Is High Protein Food Good For Dogs

Consult With Your Vet Before Putting Your Dog On A High Protein Diet

Simple Quinoa Dog Food Recipe (Healthy and High in Protein)

There are some great high protein dog foods on this list. But before you introduce any new dog food or put your dog on a high protein diet, its important to consult with your veterinarian. Again, because every dog is different, every dog has different nutritional needs. Make sure you talk to your vet about your dogs health and activity level they can tell you if a high protein dog food is the right fit for your dog and their overall health.

How Much Protein Is Too Much

Every dog is different, meaning his or her protein needs will vary. Many dogs will benefit from a high protein dietwhile others could actually benefit from less, and a veterinarian should determine which is best for your furry friend. Healthy puppies typically need higher rates of protein than adult dogs to help them grow, as do pregnant and nursing mothers. High-energy dogs, especially those that compete in agility sports, also require higher than normal levels of protein.

But be careful when choosing foods, because too much protein can lead to problems. A dogs body can only process so much, and any excess will invariably cause an imbalance that might lead to poor bone growth or kidney failure. Dogs who are already suffering from liver or kidney diseases could see a rapid decline in health on a high-protein diet.

Since the quality protein is typically found in meals with excellent sources of meat, it can also come with extra calories. In that case, look for food that is specifically low-calorie but still offers healthy sources of protein. If overfed, a dog on a high-protein diet can easily become overweight. Its important to monitor the amount of food your pup is taking in each day.

As always, the larger the dog breed the more nutrients it will likely require. A Saint Bernard will require far more protein than a Yorkie, for instance.

Salmon Oceanfish & Other Named Fish

Fish are a healthy source of protein for dogs and have distinct benefits for dogs with sensitive or dry skin. Oils and omega fatty acids found within fish nourish and moisturize the skin, preventing flaking of skin and even shedding.

Since fish can contain high levels of toxins, it is important to rotate your pets primary protein sources if possible.

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High Protein Dog Food For Weight Gain

For a healthy dog, getting them to gain weight may be as simple as giving them more of its current diet. For healthy weight gain, food with higher protein than fat content is the best.

Another way is to leave this type of food available for free feeding. Note that only kibble is suitable for this method. Any kind of wet or raw food can become rancid very quickly, and it is not advisable to leave this exposed for hours.

Another way to make your dogs total daily diet high protein is by supplementing with high protein treats. Treats also contain calories. The best high protein treats are dried meat or animal parts such as cow tripe.

Go for digestibility instead of volume. The more highly digestible a food is, the more nutrients a dog can absorb.

Buyers Guide To The Best High Protein Dog Food

PEDIGREE High Protein Adult Canned Wet Dog Food, Beef ...

Your goal, as a pet parent, is to ensure that the furriest member of your family is receiving the best nutrition possible so that he can be as happy and healthy as possible. For some dogs, that means feeding them a high protein diet. Why is protein important for dogs? Why do some dogs need more protein than others? What type of factors should you consider when you are selecting a high protein food for your pooch? In this section of our review, youll find the answers to these questions so you can make the best choice for your canine companion.

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The 5 Best Prescription Diets For Seizures

As the term suggests, prescription pet foods require authorization from the veterinarian in order to purchase. These diets claim to provide better nutrients for the specific health needs of dogs.

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They are generally much more expensive than standard dog food. However, some studies say that prescription dog diets are not much different from the cheaper over-the-counter products containing no medicinal ingredients.

Each dog is different and has different medical histories. While there are dogs that have done better on non-prescription foods, there are also those who have had seen significant health improvements after being put on a prescription diet.

Is Excessive Protein In Dog Food Bad For My Pet

Protein is a calorie dense nutrient and many of the high protein diets are extremely high in calories and can quickly lead to weight gain. With over 50% of dogs in the U.S. considered overweight or obese, dog owners need to be aware of where those extra calories are hiding. If a dog has kidney or liver issues consuming too much protein can increase the workload on these organs and upset the balance of nutrients leading to exacerbation of disease.

Rather than look for a dog food that contains excessive levels of protein you should find one that is specifically formulated for your dogs lifestyle, life stage, and size. A working sled dog, for example, will have significantly different nutrient and caloric requirements than the average pet dog that ventures outside for a few walks a day and spends the rest of the time lounging. These two dogs should not be fed the same diet.

Puppies, meanwhile, require more protein than adult dogs because their bodies are busy growing. Among breeds of puppies there are different requirements for nutrients as well. For instance large breed puppies like Labrador retrievers need a much different diet than a Yorkie for optimal growth. Feeding large breed puppies something that is too high in protein may make them put on weight too quickly causing abnormal joint development and making them more prone to issues like arthritis in the future.

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Preservatives And Artificial Flavors

Artificial preservatives, colors or flavors are potentially problematic and unnecessary. You should always choose food that doesnt contain them. Instead always look for the products that have all natural, high-quality ingredients. These meals are delicious without artificial flavors. Not to mention they are more healthy.

Now Check Your Dog’s Food

Best Dog Food Brands!! Pedigree High Protein With Red Meat!! Made with Real Beef!! Alpena Michigan

With a clear understanding of just how digestible and, therefore, more nutritionally valuable a particular source of protein can be, check the ingredients label on your own dog’s food. Those ingredients are listed by volume from highest to lowest, and those first five ingredients are often the most important because they list the type of protein used as the main component of the formula. Regardless of its reputation or marketing, does your current brand use high value or low-value protein sources? Depending on what you see, you can either continue to feed your dog that brand with confidence or decide it’s time to look for a healthier brand.

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Should I Aim For Optimal Growth Or Maximal Growth

An optimal growth rate in puppies is ideal it is a slow and steady growth rate that allows the puppy to achieve an ideal adult body condition while avoiding excessive weight and obesity.

The maximal growth rate means the puppy grows as fast as possible, usually the result of high fat foods, overfeeding and/ or free-choice feeding. A maximal growth rate increases a puppy’s risk of skeletal deformities, obesity, and a shortened life expectancy.

Regular weigh-ins and body condition assessments are the most practical strategies to help keep a growing puppy on track at an optimal rate. Your veterinarian and veterinary healthcare team can explain how to assess your puppy at home.

What are the nutritional requirements for growing puppies?

When choosing a diet for your growing puppy it is important to understand four key nutrients: protein, fat, calcium, and digestible carbohydrates.


  • Protein requirements for growing puppies are highest immediately after weaning, but the amount of protein they need will steadily decrease thereafter.
  • The recommended protein range for healthy puppy growth is 22-32% on a dry matter basis. These levels support optimal growth, so it is not recommended to exceed these protein levels.
  • Nutritional formulations for adult dogs should not be fed to growing puppies. Although the dry matter protein level may be adequate, other nutrients and energy content will not be balanced for optimal growth.


Digestible carbohydrates

Is Your Canine Getting Enough High

Remember the high-protein diet craze that surged in the 90s? Lured by promises of weight-loss, peopleseemingly overnightbypassed the bagels and pasta in favor of steak with a side of bacon. Due to health concerns in humans, the predilection for high-protein food has eased over the years in favor of a more balanced diet, but the idea of a high-protein diet is still popular for our canine friends and for good reason.

We researched the latest studies and interviewed vets to provide a guide to feeding your dog a high-protein diet.

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Can Dogs Be Vegetarians

In short, yes. There are vegetarian and vegan dog foods out there. Though dogs are carnivores, they can eat omnivorously. The trick is that some nutrients are more abundantly sourced from animals. Meat-free diets require a good balance of vitamins, minerals, and other synthetic ingredients to ensure your dog gets all the nutrients they need.

That being said, a vegetarian or vegan diet does not give optimal nutrition to your dog. Legumes such as soy and lentils can be harder to digest, and not as biologically available as meat proteins.

Your dog would have to eat more to get the appropriate nutrition. However, if your dog has severe allergies, a meatless diet may be a good nutritional choice for your pet.

This is not true for cats. Cats are true carnivores, and unlike dogs, can’t survive on a meat-free diet.

Taste Of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Dry Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dog Food With Probiotics for ...

We start our list of the best dog food brands with Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Dry Dog Food. Countless pet parents feed their four-legged family members Taste of the Wild dog food because they know that they can count on this brand to offer highly nutritious, well-balanced food that also offers a palatable flavor. Thats because Taste of the Wild uses only the highest quality ingredients and never uses byproducts or fillers, like many other dog food brands that are on the market.

This formula from Taste of the Wild is a high protein dog food, so if your vet has told you that your pooch needs more protein in his diet, then this is a great option to choose. Protein is the building block of muscles, so this dry dog food will help to support healthy joints. Many dog breeds are prone to joint issues, such as German Shepherds, Saint Bernards, Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers, Newfoundlands, and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. By offering your pet a high protein diet, you can help to stave off conditions like hip and elbow dysplasia, which can be extremely painful and cause mobility problems.

What We Like About It

  • Made with the highest quality, natural ingredients
  • Real meat is the first ingredient
  • Offers a healthy dose of protein for healthy muscles and joints
  • Free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives
  • No corn, wheat, or soy
  • Made in the USA
  • Most pet parents are very pleased with this dog food

Reasons to Complain

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Nutrition Guide: How Much Protein Does A Dog Need

Protein requirement for dogs is one of the most important aspects of nutrition, but how much protein does a dog need?

Although protein makes an essential part of a dogs diet, it is also often one of the most misunderstood aspects of dog nutrition. Every dog owner I know talks about nutrition in their pets as one of the real concerns, and there is usually a misunderstanding about protein in a dogs diet.

Like a responsible dog owner, you only need to give your dogs the best nutritional value as possible, and understanding the importance of protein in your dogs diet is as good a start as any.

Can Dogs Have Too Much Protein

Absolutely. Just like any animal, a healthy diet consists of great food, made from great ingredients and given in moderation. Despite many modern marketing tactics cashing in on the idea that dogs are carnivores, the truth is actually very different.

Dogs are omnivores, and their diet needs both meat and vegetable-based nutrients to live a long, happy and healthy life. In order to meet these needs, dogs require a healthy dose of proteins, without being excessive. Since protein requires a good amount of carbohydrates and fats to help the body absorb their protein, you may notice that a lot of dog food that is high in protein, can also be high in calories- which means your dog is likely to put on weight with these ingredients.

Naturally, any extra weight can be very bad for your dog and lead to a range of health problems from arthritis to heart issues. Therefore, if youre looking for a good high protein dog food- like the ones in our top picks- youll need one that has been formulated either for a very active dog, or one that comes with low calories.

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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Ultamino

First 5 Ingredients: Corn Starch, Hydrolyzed Poultry By-Products Aggregate, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Oil, Natural Flavors

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Ultamino Dry Dog Food is another great diet to help suppress your pups seizures.

Originally made to address severe food allergies in dogs, this kibble also has amazing nutrients that have been found to aid in controlling seizures, among so many other health benefits.

This recipe has coconut oil as third in the ingredients list, which is a great source of MCTs that are known brain-boosters, and may help reduce seizure frequency in your dogs.

It also has a generous amount of essential fatty acids EPA and DHA that also aid in managing seizures, as well as supporting healthy dog’s skin and coat.

Moreover, this formula boasts an exclusive blend of fibers that promotes healthy digestion in dogs.

Protein Fact #: Higher Protein Diets Promote Superior Weight Loss And Body Condition Maintenance

ACANA High Protein Biscuits for Dogs

Obesity levels today are alarmingly high at 54% of dogs. Key contributors include the sedentary lifestyle of many dogs as well as the types and amount of food were feeding them. Research has shown that dogs fed a higher protein diet with lower carbohydrates lost more weight. In these studies, dogs also maintained their lean muscle mass while losing fat, leading to overall improved body composition than dogs fed a high carbohydrate, low protein diet.

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Diamond Naturals High Protein Dog Food

The Diamond Naturals High Protein Dog Food is made with wild caught salmon, the main ingredient, and absolutely no grains to ensure the best quality of food for your dog. Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants work together to make the food good for bones, skin, coat and easily digestible for your dog. The food contains no corn, wheat, filler or other potentially harmful ingredients.

  • Wild caught salmon as main ingredient, with no grains
  • Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants make food great for all around health
  • Contains no corn, wheat, fillers, or other possibly harmful ingredients

Human Food For Dogs That Will Not Harm

Have you been wondering Is human food bad for dogs? Although we humans try to keep our dogs on their canine diets, we sometimes just cant resist slipping them an occasional human morsel. If youve been wondering what human food is safe for dogs, you certainly do not want to miss this article.

Lets explore the best human food for dogs that are safe and healthy for our canine friends.

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How To Make Lowprotein Dog Food

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Making basic, low protein food for a dog with early stage kidney disease.XResearch source It is important to restrict protein in your dog’s diet when kidney disease is present.

Protein Fact #: Older Dogs Benefit High Protein Dog Food With No Risk To Their Kidney Health

Gypâs Kibble â High Protein Adult Dry Dog Food

Thanks to robust medical preventative care and disease treatment, dogs today are living longer than ever, reinforcing the importance of tailoring our nutrition to support the aging dog. As a dog ages, they require more protein. When insufficient protein is provided, it can aggravate the age-associated loss of lean body mass and may contribute to lowered mobility and earlier mortality. Feeding higher protein to an older dog helps support their increased requirements, maintains their muscle mass for mobility and most importantly, has been shown in numerous studies to have no adverse effects on a dogs kidneys. A protein-restricted diet is only recommended for dogs that have been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. Restricting protein for healthy older dogs is not only unnecessary, but could be detrimental.

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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Hydrolyzed Protein

First 5 Ingredients: Brewers Rice, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Chicken Fat, Natural Flavors, Dried Plain Beet Pulp

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Hydrolyzed Protein Adult HP is another special dog’s diet meant for canines with more intense food sensitivities.

The hydrolyzed proteins in this formula are made of low molecular weight peptides that can be easily absorbed in the digestive tract and are less likely to cause allergic reactions, and therefore preventing uncomfortable symptoms like skin irritations and an upset stomach.

This kibble is also fortified with a rich supply of essential nutrients like various B vitamins and amino acids, and also omega fatty acids EPA and DHA that can help control seizures and promote a healthy dog’s skin and coat.

It also has a generous fat content of 17.5% derived mostly from chicken fat. And, this formula has sufficient taurine, which is another nutrient vital to controlling seizures.

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