Is Kind Protein Bar Healthy

The Nutritional Criteria For The Best Protein Bars

Are KIND Bars Healthy?

Not just any protein bar landed a spot on our list of best protein bars. We compiled a list of over 100 protein bars so we could compare their nutrition and ingredient information. With the help of dietitians, we came up with specifical nutritional and ingredient criteria we had to follow to select the best protein bars:

  • 8 grams protein minimum: To qualify as a “protein bar,” each bar had to have no less than 8 grams of protein. Hillary Cecere, RDN of Eat Clean Bro, a meal delivery service, recommends aiming for 15-20 grams of protein if you’re looking to gain muscle and 7-12 grams of protein for a satiating snack.
  • 13 grams sugar maximum: The best protein bars have no more than 13 grams of sugar.
  • 3 grams fiber minimum: When it comes to fiber, Fine recommends opting for a protein bar with 3 or more grams per bar or serving. “However, caution with those boasting more than 10 grams of fiber as these are likely loaded with isolated fibers that can cause stomach discomfort,” says Fine.

Bar Honey Almond Butter

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What We Think: Are Perfect Bars Healthy

After taking a look at this nutrition label you may be thinking about how healthy this protein bar is compared to others on the market. Compared to others, yes, this is one of the healthier protein bars you can buy.

With this in mind, you have to ask yourself a few questions. Do I care about how much sugar is in my protein bar? Do I care about how much protein is in my protein bar?

The Peanut Butter Perfect Bar has one of the highest levels of protein compared to its counterparts. The Chocolate Walnut Brownie Perfect Bar has 20g of sugar and 10g of protein. With those numbers, you arent looking at a protein bar anymore. That is a glorified candy bar.

Perfect Bar isnt the only company making bars with these kind of numbers. Almost of protein, energy and granola bar maker is guilty of the same. Why is this a big deal you ask? Well, youre about to find out.

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The Fda Says Kind Bars Are Healthy Again

    Courtesy of KIND Snacks

    Rejoice, KIND bar devoteesyour go-to snack is now labeled healthy again. The FDA has told KIND that they can put the word healthy back on their packaging after asking them to remove it in March 2015.Here’s the deal: The FDA has a few thoughts on what’s healthy and what’s not, and per some 20-year-old guidelines, that means snacks with more than three grams of fat total or one gram of saturated fat per serving are out. KIND bars exceed that amount, so the FDA asked for the word to be removed on the brand’s packaging for the almond and apricot, almond and coconut, peanut butter dark chocolate, and dark chocolate cherry cashew flavors

    “Healthy is an implied nutrient content claim that characterizes a food as having ‘healthy’ levels of total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium, as defined in the regulation authorizing use of the claim,” the FDA notes on its site. KIND obliged the FDA’s request on all of their barstake a look at the old label on the top and the updated label on the bottom below.

    However, it’s important to note that the fat content in KIND bars comes mainly from nuts, which we know to be pretty nutritious for their healthy fat content. Of course just because a snack includes healthy ingredients, doesn’t mean it’s automatically a healthy choice.

    Courtesy of KIND Snacks

    Epic Bison Bacon Cranberry

    KIND Protein® Bar Variety Pack

    Perfect for a Paleo eater , Epics bars have only a few ingredients and are literally meaty. This one comes with 11g of protein from nutrient-dense, lean, organic, grass-fed bison meat and uncured bacon, and the only sugar is from dried cranberries. Its very clean, and sodium can be helpful after a workout to refuel lost electrolytes, Hundt says.

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    Best Vegan: Gomacro Macrobar Protein Paradise Cashew Caramel

    Asche notes that “excellent option for athletes looking for a vegan protein bar.” You can thank the vegetarian dynamic duo of organic sprouted brown rice protein and organic pea protein for those 11 grams of protein. This bar is also loaded with healthy fats from cashews and flax seeds, which are a great plant-based source of anti-inflammatory omega-3s. Plus, it’s really one of the tastiest protein bars out there.

    Over Easy Peanut Butter Breakfast Bars

    The Ingredients: Over Easy breakfast bars are made with just 8 simple ingredients that pack a variety of nutrients and benefits. Organic oats are the first ingredient, providing antioxidants such as vitamin E and avenanthramides . These antioxidative compounds are unique to oats, and have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.

    The Flavor: If youre a peanut butter lover, this bar is the one for you. A plus? It doesnt get crumby like other oat bars do.;

    The Nutrition Facts: In just 220 calories, the Peanut Butter Breakfast Bar provides 11g of protein,; 220mg of potassium, 6g of fiber and healthy unsaturated fats.;

    $2.19 per bar,

    $29.95 for a box of 12,

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    Nutrition: Are Protein Bars Good For You

    The nutritional composition of protein bars can be significantly different across brands and flavors, due to their wide variety of ingredients.

    Many protein bars are made of ingredients such as dates, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and whole grains like oats and quinoa. The average protein bar contains 5 to 10 grams of fat, 25 to 35 grams of carbs, and 5 to 10 grams of fiber.

    Many are also good sources of micronutrients like calcium, B vitamins, potassium, and iron all good things for your body!

    In rare cases, you may see the phrase proprietary blend on protein bar packaging. This is usually found on the labels of dietary supplements, not FDA-regulated foods, and simply means the ingredients in the blend are not disclosed on the packaging. Its something to consider if you want to keep tabs on your protein bars ingredients.

    Another label item to watch out for: Many bars contain high amounts of added sugar or sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup. According to research from 2009, added sugars like these can increase your risk of fatty liver disease, obesity, and diabetes when consumed in large amounts.

    Protein bars generally contain anywhere from 150 to 400 calories and 10 to 20 grams of protein , but some contain closer to 30 grams of protein per serving.

    Some bars may use egg whites, nuts, and seeds. Others use more highly concentrated sources, like whey or soy protein isolate, instead of less-processed whole-food proteins.

    And The #1 Best Fruit & Nut Kind Bar Is Nut Delight

    Healthy Snack Spotlight: KIND Bars!

    Nutrition: 210 calories, 15 g fat , 10 mg sodium, 14 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 5 g sugar, 6 g proteinIngredients: Mixed nuts , honey, non GMO glucose, crisp rice, chicory root fiber, flax seeds, soy lecithin.

    Simple isn’t always better, but in this case, it is. A bar made up of nuts, a couple of added sweeteners, rice, and flax seeds is a solid source of fiber and protein with just a small amount of total sugar. Nuts are loaded with heart-healthy fats like the polyunsaturated fats found in walnuts that activate genes that reduce fat storage and improve insulin metabolism and the monounsaturated fats in almonds that help keep you satiated. Buy the #1 KIND bar in this category online!

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    Are Kind Bars Healthy On Keto

    KIND Protein variety pack

    Technically, you could include some of these Kind bars in your daily macro goals, even on keto but theyre by no means healthy.

    They dont belong in your diet if you dont want to consume more than half of your carbs;and sugar for the day in a tiny bar without real nutritional substance.

    The answer is clear for most: Kind bars are not worth it.

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    So Do Kind Bars Really Have A Ton Of Antioxidants

    In addition to the “healthy” label, the FDA took issue with KIND’s use of the “+” symbol, which is used to indicate that a food contains at least 10 percent more of the Reference Daily Intake or Daily Reference Value for the nutrient than an appropriate reference food. In other words, a particular orange juice brand that has 10 percent more calcium than the average orange juice brand is permitted to use the “+” symbol when listing “+ calcium” on its carton.

    The FDA wrote in its letter that the bars that use the “+” in their names, the KIND Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein and KIND Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew + Antioxidants, do not comply with this regulation. Thus, what the FDA is saying here is that KIND bars don’t have at least 10 percent more protein or antioxidants than a regular snack bar.

    So, let’s compare KIND bars to other similar bars. Each KIND Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein bar has 7g of protein, but Zing chocolate coconut nutrition bars have 10g of protein each. And ZonePerfect’s Chocolate Almond Raisin bars have 15g of protein each. So, the FDA has a point when it comes to KIND’s use of the + symbol when advertising its protein content.

    Images: kindsnacks/Instagram, Getty Images , Amazon

    Oats & Honey With Toasted Coconut

    Nutrition: 150 calories, 5 g fat , 100 mg sodium, 23 g carbs, 2.5 g fiber, 6 g sugar, 2 g proteinIngredients: Whole grain blend , tapioca syrup, dried cane syrup, honey, coconut, canola oil, brown rice syrup, gum acacia, sea salt, Vitamin E .

    Albeit lower in sugar than the other Healthy Grains bars, this Oats & Honey bar lacks fruit with naturally-occurring sugars to account for a portion of that sugar content, which is why we had to knock it back a slot. Even so, this is still a very nutritionally sound bar, in particular for the addition of raw oat flour, a great source of resistant starch. These kinds of starches resist digestion and help feed healthy gut bacteria, ultimately resulting in prolonged feelings of fullness and more efficient fat oxidation.

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    What About Quest Bars

    While Quest bars are certainly high in protein and low in sugar, they contain high-intensity sweeteners and sugar alcohols and their first ingredient is never a whole food. We still aren’t exactly sure how artificial sweeteners affect our mind and body in the long term, and sugar alcohols can cause GI distress when consumed in excess . Some studies have shown that consuming artificial sweeteners may not help with weight loss, could promote weight gain, and could alter our food preferences. Their extremely sweet flavor may short wire our body’s ability to estimate how many calories we’re consuming. While Quest Bars didn’t meet our criteria today, they may meet yours. If you’re comfortable with artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols, then they’re a solid choice for a low sugar, high protein option.

    Primal Kitchen Coconut Lime Protein Bar

    Are Kind Bars Really That Healthy? ( The Sugar Content)

    The Ingredients: This bar is loaded with real-food ingredients and natural sweeteners. Flaxseed comes in at number six on the ingredients list, providing protein, iron, calcium and alpha-linolenic acids.; The natural sweeteners are similar to other bars on the list and this bar also has organic rosemary extract. These ingredients will satisfy the keto and paleo audiences as well.

    The Flavor: This bar is another favorite for when youre looking for a tropical treat.

    The Nutrition Facts: At 210 calories, this bar provides 6g of fiber, 8g of protein and 47mg of calcium.

    $28.99 for a box of 12,

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    Category : Kind Nuts Spices Bars

    Calorie counts only differed by 10, so in ranking the Kind Nuts & Spices Bars, we prioritized protein, fiber, instances of added sugar and total sugar. Least processed forms of sugar, like honey and maple syrup, contributed less to deductions than more processed forms like glucose syrup or glucose. Sugar being listed farther down the list of ingredients also played a role. Even though the sodium levels of certain “Sea Salt” varieties spike in comparison to the other bars, these levels are still well within a reasonable range, and thus, we did not factor them into our rankings.

    What Does It Taste Like

    We tried it and were surprised at how much we loved the flavor. It reminded us of a Snickers Ice Cream bar-nutty, chocolatey and a little bit sweet. Instead of milk chocolate, peanuts and caramel you get a dark chocolate coating, almonds and sea salt. The frozen part of the bar is what sets it apart from other shelf-stable KIND bars you may be used to. Rather than being super crunchy, the base is a creamy almond filling, which tastes just like almond ice cream. Almonds add crunch and the chocolate coating is just the right amount. Our whole team of editors were very impressed.

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    The Legal Definition Of Healthy Needs An Overhaul

    I would be hard-pressed to find a colleague who doesnât agree with me that nuts are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. In addition to the numerous studies on their health benefits, we also know that not all fatâand even not all saturated fatâis created equal. Iâve long been an advocate of eating more âgoodâ high-fat foods, including nuts, dark chocolate,avocado, and coconut, which have been linked to better satiety, anti-inflammatory properties, and even thermogenesis, an increase in calorie burning in the hours after a meal.

    In addition, âgoodâ fats are bundled with other key nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and, in some cases protein, all lending to their healthfulness. On the flip side, many foods that are low in total and saturated fat, and meet the criteria for the term “healthy,” are foods I wouldn’t recommend because they donât meet my clean eating standards.

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    Nutrition is an evolving science, and I think weâre at the point where the notion of whatâs âhealthyâ has expanded in the minds of both experts and consumers. In my opinion, healthfulness should take into account not just new research about issues like fat, but also how food is grown or produced and its impact on the planet, as well as human health. In other words, âhealthyâ is more about nutrition than nutrients.

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