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5 PROTEIN snack ideas | Easy to make & HEALTHY!

While the American College of Sports Medicine recommends consuming protein whether it be a shake, snack, or full-fledged meal within an hour after exercising to help build lean muscle, generally, there isn’t one “right” time to eat a high-protein snack. Instead, both Munro and Chan recommend listening to your body and munching when you feel hungry. “Snacking can be this really great thing that bridges you from meal to meal, and it can really help support keeping you fueled throughout the day,” says Munro. If you ignore your body’s mid-afternoon cues for munchie, then when dinner rolls around, you might eat too much and end up feeling overly full and uncomfortable later, adds Chan.

And that’s why having high-protein snacks on hand for the moment hunger strikes is so important. To start beefing up your snack stockpile, add these R.D.-approved munchies to your shopping list.

Types Of Protein Snacks

Having a protein-packed snack doesnt have to mean filling up on protein bars and shakes. With a little planning, you can get your necessary nutrients and a filling snack all in one tasty package.

Greek yogurt. A small container of fat-free Greek yogurt has up to 20 grams of protein. Eating Greek yogurt can help you control your appetite, making you less hungry at your next meal. Toss in some berries or fruit to amp up its flavor.

Hummus. Snacking on hummus can help control blood sugar and keep you feeling full. Enjoying a 1/3 cup of hummus with veggie stick dippers will give you about 7 grams of protein.

Edamame. Steam 1 cup of edamame in the shell and sprinkle it with sea salt. Pack it in a container for a ready-to-go snack thatll add about 15 grams of protein to your daily roster.

Cheese sticks and grapes. With an ounce of cheddar cheese and a handful of grapes, youll get about 7 grams of protein. Youll satisfy your savory and sweet cravings too.


Roasted chickpeas. Toss 3/4 cup of chickpeas in olive oil, sea salt, and cayenne pepper. Roast them for 20 to 30 minutes, and enjoy 9 grams of protein. You might find that chip snacks never tasted so good.

Cottage cheese. A 5-ounce serving has up to 20 grams of protein. Try this creamy, satisfying snack with blueberries for an extra punch.

Tuna and crackers. Try topping a serving of tuna on a serving of whole wheat crackers for a savory 12 grams of protein.

Tuna & Egg Salad Crostini

Another way to work high protein eggs into your diet is via a tuna and egg salad crostini. “Albacore tuna and egg salad over a cracker is rich in protein and taste,” says Bailey. Here again, opt for the combination of low-fat mayo, low-fat Greek yogurt, and mustard instead of regular mayo for the egg salad. You can also swap a crostini for a GG Bran Crispbread for more fiber, which will work to help keep you full longer. If you’re not a huge scramble fan, don’t miss these foods with more protein than an egg!

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How Much Protein Do You Need

So how much protein do you need every day? It depends, mostly on your age.

If youre 14 to 18 years old, you need about 46 to 52 grams of protein in your daily diet. If youre 19 or older, you may need slightly more, up to 56 grams daily.

These amounts can also vary depending on your activity level. Its best to talk to your doctor or a nutritionist about your exact needs.


Microwaved Eggs 3 Ways

What Are Some Good Snack Foods For Diabetics only Protein ...

Who has time for a skillet? Luckily, you can eat wholesome high-protein eggs in three different ways thanks to the microwave.

Poached: If you have an egg, a mug, and some water, you can enjoy a snack-fast poached egg. Get the instructions.

Scrambled: Stir together eggs, milk, and saltand then zap! Get the instructions.

Quiche: Microwavable mug quiche is the savory snacking equivalent of mug cake. Get the instructions.

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Hannahmax Original Cookie Chips

Mountain living leaves no time for baking cookies. If a cookie craving strikes when youre enjoying the wonders of nature, then reach for these handy Cookie Chips. HannahMax Cookies combine the convenience of a chip with the wholesome, comforting flavor of Grandmas cookies.

Theyre made of fresh butter, cage-free eggs, and cane sugar. One serving has just 130 calories.

Ideas For Protein Snacks On The Go

Upping protein intake is not easy for everyone. Eating healthfully on the go is also challenging. You can increase protein and eat better overall by planning protein snacks before you get hungry. Whether you buy them or make them, having these snacks on hand will help you eat more protein and avoid junk food.

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What To Look For In A High

When choosing a high-protein snack, you’ll first want to check the protein content. Generally, active folks should aim to score about 10 grams of protein in their munchie, agree Munro and Chan. That said, your exact snack needs will depend on how much of the macronutrient you need to obtain in total each day. The recommended dietary allowance for protein is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight , but that’s just the baseline recommendation, says Chan.”That’s the amount needed for your body to maintain normal function and repair itself overall, but it’s going to vary depending on how much movement you do in your life,” she explains. “If someone is an athlete or high-intensity recreational exerciser, or someone is older, you need more protein.” As a rule of thumb, consider looking for a snack that offers half the amount of protein you’d typically eat in a meal, adds Munro.

Nutrition aside, it’s just as important to choose a high-protein snack that’s tasty and accessible for you, says Munro. “It’s gotta taste good otherwise you’re not going to want to eat it,” she adds.

What Are The Best Protein Sources

10 On The Go High Protein Snacks

When it comes to pure protein density, nothing can quite compare to animal based sources like meat and dairy. Of course, they aren’t your only option.

Plant based and vegan protein sources can also provide a hefty dose of this macronutrient along with beneficial nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Opt for more healthy, minimally processed snacks, made with quality whole food ingredients and natural nutrition. And, double-check the nutrition info for total calories, fat, carbs, sodium, etc. to make sure it matches your overall health needs.

You should also consider using a nutrition tracking app to log your daily food intake. This will give you a lot of insight into where your macros are coming from and how you can improve. Keep in mind portion sizes as well or your snack can quickly become more of a meal.

Ultimately, the best sources of protein are the ones that you enjoy eating and that support your overall health and fitness goals!

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Low Carb Protein Granola

This keto low-carb granola is sugar-free, grain-free, and low in carb. Its a great breakfast nutrients-packed recipe that will set you any day in the morning. Also, you can take it as a snack or mid-morning snack.This protein granola is keto and gluten-free. This recipe is packed with nuts and seeds that ready within 10 minutes at home.Get the recipe here.

Why Eat High Protein Snacks

Eating high protein snacks throughout the day as opposed to treats with empty calories and too much sugar can do a lot for your physical well-being. You wont feel sluggish in fact, youll have more energy.

Protein boosts your metabolism and gives you the energy to keep moving all day long. You will be more alert, and as well, your blood sugar levels will be maintained. No more spikes and drops that leave you feeling exhausted.

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Do High Protein Snacks Help You Lose Weight

Relying on high protein snacks as a way to keep you going in between meals and not reaching for sugary or fatty foods is a great idea.

Its easier to lose weight or maintain your weight when you are eating fewer calories. In a nutshell , when you replace fat and sugar with protein, the satiety hormones in your body are increased.

You eat less because you feel full and satisfied. That, along with keeping active and sufficiently hydrated, helps you lose or maintain weight.

Protein makes a snack healthy because of the effects eating protein has on your body. Increasing muscle and strength is ideal if you are looking for a stronger, leaner you. But not only should you look for protein. There are other things to keep in mind, too.

  • Look for refreshment that includes nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables
  • Fiber-filled snacks are good for the digestive system
  • Keep the sugar content low

What Does Protein Do For You

These are some of the best healthy snacks for holiday ...

Protein does so much for the body, including the following:

  • Protein reduces the level of ghrelin, the hunger hormone
  • Protein helps you retain bone mass
  • When you eat protein, you have less cravings
  • Your muscle mass and strength increase with protein
  • High protein intake boosts metabolism
  • Higher protein intake is linked to lower blood pressure
  • Protein can help your body repair after injury

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Celery And Peanut Butter

Nut butter sprinkled with crushed nuts is a delicious and very flavorful high-protein dip for celery or apple slices. Chef Bailey suggests opting for a natural peanut butter or one of Justin’s almond butters. In fact, almond butter is not only low in carbs, it’s considered a whole food. It’s also a common favorite because it feels more indulgent than it is. That said, calories and fat can add up when consuming nuts or anything nut-based, so watch your serving sizes.

Mixed Nuts Or Trail Mix

Mixed nuts provide an easy way to get a delicious dose of protein in a convenient, shelf-stable package. Try a mixed bunch for variety and a combo with dried fruit if youre craving sweetness.

The best bang for your protein buck? Almonds and pistachios. Theyre higher in protein than their nutty peers.

Mix about 10 almonds , about 25 pistachios , 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds , about 7 walnut halves , and a sprinkle of raisins or mini dark chocolate chips.

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Perfect Bar Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter

Protein per serving: 15 grams

While there are dozens if not hundreds of protein bars, none compare to the Perfect Bar . Peanut butter, honey, chocolate chips, and over 20 superfoods come together to build this 15-grams of protein bar that makes a great high protein snack or a high protein meal replacement bar.

Purely Elizabeth Blueberry Walnut Collagen Protein Oats

Inexpensive High Protein Snacks & Meals On A Budget

Protein per serving: 11 grams

Oatmeal cups make healthy protein-rich snacking easy and satisfyingâwithout adding globs of sugar like some other brands. Keep a container or two in your desk drawer. When you’re eyeing your go-to vending machine indulgence, nip that unhealthy urge in the bud by simply adding water to one of these before zapping it in the break-room microwave. Your waistline will thank you.

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Cottage Cheese And Berries

This snack is loved by both nutritionists and body-builders for good reasonits packed with protein, calcium, and vitamin D at a relatively low calorie count. Spoon a half cup into a bowl and top with your favorite fruit.

Per 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese: 81 calories, 1 g fat , 459 mg sodium, 3 g carbohydrates, 3 g of sugar, 0 g fiber, 14 g protein.

Healthier Puppy Chow For One

Yup, it exists! This version of the cavity-inducing sweet snack cuts down considerably on the sugar by replacing the powdered stuff with honey and adding protein powder to give it the staying power the original lacks.

While its still not exactly health food, the single-portion yield is a great example of moderation without deprivation.

Coat 3/4 cup wheat Chex cereal with a melted mixture of 1 1/2 tablespoons peanut butter, 1 1/2 tablespoons dark chocolate chips, and 1/2 tablespoon honey. Dust with 1/2 tablespoon vanilla protein power and let set.

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Foods And Beverages To Avoid

Its clear that eating a low-carb diet can be extremely effective for losing weight. 27Similarly, cutting back on fat can also be a winning weight loss strategy.28 And, of course, eating more protein can help you feel full so you naturally eat less and lose weight.29

On the other hand, eating foods high in refined carbs and fats rather than prioritizing protein can promote weight gain.30

Highly-processed foods have protein percentages near zero, and theyre loaded with empty calories. When protein intake is low due to being diluted by large amounts of fat, carbs, or both people are driven to eat more in order to meet their protein needs.31

Steer clear of the foods on this list:

Greek Yogurt Blueberry Seeds And Nut Granola

Healthy High Protein Snacks #protiendiet Today we have ...

As a private chef, cookbook author, and TV personality, Mark Bailey recommends this blend because it’s filling, will satisfy a sweet craving in a nutritious way, and is loaded with probiotics for digestive health. “Plus, using Greek yogurt in this parfait offers more protein per serving than regular yogurt,” he says. Take note of our exclusive report on the best and worst Greek yogurts so that you pick the right one!

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Hummus With Pretzels And Carrots

Sweaty workouts often leave me craving salty foods to replace sodium and other important electrolytes,” says Harbstreetenter this healthy, savory snack. The best part? No prep required. If youre not a carrot fan, swap it out for a serving of your favorite veggie.

Per 1/3 cup of hummus: 192 calories, 14.5 g fat , 346 mg sodium, 12 g carbohydrates, 0.5 g of sugar, 5 g fiber, 6 g protein.

Healthy Snacks That Boost Your Protein Intake

When you’re hungry, do you choose snacks with protein? Protein helps you to feel full and satisfied after eating. This benefit can be helpful for anyone who is trying to manage hunger, but it can be especially helpful if you’re trying to slim down. Research has suggested that people who consume more protein throughout the day have greater weight loss success than people who consume less.

Whether your goal is weight gain, weight maintenance, or weight loss it’s important to choose a protein snack that is made from nutritious ingredients. Unfortunately, some high-protein snacks are simply not healthy. For example, some high protein snack bars contain added sugars and other ingredients that you don’t need. Use this to find healthy high protein, low-calorie snacks.

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Do I Need To Eat More Protein

You might need to eat more protein if:

  • Youre recovering from illness, injury, or surgery
  • Youre an athlete who trains more than once a day
  • Youre not getting enough protein in your current diet this may be the case if youre a vegan

You may be also looking to up your protein intake if youre thinking about trying a specific diet. The Paleo Diet and Atkins prioritise protein intake and encourage you to eat fewer carbohydrates. The keto diet also includes a good amount of protein, although the main idea is to increase your fat intake.

If youre looking to change up your diet dramatically, its important to speak to your GP first. These kinds of restrictive diets can put you at risk of missing out on important nutrients.


Half Of A Sweet Potato With Toppings

8 Cheap & Healthy High Protein Sources

If you’re more of a meal person than a snacker, half a sweet potato with your favorite fixings is the perfect way to refuel post-workout, says Harbstreet. Want more protein? Opt to top your potato with an egg. Craving a bit more fat? Try avocado or some almond butter. Need more carbs? Add a side of black beans and salsa.

Per half a large sweet potato: 81 calories, 0.14 g fat , 32 mg sodium, 18.6 g carbohydrates, 5.8 g of sugar, 3 g fiber, 1.8 g protein.

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Healthy Snacks For Your Next Epic Road Trip

Is it just us, or does it seem like normal eating rules go out the window when youre on a road trip?

All of a sudden, it becomes acceptable to eat ice cream for dinner, and snack on Skittles before breakfast.

The options that are provided at gas stations, convenience stores, and fast food chains along the way leave us feeling like its okay to eat unhealthy while on the road, because what other options are there?

If youre lucky, youll find a stray banana or two to grab along with your bag of potato chips so you feel a little less guilty, but youre only really fooling yourself. Mostly, youre left to choose from a slew of brightly colored candies and treats that will leave your body feeling completely zapped of any nutrients.

And this couldnt come at a worse time. Your body is already running on low energy since all youve been doing is sitting in the same spot for hours, maybe even days.

Throw some sugary food on top, and you will be missing out on a whole lot of road trip adventures.

So how do you keep this from happening? How do you keep from spiraling down the dark rabbit hole of unhealthy road food?

We are here to help you find some healthy snacks to eat while on the road that will keep you feeling full, nourished, and able to enjoy the beautiful road that lies ahead.

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