Is Protein Powder Okay During Pregnancy

Fillers And Flavouring Agents

Protein powder during pregnancy: is it safe? | Nourish with Melanie #98

Fillers are substances added to protein powders to add bulk when mixed into a shake. They also give texture and consistency to the drink that makes it taste better. Some common fillers include xanthan gum, guar gum, palatinose and other ingredients that have little or no nutritional value. They can add some empty calories and make you feel fuller without any actual benefits. Flavouring agents are often devoid of any nutrition, and sometimes they are not all that natural as they claim to be. They are treated chemically and processed before making their way into the protein powders. So avoid powders containing fillers and flavouring agents.

Pregnancy Changes The Nutritional Requirements Of Women

During pregnancy, a womans nutritional requirements increase to support the growing foetus inside. Eating a wide variety of foods including protein, good fats and a large amount of fruit and vegetables is the best way to ensure the nutritional needs are met and promoted in the unborn baby. But what about protein? How important is protein for a pregnant woman?

The amount of protein consumed during the pregnancy is vital for the growing foetus and inadequate supplementation can affect factors such as the babys birth weight and health. Inadequate protein supply can also affect the health of the baby later in life. It is also important to note that excess protein intake can also have an effect on the growing foetus, and therefore an adequate supply of protein is needed for a healthy baby.

If youre currently thinking Ok I need protein, but not too much. How much is that? Let us dive deeper into this.

A healthy intake of protein during pregnancy supports the growing foetus and assists their rapidly multiplying cells to function normally.

Which Protein Powder Is The Best For Pregnant Women

Since everyones nutritional needs are different, there is no single best protein powder for pregnant women, and you should always contact your healthcare provider before adding supplements to your diet.

If you need to use protein powder for one of the reasons stated earlier in this article, then youll need to know what to look for when shopping around for a quality protein powder.

Some tips are:

  • Choose a sugar-free / no added sugar version. Bear in mind that its not always listed as sugar on the label, it could be a sweetener or another form. Flavored protein powders almost always have a lot of sugar in them. Look at the carbohydrate content as another way of checking for sugars, even if theyre natural.
  • Avoid any additives, even ones that look good like vitamins and minerals. If youre also taking a prenatal vitamin then you could easily take too much of any one nutrient, vitamin or mineral without realizing.
  • Opt for protein powders without preservatives, thickeners, stabilizers or other similar added ingredients. Some of these are controversial and best avoided, such as carrageenan or soy lethicin and isolate.
  • Remember 100% natural doesnt mean 100% safe.
  • A good tip is to choose protein powder brands that have additional certification. A good starting place is the Clean Label Project, who check for contaminants, and the Certified for Sport label from NSF, who also check the ingredients of certain brands.
  • Arbonne
  • Orgain
  • Olly

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Fillers And Artificial Flavourings

Fillers are sometimes added to protein powders in order to add bulk when theyre mixed into a shake. They boost texture and consistency and can make the protein shake taste better. Examples of these include xanthan gum, guar gum and palatinose all of which have little to no nutritional value or benefit. Likewise, flavoring agents are usually devoid of nutrition and often arent as natural as they claim to be. Theyre often treated chemically and processed before being added into the protein powder.

Like artificial sweeteners, its best to avoid fillers and artificial flavorings.

The Nourishment & Strength Your Body Needs

Top 5 Best Protein Powders During Pregnancy

An unborn childs sole source of nutrition comes from the mothers body. This is why it is important that moms-to-be choose the right nourishment for themselves and their babies. This is where we come in.

Mama Protinex is a protein-rich supplement essential for the physical and brain development of the foetus. It satisfies that something missing in your diet to ensure the optimum health and development of your child.

It contains soy protein and milk protein.

25 g of powder gives 90 kcal.

There are no documented side effects. However it contains soy protein isolate and milk protein and is not recommended for people allergic to soya, peanut and lactose intolerance.

Protinex mama is specially formulated to meet the increased nutritional needs of pregnant and breast feeding women.

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How Can I Get Protein During Pregnancy

Its always best to focus on whole foods before supplements. The best protein sources for pregnancy come from whole foods sources including:

  • Meat such as beef, fresh pork, venison, etc
  • Poultry such as chicken and turkey
  • Homemade bone broth
  • Beans, lentils, and legumes
  • Nuts and nut butter

However, supplements can be beneficial and may be an appropriate choice for your diet after speaking with your healthcare provider.

Choosing The Best Protein Powder For Pregnancy

Finding the best protein powder suitable for pregnant women is quite a challenge as there are a lot of choices out there which some of them are not advisable for pregnant women.

When choosing the best protein powder during pregnancy, always consider getting products with natural ingredients packed-full of nutrients that every soon to be mom needs.

If youre still quite hesitant about these products mentioned above, its best to ask your obstetrician and determine which protein powder you should go for.

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Is Vegan Protein Powder Safe For Pregnancy

Pregnancy Protein Powder – Is It Safe?

Generally, vegan protein powder is taken by gym-goers looking to increase their daily protein intake and increase muscles.

They can also be used by people on a diet who are trying to reduce their carbohydrate intake.

In some cases, they can be beneficial to pregnant women.

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience at times nobody enjoys dealing with daily worry and anxiety of not getting enough vital nutrients the body needs through pregnancy.

In addition to that, there are a lot of information and conflicting reports about what you should and should not eat.

Basically, it is necessary for you to fulfill all the dietary requirements for both you and your unborn baby during pregnancy. Your nutrient intake has to increase so as to support the development and growth of the child.

Fetal growth can become compromised when your nutrient intake falls lower than required, because nutrients get used up to support your needs before that of the baby.

An important nutrient that plays a key role in the growth of both fetal and maternal tissue is protein.

Generally, it is required for pregnant women to take an additional 25 grams of protein daily.

Most women find it difficult to reach this amount through whole foods.

This make vegan protein powder a great option.

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What Are The Benefits Of Protein Powders During Pregnancy

An expecting moms body goes a lot of changes during pregnancy. Thats why its important to get the right nutrients and proteins during pregnancy.

Protein supplies the basic building blocks of your bodys cells and your babys body as well. With the right kind of protein, you gain extra strength to support the needs of your growing baby.

With all the food cravings and aversions during pregnancy, you might struggle to maintain a healthy diet. The convenience of taking protein as protein shakes, protein smoothies, and others should help you get the optimal amounts of protein during pregnancy. You can even add protein powders to soup and pregnancy-safe herbal teas, and they will still taste great.

Indigestion And Whey Protein

When you are pregnant, you are most likely already going to be experiencing a number of digestive health issues, such as heartburn, acid reflux, and constipation, among others.

The hormonal changes in your body are going to affect your digestive system, and adding whey protein into the mix could make these issues worse. Whey protein can be much easier on a sensitive stomach during pregnancy. If you experience any discomfort from using whey protein, however, it is important to stop taking the supplement as any undue additional distress during pregnancy is unnecessary.

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Whey Protein During Pregnancy: Is It Safe

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When you are pregnant, it is vital that you are careful to eat the best foods for you and your growing baby. You want to keep both you and your baby as healthy as possible and avoid any complications. It is critical to eat a well-balanced diet. This means getting plenty of complex carbs, protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Keep in mind that this may be easier said than done, particularly in the first trimester when many women experience nausea, but do the best you can to prioritize healthy whole foods as much as possible.

This also means being aware that there are many foods that could be harmful during pregnancy. These foods are anything that could have a negative effect on your body or your baby, and youll be surprised to find that there are quite a few of them. It is likely that during your first prenatal appointment your doctor or midwife will provide you with a list of foods to eat and a list of foods that are best to avoid.

During those months when youre not feeling the best, you may experience a reduction in your appetite or desire to eat much of anything. Practicing good nutrition is important though, and you may be inclined to consume foods in their liquid form instead.

Ask Your Midwife Doctor Or Doula To Review Your Protein Powder

Protein Powder For Pregnancy: Safe Protein Shake When Pregnant

Finally, getting some help from your midwife, doula or doctor will help tremendously when choosing a safe protein powder. Show them the powders you are considering, and have them help you make the decision. Or, if you know a registered dietician, they could be a great help too. Getting some expert guidance for your pregnancy specifically is one of the safest ways to ensure you are making the right choice.

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Is Homemade Protein Powder Safe When Pregnant

The other option besides buying branded products is, of course, to make protein powder yourself that way, youll know whats in it, and have more control over the ingredients.

Homemade protein powder is usually safe in pregnancy, but the considerations about not consuming too much protein are the same.

Theres no hard and fast rule about what to put into a homemade protein powder, but common ingredients are:

  • Toasted and ground nuts
  • Dried milk powder
  • Ground oats or rice

There are plenty of recipes around, on both blogs and Youtube. Heres a popular nut-based one from Fusion Cooking:

Overall, if you need to use protein powder for dietary reasons or you just want a protein shake from time to time, then look for the highest quality, cleanest protein powder you can and be mindful of how much protein and other additives youre really getting.

You may also be interested in:

Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder

For those needing a prenatal protein powder, the Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder may be a nice pick for you. It will be gentle for stomachs that often get discomfort due to the ginger and active B6 content, which can be helpful for pregnant moms. Your baby will also develop better due to the active folates that are included in the formulation.

This dietary supplement for pregnant moms comes in a chocolate flavor that is pure and contains no artificial sweeteners. If you have MTHFR and you want to avoid folic acid in a prenatal powder then this is a good choice since it only contains folate.

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Country Regulations On Protein Powders

In the USA, protein powder is regulated by the FDA , but its classed as a food or dietary supplement.

This means that its not regulated in the same way as food, and its down to the protein powder manufacturers themselves to evaluate the safety and labeling of the powder .

In the UK and EU its a similar set up, where protein powder companies are trusted to produce a safe product. One UK parenting website quoted a nutritionist advising that protein powder was not recommended in pregnancy, because many women already have sufficient protein in their diet, and consuming a powder may mean getting too much .

The European Food Safety Authority specifically investigated a proposed whey protein, and noted it was likely to be safe as a food, but only if the dosage and directions were followed .

In Australia and New Zealand, protein powders usually fall under section 2.9.4 of the Food Standards Code covering sports supplements. The code says that all such supplements should have a warning on the label, advising those who are pregnant to avoid use .

The law in Australia is undergoing a review and supplements may be more tightly controlled soon, but this as yet is unconfirmed .

In Canada, the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate means that regulation is better controlled, and any products that have been authorized for sale and considered safe in Canada will have a code on the label .

Can I Have Protein Whilst Breastfeeding

PREGNANCY and Breastfeeding SAFE Protein Powder

The Nutrient Reference Values for Australia and New Zealand recommend an increase of protein intake to 1.1g/kg body weight during lactation. For a 70kg female, this would equate to 77g of protein spread over the day. Adequate protein can usually be attained by consuming whole food protein sources such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, tofu, beans, nuts and seeds. Sometimes this isn’t always achievable and a protein supplement can be useful and convenient to ensure an adequate diet.

Its important to note that a protein powder as a sports supplement is not appropriate for infant formula.

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What Are The Benefits Of Protein During Pregnancy

One of the most obvious benefits of protein powder is that it helps provide a quick and convenient source of protein for pregnant moms who may not be able to get enough through their diet alone.

And you can up the nutritional value by adding fruits, vegetables and even nut butters.

But protein also has some other benefits, including:

  • It helps you feel full for longer periods of time.
  • Contributes to blood sugar stability.
  • Protein powder can help you maintain your muscle mass during.
  • Pregnancy which is especially important if your exercise.
  • Protein can help increase the immune system.
  • Protein shakes can help pregnant moms who struggle with morning sickness or food aversions meet their caloric and nutritional needs.
  • Collagen proteincan help improve joint health, nail and hair growth and even help prevent or reducestretch marks.

What Are The Risks Of Protein During Pregnancy

One disadvantage of protein powder is that it does not contain all the necessary nutrients of a healthy diet.

Protein supplements are not a healthy substitute for protein-rich meals since they lack vitamins and minerals found in food sources.

They can also contain things like trace amounts of mercury and lead, so be sure to buy an organic protein powder.

Youll also want to be sure to talk to your doctor before taking any protein supplements during pregnancy.

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What Are The Benefits Of Protein Powders For Pregnant Women

In general, if youre having difficulties with energy or protein deficit, protein powders are an easy way to ensure youre consuming enough protein to benefit fetal growth. For example, if you suffer from morning sickness and find it difficult to stomach actual food, adding some protein to a shake or smoothie is a good way to top up on protein! Fatigue is another symptom of pregnancy, so you might feel like whipping up a quick shake for an energy boost.

Pregnant ladies are safe to consume protein powder as long as youre not replacing entire meals with shakes, and are only supplementing to fill in the gaps. One of the best protein powders while pregnant is our VEGAN PROTEIN. The Unflavoured version of our simple blend contains nothing except pure, plant-based protein to give you a little protein boost.

Blend It Up Protein Powder

What Protein Shake Is Safe During Pregnancy

Blend It Up Protein Powder is wholesome goodness for pregnant women or people on a fitness program. The ingredients are carefully sourced to produce a product thats full of natural goodness. For this reason, its a plant-based product that contains soybean amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, and chia. It also contains a vitamin blend, stevia leaves, and natural flavors.

Likewise, it doesnt contain artificial flavors and feels a smooth delight. You can mix it with your favorite indulgence, such as a smoothie without worrying about the flavor changing.

The diet is pregnancy safe and is well-balanced with healthy fats, low carbs, and lean protein. it is versatile as well. You can add your coconut, milk, shakes, almond, and more.


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