Is Protein Shakes Good For You

It Will Help Curb Hunger

Are Protein Shakes Good For You?

Having a proper amount of protein in your diet will help with overall satiety, which means having a protein shake will help you to feel full for hours after.

“Protein also slows down digestion, so it helps get you full faster, stay full longer and maintain stable blood sugar,” says Goodson

“Protein does so much for your body like curbing hunger and maintaining healthy body composition,” says Simeone.

Premier Protein Reviews From Users

*May 2021 Update: Now that Premier Protein has been on the market for years, a lot of people have tried it, which inevitably means it has generated a lot of user feedback. We wanted to take a look at what people are saying about this stuff, so we checked in with Amazon to examine the verified buyer reviews

We found 860 total Premier Protein reviews on Amazon, and it received an average rating of 4.6 stars. That is a very solid mark, and most likely indicates that people are getting results from this supplement, or at least simply enjoying how it tastes.

Heres another impressive statistic for you82% of the user reviews submitted include 5-star ratings for the product. If we do the math, that means about 705 people purchased Premier Protein, tried it, and liked it enough to leave it a 5 star reviewvery impressive.

HOWEVER, lets not get distracted from the facts here people. First of all, the main reason people are enjoying it is simply because it tastes great, which is due to the fact that it contains a ton of fat, carbs, sodium, and sugarthis is not a good thing.

We would never recommend a protein powder with that much downside. PLUS, worse yet, it does NOT contain any whey protein isolate. It only uses whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentratethis is BAD NEWS people.

How Many Protein Shakes A Day Is Healthy

Protein shakes can be an excellent part of an eating plan for people with all types of fitness goals. Athletes rely on protein intake to increase performance and build muscle, while those looking to drop body weight and increase lean body mass will want to keep their daily protein intake elevated to maximize fat loss.

Protein powder shakes may be a convenient way to consume protein, but at some point you may wonder if there is a limit to how many shakes you should be drinking each day. Like any good thing, there comes a point when you can consume too many protein shakes.

To be clear, there is no hard-and-fast rule about drinking protein shakes, and having too many of them in one day likely wont have any long-term detrimental effects. For most people, anywhere from one to three protein shakes per day should be plenty to help them meet their nutritional needs. Drinking more than three shakes per day probably won’t be detrimental, but youd likely be better off replacing protein supplements with whole foods that are more satiating and provide a more diverse array of micronutrients.

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Weight Loss Drug Dnp Linked To Deaths

One product being sold illegally but still available online, mainly from suppliers based outside the UK, is 2,4-Dinitrophenol .

DNP is an industrial chemical that isn’t fit for human consumption. It’s highly toxic and causes significant side effects, and has led to at least 3 reported deaths.

DNP is thought to be particularly popular among bodybuilders, who are attracted to its promises of quick-fix rapid weight loss.

Other names for DNP, which comes in a pill or powder form, include:

  • Dinosan
  • fever
  • vomiting

Using DNP over a long period of time can lead to cataracts and peeling skin, and may cause damage to the heart and nervous system.

Animal studies have suggested DNP may also cause cancer and increase the risk of birth defects.

If you think you have taken DNP, you should seek medical advice immediately.

The Food Standards Agency is working with the police and local authorities to prevent DNP being sold illegally to the public, particularly online.

But many websites offering DNP for sale are based abroad, making this work harder.

Some of these sites offer illegal products alongside legal weight-loss drugs, making it very difficult to tell the difference.

How Do Protein Shakes Work

Is Whey Protein Good for You? in 2021

Protein shakes provide extra dietary protein to help build muscle after exercise, and prevent loss of muscle during weight loss or due to the aging process.

When you consume a protein shake after a workout, youre providing the nutrition building blocks your muscles need to recover and rebuild.

Protein shakes work in three ways: by building muscle, preventing muscle damage, and promoting recovery after endurance exercise.

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Protein Shake Mistake #: Youve Got A One

Once youve invested in a massive tub of protein powder, its only good for shakes, right? Wrong. Constricting yourself to mixing it with milk or water alone means youre missing out on more muscle building and tasty alternatives.

The Fix

Add it to your meals to get the protein you need, as well as the nutrients. And the earlier, the better. Research from the University of Missouri-Columbia found adding a scoop to your breakfast porridge or cinnamon pancakes will make you less likely to overeat during the day.

Protein Shake Mistakes You Keep Making

So far, we’ve covered understanding what protein is, how protein shakes should never replace real food and how much protein you need to build muscle, plus the best sources. Read on for the mistakes you keep making.

Protein Shake Mistake #1: Youre Overcomplicating Things

Got milk? Plus dried fruit and few scoops of almond butter? Youre doing it wrong. Load up your DIY shake with too many ingredients and youre going to whack up the calorie count for no extra benefit, says nutritionist Scott Baptie.

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What Are Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are drinks made by mixing protein powder with water or another liquid, although other ingredients are often added as well.

They can be a convenient addition to your diet, especially when your access to quality high-protein foods is limited.

Although most people dont need protein shakes to meet daily protein requirements, they can be useful if you need to increase your intake or have trouble meeting your needs through food alone.

You can buy protein powder and mix it yourself, or you can get many different brands of premade liquid shakes.

Some of the most popular types of protein powder on the market are:

  • Whey protein: quickly absorbed, dairy-based, contains all the essential amino acids (
  • )

Certain protein powders and drinks contain a mix of different types of protein.

For example, many plant-based brands combine types to complement amino acid profiles. Some dairy-based protein powders combine whey and casein to provide both immediate and longer-lasting effects on muscle synthesis.


Protein shakes can contain different types of protein, each with their own nutrient profiles and possible benefits.

Protein has been shown to help .

One key reason for this is that protein generally helps you feel satisfied for longer than other macronutrients. This is due in part to the release of satiety hormones GLP-1 and PYY (

8 ).


Protein may decrease your appetite by affecting your hunger hormones. It may also help you feel full for longer.

19 ).

26 ).

Powerful Foods Greek Yogurt Protein Drink

Protein Shakes good or bad? What do I recommend?

If youre a Greek yogurt fan, or prefer to eat and drink things that are more real foods based rather than filled with protein isolates and powders, Powerful Foods Greek Yogurt Protein Drinks are a great option. Theyre essentially a drinkable form of Greek yogurt, which is lauded as an excellent source of nutritious protein and calcium for your muscles, bones, and nerves. They earn the accolade of having the shortest, simplest ingredients list of all our favorite protein shakes, containing just filtered water, low-fat ultra-filtered milk, milk, greek yogurt, and cocoa. Besides delicious chocolate, the Powerful Foods Greek Yogurt Protein Drinks also come in vanilla maple, coconut, and a mocha double espresso. Each bottle contains 20 grams of protein, 160 calories, 9 grams of sugar, and nothing artificial. You get to enjoy all the satiating benefits of Greek yogurt without needing a spoon.

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You Can Get A Sufficient Amount Of Protein For The Day

While protein is found in a variety of foods, for anyone with a dietary restriction , getting the proper amount of protein for your body can be difficult. A protein shake can be an easy way to get those amino acids.

According to Rachel Paul, PhD, RD from, our bodies produce amino acids, but others are consumed through our diet, which are called “essential amino acids.” Animal protein sources provide essential amino acids, known as “complete” protein sources. However, plant-based foods don’t provide some of the amino acids, known as “incomplete” protein sources.

“Adding in a protein supplement like a high quality collagen, protein powder or bar is an amazing way to get all 20 of your amino acids,” says Tori Simeone, a trainer for Tone It Up. “It can be hard to get all of your essential amino acids in every day especially if you are plant-based, so adding in a high-quality protein supplement can be vital.”

How Many Protein Shakes Should I Have Each Day

Protein shakes are a great way to pack additional protein into your diet, especially if you struggle to consume enough protein via your diet. However, its worth remembering that your body can only absorb around 25-35g of protein in one sitting, so filling up on protein shakes wont necessarily mean bigger biceps! We recommend that you consume up to 2 Carb Killa protein shakes per day.

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The Best Protein Powder

While protein shakes can help you lose weight, they should not be used in the long-term, says Ali. That’s because, like with anything done over and over again, most people will get sick of them after about 30 days, which may cause them to crave other, less nutritious foods.

While you can still use protein shakes on an on-going basis, the key to lifelong weight management is eating a satisfying, nutritious diet of whole foods. Therefore, you should eventually transition off protein shakes by replacing them with healthy foods of a similar amount of calories, like:

Quantity: How Much Is Healthy

Protein Shakes: Good or Bad for you?

The International Society of Sports Nutrition recommends about 0.25 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per serving of protein, or 20-40 grams in one shake or meal for active athletes.

Our bodies cant absorb or use more than this amount at once, so extra would be stored as fat. Daily protein shakes have been shown to be safe in generally healthy adults.

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Protein Shakes For A Snack

Ah, snacking: our favourite topic. We know a thing or two about snacking and a protein shake is up there with one of our go-to healthier options. Take the Carb Killa® Protein Shake, for instance. They’re packed with protein and low in sugar, meaning theyre a great way to overcome a midday hunger pang or an evening sweet tooth.

Protein Shakes May Help With Weight Management

Proteins effect on metabolism, appetite, and muscle mass may also keep you from regaining weight once youve successfully lost it.

A study from 2005 found that when participants who had lost weight from a specific diet program were given 30 grams of protein in addition to their regular diet during a weight management period of 6 months, they regained less weight than participants who didnt have the supplemented protein .

A 2015 literature review suggests that higher protein intakes appears to improve both weight loss and weight management. Yet, researchers caution that full adherence to a higher-protein diet and other lifestyle factors are usually required for this improvement .


Additional protein, whether from shakes or whole foods, can help minimize the amount of weight you regain after weight loss.

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At The End Of The Day Its Exceedingly Important To Stress That There Must Be A Balance Eating Foods Marketed To Us As Healthy Vs Eating Whole Natural Unprocessed Foods Real Food

For much more on this topic, like:

  • Why I would never promote supplemental products back in the day
  • How, for many, the selling, promotion, and consumption of these products might be their sole source of income
  • When, if ever, you should drink a shake or take a supplement thats been marketed as healthy?
  • The latest science on shakes youll find at GNC or the local vitamin shops including those which are being marketed to you buy reputable network marketing organizations
  • If I currently drink protein shakes, pre / post workout supplements, and BCAAs
  • Why you must listen to your body
  • The process behind the making of protein powders
  • Why you might have an insensitivity to protein powders
  • How/why inflammation stalls weight loss
  • If protein shakes, protein cookies, protein bars are allowed in the 131 Method

Then YOU MUST listen to my hot, trendy, and recent podcast on The Chalene Show, Are Protein Shakes and Workout Supplements Healthy NOW! Leave a comment below and tell me your protein shake story!

Do Use Protein Shakes For Breakfast If Youre Trying To Lose Weight

Are protein shakes good?

Replacing your morning meal with a protein shake is a great idea if youre trying to drop extra pounds. Most protein powders recommend using one scoop of protein per shake, which is usually equal to about 25 grams of protein. If your daily recommended protein intake is 56 grams, this shake could contribute nearly half the necessary protein for the day.

For those trying to lose weight, having a protein shake for breakfast will provide a high level of protein while keeping your breakfast calorie count low. Because you must burn more calories than you consume, this is a good opportunity to cut your calorie intake. Coffee drinkers can also try replacing their morning cup of coffee with a nutritious Protein Coffee shake for an extra boost of energy in their shake. Use code BREAKFAST for 10% your entire order.

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Types Of High Protein Low Carb Diets

Some of the most popular commercial diets commonly considered high in protein and low in carbs dont truly fit into both categories.

Notably, many people regard the Zone Diet and Sugar Busters Diet as high protein, low carb. However, these diets are moderate in carbs, as they typically provide about 40% of calories from carbs.

Additionally, many popular low carb diets, such as Atkins and ketogenic diets, are not considered high protein, low carb. Instead, theyre high fat, low carb or high fat, very low carb, and they only contain moderate amounts of protein.

In fact, no branded diets are known to conform to this pattern.

If youre interested in a strict high protein, low carb diet, you may need to count calories, protein, carbs, and fat to stay within your macronutrient ranges.

This can be difficult, so most people prefer to loosely follow a high protein, low carb diet by replacing high carb foods with protein sources.


Theres no set macronutrient range for a high protein, low carb diet, so most people tend to swap much of their typical carb-heavy foods with protein sources.

3 ).

As such, high protein diets may provide numerous benefits as may low carb eating patterns, which are often associated with weight loss.

Thus, combining the two diets may give numerous advantages.

They Can Reduce Your Appetite

If you are currently trying to lose weight, you may be struggling with your diet. Even if your workouts are perfect, you still need to eat right and control your portions. If you tend to be hungry all day, it is likely due to not having enough protein in your diet. Drinking just one protein shake a day will help you to feel full longer and curb your appetite.

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Common Mistakes That Can Make Protein Shakes Unhealthy

Are protein shakes bad for you? Nonot when you make them from healthy, high-quality ingredients. But as with any food or drink recipe, adding ingredients of poor nutritional value can make protein shakes unhealthy.

Not all protein shakes are created equal. In fact, the term protein shake encompasses a wide range of recipes geared toward numerous different goals. Whether or not a protein shake is healthy or good for you depends on what you put in it, why youre drinking it, and sometimes even when you drink it.

Lets take a look at some common mistakes that can make protein shakes unhealthy.

One Possible Concern About Protein Powder

Are Protein Powder Drinks Good For You

A couple tests over the years analyzed whether contaminants, such as heavy metals, are found in protein powder. One such test was conducted by the Clean Label Project in 2018. Of the more than 130 protein powders tested, the group found that 75% of the examined products contained measurable levels of lead. This and other study findings appeared concerning, so a 2020 study published in Toxicology Reports looked into the potential health effects that may be tied to consuming protein powders. The researchers found that up to three daily servings of protein powder was not associated with an increased risk of non-cancerous health effects due to heavy metal exposure.

However, if you are still concerned about heavy metal exposure, you can certainly opt not to use protein powder at all. Or, choose one that is third-party tested for heavy metals, such as Naked Nutrition. You could also reach out to any brand to ask about testing or request a particular product’s analysis, if you want more information.

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