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Alternates To Peas On Keto

Learn About The Health Benefits Of Organic Pea & Hemp Protein with Thomas DeLauer

While peas may not be the ideal food for a ketogenic diet, remember that you can usually find keto-friendly substitutes and alternatives for most recipes that call for peas: green beans or Brussels sprouts for green peas in soup, broccoli or cauliflower for snow peas in stir-fry, celery sticks or bell peppers for sugar snap peas as a healthy snack, and so on.

The Role Of Protein In Your Body

Protein is one of three macronutrients fat and carbohydrates being the other two.

Protein helps:

  • Make up the majority of your muscles, organs and other tissues in your body
  • Ensure muscle growth
  • Create hormones, enzymes and hemoglobin

Proteins building blocks are called amino acids, and there are 20 of them. From those:

  • 12 amino acids are non-essential
  • 8 are essential

If you dont get enough amino acids from your diet, especially the essential ones, your muscles wont be able to grow or repair and your cells wont be able to properly create crucial enzymes.

A protein deficiency has been linked to:

  • Worsened workout performance: Without enough protein, you wont be able to maintain muscle mass or build muscle.
  • Neuron atrophy: Your brain needs amino acids to function optimally. Research finds a protein-deficient diet can lead to atrophy and neuron loss.
  • Weaker immune system: A deficiency in the amino acid arginine can contribute to the dysfunction of your T cells the cells that regulate your immunity.
  • Increased risk of diseases: A deficiency in amino acids can increase the risk of developing certain diseases, including: sickle cell disease, acute asthma, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.

How To Add Flavor To Unflavored Products

If you spring for an unflavored animal- or plant-based protein powder, there are several ways to make them tastier.

These include:

Protein powders are an easy and versatile way to supplement your diet.

Many are inherently low in carbs since theyre extracted during the manufacturing process.

The milk proteins whey and casein and egg proteins are some of the best low-carb and keto-friendly protein powders, while collagen proteins typically contain no carbs but have less protein than whey or egg varieties.

Plant-based protein powders made from soy, peas or rice also make an excellent fit for a low-carb lifestyle.

While flavored versions of these powders often harbor more carbs, unflavored versions contain almost none.

All in all, its easy to select from several protein powders to optimize your low-carb or keto diet based on your preferences and goals.

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Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder

Nutrition Facts: Isopure Zero Carb

Protein Type


50 g

As the name suggests this product focuses on containing no carbs at all. To do this, the main ingredient is just whey protein isolate. There is also a range of vitamins and minerals added, along with artificial and natural flavors, soy lectin and xanthan gum.

The approach means youre getting roughly 50% of the RDA for various vitamins and minerals. The shake should also dissolve better than Naked Whey. It is flavored too , so it would be easier to use.

But, there are more ingredients, including some less appealing ones.

Reviews for the shake tend to be positive and it is a popular brand. There are also other zero carb flavors, such as alpine punch, apple melon and mint chocolate chip.


  • Focuses on having no carbs
  • arrow-right
  • Contains some artificial ingredients, including sweeteners
  • arrow-right


20 g

Vega is a popular choice if youre a vegan or are on a plant-centered diet. The shake uses plant-based proteins from multiple sources. Other natural ingredients are also included, such as spirulina, quinoa sprouts and kale powder.

The shake tends to mix well with water. It also lacks the unpleasant chalky taste that is in many other brands. Because of this, reviews about flavor and mixing ability are generally positive.

The product is also labeled as being both non-GMO and gluten free.


  • A vegan protein shake choice
  • arrow-right Popular brand with good reviews




Choosing A Keto Protein Powder For Your Shake

Award Winning Vegan Pea Protein Powder  Organic &  Pure ...

Protein powders are not all the same. It will be beneficial to know which type will support your ketogenic lifestyle. Some protein powders contain carbs and others contain sugar which are both contrary to the keto diet.

Its important to know where your protein comes from and what other ingredients have been added to it. Protein powders specifically formulated for ketogenic diets are often fortified with MCT to help with fuel usage in your body.

Whey protein isolate, casein protein and egg protein are some of the best types for those on the keto diet. Again, just be sure to check nutritional labels and ingredients for added ingredients that increase the carb or sugar calories in these products.

Another beneficial protein for keto followers is collagen or bone broth protein. Collagen is the most common type of protein found in your body and so it is wise to replenish this type of protein especially as we age since the body will slow down on producing it through the years.

Collagen supports healthy nails, hair and joints and leaves your skin supple and radiant.

I use and love this chocolate flavored collagen protein in a variety of ways. Add it to your keto protein shakes or your dessert recipes for added collagen protein in your daily diet. You can get 10% off your order if you use ONANDOFFKETO when ordering any product from Kiss My Keto, including their line of keto-friendly protein powders.

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How Much Protein Should You Eat On Keto

A ketogenic diet requires a macronutrient breakdown of about 75% fat, 5% carbs, and 20% protein. Or between 0.6 and 1.0 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass.

As an example, if you weigh 250 pounds with 30% body fat that means you have 75 pounds of fat and 175 pounds of lean mass. That means your daily protein should be between 105 grams and 175 grams.

Dont Forget The Extras

Many people like to make their protein shake super simple, and that is totally fine. But dont forget you can change the nutrient content and flavor of the shake with some extra ingredients. This is key if youre using your protein shake to replace a meal or as a pre/post workout shake.

Here is a list of some of the ingredients you can add to your shake which is by no means exhaustive:

  • Cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric and other spices
  • Almond butter or sunflower seed butter
  • Nuts and seeds themselves
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder or cacao

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Can You Have Whey Protein On A Keto Diet

  • Final Thoughts
  • Whey Protein Isolate is a fantastic Keto diet supplement! Whey isolate, unlike collagen and plant-based protein, is a complete protein with the fewest carbs per serving of any whey protein. Choose a grass-fed whey protein isolate devoid of hormones, chemicals, and heavy metals for extra health advantages.

    Well look at how to include whey protein into your keto diet and why its a superior option than Collagen and plant-based proteins for achieving your health and fitness objectives. The first step in this procedure is to define ketosis.

    Cinnamon Roll Protein Shake

    Amazons Nutricost Organic Pea Protein | 100% Organic | Keto Friendly | Protein from Plants

    Another dessert-inspired protein shake that is great for the afternoon or in the evening after your workout is a cinnamon roll shake. Take this shake up a notch by using this Birthday Cake flavored protein powder instead of vanilla thats listed below.

    • 1 serving vanilla protein powder
    • 1/2 cup almond milk

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    Protein And Keto Diet

    As per the norms of keto, your meals should have 5% carbs, 25% protein, and 70%. And if you are physically active, that raises your protein requirement even more. So for an average 2000-calorie diet, your daily consumption of protein comes down to around 70-80g of protein.

    I can bet most of your common keto meats are high fat but low in protein. Since we are always scrounging for fat-bombs, it gets difficult to accommodate the right amount of protein in our diets.

    Here are some of the high protein meats along with their protein content:

    lamb chops, raw28

    So look for recipes that include these meats in order to have a protein-packed keto-friendly meal.

    And if you want to go the supplement route, there are a few checks required to judge whether a protein is keto-friendly or not. I have discussed more about these checks further down the post.

    Anthonys Premium Pea Protein

    Price: $

    This high quality protein powder features just one simple ingredient vegetable pea protein isolate.

    In addition to being made without any additives, fillers, or preservatives, Anthonys Premium Pea Protein is unflavored, unsweetened, and vegan.

    Plus, its verified gluten-free, making it a good choice for those with celiac disease or another gluten-related disorder.

    The company also tests each batch for quality.

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    Eating The Right Protein On The Ketogenic Diet

    When selecting a diet, the first question you should ask yourself is, Is this healthy? With diets that range from borderline healthy to downright bizarre, finding a healthy diet backed by science can be a challenge.

    Ketogenic diets, which were originally used to help control and prevent seizures in epilepsy patients, have grown in popularity in recent years as an effective fat-burning diet. These high-fat, low-carb diets are also heavy in protein, but the type of protein you eat can determine whether or not a keto diet is a healthy choice.

    The 6 Best Vegan Keto


    Ive bought and tested about 40 vegan protein powders at this point.

    The ones specifically labelled keto typically suck. They have lots of fat and barely any protein, and often dont even taste good .

    The better approach for someone on a vegan keto diet looking for protein, is to use a normal vegan protein powder that happens to be keto-friendly.

    After factoring in protein content, price, and taste of all the keto-friendly powders Ive tried, I created the list on this page.

    Here are the 6 best vegan keto protein powders.

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    My Review Of Premier Protein On A Keto Diet

    Along with its high protein content, Premier Protein shakes also pack 24 vitamins and minerals as well as calcium. It has just 4 g of total carbs and 1g of fiber, giving only 3g of net carbs per serving.

    I honestly love the chocolate flavor which feels like Im having a smooth chocolate milkshake . I use it as a meal replacement or a 5 p.m snack when Im want to break the monotony of home-cooked meals .

    Its ease and convenience has to be the top most factor for me. I always keep one in my car to cater to sudden cravings! Its a ready to drink shake which doesnt even need to be refrigerated . Also, you dont need to mess up your kitchen with blenders or powders spreading everywhere.

    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to aweb browser thatsupports HTML5 video

    Sometimes I find the sugar in these shakes to be a little artificial and I wish they had unflavored versions so that I could add my own sweeteners. Anyways, wishes are just wishes!

    Why Choose Whey In Your Protein Shake

    Whey protein is one of the best-studied protein powders out there. But what makes it such a coveted, muscle-building product?

    Whey is an optimal, high-protein powder because:

    • It contains all nine essential amino acids: Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Essential amino acids those your body cant produce on its own only come naturally from animal-based protein sources, such as whey. Whey also works for vegetarians who eat dairy, but not for vegans.
    • It can curb your hunger pangs: Whey protein concentrate, which can contain up to 90% protein, can help you feel fuller, longer. Decreasing appetite while increasing satiety could lead to weight loss.
    • It can help maintain lean muscle mass: Whey protein can help you lose weight or body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.
    • It could help stimulate muscle protein synthesis: Protein synthesis is when your muscles use protein to rebuild, grow, and recover after strength training. Not only does whey contain the protein content to help you achieve protein synthesis, it also contains the amino acid leucine. Leucine is an essential amino acid that helps build muscle strength post-workout.

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    Are Peas Keto Friendly

    Legumeslike peas are rather high in carbs so they are not good keto options. If youare keeping below the recommended 20 grams of carbs a day on keto, avoid eatingthem. A 100-gram serving of peas contains 14 grams of carbs, making up nearly yourentire days allowance of carbs.

    If youlove peas and simply cant pass them up, you might wish to have a small 50 gramserving along with a low carb dinner, which will cut the carbs in half. The key is moderation, so always measure outyour servings with a measuring cup.

    What Are The Benefits Of Keto Protein Powder

    Complete Plant Based Pea Protein Powder #diet, #keto, #shorts

    Keto protein powders benefits depend on what type of powder youre taking. To begin with, all protein powders are going to help you build lean muscle. Thats just a given, and its the primary reason most people take protein supplements to begin with.

    However, the benefits go much further than that. Weve already discussed the benefits of whey protein in particular. What about other popular keto protein sources?

    Casein Protein

    Casein protein is a good choice if youre trying to limit your overall calorie intake. The reason for this is that your body digests it more slowly than other forms of protein, so youll feel fuller for longer.

    Collagen Protein

    Collagen protein is generally derived from cartilage and other connective tissues. Collagen is an important nutrient for joint health, as well as healthy hair and nails. Since natural collagen production slows down as you age, collagen protein is particularly healthy for older people.

    Bone Broth Protein

    Bone broth protein contains collagen, so it has all the benefits as collagen protein. However, it also has a few additional benefits. In particular, its high in glucosamine and chondroitin, which are other essential nutrients for joint health.

    Pea and Other Plant-Based Proteins

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    Norcal Organic Pea Protein

    Price: $$

    Norcal Organic works exclusively with farmers who prioritize animal welfare and sustainable farming practices. Whats more, the company sources all of its ingredients from organic farms.

    This product is not only made without any added sugar or artificial colors and flavors but also certified organic and GMP certified.

    Plus, this protein powder is vegan and free of allergens, making it a great option for nearly everyone.

    Frozen Avocados To Replace Ice

    When you add ice to a smoothie, it is usually meant to make it cold and prevent you from having to put it in the refrigerator to cool before you can drink it.

    However, you can get the same temperature and and a creamier consistency by using a frozen avocado. The added benefit here is the addition of healthy fats to your smoothie to help you digest your protein and vitamins better as well as meet your daily macros.

    When you go to the store, get a few ripe avocados and cut them up in cubes. Put them in a freezer container and keep them frozen.

    Every time you make a protein shake, grab a few cubes of avocado and throw them in, and it will create a creamier texture while also acting as your cold element.

    New to the keto diet? Start here! This will help you to figure out how to stick to this diet and make it a lifestyle for you.

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    What To Look For In A Keto

    Once again, not all protein powders are created equal just because you find a whey protein powder on store shelves doesnt mean it fits within a healthy ketogenic lifestyle. To determine whether a product is keto-friendly, consider these factors:

    • Is it grass-fed? Whey is a milk protein, made from cows. Cows that graze on grass rather than corn or soy products produce milk that contains more omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid , and other nutrients than grain-fed cows.
    • Does it contain healthy fats? Perfect Keto Whey Protein Powder contains MCTs , giving you a boost of fats that your body can easily utilize for energy.
    • Does it contain any added sugar or artificial sweeteners? Unfortunately, many protein powders contain unwanted ingredients, namely carbs and sugar. Be sure to double-check the ingredients to ensure your protein powder doesnt contain hidden sugars.

    Collagen Protein For Keto

    NAMANNA Pea Protein Powder (80% Protein)  2.2 lb, Non

    In terms of abundance, Collagen tops the chart as one of the most abundant proteins found in the human body. Collagen protein powder originate from animal by-products . As a naturally carbohydrate-free protein, it is a popular choice in the Keto community.

    Though naturally carb-free, Collagen is not a “complete” protein as it only contains eight of the nine essential amino acids. It is rich in proline and glycine , though, for lean muscle development, you need a complete protein.

    Collagen peptides marketed explicitly to the keto community, are often fortified with MCTs , which are fats found in the oil phase of various foods, such as coconuts .

    Though the added fats make it an attractive choice for keto, the flavor more often than not to mask the MCT taste usually comes with carbohydrates, so be sure to check the nutrition label carefully.

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