Is Collagen Protein Good For Weight Loss

What Are Some Other Ways To Encourage Weight Loss With Collagen

How to use collagen protein for weight loss!!

In addition to taking a collagen supplement, there are a few other things you can do to encourage weight loss.

First, make sure you’re getting enough protein. Collagen is a type of protein, and protein is essential for weight loss. Aim to get at least 20 grams of protein per day.

Second, exercise regularly. Exercise helps to boost your metabolism and burn calories. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise per day.

Third, eat a healthy diet. Eating healthy foods will help you lose weight and keep it off. Make sure to include plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet.

Fourth, stay hydrated. Drinking enough water is important for weight loss. Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water per day.

Can You Use Collagen For Weight Loss

It seems there’s nothing collagen can’t do. From joint pain to strengthening connective tissue, increasing skin elasticity, to shiny hair and glowing skin, the benefits of collagen are plentiful and important.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, and it’s made of chains of amino acids. Unfortunately, as we age, collagen production decreases by around 1% per year after the age of 20. You can never fully restore collagen loss or stop the process of deterioration altogether, but with collagen supplementation you can repair damage and maintain a healthy amount of collagen within your body.

Collagens benefits are seemingly never ending, which has some people wondering if it can help with weight loss. Besides its anti-aging and strengthening health benefits, adding collagen as a dietary supplement can potentially help you lose weight as well. So, the answer is yes but, like any other dietary supplement, some people will find success with it and others may not see huge results. It all depends on your body, the type of supplement you take, and how strict you are with your regimen. For example, if you are taking a collagen supplement every few days, you probably wont notice much of a difference. On the other hand, if you take the recommended daily dose of a supplement for a few weeks, youre more than likely to start seeing some real results.

Collagen Could Help You Retain Muscle Mass

When you lose weight, one consequence is often a loss of muscle mass. As the saying goes, every time you diet, you lose muscle. This is bad news for several reasons. Less muscle mass means that exercise will be more difficult, as youll become fatigued more rapidly. You may also find that its hard to keep the weight off once you lose it, as muscle tissue burns more calories than fat. By taking a collagen supplement while you lose weight, you could help preserve muscle mass. This can be a real bonus once youve moved from weight loss to maintaining your goal weight.

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Why Is Whey Protein Powder Good For Weight Loss

Whey protein contains high amounts of the amino acid leucine, which is the most potent for building muscles. Building muscle helps you burn more calories.

Protein powders dont magically help you build muscle, says Mohr, explaining you still need strength training for that to happen. Leucine can also help prevent muscle fatigue and soreness-which means less post-workout recovery time and higher odds of you actually returning to the gym.

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Collagen Peptides Increase Satiety

USN Vibrance Weight Loss Collagen

Protein, in general, helps you to feel more full and satisfied after a meal. This is because it fills an essential need in the body, so your hunger hormones can go on break once youve consumed enough protein-rich food.

Studies have found that hydrolyzed gelatin specifically helps to increase the satiety hormone, which means after consuming collagen, you shouldnt feel hungry for a while. Hunger pains are one of the biggest hurdles in weight loss, and you are much more likely to stick to your goals if you feel full.

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How Does Collagen Help Me Maintain My Weight

Collagen has been shown to help people retain their muscle mass, particularly their lean body mass. Preserving muscle mass is very important in weight loss and weight management. Meaning, when you lose the weight, you are more likely to maintain that weight loss longer. That is the goal of weight loss, after all!

Helps In Keeping Bones Strong

Apart from calcium, healthy bones also require collagen for flexibility, and therefore, it is recommended to include collagen in your diet.

Dieting alone cannot help you lose weightyou need to exercise and move around. This is where collagen comes into play, and it can keep injuries and joint pain at bay. You will lose weight if you stay physically active.

This powerful protein also improves the mineral density in your bones. A 2018 research shows that consuming hydrolyzed collagen can even relieve osteoporosis6.

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What To Look For In Collagen For Weight Loss

There are some things to keep in mind while you’re shopping for collagen for weight loss. You see, the last thing you want is to get low-grade collagen for weight loss that doesn’t work or tastes gross.

Below are a few things to consider before choosing one of the 4 best products we featured here today:

The Lack Of Science Behind Taking Collagen For Weight Loss


Not everyone is on board with collagen supplements as a potential weight-loss aid.

Exactly how or even if collagen protein powder can aid your weight loss efforts isnt fully understood, says Dr. Moyad. Collagen powder can be very high in protein, which may make you feel fuller for longer periods of time, limiting calories and leading to weight loss.

This can be said about any high-protein diet that leads to caloric control, he says.

In fact, bone brothswhich are loaded with collagencan take the edge off hunger and are a staple in some weight-loss programs.

There are no studies supporting the use of collagen for weight loss, says Scott Kahan, MD, director of the National Center for Weight and Wellness in Washington, D.C.

Unfortunately, none of the dietary supplements with magic claims for weight loss actually work, he says.

What does work? For most, the most valuable strategy will be to build a support network to help guide and reinforce their efforts, says Dr. Kahan. This could include a medical specialist or dietitian or another supportive health care provider. It could include a support group or even an app.

Try these expert-approved weight-loss strategies. There are also several FDA-approved weight loss pills that can help over the long term, he says.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Taking Collagen

The side effect of collagen is that it can cause skin problems. It can also cause a condition called hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigeonemia is a skin condition that can be caused by too much collagen in the skin. , which is the most common type of hyperprolactinemia. This condition is caused when the bodys natural production of the hormone prolactin is too low. The body cant produce enough prolaxin to keep the blood vessels in your skin open. When this happens, the collagen can build up and cause the condition. If you have hyperplasia, you may also have a problem with your blood vessel walls. In addition, collagen may cause your hair to grow too fast. You may have to have your scalp trimmed to remove excess hair.

So Which Types Of Collagen Are Best For Weight Loss

There are many different types of collagen supplements on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Some types of collagen are more effective for weight loss than others.

The best type of collagen for weight loss is Type III collagen. This type of collagen is found mostly in blood vessels and muscles, and it helps to promote weight loss by increasing metabolism.

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Collagen Improves Gut Health & Digestion

Collagen is all the rage in health and wellness circles for its ability to heal, seal, and repair the gut lining, which results in improved overall health. Healthy gut, healthy life, right? This is because the villi that line the intestinal wall is actually built of collagen. If your gut isnt healthy it can hinder weight loss, so adding a multi-collagen to your could be the best move you havent made! Be sure to check out this blog post to learn more about the specific benefits collagen has on your gut health.

Is Collagen Peptides Good For Keto Diet

Vanilla Collagen Protein Powder, 9.3oz

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What To Add To Your Protein Shake

Not only are protein shakes by themselves with water pretty boring, but they also typically dont provide enough nutrients if you are looking to have one for breakfast or as part of a meal. Jillian recommends blending your protein powder with one cup of frozen berries, one cup of greens , and unsweetened almond milk. Other add-ins could be nut butter, chia seeds, flaxseed, and unsweetened coconut.

If youre looking for protein shake inspiration, check out our gallery of 23 protein-packed smoothies to stay full.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Cera Hensley

How To Supplement With Collagen

You can use collagen supplements and skincare products that encourage and support collagen production in your daily routine to promote your skin health and overall wellness.

Its important to choose a bioavailable collagen supplement that is easily absorbed by your body and clinically proven to work effectively. While collagen-rich foods like bone broth, and foods that encourage collagen formation through vitamin C, these are not the most effective way to increase the grams of collagen absorbed by your body.

Collagen that is found in supplements is normally sourced from animals. However, there are vegan options available through the modern marvels of engineering. Collagen sourced from animals is not all created equally.

Bovine collagen powder, for instance, can include GMOs and artificial hormones, and the cows are often housed using inhumane practices instead of being grass-fed or pasture-raised. They may also include artificial flavor and sweeteners that aren’t conducive to your overall health.

It can also be difficult for your body to digest the collagen within these mammalian supplements because there are so many fillers and binders surrounding the collagen peptides.

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My Nails Were Stronger

After about a week of taking the collagen, I noticed my nails were thicker and stronger and were growing faster. Usually, my nails break and tear off after they grow, but after drinking my collagen, they were growing nicely and faster than normal. How could I tell? I got a gel manicure, which is supposed to last up to two weeks, and my nails grew out after about eight or nine days. It left the bottoms of my nail beds exposed. Although it was annoying having to get my nails redone, it wasn’t a bad problem to have!

Protein Shakes May Help With Weight Management

Are Protein Powders Healthy?! Weight Loss & Health Tips with Corrina | Rootz Protein & Collagen

Proteins effect on metabolism, appetite, and muscle mass may also keep you from regaining weight once youve successfully lost it.

A study from 2005 found that when participants who had lost weight from a specific diet program were given 30 grams of protein in addition to their regular diet during a weight management period of 6 months, they regained less weight than participants who didnt have the supplemented protein .

A 2015 literature review suggests that higher protein intakes appears to improve both weight loss and weight management. Yet, researchers caution that full adherence to a higher-protein diet and other lifestyle factors are usually required for this improvement .


Additional protein, whether from shakes or whole foods, can help minimize the amount of weight you regain after weight loss.

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Improves Skin Elasticity And Health

Collagen is particularly beneficial for women thanks to its skin benefits. In fact, its the most commonly researched benefit of collagen and the area where it shows the most promise.6 Skin is made up of approximately 75% collagen,8 so naturally, scientists have done extensive research on how to utilize collagen protein as an anti-aging tool. One review of 11 studies found that collagen had anti-aging properties and also helped in the wound healing process. It also increased skin elasticity, hydration and dermal collagen density.7 Several other studies have also found that consuming collagen supplements reduced visible aging signs such as wrinkles and skin roughness.8,9,10

Its important to note before you spring for an expensive jar of collagen-enhanced cream that collagen molecules are too big to be absorbed through your skin.11 However, consuming collagen through collagen-rich foods like chicken, pork and beef tendon, bone broth, oysters, dairy and beans paired with a collagen supplement might help restore that youthful glow.

What Should I Look For In A Protein Powder If Im Trying To Lose Weight

First things first, Byrd suggests looking for a protein powder that is high in fiber, high in protein, and low in carbs. These types of protein powders will help keep you full longer, curb cravings, and help prevent sugar highs and crashes during the day, she says.

Some other things to keep in mind when making your pick:

Check the label. Make sure you look for something with at least 20 grams of protein, less than 10 grams of total carbohydrates, and at least 3 grams of fiber per scoop. You should also look for protein powders that are naturally-sweetened using ingredients like monk fruit extract, stevia, and natural flavors. Avoid protein powders that use sucralose, sugar alcohols, aspartame, Splenda, and other artificial sweeteners, says Byrd. She also suggests avoiding milk powders, milk solids, and gluten, since they are unnecessary fillers that can cause bloating and gastrointestinal issues.

Opt for a protein blend if youre going plant-based. Whey, casein, or egg-based proteins are complete proteins, meaning they have all nine essential amino acids that allow your body to better absorb and make the most of your protein source. If youre opting for a plant-based protein, look for a blend these can also feature a complete amino acid profile.

Keeping that in mind, we asked nutritionists for their picks of the best protein powders for weight loss. Here are 17 awesome options.

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Are There Any Side Effects Of Taking Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplements are generally safe and well-tolerated. However, some people may experience gastrointestinal side effects, such as bloating, gas, or constipation. If you experience these side effects, you should reduce your dosage or take collagen supplements with food.

Protein-rich foods are the best way to take collagen supplements. This will help your body to absorb and use the collagen. Some good protein-rich options include eggs, chicken, beef, fish, nuts, and seeds.

The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss

Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides Powdered Protein Drink Mix ...

Drinking protein shakes isnt crucial for losing weight, but new science says it can be helpful. Heres how.

Protein shakes were never on peoples radar, except for bodybuilders and others aiming to gain muscle. But in recent years, more of us have started consuming protein supplements, not only after workouts, but also outside the gym. In addition to helping build strength and size, protein may aid in weight loss. A new review from Purdue University found that if your goal is weight control, you may want to consume your protein shake with a meal rather than by itself in between meals.

Researchers looked at 34 randomized controlled trials in which adults consumed protein supplements with meals or between meals. They found that either protein timing increased lean mass, which helps protect your bones and maintain your metabolism. Those who had their shake with food experienced a decrease in fat mass, while the groups that consumed protein between meals gained weight.

The study authors believe that when you have a protein supplement with a meal, you may be more likely to adjust your meal to compensate for the calories in your shake. Whereas, if you have a protein supplement after the gym or as a snack, you may still eat full meals and wind up consuming more total calories for the day. If youre trying to lose weight, that, of course, will only hurt your efforts.

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Look For A Supplement With Multiple Types Of Collagen

There are three main types of collagenType I, Type II, and Type III. Each type of collagen has a different function. Type I collagen is readily found in marine collagen, and helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and improves skin elasticity. It also helps strengthen muscles, hair, nails, and bones. Type II collagen is prevalent in bone broth, and it helps strengthen and protect your joints. Finally, Type III collagen is found mostly in your muscles, intestines, blood vessels, and uterus. Bovine collagen is a good source for Type III collagen, and it works best if it is used together with Type I.

Because of the different types of collagen, and the different strengths of each one, its important to look for a collagen supplement that contains multiple kinds of collagen. This will help you get the best results from collagen.

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