Is Premier Protein Keto Friendly

Can Too Much Protein Knock You Out Of Ketosis

Is Premier Protein KETO FRIENDLY?

I know what many of you are thinking

Can too much protein knock you out of ketosis? No, too much protein will not knock you out of ketosis.

Most people following a ketogenic diet fall into the trap of eating too little protein. They inevitably run into problems by eating too little protein on a ketogenic diet, such as:

  • Hair falling out
  • Always hungry or sometimes not hungry at all
  • Sick more often
  • Losing muscle mass

As you may see, theres a problem with eating too little protein. When it comes to protein, too much is better than too little.

The body does convert some protein into glucose , via what is called gluconeogenesis, but that is a demand-driven process.

Meaning, the body only does so when it is necessary.

It doesnt matter if you eat 50 grams of protein or 500 grams of protein the body will only convert what it needs.

For those of you who test ketones, via something like a blood meter, you will notice that your ketones may not get as high, but consuming a lot of protein will not kick you out of ketosis.

For more information about other popular questions people have about being kicked out of ketosis, check the article below to learn what exactly will kick you out of ketosis.

Are Quest Protein Shakes Good For Weight Loss

Some people introduce more protein into their diet as part of aweight-loss diet. Since protein takeslonger to digest than carbohydrates, it increases the feeling of being full,known as satiety. The person will not feel hungry so quickly after consumingprotein.

Adding protein to the diet may help a person lose weight, as long asthey use the protein to replace carbs and fats. Adding protein to an existinghigh-carb, high-fat diet will not lead to weight loss.

Protein should not replace fresh fruits, vegetables, and wholegrainfoods, as these provide fiber. Reducing fiber intake can lead to a number ofhealth problems.

Combining protein foods including shakes with high-fiber ingredientscan help people with diabetes maintain a healthy weight.

What Is Whey Protein

Whey protein is derived from dairy, it is a liquid extraction that is created by separation of milk during cheese production. It is a complete, high quality protein that contains all nine of the essential amino acids.

Milk contains two main types of protein: casein and whey . Casein is a major component of protein found in bovine milk, in the form of micelle, to better simplify things it is the white color of milk. In its original state, whey is a mixture of water with some protein, fat, carbohydrates, and lactose. Whey is created into three different types of protein powders which can be conveniently added into shakes, meal replacements, and protein bars.

  • Whey Protein Concentrate Contains about 70-80% protein, moderately concentrated form of whey with less lactose than whey protein powder
  • Whey Protein Isolate Highly concentrated in protein content , has had most of the lactose and fat removed
  • Whey Protein Hydrolysate Considered the predigested form of whey protein as it has undergone partial hydrolysis, this helps the body more easily absorb the protein

Whey Protein Concentrate is the form of whey protein we have decided to add into our keto-friendly line of protein bars, BochaBars. The source we use is high quality and grass-fed from New Zealand cows.

The essential amino acids found in whey protein helps improve muscle protein synthesis and the growth of lean muscle mass.

Lets dig further to see if its a good fit for the keto diet.

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Can Protein Powder Kick You Out Of Ketosis

A common concern with protein supplementation is that it can kick you out of ketosis. If you consume too much protein in one day or one sitting, it can kick you out of ketosis. However, this is no different than consuming too many carbs or not enough fats. Doing any combination can kick you out of ketosis, which is why tracking all three macros is critical. In general, the keto diet is delicate and requires some finesse.

The best whey protein powders contain ~25g of protein per serving. Using the example above, 1-2 protein shakes per day keeps you well within the recommended range.

An equal concern is consuming too little protein while on keto. Your body requires glucose to survive. If you take too little protein without carbohydrates, your body will begin eating away at your lean muscle mass. This process is called gluconeogenesis. With gluconeogenesis, your body’s metabolism will produce glucose from non-carbohydrate sources. Essentially, your body converts protein/amino acids to sugar .

Consuming too little protein can also negatively impact your body composition, strength, and endurance.

Bottom Line: Track your protein intake like you track your carbs and fat. Staying within the 20-25% range will keep you in ketosis, and protein powder supplementation is a great, convenient way to achieve your daily intake goals.

Fats Vitamins And Minerals

Are Premier Protein Shakes and Powders Keto Friendly?

With 15g protein per 160-calorie serving, the Atkins shake has 24 vitamins and minerals that are all at 20 to 35% daily recommended value.

The shake also has nutrients that many people lack, like vitamin D, B12, calcium, and iron, which makes it an ideal meal replacement.

It also includes 9g of fat, 10mg of cholesterol, and 200mg of sodium.

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Is Premier Protein Healthy For Keto

Premier Protein is keto-friendly based on its carbohydrate count and overall ingredient list.

A single serving of Premier Protein has almost 60 percent of the average daily recommended intake of protein. Furthermore, they also have a lot of vitamins and minerals.

The best part is that you can access all of these benefits without having to worry about knocking your body out of ketosis.

Naked Nutrition Naked Keto

  • Certified gluten-free
  • Available unflavored or flavored

Naked Keto is a premium keto fat bomb supplement that we use almost every day at the Kummer house.

The unflavored version consists of only two simple and clean ingredients: MCT oil powder and high-oleic sunflower oil. You can use Naked Keto to increase the fat content of shakes, smoothies, puddings and baked goods.

We use the chocolate-flavored version thats sweetened with stevia and monk fruit extract for making chia pudding . That improves the taste of the pudding, but it also massively increases the fat content .

Its worth noting that Im not a fan of vegetable or seed oils, such as sunflower oil, because they usually contain high ratios of unstable and inflammatory polyunsaturated fatty acids . However, Naked Keto uses whats called high-oleic sunflower oil, which has much lower concentrations of PUFAs in lieu of stable monounsaturated fatty acids .

We go through a tub of Naked Keto per month and often run out before the subscription renews. Its literally the single most used supplement in our household.

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Can I Mix Coffee With A Protein Shake

You could mix coffee with a prepared protein shake , but the result would be more like a latte than a shake.

If you want a creamy coffee flavored protein shake, this recipe is a huge step up. Instead of mixing coffee directly with the protein shake, were freezing the brewed coffee first, adding some avocado and coconut cream to thicken, and then blending everything together to create a thick and frosty shake.

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There Are Multiple Flavors Of Premier Protein

Premier Protein: Is it really keto?

Whether you are eating Premier Protein bars or consuming Premier Protein shakes, you need to read the nutrition facts closely to see exactly how many carbohydrates are in each shake or protein bar.

Furthermore, keep in mind that if you consume more than one protein shake or protein bar, your total carbohydrate intake will go up.

Even though every flavor has a slightly different carbohydrate count, all of them fall within the acceptable range, as long as you are not consuming too many of them.

Keep in mind that there may be some hidden carbohydrates in the form of corn fiber. Your body takes longer to digest fiber.

Therefore, this may not have as drastic an impact on your blood sugar levels.

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Are Protein Shakes Okay On Keto

Yes, under the right conditions.

The keto diet is a low-carb diet that encourages you to eat a lot of fats, a moderate amount of protein, and only a few carbs.

On keto, you should avoid most carbs and sugar.

Some new keto dieters are scared to consume protein shakes because they have no idea what moderate particularly means.

Everyones macro calculations differ but protein shakes are welcome on the keto diet. They are a great way to accurately log the amount of protein you eat.

Protein shakes can help with lean muscle building by offering energy that fat may not be able to give.

Just make sure your protein shake is keto-friendly and that your protein intake is within your allocated limit.

Protein And Keto Diet

As per the norms of keto, your meals should have 5% carbs, 25% protein, and 70%. And if you are physically active, that raises your protein requirement even more. So for an average 2000-calorie diet, your daily consumption of protein comes down to around 70-80g of protein.

I can bet most of your common keto meats are high fat but low in protein. Since we are always scrounging for fat-bombs, it gets difficult to accommodate the right amount of protein in our diets.

Here are some of the high protein meats along with their protein content:

lamb chops, raw28

So look for recipes that include these meats in order to have a protein-packed keto-friendly meal.

And if you want to go the supplement route, there are a few checks required to judge whether a protein is keto-friendly or not. I have discussed more about these checks further down the post.

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What Other Drinks Can I Have On The Keto Diet

Besides protein shakes, you have plenty of choices on what to drink on the keto diet.

Some get too scared to try different beverages because they might get kicked out of ketosis.

But it doesnt have to be confusing if you know your carb limit and the carb content of your drink.

Some keto drinks you can have aside from protein shakes include flavored water, sparkling water, keto smoothies, and more!

Benefits Of Keto Shakes

Can You Drink Premier Protein Shakes On Keto

Staying in ketosis by forcing your body to use fat as its source of energy is incredibly tricky. If you have a meal that contains too many carbs, itll knock you right out of ketosis and youll have to start over.

If youre traveling a lot and dont have access to the right food sources, maintaining a ketogenic diet can be tough. Fortunately, there are keto shakes and meal replacement products that can make your life easier. Some of the products in this review come as pre-bottled powders or in single-serve pouches, which makes it easy to get through airport security. Others come in liquid form, which may be more convenient for some users .

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Which Protein Powder Is Best For A Keto Diet

A lot of people wonder which protein powder they should use on a ketogenic diet, and my best answer is there is no best protein powder for a ketogenic diet, and heres why.

All protein powders and shakes are is liquid food.

However, sometimes you may not have the appetite to eat additional protein or may find a protein shake a more convenient option when out or on the go.

In this case, a protein shake is a perfect alternative to get in the additional protein you need to hit your goal.

When it comes to choosing a protein powder, its best to find one you can afford, enjoy the taste of, can tolerate well , and is of good quality.

If drinking whey protein causes you gas and stomach upset due to lactose intolerance, you should stick to a whey protein isolate, which contains less than 1 percent of lactose. Another option if youre lactose intolerant is using a vegan-based protein powder.

Here are my go-tos for whey protein isolate and vegan protein

List Of Foods You Can Eat On Keto

Atkins is a type of ketogenic dieta nutrition plan thats high in fats, moderate in protein, and low in carbs. The goal of a low carb diet is to help you lose weight more efficiently by reaching ketosis, which is a metabolic state in which your body burns fat instead of carbohydrates for fuel. Consuming a balanced keto diet like Atkins 20® and Atkins 40® has shown to be safe and effective.

So, what foods can you eat on a keto diet? The following list of keto-friendly foods is based on the first phase of Atkins 20®, which reduces your carb intake to an average of 20g net carbs per day to guarantee ketosis is achieved. After the first two weeks of this induction phase, you will gradually add more net carbs and a wider variety of foods back into your diet. No matter the phase youre in, try to eat three meals and two snacks a day, never starve yourself or go more than 4 waking hours without eating, and stay hydrated.

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Long Answer: Looking At Premier Protein Shakes And The Keto

Before deciding if Premier Protein shakes are ok on the keto diet, it is important to take a closer look at the relationship between the keto diet and Premier Protein. Remember that the goal of the ketogenic diet is to consume few carbohydrates while also eating a higher amount of fat and protient. If you reduce your carbohydrate intake, your body will have to burn something other than carbohydrates for energy. Instead, your body will burn fat for energy, called ketosis. That is how you lose weight.

This fat-burning process takes place in the liver and produces called ketones, thus the name. Ketones can be used to power a variety of bodily functions, including the brain. If you are not consuming as many carbohydrates, you can improve your sensitivity to insulin, keeping your blood sugar under control. This provides a wide array of health benefits.

So, you have to limit your carbohydrate. How many carbohydrates are too many? Can you drink Premier Protein shakes on the keto diet?

Butter Can You Eat Popcorn On A Keto Diet Keto Diet Natural Diet Forskolin

How I Make My Premier Protein Shake | Keto Edition

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How To Look For Clean Protein

Customers should be sure to seek out the right elements in their protein powder. First, the best protein powder should have a healthy ratio of protein. Generally speaking, protein powders should contain at least 15-20 grams of protein per serving. Consumers should consult with their doctors first to ensure that theyre getting the proper amount of protein from their supplements.

Another crucial factor is amino acids. Many clean protein powders are fortified with amino acids to promote healthy muscles, improved digestion, enhanced tissue repair, and increased energy levels.

When looking for healthy protein powder ingredients, its also vital to avoid artificial colors, flavors, and added sugars.

What Is The Price Of Quest Shakes

A 2-packof Quest Protein Shakes is advertised online for $9.33 on Quests website. A pack of 4 will run you over 50dollars on other sites like Campus Protein. Quest Protein Shakes can also be purchased on other online stores, suchas Amazon or at select grocery stores, so look around for the best bargain. Prices may vary by store.

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Triple Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie

Serves: 1 | Calories: 380 | Fat: 25g | Net carbs: 6g | Protein: 26g | Fiber: 9g

This recipe is from Perfect Keto, one of my favorite keto supplement brands.

The reason why I think you might love this chocolate shake is because its more like an ice cream milkshake but loaded with health-boosting ingredients. If you prefer, add some whipping cream to top it off.



Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender. Mix on high until smooth. Add ice cubes if desired, and blend. Top with whipped cream and Perfect Keto Bar pieces if desired.

All About Premier Protein

Pin on iced coffee protein shake

Now without diverting from the main topic, lets get back to Premier Protein on the Keto diet.

Premier Protein shakes are a great source of protein for those looking to supplement their diet. One 11 oz. pack gives you a whopping 30g of proteins coming from a blend of 3 different types of protein: milk protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, and whey concentrate.

The blend has a great amino acid profile that contains all the essential amino acids along with 24 minerals and vitamins.

Other than ready-to-drink shakes, they also offer protein powders which is a great way to increase the protein content in your beverages like milkshakes or smoothies, or even in baked goodies.

This is how they introduce themselves:

Their exotic range of flavors includes Chocolate, Vanilla Caramel, Café latte Cookies, Cream Strawberries, and Cream Bananas Cream Peaches and Cream Pumpkin spice, with each having 2-3 grams of net carbs.

Other than Keto, Premier Protein is also highly famous for folks in the Weight Watchers community.

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