What Are The Best Ideal Protein Foods

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What is it?

The Ideal Protein Protocol is a medically-developed, supervised ketogenic weight loss and behavior modification protocol. While the traditional keto diet is high in fat, Ideal Protein consists of low-fat, low-carb foods with an optimal amount of protein.

Where do I get the foods?

We sell the Ideal Protein foods here in our office. Clients pick them up each week when they come to weigh in during their Coaching Sessions. The rest of the food, whole protein and vegetables, is purchased at your local grocery store.

What kind of foods are there?

The Ideal Protein products range from pre-made shakes and pudding to brownies and bars, soups, chips, oatmeal, and more!

What is the cost?

The average cost for the Ideal Protein food products is about $100 per week. This accounts for about 60-70% of your food for the week.

Do I have to take the supplements?

Yes. Since the Protocol removes fruit, grain, and dairy from your diet, you need the supplements to replace the nutrients you are not getting from those sources. Remember, its not just about losing weight. We also want you to be healthy.

Do I have to stay on the diet forever?

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Everyone is different. People lose at different rates depending on body type, age, sex, and compliance with the diet. In the first two weeks, clients tend to lost between 4-6 pounds a week. After that, the average is about 2 pounds per week for women and 3 pounds for men.

Check Out Our Products

Stop into any Ideal You Weight Loss Center to purchase!You must be on the Ideal You Weight Loss Protocol in order to purchase our products.

Return Policy:

Any unopened box may be returned within 30 days after purchase. The receipt is preferred, but it is not necessary. If it was a credit card purchase, we will credit back your credit card. If it was a cash purchase, you will receive cash back. Any individual unopened packets may be exchanged for store credit only, provided they are returned 60 days or more before the expiration date.

The following products/services are non-refundable:

  • One time Initial Consultation Fee
  • All Cookbooks
  • Any opened jars or bottles of drinks or condiments
  • Any opened supplements

If you have any questions, please call us at .

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What Does Taking In Protein Efficiently Mean

Well, when you are taking in protein, there are a lot of other nutrients getting into your system, some of which you need, and some you dont, like an excess of fat. And this is precisely why every girl who hits the Gym does not always come out with a body like Kate Upton.

Say, for instance, you weigh around 140 pounds, and you need to take in 125 grams of protein to bulk up. In terms of food, you will find that kind of protein content in 2 whole chickens or 23+ eggs.

Now, the numbers and the respective protein sources mentioned above would be excellent for consumption if protein was the only thing you ingested. Still, you wouldnt want to stick to JUST boiled chicken and eggs and in huge portions like that, so what we can do, and this is the main essence of the article, is that sneak in protein through shortcuts.

When you want to treat yourself to a nice cold glass of milkshake, go for protein shakes.

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The Best Whey Isolate

When youre searching for a good whey protein powder, youll definitely have a lot of options to choose from.

I suggest IdealLean Protein. Its 100% whey isolate, which is among the highest quality protein sources out there!

Theres no whey concentrate or blends, so you can be sure that your muscles will get the protein they need as quickly as possible.

IdealLean is low carb, low fat, and only has 90-100 calories per serving. Its also packed with 20g high-quality protein.

But maybe the best thing about IdealLean Protein is that it tastes amazing!

If youre in the market for a high-quality post-workout protein source, I definitely suggest taking a look at IdealLean!

What Is The Ideal Protein Diet

Ideal protein recipes, Ideal protein snacks, Ideal protein

A variety of methods exist for achieving weight loss, and some methods can help when you’ve been unsuccessful in the past. The Ideal Protein diet is a medically prescribed weight loss program meant for individuals who either have a lot of weight to lose or failed to lose weight from diet and exercise alone. This type of diet is only available through licensed clinics and health care professionals. Consult your doctor to determine if this plan’s right for you.

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The Ideal Protein diet is a medically supervised weight-loss program meant to help those who need to lose a lot of weight quickly and safely. It consists of high-protein meal replacement products that help keep calorie intake low to support your weight loss efforts, while supplying all the vital nutrients your body needs to maintain health.

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Ideal Protein Virtual Program

Yes, we can help you buy your Ideal Protein products online. We are currently helping Ideal Protein dieters of other clinics that need to buy food but plan to continue with their coaching program. If your clinic is closed, we can help you with making sure you have food and coaching support. Since Ideal Protein diet is not a do-it-yourself program, we want to make sure you have the support you need.

1-day shipping is available. Please contact us for pricing.


If you are a local dieter, contact us about free local food delivery.

we can also deliver foods all over the nation and orders over $200 are liable to free shipping.

Si! Tenemosentrenadores de hablahispana y podemosapoyar a quieneshacendieta Ideal Protein enespañol.

Replace Your Pleasure Carb With Quinoa

Keri Gans, a renowned registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and also the author of The Small Change Diet, says that Quinoa is mother natures healthy and protein-rich substitute for your pleasure carb cravings.

Like pasta? Replace it with Quinoa. Craving Rice? Replace it with Quinoa. Plus, once you get familiar with Quinoas unique taste, you will start enjoying it a lot more.

It is also rich in fiber. You can expect around 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein in half a cup of this ideal protein food.

  • More expensive than non-organic rice

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Why Choose Biointelligent Wellness For Your Ideal Protein Journey

Choosing the Ideal Protein clinic you will work with on your weight loss journey is almost as important a step as deciding to lose weight. This decision not only determines your potential for success with Ideal Protein diet but also can determine how quickly you will lose weight.

For the last 10 years, BioIntelligent Wellness has specialized in the Ideal Protein protocol. We have helped thousands of dieters lose tens of thousands of pounds on the Ideal Protein diet. Whether its a weight loss plateau you are stuck in or need a fresh Ideal Protein recipe idea to get over the food fatigue we have your back. Before selecting your Ideal Protein clinic, there are a few important considerations we encourage you to look at:

Our Specialization

While many different types of clinics exist, our clinic specializes in improving health parameters through nutrition and dietary interventions

My problem area has always been my stomach and despite my best efforts, getting rid of it is has been impossible. While I didnt have a lot of weight on the scale to lose, it kept me from enjoying my closet full of designer dresses and instead I was stuck camouflaging with bulky sweaters and jackets. I tried a diet with appetite suppressant pills read more

in the media

What Are The Best Ideal Protein Products/foods

Ideal Protein Diet – Our Favorite IP Meals!!

According to our dieters review, these are the top 22 most popular products/foods:

  • Vanilla Crispy Square
  • Chocolate Smoothie Mix
  • Vanilla Shake
  • Chocolate Shake
  • Cookie Dough Swirl Protein Bars
  • Cappuccino Shake
  • Ideal Protein Mac and Cheese Mix
  • Ideal Protein Pancake Mix


The program itself is clinically tested and all the products are approved by FDA. The best part of Ideal Protein protocol is, although it follows a ketogenic approach, it overcomes many of the shortfalls of a typical keto diet.

However, it is important to complete a health profile to ensure it is healthy for you to participate. Depending on your health history and active conditions, your doctor may need to sign a release for you to participate.

Ideal Protein is not high-protein but high-quality protein. Ideal Protein, an adequate protein diet, incorporates the perfect combination of highly absorbable protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals all the necessary ingredients for healthy weight loss.

With most Ideal Protein clinics, you will need to pay an initial fee of $350 $450.

With BioIntelligent Wellness, your initial consultation comes free of these upfront charges.

Your coaching visits are only $15 a week and that also covers electronic coaching between your visits. Also, while on Ideal Protein Phase 1, its feasible to budget for around $93 a week for the foods, and for Phase 2, you can expect $62 per week for food. Visit this page for more details on Ideal Protein cost.

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Benefits Of The Ideal Protein Diet

While the jury is still out on whether the Ideal Protein Diet has the right balance of macros to achieve ketosisthe metabolic state where the body uses fat as fuelif it does, it could be effective for weight loss. “It’s not necessarily harmful for most people to follow a ketogenic diet for several weeks or longer,” says Danahy. “Many people do lose weight and improve their metabolic markers.” And if you’re the type who thrives on structure, you may find Ideal Protein’s four-phase plan and in-person counseling helpful.

Additionally, some of the approved foods on the diet offer solid nutrition. Meat, fish, eggs, and tofu all contain beneficial micronutrients and necessary fats. And there’s another silver lining: “They do emphasize a lot of vegetables!” notes Danahy. By getting four full cups of veggies per day , you’ll be taking in antioxidants, fiber, and important vitamins and minerals.

May Experience Uncomfortable Symptoms

Another downside of the Ideal Protein Diet is its drastic reduction in calorie intake.

For instance, most of its meals have less than 200 calories, which means you may be consuming under 1,000 total calories per day.

Such restricted diets are not recommended unless advised by a doctor for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, adults 65 and older and adults with certain medical conditions.

Reducing your calorie intake so sharply may cause side effects, such as:

  • Hunger

If the Ideal Protein Diet impedes your quality of life, consider going off it.


The Ideal Protein Diet has many drawbacks, including cost, highly processed foods, severe dietary restrictions, limited geographic availability and potentially serious side effects.

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May Reduce Heart Disease Risk Factors

During the weight loss phase, the Ideal Protein Diet closely resembles a ketogenic diet.

Studies have shown that low-carb and ketogenic diets can improve heart disease risk factors.

For instance, a review of studies showed that low-carb diets not only reduced body weight but lowered two heart disease risk factors total and bad LDL cholesterol

In another analysis of studies, obese people who followed a ketogenic diet experienced a significant decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure, visceral fat, fasting blood sugars, blood insulin levels and blood triglyceride levels .


The Ideal Protein Diet offers several potential benefits, including weight loss, ease of use, professional support, increased insulin sensitivity and reduced heart disease risk.

While the Ideal Protein Diet has several potential benefits, it also has a few drawbacks.

Can You Eat Too Much Protein

The Ideal Protein Diet: Pros &  Cons

There isnt a specific number that defines how much protein is too much protein, but going overboardeven on whole foodsmay be detrimental. Thats why its important to stick with the recommended daily allowance and speak to your healthcare provider to figure out what works for you.

Some research shows that those who consume high-protein diets may increase their risk of kidney stones and kidney disease, since your kidneys filter the waste products of protein. High protein intake may also be associated with an increased risk of heart disease, which researchers partially attribute to the intake of saturated fat and cholesterol.

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What Is An Ideal Protein Food

An ideal protein food is one that contains all the essential amino acids in the correct proportions. These foods are typically animal-based, such as meat, fish, poultry, and dairy products. However, some plant-based foods, such as quinoa, can also be considered ideal protein foods.

The essential amino acids are those that our bodies cannot produce on their own and must be obtained through our diet. They are used for a variety of functions, including building muscle, repairing tissues, and producing enzymes and hormones.

A food that contains all the essential amino acids in the correct proportions is considered a complete protein. Animal-based foods are typically complete proteins, while most plant-based foods are not. This is why it is often recommended that vegetarians and vegans include a variety of protein-rich foods in their diets, such as beans, nuts, and seeds, to ensure they are getting all the essential amino acids their bodies need.

While an ideal protein food contains all the essential amino acids in the correct proportions, there are other factors to consider when choosing protein-rich foods. These include the quality of the protein, the digestibility of the protein, and the bioavailability of the amino acids.

Why Ideal Protein Diet And How Does It Work

Ideal Protein is NOT another high protein diet. In fact, Ideal Protein is a low carb, adequate protein, and low-fat diet that promotes rapid fat loss.

The science behind it is simple. The body has three sources of energy it uses to meet its metabolic needs: carbohydrates, muscle, and fat. The body will draw from its carbohydrate reserve before it draws from muscle and fat.

During Phase 1 or the weight loss phase of the protocol, simple and complex carbohydrate intake is limited to encourage the body to use its fat and muscle reserves for energy. By eating high quality protein foods, such as those in the Ideal Protein diet protocol, the body is able to maintain lean muscle mass and burn fat. The protocol, developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, also teaches dieters how to develop smarter eating habits and make better lifestyle choices, so they can maintain a stable weight after the loss is achieved.

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What Are High Protein Foods

Protein comprises twenty amino acids, which are the building blocks for your skin, muscles, and hormones. Protein is even essential to the enzymes that catalyze many chemical reactions, including those involved in your metabolism. Your body can produce most of these amino acids, but there are nine you must get from dietary protein. Foods that contain the nine essential amino acids are called complete proteins. Foods that do not contain the nine essential amino acids can be combined to form complete proteins.

People often think of lean meats when they think of high-quality protein sources, but protein can actually come from various food groups. These essential amino acids can be found in many sources, such as protein powders, plant foods, lean meat, and low-fat dairy products. Foods high in protein are an efficient way to consume your recommended intake and help facilitate weight loss when combined with other key nutrients and physical activity.

Bulletproof Ways To Get More Protein

What is the Ideal Protein Diet? with BonVie Weight Loss Portland / Santa Monica

Looking for ideas to bump up your protein intake? You dont have to go whole-hog and eat your weight in chicken breasts at every meal. You can add protein throughout the day, from breakfast to snacks to dessert. Here are some ideas featuring our go-to Bulletproof products:

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How Much Does The Ideal Protein Cost

The Ideal Protein cost is $325 for the first two weeks. Need to lose more? Make sure to take into account that it will be costing you upwards of $400-$600 a month. to continue this seemingly easy but expensive weight loss style. The cost includes 3 prepackaged meals a day, supplements and initially a bottle shaker. Remember you will still be spending extra cash on that one meal and hopefully sharing it with someone because who wants to eat leftovers for 2 or more nights a week.

Ideal Protein Diet is and expensive four-phase diet that involves one-on-one coaching with a health practitioner or trained consultant.

How Will I Benefit From This Program

  • Persons with diabetes improve blood sugars and use less medicine
  • High blood pressure improves with weight loss
  • Body composition changes more lean mass, less fat looser clothes
  • Lower cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Improved symptoms of gastric reflux and been reported
  • Support for a low carb lifestyle for a lifetime of health

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Are There Side Effects With The Ideal Protein Diet

As with any high protein, diet constipation would probably be the most obvious side effects possible but could be avoided by adding lots of fiber, exercise or using over the counter constipation relieving remedies. Smooth tea seems to be everyones favorite option as it is inexpensive and fast-acting. These will work if you did not suffer from constipation prior to starting a high protein diet. Some other side effects may include:

  • Bloating

Can I exercise while on the Ideal Protein Diet?

Only light exercising is recommended and most cardio exercise should be avoided.Stretching, moderate yoga, walking, lifting light weights, resistance training, are all acceptable exercises.

Does insurance cover Ideal Protein diet?

If you have medical conditions such as high cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure then you are much more likely to be reimbursed by your insurance company for our services. Whether or not you are covered, you are responsible for paying all of your fees.

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