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When Should I Take Premier Protein Drink

Premier Protein High Protein Shake Review

Drink Premier protein with an appropriate diet. Dont make the mistake of having premier protein for all your meals. Having any drink on its own is bad for the body.

There is no real right answer for when you should have premier protein. It depends when is best for you. Some people love having a protein drink in the morning.

A morning shake provides a great source of energy and protein. If you have daily macro targets, morning is the perfect time to start reaching those.

Premier protein drink is also a great post-workout shake. No shaking up. Just grab and go. Your muscles will get the benefit of 30 grams of protein to rebuild and grow.

Alternatively, premier protein drink can be used as a snack. It all depends on how you want to use premier protein.

Why Do You Need Protein

The source of protein found in protein shakes is also essential.

Ingredients such as whey, casein, soy, and peas are examples of the protein source used for these products.

These ingredients contain essential amino acids to promote health, satiety, and muscle building.

For vegetarians or vegans, soy and peas are the best choices for a plant-based protein source.

Eating soy protein is more beneficial for those who have heart conditions.

Whey protein is the watery portion of milk you get during the process of making cheese. Hence, Premier Protein is a milk protein concentrate.

Meeting your recommended daily protein needs is essential for your health.

Protein is used by several cells and organs to function. You will benefit from taking supplements or fortified drinks when taken with the right amount of protein.

Premier Protein shakes contain more protein than other brands.

It has 30 grams of protein per serving.

It also offers a good amount of vitamins and minerals. Premier Protein is known for its low-fat content with 0.5 g saturated fat.

Moreover, it contains only 1 g of sugar. Premier Protein shake has a sufficient amount of 5g of carbohydrates and 3 g of dietary fiber.

Premier Protein is fortified with calcium, zinc, iron, and magnesium minerals.

In addition, it has various vitamins like D, E, C, and B complex.

It uses an artificial sweetener to enhance its taste without adding calories to it and prevent unwanted weight gain.

Where To Buy Premier Protein Drink

Premier Protein Drink is available from all the favorite online stores such as Walmart and Amazon. I prefer buying mine from the manufacturers Website as it comes with amazing discounts and Im assured of originality.

The good news is that this supplement is readily available, and you dont need any prescription for it. Just order online and have it delivered wherever you are.

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About The Premier Protein Shake

The information on the Premier Protein Shake reviews and ingredients will help you take all of the information that is available and decide whether it is something you would like to invest in or not.

While the Premier Protein Shake has all of the usual ingredients that most body building supplements have, many people have complained about the taste. Up until recently this low calorie shake and food replacement product was only available in chocolate. After several reviews the company expanded their selection to include vanilla.

What’s in Premier Protein Shake?

Listed below are the ingredients and nutritional information for both the chocolate and vanilla Premier Protein Shake.

Diet Info and Calories in Premier Protein Shake, Chocolate

Diet Info and Calories in Premier Protein Shake, Vanilla

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Is Premier Protein Good For Weight Loss

The Bariatric Food Dude: Why I Can


If you have premier protein drink for all your meals, then no. Its not good for weight loss. Its not worth the health risk, considering the artificial ingredients of sucralose, flavorings within premier protein.

However, there is no denying premier protein contains all the macros needed to lose weight.

So this lead me to my next point.

Does Premier Protein Work?


High in protein, low calories, and low in sugar. Its a perfect combination to reach your fitness goals.

If you are working out and taking premier protein, Im sure you will see some weight loss.

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Iconic Lean Protein Shake

Made with clean ingredients like grass-fed milk protein isolate, cocoa powder, sea salt, and real Colombian Coffee this is one of the better bottles in the supplement store. âItâs very rich in protein, and itâs perfect for muscle building and maintenance because it also contains calcium and vitamin B12,â says dietitian Ilyse Schapiro, MS, RD, CDN.

What Is The Best Protein Shake On Keto

The best protein shake on keto is sugar-free and low-carb. They also help you ensure that you are getting the exact amount of protein you need on the keto diet.

The right protein shake will also fit your macro limits, which not all products can offer.

In general, your keto-friendly protein shake should only have 4g carbs or less per serving with sufficient nutrients to make it a healthy option.

We have a list of keto-friendly protein shake recommendations you can try!

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Benefits Of Premier Protein Drinks

  • They assist in weight loss.
  • They can occasionally be used to substitute meals in a diet.
  • It aids with muscular development.
  • It aids in the re-establishment of appetite.
  • It aids with weight growth.

The easiest approach to improve your protein consumption is to drink ready-to-drink smoothies. Purchasing ready-to-drink protein drinks is a highly handy and stress-free way. These beverages include the appropriate quantity of nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin D, iron, and other minerals, which have already been calculated and combined to benefit the body.

What Makes Premier Protein So Concerning

Taste Testing Premier Protein Shake ***NEW*** Cake Batter Flavor!

Protein might just qualify as the number one over-achiever of the nutrient world for all the benefits it brings to our bodies. According to Medline Plus, protein aids our systems in repairing cells and forming new ones and Healthline states diets high in protein boast all sorts of benefits including reduced hunger, increased muscle mass, and improved metabolism. So, of course, manufacturers would find a way to produce protein supplements and package them in convenient shakes and powders that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

Premier Protein is one such company and they have legions of fans, for sure. The brand’s chocolate protein shake has over 55,000 ratings on , while their Vanilla Whey Protein Powder has over 9,000 reviews, the majority of which are five stars. Commenters seem to love the products for their flavor, the whopping 30 grams of protein one serving packs, and their super-low sugar content. The Premier Protein website lists all of their shakes and powders as containing just one gram of sugar. But, it’s worth taking a look at what other ingredients these supplements contain that make them taste good enough to build such a following. To do that, Mashed spoke with Piper Gibson, AHND, TND, BCDNM, FDN-P, the holistic health and nutrition expert behind Regenerating Health. Her answers may make you reconsider whether Premier Protein is a worthy addition to your diet or not.

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Are Premier Protein Shakes Good For You

Protein shakes have become exceptionally popular in diets and weight loss plans. In theory, they can be very powerful, giving you the ability to decrease your calorie intake without starving yourself in the process.

Protein shakes can also be relevant as an on-the-snack, especially after a workout session. But, with so many brands out there, picking a good protein shake is no easy feat.

This post takes a look at Premier Protein shakes, along with Premier Protein shake reviews. Here, the focus is specifically on the ready-to-drink products, which can be a portable way to get your protein.

Issues With Premier Protein

Processing and artificial ingredients are a major area of concern with Premier Protein shakes. This is a key reason why the Fooducate site rates it as a D, which is their lowest possible score.

You can also see this just from looking at the size of the ingredients list.

Nevertheless, there are some important things to note.

First, this is a meal replacement shake. As a result, many of the ingredients are there specifically to add in nutrients, like pyridoxine hydrochloride for vitamin B6. That same pattern is present for meal replacement powders as well, and many of those have long ingredient lists as well.

Second, this type of product also faces some unique challenges.

After all, the company has to produce a milk-containing drink that tastes relatively decent, has a long shelf life and can be stored out of the fridge.

Theres no way they could achieve that without relying on some artificial ingredients.

Still, those ingredients arent going to be appealing to everybody. Instead, many people want to avoid these entirely if possible. There are also some specific ingredients that are questionable.

Artificial Sweeteners

One is the use of artificial sweeteners. This isnt extremely unusual and some other meal replacement shakes do use artificial sweeteners. IdealShape is one example of a similar approach.

None of these options are great for health.

The truth is that the long-term studies simply havent been done on artificial sweeteners, so we dont know.


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Premier Protein Shake Reviews

There are many more aspects of this protein shake that you should consider before buying it. You need to know how effective this shake is in helping you to achieve your fitness goals. Based on the cost of the product as compared to other protein shakes is it a good value? Here are some Premier Protein Shake reviews that may be able to help you decide if this is the shake for you.


“I have found the Premier Protein Shakes to taste great. I don’t usually like the taste of protein shakes, they taste like powder. But I add some ice and a banana to my shake and it is awesome.”

“Originally the taste and texture of this product were very good but the company went and changed the formula. Thankfully Pemier Nutrition took the reviews and comments to heart and went back to their original formula. It is a good meal replacement product and a great source of protein. I actually have switched over from Muscle Milk.”

“I tried the chocolate shake and it was absolutely disgusting. It was one of the worst protein shakes I have ever tasted. I love chocolate but even that didnt help. I really want my money back.”

Amount of Protein

“I was told to take these shakes by my doctor because of my resistance to insulin. I have found that these shakes taste better than the Atkins shakes and they have twice the amount of protein.”



Who Should Use Premier Protein Drink

Category: Reviews

One of those frequently asked questions about any supplement is who should take it and who shouldnt. The product is not meant for the lazy guys who never want to attend the gym for workouts, nor is it meant for the people who want to use it for formality.

According to the user instructions I read from the manufacturer guidelines, Premier Protein Drink is specifically meant for the individuals ready actively busy with any other workouts such as gym or sporting activities.

So, if you are a gym member, here is the best energy booster for you. Ensure you dont forget the diet part of it if you want better results.

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Are Protein Shakes Okay On Keto

Yes, under the right conditions.

The keto diet is a low-carb diet that encourages you to eat a lot of fats, a moderate amount of protein, and only a few carbs.

On keto, you should avoid most carbs and sugar.

Some new keto dieters are scared to consume protein shakes because they have no idea what moderate particularly means.

Everyones macro calculations differ but protein shakes are welcome on the keto diet. They are a great way to accurately log the amount of protein you eat.

Protein shakes can help with lean muscle building by offering energy that fat may not be able to give.

Just make sure your protein shake is keto-friendly and that your protein intake is within your allocated limit.

Who Shouldnt Buy Protein Shakes

It is recommended for people who are allergic to dairy. Lactose intolerant people should avoid protein shakes since they include a large amount of milk. Protein smoothies can induce digestive discomfort in people who are sensitive to milk sugar, according to Harvard Health Publishing. If they take a milk-based protein powder, they may have stomach discomfort.

Its vital to remember that if you want to lose weight, you should avoid drinking the weight gain protein smoothie. This will result in an increase in calorie consumption, which will contribute to weight gain.

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Coffee Flavour Increased Energy

If you go for the coffee flavor it does come with one cup of coffee. The caffeine content will provide heightened alertness.

I love a bit of caffeine in my shake, simply because it gives me a good kick. I get the protein and a little bit more sharpness. However, if your not a fan of coffee best go for another flavor.

In general, though, dont have too much caffeine pre-workout. It can have a laxative effect and stimulates urine production. Simply, you can lose water from the body which is never good for working out.

Cookies And Cream Protein Shake

Premier Protein Shakes Review

With its chocolate cookie flavor, the Cookies and Cream Protein Shake is creamier and a healthier alternative to add to your diet. Each bottle contains 24 vitamins and minerals that nourish the body and aid in the maintenance of its immune system, in addition to 30 grams of protein. Its frequently consumed as part of a balanced diet. The drink contains strong antioxidants vitamin C and E. Because no sugar is added, it only has one gram of total sugar.

Customers have indicated that they would suggest this product to others in 91% of cases. On the companys website, it has a 4.7 rating.

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What Is Premier Protein

Premier Protein is a brand of products that can give you the readily available source of protein you need to have the best workout you can. Getting the most out of your workout is important in order to make sure you are not wasting any time in the gym. These products come in shakes and bars that make it so you dont have to do any mixing yourself, and can easily transport it to the gym.

Peaches And Cream Protein Shake

A peach-flavored, creamy, protein-rich smoothie can improve your immune system. Every bottle contains 30 grams of protein and 24 vitamins and minerals that nourish and sustain the body. Furthermore, this drink is high in antioxidants like vitamin C and E. This product has no added sugar and only one gram of total sugar.

It is highly recommended by 93 percent of consumers. It has a 4.7 rating on the companys website.

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Premier Protein Calories Whey Protein

Each 1-scoop serving of Premier Protein Vanilla Shake has 180 calories, which is a reasonable quantity. We recommend that your shake be approximately 100 calories per serving for weight reduction. This allows you to make healthy smoothies by mixing the powder with milk instead of water and adding extra ingredients.

The most essential thing to remember is that in order to lose weight, you must burn more calories each day than you consume and the most effective method to accomplish this is to keep track of exactly how many calories you consume. To begin, use a calorie calculator tool to set a specific daily calorie goal for weight reduction and maintenance.

This way, youll know exactly how many calories to strive for every meal. You might be able to get away with Premier Proteins 180 calories per serving if you know youll be sipping your protein shakes with just water and can consume a respectable number of calories every meal.

Why Are Artificial Sweeteners Not Captured Within The Nutrition Facts Panel

Premier Protein 30g Protein Shake, Pumpkin Spice, 11 Fl Oz ...

There are two reasons why the artificial sweeteners are not accounted for in the macronutrient summations within a Nutrition Facts Panel.

  • High-intensity sweeteners are often described by their sweetness multiplier when compared to sucrose how many times sweeter they are than sugar, gram for gram. The FDA mandates that all nutrition fact panels are populated to display the macronutrients of a product for a single serving of that product. In general, the highest resolution for any particular macro is a single gram. The amount of sweetener per single serving of a food has to be at least one full gram for the Nutrition Facts Panel to declare it. For example, a one gram declaration of aspartame is equivalent to the sweetness of 200 times that of sugar . Due to the Aspartame quantities typically used in a food, the single gram threshold for the ingredient to impact the nutrition facts is not likely to ever be reached.
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    Why I Recommend Premier Protein Shake

    Fast and slow absorption proteins can be utilized in the protein shake to aid muscle repair, muscular growth, and overall satiety. It also contains 24 vitamins and minerals and might be an excellent calcium source. In addition, this drink may be utilized as a meal replacement or a substantial snack. Not to add, I adore the flavor of this drink, which is one of the main reasons I prefer it to any other protein smoothie.

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