as well as keeping the joints lubricated and cushioned.

When the cartilage in our joints breaks down, nothing but the building blocks of cartilage can restore it and bone broth is the perfect remedy for such damaged and/or inflamed joints.

It makes sense that if you need to replace damaged joint tissue (a turnover process that is actually constantly occurring in our joints, that you should eat joint tissue so that the building blocks are available to your body for restoration.

Bone Broth Powders Vs Liquid Broths

While both are equal in nutrition, making bone broth from scratch is very time consuming and not everyone has the time to sit around a stove all day in todays busy society.

For this reason, bone broth powders lead the way in advantage. All you have to do is reconstitute the broth in hot water and viola you have an instant body revitalizer and protein packed tonic ready for consumption.

That being said, there are so many bone broth powders on the market it can be overwhelming finding a high-quality made broth with the very best and pure ingredients.

For instance, the renowned Dr. Axe has his own line of bone broth powders on the market that are very popular but are slightly higher in price than some.

Lets have a look at the top 10 best bone broth powders on the market in 2021 and their pros and cons.

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How Is Bone Broth Protein Supplement Taken

There are a variety of ways to consume bone broth protein. Because it is in powder form, you can:

  • Combine it in water or in juice and other beverage such as coconut milk, cashew milk, or almond milk.
  • Put it in your smoothies.
  • Add it in your baking products such as brownies, cakes, and muffins.
  • Add it in your oatmeal and eat for breakfast.

Additionally, bone broth comes into many flavors such as vanilla, banana cream, chocolate cream. Coffee, greens, cinnamon apple, and turmeric. So, if you are not fond of pure bone broth flavors, there are others which you can choose from

Who Should Buy Bone Broth Protein Powder

Bone Broth Protein Powder Review | Health & Supplements

Bone broth protein is great for most individuals since it is free of most allergens including soy, dairy and gluten. It is full of amino acids and beneficial nutrients designed support muscle growth, recovery and weight loss.

People with kidney issues may want to avoid bone broth since it can contain lead.

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Bone Broth Makes Everything Better Including You

  • Heal your gut

I love it and use it to cook with. Great for soups, stirs fries and just as a drink.

Steph B

I use the bone broth in multiple recipes. It gives a richness everyone notices.

Paula L

This a fantastic bone broth. It tastes great when making soup, stews, gravy… really anything.

Donna B

Important For Healthy Skin Hair & Nails

The best skincare and haircare secret that will save you all the $$$ is that what you put IN your body is going to work SO much better than what you put ON your body.

The only way to truly help your skin is to nourish it with the building blocks it needs to renew, replenish, and restore itself. And the only way to do that is by eating REAL food. Bone broth will deliver a punch of goodies for your skin.

Hyaluronic acid, which is a glycosaminoglycan thats found in high concentrations in bone broth, is what draws more water to skin cells to help make our skin plump, resilient, and youthful. Consuming glycosaminoglycans have also been shown to reduce skin roughness and wrinkles.

Collagen consumption helps the skin in so many ways. It improves skin elasticity, protects against UV damage, reduces wrinkles and increases the repair of the connective tissue in the skin.

In other words, bone broth is anti-aging. Plain and simple.

And since collagen is so important for healthy skin, you can imagine that having healthy skin on your scalp would give you stronger, healthier hair follicles, which is probably pretty important if you are looking to get thick locks of beautiful hair and want to prevent thinning.

In addition to this, collagen is rich in the amino acid proline, which is the main component for the production of keratinthe protein from which our hair and nails are made.

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How Often To Drink It

Unfortunately, theres no straightforward answer to this. Many people recommend drinking 1 cup of bone broth daily for maximum health benefits.

Some is better than none, so whether it be once a week or once a day, drink it as often as you can.

You can drink bone broth by itself, but not everyone likes the texture and mouth feel.

Luckily, there are other ways to enjoy it. It can be used as the base for soups, or to make sauces and gravies.

Heres a simple tomato sauce recipe using bone broth.


Beef Bone Broth: The Protein Story

Bone Broth Protein Banana Creme, 17.3 oz (490 grams) Pwdr

Bone broth has been around for hundreds of years. Because it provides protein without any carbohydrate, it became more popular when several low carb, high protein diets arrived on the scene. The protein content is the big difference between broth made from boiling meat vs. broth made with bones. A typical 8-ounce serving of beef broth has 1 3 grams of protein compared to 9 10 grams in bone broth.

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Bone Broth: Pros And Cons

As mentioned, there are pros and cons to bone broth and collagen alike. Why is this important? Because it’ll empower you to use them appropriately.


What makes bone broth protein so different from a typical collagen supplement is that it contains a family of compounds known as glycosaminoglycans which include glucosamine, chondroidant and hyaluronic acid. These three compounds are known to help support collagen in the body as well as our overall health, mobility and flexibility.

  • Bone broth offers excellent support for the jointsand connective tissues in and around the joints.
  • It’s a great source of protein for people trying to lose weight, because it’s very satiating but also low in calories.
  • It helps to reduce inflammation and heal the gut, specifically the intestinal lining which is crucial for anyone dealing with leaky gut.
  • Bone broth contains extra amino acids that collagen doesn’t have because it’s made with all the components you’d get from different types of animal sources.
  • Bone broth contains both collagen and gelatine.


  • Because most bone broth protein powders are mainly sourced from chicken bones, they’re only able to provide type 2 and type 10 collagen. At truLOCAL, we offer not only bone broth from chicken bones, but also from beef .
  • It’s time-consuming to make at home.
  • It can be histamine forming and high in oxalates, so if you have a lot of inflammation or some type of skin issue, bone broth may not be the best option for you.

Organixx Organic Bone Broth Protein

In an easy powdered form, nourish your body with the same potent protein, collagen, minerals, and nutrients found in homemade bone broth. Their plain flavor is perfect for all your sweet and savory dishes so you can have pure, organic protein from breakfast to dinner.

It is made from organic chicken bone broth protein concentrate. This brands bone broth concentrate has high amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. It also contains type II collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin that supports your skin, gut, and joint health. Its formula is made with all-organic chicken bones, which means it has absolutely no antibiotics and hormones.

Organixxs Organic Bone Broth Protein contains an impressive 20 grams of protein per scoop. As a clean, pure bone broth source, it is easy for your digestive system to absorb and process.

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May Contain Additives And Preservatives

These are often added to powders to keep them from clumping and help with consistency when mixed with liquid.

They also help to extend shelf life. Always check the ingredient label for any of these additives. It should just say chicken bone broth or beef bone broth on your label.

You do not want anything with guar gum, xanthan gum, stevia or natural flavour.

Is Bone Broth Healthy

Dr. Axe explains Benefits of Bone Broth Protein.

Is bone broth healthy? Bone broth continues to enjoy the spotlight. In the past few years, it has become really popular, especially among health-conscious individuals.

Thats because like many foods, science has deconstructed the health-promoting properties its believed to have.

No one has done any real research on bone broth specifically when it comes to particular health issues. However, there is good evidence on the various nutrients found in the bone broth which suggests drinking it might be a good idea.

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What Is Bone Broth Powder

Bone broth powder is a convenient spin on traditional liquid bone broth. If it is properly made, it offers the same health benefits of bone broth and protein, all in a ready-to-drink powder form.

Some call it instant bone broth.

Bone broth is an ancient superfood made from simmering meaty bones and connective tissue in water at a low heat for a long time.

Depending on the type of bone broth youre making, youll simmer it from 12-40 hours.

This low and slow technique is needed to harvest the collagen and gelatin from the bones.

If you skip the lengthy simmer time then you have stock or broth.

The good news is that bone broth now comes in a powder form, meaning you can control how strong or weak your bone broth tastes. Currently you can find powdered beef or powdered chicken broth.

You drink bone broth powder by mixing it with hot water or a liquid of your choice. You can also use bone broth powder for your cooking. Ill get into more uses for bone broth below.

Powdered bone broth is typically more cost-effective than liquid bone broth. This is largely because it is produced in larger quantities and is not certified organic.

Boosts Bone And Joint Health

Over time, the cartilage in the joints starts to shrink from regular use and the natural effects of aging. When these areas thin, they put stress on the joints, which may eventually lead to permanent damage. Cooking collagen breaks it down into gelatin and distributes amino acids and proteins throughout the body. Collagen is essential for the health of the joints. According to experts, supplements with concentrated gelatin, such as bone broth, may increase collagen content in the body .

In addition to improving joint health, glucosamine and chondroitin may help ease osteoarthritis symptoms. Specifically, chickens have type 2 collagen in their connective tissue, which can help reduce stiffness and pain and prevent joint deterioration in osteoarthritis patients .

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Good For Digestion And Gut Health

Gelatine is the most abundant protein in bone broth. Once in the digestive tract, gelatine binds with water to support the healthy movement of food through the intestines.

Animal studies suggests gelatine, alongside other amino acids found in bone broth, may have therapeutic potential in inflammatory bowel disease although more research is needed to assess the relevance to humans.

Discover more digestive health recipes and tips.

Whats The Bottom Line

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder

Bone broth isnt rich in minerals when made just with bones, but it does contain protein and amino acids such as glycine and proline which you body uses to make its own collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. Maintaining good quality collagen benefits the muscles, bones, skin, hair, and joints. When made with vegetables, the mineral content of bone broth increases significantly making for more nutritious food.

However, there is currently a major lack of direct research on bone broth. Its unlikely this will change much in the future but the best way to look at bone broth is as a healthy food that can contribute to the overall quality of your diet.

At the very least, bone broth is a tasty, soothing, warming and incredibly satisfying addition to any meal or as a snack.

Doug Cook RDN is a Toronto based integrative and functional nutritionist and dietitian with a focus on digestive, gut, mental health. Follow him on , and .

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