Is Shakeology The Best Protein Shake

Shakeology Is Actually Cheaper

6 Days of Shakeology Recipes

At the retail price, Shakeology breaks down to about $4 a day. I started looking at what I spent on food while I was running around NYC from audition to audition. Most places I went into, I grabbed quick food choices on-the-go that would cost me around $8 a meal with little-to-no nutritional value.

I also took a look in my own cabinets and the money I was spending at health food stores on vitamins, powders, joint support, digestive enzymes etc. All that stuff adds up fast, and became completely unnecessary with Shakeology.

But lets be honest, at the end of the day all you, or I really care about is two things:

1. How does it taste?2. Does it work?

First, the taste was surprisingly awesome! I tasted just about every shake on the market, and had grown accustom to tolerating that chalky fake chocolate flavor of most. But Shakeology really did taste like I was cheating on my diet. I was getting to drink a milk shake every day and not feel bad about it!

Second, what were the results? Like I said before, I was already well on my weight loss journey when I started drinking Shakeology. I felt I was pretty fit on the outside, but I had a lot of internal issues no one could see. Within the first month of using Shakeology consistently each day, my digestion issues were better, my skin cleared up, and my thinning hair was noticeably thicker to my stylist.

Shakeology Alternative Ogx Fenix:

Shakeology costs $4.33 per serving. At $2.27 per serving, OGX Fenix beats out Shakeology in cost and adds the added benefit of Ganoderma in the shakes. This made my list of picks because it combines a concentrated whey protein along with vitamins, minerals, prebiotic fiber and Ganoderma mushroom with very little sugar and non-GMO ingredients. For the price, it packs a lot of benefits! Ganoderma is from the Reishi mushroom and is an adaptogen meaning it helps each persons body in the ways they need it most. From clean, long-lasting energy to blood pressure regulation to weight loss, the benefits are numerous and well-studied. The taste is great too! The vanilla tastes like Birthday cake and the chocolate tastes like a Wendys frosty. There is no chalky texture or bad aftertaste either which is a MUST for me! Here is the breakdown of OGX Fenix:

  • $2.27 per serving

You can buy OGX Fenix in chocolate or vanilla here from my stock or online here.

Shakeology Vs 310 Shakes

A shake that I have not mentioned in this list is 310 Shakes, a popular alternative to Shakeology. Which one is better Shakeology or 310 Shakes?

In all honesty, I think that neither of them are worth the money. Both are too expensive for what they offer. In fact, I would recommend you to have a look to Ample V instead, or another alternative mentioned above.


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But Owen These Arent Meal Replacement Shakes Like Shakeology

  • Ive heard this criticism a few times, but heres the truth. First, Vega One, Garden of Life, and Labrada Lean Body ARE marketed as meal replacements.
  • Second, the difference between a protein supplement or protein powder and a meal replacement is largely in how you use it! For example. Ive used Natures Bounty shake mix, added berries and veggies in the blender, consume it at 7 AM and Voila! Meal Replacement!
  • When I evaluate a protein supplement or meal replacement shake or protein shake, I look at the same nutrition label and ingredient list. A lot of times the term meal replacement is a marketing tactic. While the Shakeology meal replacement shake is marketed as just that, its largely about how you use it. Sorry for the tangent but I wanted to clear this up.

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How To Mix Shakeology

Shakeology vanilla blackberry and coconut milk protein ...

Making a Shakeology smoothie is not rocket science. If you have a blender, simply add your liquid of choice, ice, one scoop or packet of Shakeology, and any other ingredients like fruit, nut butter, leafy greens, extracts, or spices and blend until smooth.

For a thicker shake, use more ice. Pour into a glass and enjoy! No blender? No problem.

Simpler shakes made with Shakeology and liquid can also be mixed in a Shaker Cup.

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Slim Fast Vs Shakeology

Slim Fast has been around a lot longer than Shakeology, having pioneered the diet in a drink model in the 1980s and 1990s. What Slim Fast does offer is a high protein content and readily available in most common supermarkets, pharmacies, and . Slim Fast is also ready to drink, meaning that theres no complicated prep or blending required. Its also a fraction of the cost compared to Shakeology. All that being said, Slim Fast doesnt have nearly as many nutrients and vitamins as Shakeology. If you are considering Slim Fast as a replacement, consider also separately picking up a greens supplement and you should cover your bases for a hybrid Shakeology replacement at a fraction of the cost.


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Why Do You Need A Blender For Shakeology

If you need rich-nutrient smoothies and beverages every time, buying a shakeology blender should be an ideal selection because it is perfectly used to blend the whole ingredients with consistent smooth and mouth-watering taste.

With the aid of a shakeology blender, you can blend food easier and easier with complete nutrients from fresh ingredients youve just chosen.

Also, using a blender for shakeology will help you process food faster, allowing you to enjoy your instant meals together with convenience and ease of use at all.

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Vegan Strawberry Mojito Shakeology

Its five oclock somewhere. Enjoy this Vegan Strawberry Mojito Shakeology mocktail smoothie first thing in the morning or to help tide you over in the afternoon.

  • 1 cup sparkling water
  • 1 scoop Tropical Strawberry Plant-Based Shakeology
  • 3 Tbsp. fresh lime juice
  • 1 tsp. finely grated lime peel
  • 2 Tbsp. chopped fresh mint leaves
  • Fresh mint sprig
  • Strawberry slice

Why Shakeology Isnt The Answer: Shakeology Vs Other Meal Replacement Shakes

Best Protein Powder For The Price | Shakeology Alternative

Two words: and price.

Shakeology has thousands of distributors who have a vested interest in pushing the product. Its not that the product is bad its just overpriced for what you get. In short, you are sold a lifestyle. Shakeology marketing will make you feel like you are receiving more value than you actually are.

Shakeology Cost: Why is Shakeology so expensive? If you are looking for the extra placebo effect, then maybe its worth the money. However, I quickly realized that you can get the same nutrient profile and save as much as 60%!

UPDATE: Another concern with Shakeology is the much-publicized Dr. Oz report that it contained high levels of LEAD! Before the Beachbody coaches/distributors start parroting the company line, I did my research. Well, I read about other people who did the research. Check this article out for further validation.

The Beachbody response? Essentially that this lead is natural and found in many plants. The lead is natural!? While it may be true that some common ingredients include lead, this is a result of bad farming practices. In short, Shakeology has an issue sourcing and testing their ingredients.

Its not an acceptable excuse any more than polluted drinking water in Flint Michigan is naturally occurring.

Unfortunately, all-natural lead is not the new superfood trend

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Is Shakeology Certified Fair

This is an important topic for a supplements review like Shakeology because they may or may not be important. First, Shakeology is not fair-trade certified. Heres what Beachbody says about that:

While, Shakeology is not, fair-trade certified, we do use fair-trade practices in sourcing raw materials for Shakeology. Weve put every effort into making sure these ingredients dont contain pesticides, arent destroyed in processing, are produced using the best of fair-trade practices, and have many of the benefits of what is considered organic.’

For us, we learned while searching for the worlds best coffee in Colombia that these certifications, such as fair-trade and organic are often only expensive labels that say nothing about the actual quality of the product.

Thats why we dont buy organic coffee and instead look for specialty-grade coffee with the Rainforest Alliance certified logo. Its better for the farmer and the land.

Plus, with Shakeology having so many globally sourced ingredients, it would be far too costly and likely impossible to get these certifications. None of Shakeologys close competitors have these certifications either.

Here is what Beachbody says about becoming certified organic:

While we are at it, Shakeology is also not kosher or halal certified. And, as Beachbody explains below, its not certified GMO-free.

Shakeology Is Too Expensive

If you have been following me for any length of time, it is no secret that I love my Shakeology and its been instrumental in me keeping off the weight from my 100 lbs weight loss journey! But I havent always been convinced. When Shakeology came on the market, I already had success with P90X and was a cast member in Shaun Ts INSANITY DVD series without having touched the stuff. I initially thought Shakeology is too expensive for just another meal replacement shake.

And $120 for a bag? Are these people nuts??? Shakeology is too expensive! As a struggling actor living in NYC, it just seemed like an expense I didnt need to take on and Ill admit it, I was a little cocky too.

I made it through two of the hardest Beachbody workout programs they had at the time. I already lost 100 lbs on my own, why do I need this overpriced protein powder? Ill just save my money for more important things!

That was before I did my research and educated myself on what makes Shakeology different than the $19 tub of whey protein powder that I can get at the nearest grocery store. Fortunately, Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler is a friend of mine and his wife, Isabel Daikeler, is the co-creator of Shakeology.

Carl did a brilliant blog post where he answers the following question:How Do I Really Know If This is Worth the Money When Everything Else Costs Less?

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Is Shakeology A Meal Replacement Shake

Shakeology is not necessarily a meal replacement or simple protein powderthere is no direct substitution for Shakeology because there is no other product like it.

The products listed below have more ingredients than Shakeology and some contain ingredients that are not in Shakeologybut theyre the better store bought options we have available.

Difference Between Shakeology And Protein Powder

Less expensive shakeology alternatives that have the same ...

You have to realize that whey protein shakes and Shakeology just arent in the same class. You have to divorce the words protein shake from Shakeology. Yes, Shakeology does have a comparable amount of protein as many whey protein shakes, but its densely packed with so much more vital ingredients that your body needs for proper nutrition and protein shakes dont even come close.

To really understand the difference between whey protein vs Shakeology, we have to break down whats in them and what they do for you.

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Shakeology Bag Or Combo Packets 12995

You can buy a single 30-serving bag, or if you like a little flavour variety, there is the Barista Plant-Based Vegan Combo carton that contains 24 single-serving packets of each flavour.

Magnesium contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism. Calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes.^Antioxidant vitamins C and E contribute to the protections of cells from oxidative stress Vitamins A, C, D, B6, B12, Zinc, and Selenium contribute to the normal function of the immune system.§ High in Protein. Protein contributes to a growth in muscle mass

Is It A Sustainable Lifestyle Choice

Drinking a dietary supplement daily is a perfectly acceptable lifestyle choice. It will never replace a healthy diet and exercise, but can enhance it.

We think its a sustainable lifestyle choice, just like taking some daily vitamins. If we didnt drink Shakeology daily, we would drink some other top-shelf shake containing protein, probiotics, and greens for our phytonutrients.

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Why Is Shakeology Unique

The Shakeology reviews that compare amounts of carbs, proteins, sugars, and fats to other shakes are completely bogus. That would be analogous to shopping for a car by comparing all makes and models with four doors, a 5-star safety rating, and a radio.

We like to describe Shakeology as a superfood shake. While we know that superfood is a loosely defined term for food with dense nutrition, we like it because they really are super.

We have lived in many of the countries where these superfoods are native and theyre a huge part of the culture. In many cases, these foods were used as offerings to the gods by native people.

Travel to Peru, and you will see Maca in the markets, restaurants, and gardens outside of huts while trekking in the high Andes. These superfoods have been a staple in the diet of these populations for hundreds of years for their profound benefits.

What makes Shakeology unique is that it contains 70 superfoods. We appreciate that theyre responsibly sourced from farmers around the globe, quality-tested, processed properly to maintain their enzymes and phytonutrients, and derived from whole-food sources so that the nutrients are effective when consumed.

This is what makes Shakeology different.

Theres No Scientific Evidence To Back Up The Claims

Shakeology Prosperity Protein Balls

On the Shakeology and Beachbody websites, you can find information stating that Shakeology is now clinically shown to help you lose weight, maintain healthy cholesterol levels and support healthy blood sugar levels .

However, this was a study run by a small, independent company sponsored by Beachbody, and the study is not published online.

Plus, people in the study replaced 2 meals a day with Shakeology, something that Shakeology specifically advises dieters not to do, as it would result in extremely low calorie intake.

There is a clinical trial studying the effect of Shakeology on weight loss in the works that is set to be completed in June of 2018. However, this study is also sponsored by Beachbody .

Additionally, Beachbody settled a $3.6 million lawsuit in 2017 in which the company was banned from making bold health claims about Shakeology without solid scientific evidence.


Shakeology is expensive, lacks scientific evidence and doesnt list amounts of certain ingredients. Plus, its a supplement, not real food.

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Health Shakes Have Several Types Of Superfoods

A new category of shakes is emerging as more companies realize the benefits of superfoods and digestive enzymes in the diet.

Supergreens and superfruits are dried, ground into powder, then blended into a drink mix, including probiotics, digestive enzymes, and fiber. These shakes are meant to infuse a high dose of nutrition into your diet.

Shakeology Is A Supplement Not Real Food

One of the main issues with Shakeology, along with the multitude of other nutritional shakes available to consumers, is that its a supplement, not real food.

While it contains a good amount of protein, vitamins and minerals, you can get the same benefits from consuming a homemade protein shake or a meal.

For example, combining Greek yogurt, frozen berries, fresh kale, chia seeds, almond butter and cashew milk will provide a nutrition boost without the added sugar found in Shakeology.

Theres no comparison between manufactured nutrition supplements and wholesome, real foods, no matter what companies may claim.

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Antioxidants Vs Free Radicals

What are these free radicals and antioxidants that we speak of?

Long, complicated science short:

We generate free radicals as a result of various bodily processes and when were exposed to things like pollution, radiation, and chemicals.

These free radicals are atoms that contain a single electron. But electrons like to travel in pairs, so they roam around stealing electrons from other atoms.

Then those atoms, in turn, become free radicals, which start looking for another electron, triggering a chain reaction of electron theft.

That process is called oxidation, and over time, results in oxidative stress on your cells.

Enter antioxidants: These are compounds like vitamins A, C, and E found in foods, especially colourful fruits and vegetables, that help neutralise these scavenging free radicals by giving them free electrons. ^

Now that youve got the info on all the good stuff thats in Shakeology, its time to get to the practical stuff, like how it tastes, what flavours it comes in, and how you can get your hands on some.

Shakeology comes in a variety of delicious flavours: Chocolate Plant-Based Vegan, Vanilla Plant-Based Vegan, and Café Latte Plant-Based Vegan.*

*Not all flavours are available in all locales

How Will Shakeology Make A Difference In Your Health

Pin on Shakeology

If you struggle with low energy, digestive issues, or your weight, you might not know how good it is to feel great. You might not realize just how much better life can be when your body is functioning at its best. Thats why we believe getting top-quality, whole food-based nutrition every single day is so important.

So, tell uswhich of these benefits are most important to you?

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