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Is It Ok To Drink 2 Premier Protein Shakes A Day

The BEST Protein Shakes On The Market – Dairy & Plant Based

In most cases, drinking two protein shakes per day wont negatively impact your diet. Protein shakes promote muscle synthesis and help to repair your muscles after working out. While most doctors wont recommend supplementing each meal with a protein shake or drinking them too often, two per day isnt dangerous.

Tgs Nutrition 100% Whey Protein

Last on our list of best protein powders without artificial sweeteners is TGS 100% whey protein.

Where to start its natural, unflavored, USA-made has no unnecessary additives, and gives you a whopping 25g of protein.

Its only got whey protein concentrate, and sunflower lecithin thats it! So very simple and clean and a great choice.

Because its unflavored, TGS protein makes for a good addition to a shake that includes a flavorful combination of ingredients.

Product highlights

  • A little higher in cholesterol
  • Not ideal for shake and go


  • Protein: whey protein concentrate

Who makes it

TGS is a friend and family-owned business in Las Vegas, Nevada. They started in 2013 on a mission to create simple, yet very high-quality protein powder and they were successful in that endeavor. Like many great brands, they also value the customer experience.

Whats The Difference Between Whey Protein And Whey Isolate

First off, whey protein , is protein from milk.

Whey Isolate is lactose free. Its simply the milk protein without the lactose. So if youre lactose intolerant, or become lactose intolerant, Whey Isolate is the best choice.

Whey Protein on the other hand, has lactose.

Whey Isolate is lower in calories than Whey Protein. See the labels below .

1 scoop of Whey Isolate is 30 grams of protein for 130 calories:

1 scoop of Whey Protein is 30 grams or protein for 170 calories:

Bottom line:

Whey Isolate is lactose free and lower in calories than Whey Protein. Expect to pay a little more for the whey isolate vs whey protein .

If you are lactose intolerant or think you have become lactose intolerant since your surgery, use whey isolate vs. whey protein. Or alternatively use soy protein or egg protein, both of which would be lactose free as well.

When using tubs of protein powder, it should be obvious as to whether you are buying Whey Isolate or Whey Protein. The front of the label will tell you!

However, if you use ready to drink protein shakes, it may not be so obvious. You have to look at the list of ingredients!

These are some popular ready to drink protein shakes that are made with whey isolate and are therefore lactose free:

  • Rockin Refuel
  • Isopure
  • Cytosport

These are some popular ready to drink protein shakes that are NOT lactose free but may be low lactose:

  • Premier Protein

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How Long Do Premier Protein Shakes Last After Opening

After opening it, you probably mix it with either water or milk. You can store the blends for 72 hours in the refrigerator.

But there are a few questions that need your immediate attention. Do you have to refrigerate it? How long can you keep the premier protein shake unrefrigerated?

You dont have to keep it on freeze unless you love to take a cold shake. However, many health enthusiasts like to add fruit to the protein shake. And leaving it in the refrigerator may spoil the flavor. But it will not cause any health issues.

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But, doing so may lead you to sacrifice the texture, taste & quality of the drink. Lets move on to the next question.

You can keep the drink good for two hours without refrigeration. When you are traveling, you can use the super-insulated travel mug. It will keep the shake cold for hours.

Till now, it seems like expiry or being out-of-date is probably the main factor that makes you ask do premier protein shakes go bad. But. is there any other contributing factor? Lets find out.

Vega Protein Nutrition Shakes

Premier Protein 30g Protein Shakes, Strawberries &  Cream ...

as of December 24, 2021 12:02 am

Vega Protein Nutrition Shakes come in Vanilla or Chocolate flavor. They are full of vitamins, minerals, and actual veggies and greens. They also contain plant-based omega 3.

There is 20g of protein that comes from a blend of pea, hemp, and pumpkin seed protein. They need to be shaken very well since they can be a bit chalky and are best served cold.

The shakes are sweetened with stevia. A much healthier to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Overall its a very clean shake.

They are a bit more expensive at $29.99 for the chocolate and as little as $26.99 for the vanilla for 12 bottles.

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What Is Protein Made Up Of

All proteins are made up of amino acids. There are different types of proteins and the combination and ratios of amino acids will differ.

Animal proteins such as whey, casein, and egg contain all 20 amino acids making them complete proteins.

Muscle Milk contains a blend of milk protein isolate, calcium caseinate, and sodium caseinate.

Premier Protein contains a blend of milk protein concentrate and calcium caseinate.

Are Premier Protein Shakes Healthy

Premier Protein is a good supplement for your recommended daily allowance of protein. It can help complete the nutrients your body needs. This may be crucial if youre trying to build muscle mass. When you do a heavy workout, your muscles can tear, and essential amino acids help repair and heal muscle tissue.

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Premier Protein Shake Reviews

Premier Protein shake reviews tend to be positive, especially .

One complaint that sometimes comes up in Premier Protein shake reviews is that the shakes are processed. Ill go into this in the next section. However, if you want shelf-stable shakes that you can take on the go, some processing is unavoidable.

If you really dont like that idea then ready-to-drink shakes are never going to be a good answer.

And yes, there are shakes with better ingredients out there. Less processed is always more desirable. Even so, for the intended purpose and audience, the shakes do appear to work well.

Another area of contention in Premier Protein reviews is taste. For example, one reviewer summed it up like this:

Taste is incredibly subjective and it partly depends on what youre looking for anyway.

In this case, youve got a shake with 30 grams of protein, hardly any fat or sugar and some artificial sweeteners all in a fairly small package . Needless to say, its not going to taste as amazing as products with more sugar.

Likewise, people who are sensitive to artificial sweeteners may be able to taste that, which can be off-putting. Still, relatively few Premier Protein shake reviews mention issues with the flavor. Instead, many really like how the shakes taste.

This pattern suggests that its worth trying the shakes for yourself and seeing what you think.

One other note is that the shakes are only 11 fl oz in size.

What Kind Of Protein Is In Premier Protein Shake

Honest Reviews: Premier Protein High Protein Shake RTD (Cookies & Cream and Caramel)

People who are too lazy to mix their own powders can find a possibly decent way to replenish their body after a hard workout. The protein blend that is in the Premier Protein chocolate shake consists of milk protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, and whey protein concentrate. When it comes to protein blends, less is definitely more.

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What Makes A Good

Protein shakes are, as the name implies, rich in protein a nutrient that is essential for many functions in the human body, including supporting immune health, helping with muscle development, and supporting a healthy metabolism. Not to mention, it provides structure to your body.

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Depending on your health goals, you may need a certain amount of protein to help your body do what it needs to do. Typically, protein shakes provide around 18-20 grams of protein per serving to meet the higher protein needs of the health-conscious crowd.

And along with ensuring that your protein shake actually provides enough protein, choosing the protein source can get a little confusing.

While there are nuances in the ways that certain protein sources metabolize and build muscles, generally speaking, all protein sources will fuel your body just fine. What it really comes down to, is whether the protein source meets your personal lifestyle.

If following a vegan lifestyle is your jam, choosing a pea-based or soy-based protein powder will be your best bet. If you are focused on dairy-based protein powders, then casein and whey will be the right choice for you.

But finding a protein shake doesn’t stop at finding one that contains the right amount and type of protein. Along with these factors, the shake should check additional boxes in order to be considered a good-for-you choice:

Relation Between Weight Loss And Protein Shakes

Protein is an essential nutrient for losing weight. Intaking sufficient protein can help you have a healthy metabolism and even help to reduce those frequent food cravings.

It can even contribute to losing unnecessary body fat without even losing your muscles.

Protein shakes can be one of the most convenient and accessible ways of adding more protein to your diet, and most importantly, authentic protein shakes have shown positive results regarding weight loss.

Studies have shown that higher protein consumption may reduce hunger throughout the day. A survey carried out in 2005 substantiated this evidence. It showed that a rich protein breakfast indeed helped older female participants intake 135 calories less throughout the day.

Even more, experiments showed the positive outcomes of weight loss due to a sufficient and appropriate amount of protein intake.

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Premier Protein Reviews From Users

*May 2021 Update: Now that Premier Protein has been on the market for years, a lot of people have tried it, which inevitably means it has generated a lot of user feedback. We wanted to take a look at what people are saying about this stuff, so we checked in with Amazon to examine the verified buyer reviews

We found 860 total Premier Protein reviews on Amazon, and it received an average rating of 4.6 stars. That is a very solid mark, and most likely indicates that people are getting results from this supplement, or at least simply enjoying how it tastes.

Heres another impressive statistic for you82% of the user reviews submitted include 5-star ratings for the product. If we do the math, that means about 705 people purchased Premier Protein, tried it, and liked it enough to leave it a 5 star reviewvery impressive.

HOWEVER, lets not get distracted from the facts here people. First of all, the main reason people are enjoying it is simply because it tastes great, which is due to the fact that it contains a ton of fat, carbs, sodium, and sugarthis is not a good thing.

We would never recommend a protein powder with that much downside. PLUS, worse yet, it does NOT contain any whey protein isolate. It only uses whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentratethis is BAD NEWS people.

Is Premier Protein Good For Weight Loss Or Weight Gain

Premier Protein Cinnamon Roll Shake 4 pk

Premier Protein is not the best meal replacement option. Regardless, it is a good addition to your post-workout meal. It is not formulated for weight loss or a frequent substitute for daily meals. If you use Premier Protein to feel full quicker and follow a low-calorie diet, it can be possible to use it for weight loss.

However, you can achieve weight loss with other protein shakes formulated for that purpose. However, it is an excellent addition to your regular meals to feel full quicker. Depending on your diet and intake of Premier Protein, you can drink it for weight gain.

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Core Power High Protein Shake

Another option thats a little more similar to Premier is the Core Power high protein shake. It contains 170 calories of which 26 grams are protein and 6 grams are carbohydrates per each 14 fl oz bottle.

At around the same price as these other options, Core is lactose and gluten free and contains no added sugars . It is one of the better-tasting shakes out there. It also works great as a meal replacement especially if you are closely watching your carb intake.

Note: Core has another protein shake option that is 11.5 fl oz, has 26 grams of protein, and 26 grams of sugar. Sweetened naturally with cane sugar and honey, this a fantastic option for those wanting only natural ingredients. Seriously, it is a great option assuming you dont mind the higher carbohydrate content. It does make a great post workout protein shake too as your body is more receptive to carbohydrates after a hard workout.

Why Mix Protein And Caffeine

Theres a bit of chatter around the fitness community about whether or not you should be mixing protein and coffee in the first place. The issue is about caffeine disrupting protein absorption.

Heres what science has to say about that:

A relatively recent study states that caffeine doesnt alter the rate of protein synthesis after working out even if you took your caffeine before you started your session. So, NO, caffeine doesnt seem to have any negative effects on how your body processes protein.

Moreover, the same study says that caffeine intake increases AMPK expression, which basically means your body becomes more efficient in using fat and sugar for energy.

This doesnt surprise me at all considering how caffeine has a reputation for being one of the best fat-burners and energy boosters the world has to offer.

Its why a lot of weight loss supplements, pre-workouts, and energy drinks have caffeine as their main ingredient.

I know. Coffees pretty darn great. But, you should also know your limits.

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Can Premier Protein Powder Go Bad Before The Expiry Date

Yes, it can!

If you dont close the packet tightly, the powder will soon get worse. Even a droplet of water, if it accidentally goes into the packet, may spoil the whole.

More or less, most of the protein powder contains sugar. The added sugar can react with the protein, which is called Maillard Reaction. So, you will get either a flavor of little chalky or iffy while drink.

Also, the amino acid lysine of the protein mix can break down. Then, it will not make any difference in your body because it will not supply the protein you need.

The next thing that can go bad naturally is FAT. If this element goes bad, then the product will lose its entire value. The only option left is to drain it down the sink.

Still, one of the biggest enemies for ruining the supplement is heat and moisture. Because this type of product tends to absorb moisture rapidly. As a consequence, the protein shake goes bad.

It will be the most unpleasant experience to see that a good quality powder goes in the drain. At least not before the expiry date. We care about your time, efforts & hard work. So, we come with some tips to rescue you from this type of situation.

Issues With Premier Protein

Premier Protein High Shake Review. One of the Best Shakes for Weight Loss, Cutting, and Lean Mass!

Processing and artificial ingredients are a major area of concern with Premier Protein shakes. This is a key reason why the Fooducate site rates it as a D, which is their lowest possible score.

You can also see this just from looking at the size of the ingredients list.

Nevertheless, there are some important things to note.

First, this is a meal replacement shake. As a result, many of the ingredients are there specifically to add in nutrients, like pyridoxine hydrochloride for vitamin B6. That same pattern is present for meal replacement powders as well, and many of those have long ingredient lists as well.

Second, this type of product also faces some unique challenges.

After all, the company has to produce a milk-containing drink that tastes relatively decent, has a long shelf life and can be stored out of the fridge.

Theres no way they could achieve that without relying on some artificial ingredients.

Still, those ingredients arent going to be appealing to everybody. Instead, many people want to avoid these entirely if possible. There are also some specific ingredients that are questionable.

Artificial Sweeteners

One is the use of artificial sweeteners. This isnt extremely unusual and some other meal replacement shakes do use artificial sweeteners. IdealShape is one example of a similar approach.

None of these options are great for health.

The truth is that the long-term studies simply havent been done on artificial sweeteners, so we dont know.


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What Is The Best Protein Shake On Keto

The best protein shake on keto is sugar-free and low-carb. They also help you ensure that you are getting the exact amount of protein you need on the keto diet.

The right protein shake will also fit your macro limits, which not all products can offer.

In general, your keto-friendly protein shake should only have 4g carbs or less per serving with sufficient nutrients to make it a healthy option.

We have a list of keto-friendly protein shake recommendations you can try!

Are Premier Protein Shakes Keto

Yes. Premier Protein shakes are keto-friendly.

Your carb limit on the keto diet is usually around 25 to 50g of total carbs. So, you can fit these drinks into your day.

They are also high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, providing you with valuable nutrients.

Remember that not all protein shakes are keto-friendly. Although most of them are fairly low in carbs, you need to check the ingredients as there might still be sugar added.

With 0g of added sugar, this gluten-free protein shake is devoid of any sweetener that might kick you out of ketosis.

This means that, aside from helping you build your muscles and athletic performance, Premier Shakes also let you use fat and protein for energy instead of carbs!

They are going to help you enter and stay in ketosis, as long as you dont go over your protein and fat limit for the day.

Thats right. Even if youre on a high-fat diet, you still cant eat too many fats.

All ingredients in Premier Protein shakes are keto-friendly, except cellulose gel and cellulose gum.

It should be noted that cellulose is only included in tiny amounts, so it wont affect your ketosis.

Lastly, the high nutritional levels of Premier Protein shakes can make them an option for meal replacement, although this is not recommended.

Eating whole food meals every day is always better, even if youre trying to lose weight.

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