What Food Has The Most Protein Per Calorie

The One Major Issue With The First Food List

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As you can see the list is heavily dominated by fish.

This proves that fish are the way to go if you’re looking to get in lots of protein .

And while some of the foods on this list really do pack the strongest protein-per-calorie punch, they still don’t do too well with another important weight loss factor.

You can’t really eat any of these foods in bulk, since they still contain quite a lot of calories overall.

And this is exactly where the second high protein food list comes in.

All Protein Sources Have Calories

You may think of calories as the same thing as the contents of a food item, like protein, carbs or fat. But calories are a type of energy measurement. They determine how much energy food will give you to use or how much energy you burn through exercise and other activities. You can think of calories as how much energy you have available after consuming food or how much food you need to eat to be able to perform an activity.

One gram of protein contains 4 calories, which means you can’t increase your protein intake without increasing calories. The goal is to limit your calories while consuming large amounts of protein.

But calories aren’t the only dietary consideration that should be of concern, though. Food quality and variety matter too. A balanced diet should be based on whole and minimally processed foods that meet your nutritional needs. If you only eat meat, fish and other high-protein foods, you won’t get enough fiber, vitamins and certain antioxidants that are only found in plant-based foods.

Parmesan Cheese: 358 G Protein Per 100 G

If you thought Cheddar was protein-dense, then you may be surprised by Parmesan.

The simple fact is that Parmesan is one of the highest protein foods in the world, and it provides a substantial ten grams per ounce.

Furthermore, Parmesan is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, and selenium.

This hard and powdery cheese is one of the worldâs best flavoring aids, and it is easy to sprinkle a bit of Parmesan on top of a meal.

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Lean Pork Chop: 224 G Protein Per 100 G

Pork chops are delicious in whatever form they take.

While the fattier cuts offer a better taste, opting for a leaner cut maximizes the protein content.

An 8oz pork chop provides around 53 grams of dietary protein.

Also, pork chops provide a significant amount of B vitamins, phosphorus, and selenium.

Nuts Seeds Legumes And Grains

Which Meats Have the Most Protein?

Pumpkin Seeds

Protein content: 30g

Ever wondered why pumpkins look so swole? Its because theyre full of pumpkin seeds and you should be too, because along with their impressive protein content, pumpkin seeds offer other nutritional riches in the shape of magnificent magnesium and zincy zinc.


Protein content: 25-28g

The underground legume is a fabulous source of protein, and if you steer clear of the roasted and salted varieties, its a fairly healthy snack. In peanut butter form youll get around 4g of protein per tablespoon.


Protein content: 21g

Along with their high protein content, almonds are also high in fibre and a great source of vitamin E, which is needed to maintain healthy skin and eyes.


Protein content: 20g

Find a friend because this is a prime fist-bump opportunity. Perhaps the tastiest nuts of all are plump with protein. Sure, theyre also pretty fatty and if you opt for the roasted and salted versions, salty as heck, but still, pistachios are on the list.

Cashew nuts

Protein content: 18g

Any open packet of mixed nuts is quickly picked clean of all the cashews. Is that because they are the tastiest of nuts or because theyre high in protein? Its probably the taste thing, but theyre protein-rich too.

Chia seeds

Protein content: 17g

The most in-vogue seed around is chock-full of fibre and protein, and most of the fat it contains is of the good unsaturated variety.


Protein content: 15-17g

Brazil nuts

Protein content: 14g

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Protein Payout: 3 Oz 121 Calories 17 G Protein

Don’t let salmon’s relatively high calorie and fat content fool you studies suggest the oily fish may be one of the best for weight loss. In one study, participants were divided into groups and assigned one of three equicaloric weight loss diets that included no seafood , lean white fish, or salmon. Everyone lost weight, but the salmon eaters had the lowest fasting insulin levels and a marked reduction in inflammation. Another study in the International Journal of Obesity found that eating three 5-ounce servings of salmon per week for four weeks as part of a low-calorie diet resulted in approximately 2.2 pounds more weight lost than following an equip-calorie diet that didn’t include fish. Wild salmon is leaner than farmed, which is plumped up on fishmeal and it’s also proven to be significantly lower in cancer-linked PCBs. So go wild literally. This is a protein-rich fish you don’t want to miss!

The Complete High Protein Food List

Eating sufficient protein can help with weight loss while preserving muscle. Print this high protein food list for your fridge or notebook today and get new ideas for dietary protein.

Getting older, and becoming the old lady on the bikini stage, Ive been consuming more protein. I recently wrote about my top 25 protein foods I eat the most here.

But, I thought a more comprehensive list would be fun to make, organized by how many grams of protein you get when weights are equal .

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Protein Payout: 4 Oz 166 Calories 23 G Of Protein

While grass-fed beef is an excellent choice, bison’s profile has been rising in recent years, and for good reason: It has half the fat of and fewer calories than red meat. According to the USDA, while a 90 percent lean hamburger may average 10 grams of fat, a comparatively sized buffalo burger rings in at two grams of fat with 24 grams of protein, making it one of the leanest meats around. But wait, taking a chance on this unexpected meat will earn you two healthy bonuses: In just one serving you’ll get a full day’s allowance of vitamin B-12, which has been shown to boost energy and help shut down the genes responsible for insulin resistance and the formation of fat cells additionally, since bison are naturally grass-fed, you can confidently down your burger knowing it’s free of the hormones and pollutants than can manifest themselves in your belly fat.

Speaking of belly fat, blast it away with the help of these six moves for six-pack abs from personal trainers.

How Much Protein You Need

Comparison: Highest Calorie Foods

Most people do well consuming about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Once you know how much protein you need, you can build a meal plan that incorporates the high-protein foods you like best. While chicken, fish, and red meat may be the most obvious dietary protein sources, if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, you can get protein from plant sources like beans, nuts, and seeds.

These guidelines are general. The amount of protein in each food source can vary, especially according to how they’re prepared and cooked. You can use this method of counting servings in place of counting grams.

One ounce of lean beef, pork, skinless poultry, fish, or shellfish provides about 7 grams of protein. For other protein-containing foods, the following serving sizes are roughly equivalent to 1 ounce of meat. The USDA recommends at least two of these ounce-equivalents each day:

  • 1 egg
  • Chicken breast : 54 grams
  • Turkey breast, roasted : 34 grams
  • Chicken thigh : 13.4 grams
  • Chicken drumstick : 12 grams
  • Chicken wing : 6 grams
  • Turkey breast : 3.6 grams

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What About Protein Powder

Protein powder may seem like the perfect option for low-calorie dieters. Depending on the powder and how you’re using it, it can be.

Whey protein is considered a low-calorie protein powder. It’s effective at supplying the body with essential amino acids, calcium, protein, carbs, and some brands are fortified with potassium and iron.

While additional studies are needed, currently there are little adverse side effects associated with whey protein. Some brands contain ingredients that may interact with certain drugs, so be sure to confirm with your doctor that none of your meds are contraindicated.

One of the things you should be wary of when looking for protein powders to supplement your intake is over-relying on them, according to a study in the May 2018 issue of the Journal of Dietary Supplements. It’s all too common for these products to be used more than necessary because of their convenience.

Just remember, protein powders are processed foods that may lack essential nutrients found in whole foods. Although they may fill a gap in your diet, they may lead to nutrient deficiencies when consumed in excess or as a replacement for real food.

Protein Payout: Two Slices 138

Not all breads are carb bombs waiting to shatter your weight loss goals. This nutrient-dense bread is loaded with folate-filled lentils, protein and good-for-you grains and seeds like barley and millet. To boost the flavor of your slices, make a veggie sandwich overflowing with wholesome nutrients. On two slices of sprouted whole-grain bread combine tahini-free hummus, avocado slices, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, onions, spinach and tomatoes, one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

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Cocoa: 20 G Protein Per 100 G

Perhaps surprisingly for many people, cocoa contains a significant amount of protein.

While we do not usually eat it in substantial portions, a serving or two of dark chocolate from time to time can contribute some extra protein to the diet.

It is also a decent plant-based protein for those who follow vegetarian or vegan lifestyles.

Protein Bars With The Most Protein And Least Calories

How Much Protein Do You Need?

This list contains over 193 protein bars which we have taken from the food discovery tool and continually update with new food items and protein bars each and every week.

We have filtered to show all protein bars in the database and then sorted them by their protein per 100 calories in a descending order, so those with the most will be at the top.

You can scroll through the entire protein bar database right here and see every bar in the directory, the further you go through the table the less amount of protein per 100 calories you will find in each bar.

If you have more questions, head on over to the food discovery tool to filter and sort the entire database of outdoor and sports foods to find the best foods for on the go, your next adventure, marathon race or camping trip.

The top 20 protein bars with the most protein per 100 calories have at least 11.05 grams of protein for every 100 calories of that food item, with the most having 15 grams per 100 calories.

If you are limited to the amount of calories you have left for the day, you can be sure to still get a decent amount of protein, no matter what diet you are on with the remaining calories left.

The top 20 here show that if you were to choose any of these, you can get the following combinations of protein for X calories.

top pick

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Select Meal Portions For Eating More Calories

  • 1/2 Cup of Macadamia Nuts: 474 calories
  • 1/2 Cup of Almonds: 411 calories
  • 1 Glass of Grape Juice : 308 calories
  • 2 Whole Wheat Crackers with a 1 ounce slice of Cheese on each: 262 calories
  • 2 Whole Wheat Crackers with 1 tbsp of Peanut Butter on each: 224 calories
  • 1 Cup Brown Rice : 218 calories
  • 1 Cup Brown Rice with 2 tbsp of Olive Oil: 466 calories
  • 1 Cup Oatmeal : 166 calories
  • 1 Cup Oatmeal with 1/4 Cup Raisins and 1/4 Cup Almonds: 480 calories
  • 1 Square of Dark Chocolate : 145 calories
  • 1/2 Cup of Dates: 208 calories
  • 1/2 Cup of Dried Apricots: 156 calories

Top 10 Foods Highest In Protein Per Calorie

Protein is a macronutrient necessary for the proper growth and function of the human body. There is considerable debate over the amount of protein a person needs to consume per day, the current recommended daily intake for protein is 46 grams for women aged 19-70, and 56 grams for men aged 19-70. Any excess protein is turned into energy by the body, and it is controversial whether this excess protein causes a strain on the liver.A deficiency in protein intake leads to muscle atrophy, inability to build muscle,and impaired functioning of the human body in general.High protein foods include meat, fish, cheese, tofu, beans, lentils, yogurt, eggs, nuts, and seeds. Below is a list of foods with the highest protein to calorie ratio, for more information, see the sections on protein dense foods, other protein rich foods, low calorie high protein snacks, and protein isolates.

  • Fish Other fish high in protein per fillet: Tuna , Salmon , Halibut , Snapper , Perch, Flounder and Sole , Cod , Tilapia .
  • Cheese Other cheese high in protein per ounce: Low-fat Cottage Cheese , Low-fat Swiss Cheese , Low-fat Cheddar , Parmesan , Romano . *Low or Non Fat Mozzarella and Cottage Cheese provide the most protein per calorie, full fat cheeses typically only provide 1g protein per 20 calories, and are less optimal sources of protein.
  • Lean Beef and Veal T-Bone Steak 3oz provides 19g of protein, 1 Piece of Beef Jerky provides 7g of protein.
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    Good Culture Organic Whole Milk Cottage Cheese

    Protein per serving: 19 grams

    To mix things up, opt for this oft-overlooked grab-and-go dairy item in lieu of your daily yogurt. With a low sugar count, it packs an impressive 19 grams of protein into its diminutive 5.3-ounce container. “The fact that includes live and active probiotics makes it a good alternative to anyone that does like yogurt but still wants to have a high protein snack that can help with gut heath,” says dietitian Emily Tills, MS, RDN, CDN, founder of Nourished With Emily.

    Find the taste a bit bland? Mix in a few small pieces of pineapple or melon. Both fruits make for a delicious pairing.

    Protein Payout: 1/4 Cup 180 Calories 7 Grams Of Protein

    Eating the TOP 10 HIGHEST CALORIE Fast Food Items!

    This nutty-flavored gluten-free grain may be small, but it packs a mighty nutritional punch. It’s loaded with fiber, essential amino acids, calcium and vitamin C a nutrient not typically found in grains. To reap the benefits, trade your morning oatmeal in for a protein-packed teff porridge. Combine a half cup of teff with one a half cups of water and a pinch of salt in a medium saucepan. Let it come to a boil before turning the heat down to low and letting it simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove from heat and top with apples, cinnamon and a dollop of natural peanut butter.

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    Lamb Chop: 204 G Protein Per 100 G

    Some people refer to lamb as âthe king of meat.â

    The reason why is simple lamb contains all the beneficial nutrients that beef does, but it also provides extra amounts of CLA and omega-3 thanks to all the grazing on pasture lamb do.

    Just like beef, lamb takes its place as one of the highest protein foods, and it contains over 20 grams of protein per 100 grams.

    Why Is Protein Important

    First things first. Why is protein essential for your health?

    A diet thats high in protein can help lower blood pressure, decrease your risk of developing diabetes, help you lose weight and build muscle, says Hopsecger.

    Here are some other reasons why protein is important. Protein:

    • Oxygenates red blood cells, helping to supply your body with nutrients.
    • Regulates hormones.
    • Speeds up exercise recovery and injury.

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    Foods And Beverages To Avoid

    Its clear that eating a low-carb diet can be extremely effective for losing weight. 27Similarly, cutting back on fat can also be a winning weight loss strategy.28 And, of course, eating more protein can help you feel full so you naturally eat less and lose weight.29

    On the other hand, eating foods high in refined carbs and fats rather than prioritizing protein can promote weight gain.30

    Highly-processed foods have protein percentages near zero, and theyre loaded with empty calories. When protein intake is low due to being diluted by large amounts of fat, carbs, or both people are driven to eat more in order to meet their protein needs.31

    Steer clear of the foods on this list:

    Lentils: 258 G Protein Per 100 G

    Protein per Calorie: The Smart Way to get more Protein ...

    Many plant-based foods that claim to be high in protein are not significant sources.

    For example, broccoli is often promoted as a âprotein-richâ vegan option. In reality, it contains less than three grams per 100 g.

    In contrast, lentils genuinely are rich in protein. They are not a complete protein regarding their amino acid content, but they are one of the best sources for those who donât eat meat.

    A 1/2 cup serving provides around 25 grams of protein.

    Lentils are also one of the best foods for people who prefer a higher carb diet, and they offer a good source of essential nutrients like iron, magnesium, and potassium.

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    Understand Calories: Energy Vs Nutrient

    Calories are often considered the best unit to quantify how much energy a particular food source can provide. Know calories are a measurement of the energy supplied by food and are NOT an actual nutrient.

    Where do these calories come from then? Calories will only be made up of one or a combination of three fundamental nutrient components

    1. Carbohydrates: 1 gram = 4 calories

    2. Protein: 1 gram = 4 calories

    3. Fat: 1 gram = 9 calories

    Carbohydrates and proteins provide four calories per gram, while fat delivers a whopping nine calories per gram. All food contains one or more of these components, and their exact amounts contribute to the final calorie count of the food that you eat.

    Carbohydrates + Protein + Fat = Calories

    For example: a Greenbelly Meal contains about 650 calories. Of these calories, about 400 are from carbohydrates , 65 are from protein , and 190 are from fat .

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