Is Protein Powder Good For You To Lose Weight

Diets High In Protein Promote Weight Loss

Does protein powder help you lose weight?

5 ).

For example, overweight adults lost an average of 11 pounds over 12 weeks when they increased their protein intake from 15% to 30% of daily calories, without changing any other part of their diet .

Whats more, high-protein diets have been shown to help reduce body fat, especially around the belly, and increase lean muscle mass .

A high protein intake may help you maintain weight loss, as well. One study found that a slightly higher intake of protein resulted in a 50% lower body weight regain .

There are a number of reasons why high-protein diets boost weight loss:

  • Keep you fuller for longer: Protein is highly satiating, meaning you stay fuller for longer. This can lead to an automatic reduction in calorie intake .
  • Reduce cravings: A high-protein diet has been linked to reduced cravings and a lower desire to snack at night .
  • Increase calorie burn: Increased protein intake has been shown to have a higher thermic effect. This means it can boost the number of calories burned by up to 80 to 100 per day .
  • Change weight hormones: Protein has been shown to reduce levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin and boost the appetite-reducing hormones GLP-1 and PYY .

There are various protein sources, which makes it easy to follow a high-protein diet.

Generally, these sources are divided into two types: natural protein from foods or supplemental protein, usually in the form of protein shakes.

How To Pick The Right Protein Powder

With so many protein powders on the market, it may seem overwhelming to choose the right one to meet your goals. Some contain tons of added sugars, artificial sweeteners, or other sketchy fillers. Dietitian Jillian Kubala, MS, RD, told POPSUGAR to pay attention to the ingredients and nutrition information when picking a protein powder.

“Look for protein powders with no sugar added or ones that are sweetened with stevia,” she said. “Avoid protein powders with artificial flavors, colorings, and preservatives. Pea protein, whey protein, collagen peptides, brown rice protein, and hemp protein are all excellent choices. The fewer the ingredients, the better.”

How Can Protein Help You Lose Weight

The great news is that protein can definitely help you lose more weight, and have an easier time sticking to your diet plan.

The macronutrient protein is best known for its role in building and maintaining muscle mass. Not many people think about how important it is during a diet phase, when the focus is losing body fat and getting lean. But as were about to explain, protein can help you lose body fat in a number of interesting ways.

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Benefits Of Protein Powder

After all, youre eating a low-calorie diet. However, by including supplementary protein in your regular routine, you can help to reduce your hunger. Protein is a satiating food. It makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time than the other vitamins and minerals.

Lean Muscle Mass

Adding protein powder to your diet can also help you retain your lean muscle mass. Beginners who are new to strength training may find that they can develop lean muscle while reducing body fat.

Fast Metabolism

A quick metabolism will help you lose weight and keep it off if you want to lose weight and keep it off. You can retain muscle strength and keep your metabolism running smoothly by including protein powder into your regimen.

Protein Reduces Appetite And Makes You Eat Fewer Calories

How to Use Whey Protein for Weight Loss

Protein can reduce hunger and appetite via several different mechanisms .

This can lead to an automatic reduction in calorie intake.

In other words, you end up eating fewer calories without having to count calories or consciously control portions.

Numerous studies have shown that when people increase their protein intake, they start eating fewer calories.

This works on a meal-to-meal basis, as well as a sustained day-to-day reduction in calorie intake as long as protein intake is kept high .

In one study, protein at 30% of calories caused people to automatically drop their calorie intake by 441 calories per day, which is a huge amount .

So, high protein diets not only have a metabolic advantage they also have an appetite advantage, making it much easier to cut calories compared to lower protein diets.

Bottom Line:

High-protein diets are highly satiating, so they lead to reduced hunger and appetite compared to lower protein diets. This makes it much easier to restrict calories on a high-protein diet.

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How To Lose Weight

In purely scientific terms, losing weight comes down to the numbers. Its maths: if you expend more energy than you consume, you will be in a caloric deficit and this will theoretically lead to weight loss. Calorie expenditure isnt just the energy you burn doing exercise. Its also made up of your BMR , NEAT , and TEF .

But as anyone who has tried getting lean will tell you, losing weight isnt that simple. After all, we are humans, not robots. We need to add various human factors to the maths, including adherence, hunger, cravings, patience, and compliance.

Potential Health Benefits Of Adding Whey Protein To Your Diet

While touted as a way to increase athletic performance, whey protein also may offer a number of potential health benefits. If you dont get enough protein in your diet, whey protein may be an easy way you can increase your overall intake.

For some people, whey protein may help with weight maintenance. Theres also some evidence that the protein may help deter unintentional weight loss seen in HIV. Some studies have even indicated that whey protein can reduce overall cholesterol levels in adults. Some research suggests whey protein may also benefit infants. If given whey protein in the first 3 to 12 months of life, their risk of developing itchy and red skin by age 3 lessens.

Whey protein is also being studied as a possible treatment for:

  • Asthma
  • Nonalcoholic liver disease
  • Muscle disorders, such as mitochondrial myopathy

For workouts, whey protein is most helpful when eaten after exercise as an aid to muscle recovery.

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What Makes A Good Protein Powder For Weight Loss

  • Identify your personal preferences and weight loss goals. Mangieri says that, beyond weight loss, picking the right protein for you will depend on a few factors: your taste, personal preference, and body composition goals. It’s always important to remember that no two weight loss journeys are alike. That said, there are some things you should keep in mind when narrowing your selection.
  • The brand should be third-party tested. Mangieri prefers a brand that is third-party tested by “consumer labs, NSF Certified for Sport or Informed-Choice” to ensure the use of good quality product.
  • Look for sugar-free and sweetener-free protein powders. More specific to losing weight, Mascha Davis, MPH, RDN advises her clients to use protein powders that don’t contain sugar or other sweeteners and are naturally-derived. Even though they’re often marketed as nutrition products, sugars and other unwanted ingredients are sometimes hidden inside, so it’s important to always thoroughly check ingredient labels.
  • Lets Talk Protein Shakes Micronutrients And Meal Replacement

    Best Protein Powders for Weight Loss & How to Use Them

    If you are using protein powders as a meal replacement, your smoothies should aim to have between 5-10 grams of fibre, 15 20 grams of protein, 40 50 grams of carbohydrates and 10-15 grams of healthy fats. It should also aim to have less than 30 grams of sugar according to resident Happy Way nutritionist Malissa Fedele. Combining all of these elements will ensure you create a smoothie that is both filling and will sustain your blood sugar levels in the hours that follow. This also requires focusing on the right ingredients such as wholesome foods, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. But before we start with the ingredients, let us help you choose the right protein powder for you.

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    What Protein Powders Are In Our Pantries

    Now, lets take a peek in our pantries so that once you know if protein powder will help you to lose weight, you can choose some of the best onesinstead of carb-rich snacks or instead of a sweet treat at night instead of ice cream.

    Lyssie does this swap by making popsicles with protein powder for her sweet evening treats. We have some of our clients sprinkle chocolate protein powder on their yogurt or roll dates in it.

    Tip: If youre hungry in the afternoon and end up at vending machine: mix a spoonful of protein powder and blend with fruit, or mix it in with frozen fruit for a chocolatey or vanilla fruit flavoror even have one of these options as part of a meal to stave off hunger.

    Whey Satiates Your Appetite

    Of all the macronutrients , protein is best at making you feel satiated, or full. If you’re cutting calories, choosing foods that are as satiating as possible will help make sticking to your diet less stressful.

    Studies show that milk proteins such as whey may satiate your appetite better than some other protein sources. But, having a high enough protein intake in general is the most important thing. Eat plenty of dietary protein from food sources like meat, eggs, and fish, and supplement with whey protein to max out your protein intake.

    Protein is even more filling when paired with fiber. Make a meal replacement shake with whey protein powder, fruit, and some leafy greens to fill up on minimal calories.

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    Not All Protein Powders Are The Same Especially When It Comes To Weight Loss

    Some are loaded with sugars and calories and lots of other ingredients you dont want in your body. Others arent trustworthy and can contain contaminants or poor protein quality.

    Pick protein powders that are mostly protein, are low in added sugar , and see which kinds keep you most full.

    Below are a few of our favorites and why. One thing youll notice is that the protein to calorie ratio is really good for these, meaning you get a lot of protein without a lot of calories. Remember, you dont want so many calories that it inhibits weight loss.

    A high protein to calorie ratio is what youre looking for, like the ones below.

    Navitas Organics Cacao & Greens Essential Blend

    Does Whey Protein Make You Fat If You Don

    I like Vega because it includes many nutrients that Im interested in, such as pea protein, brown rice protein, and organic kale powder, says Sharon Palmer, RD. It’s a tasty vegan option, as well.

    Per serving: 120 calories, 2.5 g fat , 270 mg sodium, 6 g carbs, 2 g fiber, 1 g sugar, 20 g protein

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    The Most Important Thing To Keep In Mind

    That said, its important to remember: Protein powder is a dietary supplementnot replacement. It is not regulated the way food and medicine are by the FDA, Maeng says. It can be loaded with sugar or sugar substitutes/artificial sweeteners, as well as heavy metals and chemicals. Because of this, you want to ensure youre only adding the highest quality protein powder into your diet. According to LeVeque, avoid powders with ultra-long ingredients lists and those that are chock-full of additives. I always recommend simple protein powders and favor ones made of collagen, whey, or simple plant-based blends, LeVeque says.

    Whey Protein & Exercise

    Exercise is an important part of being healthy and just changing to protein shakes alone isnt likely to help you lose weight and maintain it. Therefore, we recommend combining resistance training with whey protein for anyone looking to lose weight.

    Men can have one or two 30g scoops per shake. Women on a weight loss plan should stick to one 30g scoop of whey protein. The beauty of a protein shake is for most people, it is easier to get down after a hard workout than eating the same amount of protein in a whole food.

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    Does Protein Powder Help You To Lose Weight

    Lets first consider thisresearch shows that:

    Protein is an important nutrient for weight loss. Heres the deal:

    Protein can by reducing hunger hormones as well as by helping you to feel fuller because it takes longer to digest than carbohydrates. So, protein is especially great if youre someone whos always hungry and youre eating extra food thats contributing to weight gain because youre trying to satisfy your hunger. In fact, we find that our clients that come to us skimping on protein, find themselves hungry. A LOT.

    Whats also cool about protein is that it may help you to boost your metabolism, so that you burn more calories, particularly, if you strength train, because it helps you to repair and build the muscles you used. Muscle burns calories, so having more muscle increases your metabolismyep, that means you even burn more calories in your sleep. In addition to that muscle building metabolism boost, protein actually takes more calories to metabolize than fat or carbohydrate do so it gives you a slight metabolism advantage compared to other foods there.

    Protein is also great for weight loss because with weight loss/ fat loss, comes muscle loss. That muscle is metabolism boosting, fat blasting goodness. And protein helps you to maintain muscle even while losing body fat.

    Why Should You Use No Sugar Protein Powder

    How to Use Protein Powder for Weight Loss? How Does Protein Powder Help You Lose Weight? Drink

    Its understandable if someone has a need for no sugar protein powder. There are multiple reasons for this choice.

    Here are 3 outstanding causes for why they want a no sugar protein powder:

    • Easy to match with recipes

    In general, most people often mix protein powder with something that is both nutritious and delicious to make it easier to consume.

    Specifically, people often mix protein powder with fruits or milk shakes that are naturally sweetened. Theyre better than whatever added sweeteners to protein powder.

    On the other hand, you can also mix protein powder as an ingredient for healthy cakes for your diet plan. In this case, using sugar-free protein powder is a perfect choice. This could be because it doesnt break standard recipes.

    • Avoid the bitter taste of non-nutritive sweeteners

    Moreover, they may look for no sugar protein powder to consume instead of another, which is because you dont like its taste of either natural or artificial non-nutritive sweeteners. It can often be bitter and leave an uncomfortable flavor in your mouth.

    • Consuming sugar or sweeteners regularly is not good for health

    Some protein powders contain sugar and sweeteners that can turn a regular protein shake into a drink with more than 1,200 calories. Its a surprise, isnt it?

    When it comes to benefits of no sugar protein powder, you may avoid the risk of weight gain and blood sugar spikes. Of course, you do it because its not healthy.

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    The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss

    Drinking protein shakes isn’t crucial for losing weight, but new science says it can be helpful. Here’s how.

    Protein shakes were never on peoples radar, except for bodybuilders and others aiming to gain muscle. But in recent years, more of us have started consuming protein supplements, not only after workouts, but also outside the gym. In addition to helping build strength and size, protein may aid in weight loss. A new review from Purdue University found that if your goal is weight control, you may want to consume your protein shake with a meal rather than by itself in between meals.

    Researchers looked at 34 randomized controlled trials in which adults consumed protein supplements with meals or between meals. They found that either protein timing increased lean mass, which helps protect your bones and maintain your metabolism. Those who had their shake with food experienced a decrease in fat mass, while the groups that consumed protein between meals gained weight.

    The study authors believe that when you have a protein supplement with a meal, you may be more likely to adjust your meal to compensate for the calories in your shake. Whereas, if you have a protein supplement after the gym or as a snack, you may still eat full meals and wind up consuming more total calories for the day. If youre trying to lose weight, that, of course, will only hurt your efforts.

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    Raspberry Almond Smoothie

    What Exactly Is Protein Powder

    There’s no one standard formulation, but protein powders are generally made from one or more types of protein, isolated from a food and concentrated into a dried, finely powdered form. A protein powder can be made from either an animal source, including eggs and dairy-derived whey or casein protein, or a variety of plant sources. Plant-sourced protein can come from foods like split peas, soy, brown rice, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and hemp.

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    Are You Getting The Right Amount Of Protein For Your Body

    If youd like to know more about if you are getting the right amount of protein for your body and your needs, and if youre wondering if youre getting the right amount of protein to help with your weight loss efforts or hinder it, wed be happy to send you our FREE protein evaluation, just email us at and let us know youd like our protein evaluation. Well send it right over and then we can set up a time to chat so that we canreview and see how we may be able to help. Thats a great place to start to get a good idea of where you stand in terms of the protein that you need for fueling weight loss.

    If youre wondering if youre absorbing protein and other nutrients properly to assist in weight loss, we can help you here too.

    If you are someone who is bloated all of the time, or youre constipated or have other digestive issues, you likely have some issues with digestion that may not help you to digest and absorb what you eat well, including protein powder. This is something we help our clients with.

    But regardless, its a great idea to start with our free protein evaluation and to understand whats going on in your protein world and if its helping your weight loss efforts are harming them. So again, just email us at and let us know that youd like to have our free-protein evaluation.

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