Is Collagen And Protein The Same

Protein: Its Practically Everywhere

Is collagen protein the secret to longevity?

Proteins are long chains of amino acids, folded into three-dimensional molecules. Their shape determines their activity in nature, as well as their roles in your body. There are millions of types of protein in the world.

Within our bodies, the many different types of protein are responsible for synthesizing your DNA, hormones, and enzymes. Protien makes up your muscles, heart, eyes, stomach, and lungs. Your veins and arteries, your skin, fingernails, hair, and bones, and your intestines and stomach lining are also all formed from protein! In fact, its the building block of every single one of your cells.

Best Collagen Supplements For A Healthy Life

When looking for supplements to help maintain or improve your general health, collagen has some of the most impressive benefits, supporting healthy skin, joints, muscles and much more. However, not all types of collagen are equally effective, so you should try to find a form of supplement high in collagen peptides you can easily fit into your daily routine to enjoy all the benefits of collagen.

While collagen drinks and bars may seem like the most convenient way to take collagen, they are often hideously expensive and restrictive, offering far fewer flavours and strengths than other supplements. Therefore, we believe that simple collagen powder with its lower price point, flexibility, and strength is the best choice in the discussion of collagen peptides vs collagen protein.

What Liquid Should You Use To Mix Whey & Collagen

There is no one best liquid to mix with whey protein and collagen, they will dissolve well in water or milk. Your choice of liquid will impact the consistency of the shake so you want to consider your preference.

Collagen will make your shake even thicker than just whey so if you enjoy that, I recommend opting for your favourite milk. If you prefer a slightly thinner consistency, water or coconut water is probably your best bet.

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Can You Take Both Collagen And Whey Protein Powder Together

Yes, absolutely! The key to get the most out of both collagen & whey concentrate protein is timing and how include them in your diet. Aim to use whey protein concentrate within 20 minutes to a 1-hour post resistance training, as a protein rich snack or as part of a meal to help support adequate protein intake and ensure you are getting the complete range of amino acids to support quality muscle growth. The addition of collagen to meals will provide a higher intake of those specific amino acids needed to make collagen in the body and not only help hit your protein intake but support and strengthen fibrous protein in the body. As collagen powder is so versatile, it can be used in conjunction with whey protein especially if you struggle to reach your protein intake daily or just want to support lean muscle mass synthesis along with joint/ bone and skin health.


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Whey Protein Vs Collagen Protein Whats The Difference

Organic Collagen Peptides Protein Powder

Collagen is composed of 3 chains to form a triple helix. The primary difference between collagen and whey proteins are the amino acids: collagen is very high in proline and glycine, and glycine combines with glutamine and cysteine to support the production of glutathione, your bodys most powerful antioxidant. Glycine also stimulates stomach acid production, which leads to better digestion.

This is what makes bone broth so healing to the gut along with the naturally occurring gelatin. Collagen, however, only has 8 out of the 9 essential amino acids whereas whey has all the essential amino acids. Whey also has a higher level of the BCAAs leucine, isoleucine, and valine for building muscle.

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Which Protein Should You Choose

Well, it depends on what you’re looking for.

Both supplements are excellent for promoting lean muscle gains when paired with resistance-style training. However, whey protein may increase resting metabolic rate more than collagen, according to a September 2019 Nutrients study of women with overweight.

Whey protein can be more beneficial for changing body composition but collagen does have less associated side effects. Especially for those with dairy sensitivity or lactose intolerance, collagen may be a better option.

While whey protein may taste better with the various flavors available, collagen can be more dynamic, as it’s usually unflavored and can be easily added to your favorite smoothie.

“Collagen is naturally unflavored, so it makes a great protein supplement to add to foods it won’t change or obscure the flavor of your foods,” Zeitlin says.

Can You Mix Collagen With Protein Powder?

It’s safe to take whey and collagen together, says dietitian Shena Jaramillo, RD. If you’re making a protein smoothie, try incorporating a half scoop of collagen with a half scoop of whey.

What Are The Types Of Collagen

While there are approximately twenty-eight known types of collagen, not all of them are created equal, so you should focus on the five types most commonly found in collagen supplements. Forget the arguments over collagen peptides vs collagen protein for a moment, as those are different forms of collagen, rather than types the five most common of which are:

  • Type 1 collagen is the most common type, making up to 90% of your bodys collagen content and providing structure to your skin, bones, blood vessels and connective tissue.
  • Type 2 collagen is commonly found in elastic cartilage and helps promote joint health, even curing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis in some studies.
  • Type 3 collagen is made of meshy fibers and provides structure for blood vessels, muscles and organs, leading some to believe that it supports healing and exercise performance
  • Type 4 collagen is less common than the other types but helps your kidneys and other organs filter out harmful chemicals, as it forms in sheets.
  • Type 5 collagen is a fibrous form of collagen found in some layers of your skin and hair, which has been linked to eye and reproductive health.
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    It Can Help Fill You Up

    Protein powder contains calories and that can “add to your meal while providing the building blocks for just about everything in your body,” Keatley says. While protein powder shouldn’t be used as a meal replacement, adding it to your food can help you feel fuller longer. “That may decrease snack intake later in the day,” Keatley says.

    Who Should Not Mix Whey Protein With Collagen

    How to use collagen protein for weight loss!!

    Mixing whey protein with collagen is not a filling way to consume protein and therefore isnt the best option for someone looking to reduce body fat.

    When youre looking to lose weight, you are eating fewer calories than what you consume, which often leads to some hunger. Prioritizing higher volume foods is a great way to reduce this hunger. Collagen and whey, while a good source of protein, is liquid and low in volume so youre more likely to find yourself hungry sooner after consuming.

    For those that are cutting, I recommend sticking to only 1 scoop of collagen and 1 scoop of whey protein in your day and consuming it post-workout. Ensure you are consuming it along with a whole food source of fat and carbs, such as oatmeal and nut butter, as this will also help keep you full and satisfied for longer.

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    What Is The Difference Between Collagen Protein And Collagen Peptides

    The main difference between collagen protein and collagen peptides is that the collagen protein is a major building block of the body, which represents 30% of the bodily proteins whereas the collagen peptides are the easily-digestible and the highly bioactive form of collagen protein. Furthermore, collagen peptides can be taken by the enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen.

    Collagen protein and collagen peptides are two forms of collagen, which is the main protein responsible for the cohesion, elasticity, and regeneration of connective tissue.

    Collagen Peptides Vs Collagen Protein Main Difference

    Collagen peptides are short chains of amino acids derived from collagen, made by breaking down full-length collagen molecules into shorter, more bioavailable molecules. Because collagen and collagen peptides are made of the same 18 amino acids, they are often used interchangeably, though they have unique benefits due to their different molecular makeup.

    The main difference between collagen peptides and plain collagen is that peptides are generally more bioavailable. Thanks to their shorter amino acid chains, your body can break down collagen peptides into a usable form much more easily than regular collagen, resulting in quicker and more effective absorption of collagen from supplements.

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    Is Whey Protein Or Collagen Powder Best For You

    Is there a difference between collagen powder and whey protein powder, and how do you choose which is the best for you? Though protein and collagen powder are both made up of amino acids they can serve different purposes in the body.

    Protein is made up of amino acids building blocks with different amino acids having different uses in the body. Whey protein powder is derived from milk using a technique to extract the protein from milk as collagen powder is derived from the skin, bones and cartilage of animals. As protein and collagen are derived from different sources, they contain different amino acid profiles, with different amino acids having different functions in the body.

    Factors which may affect an individuals protein intake include having a busy lifestyle, increased stress load resulting in quicker protein break down, inadequate dietary intake of incomplete protein sources in diets such as vegetarian/ vegan diets which can make it hard for people to reach their protein intake. Most people who have a well-balanced diet will get enough protein daily, but timing, the amount and quality of protein are important factors to take into consideration. Our body has the ability to absorb approximately 20-25 grams of protein each meal, meaning the spacing of protein over each meal in a day is important when wanting to maximise the absorption & get the most out of our protein intake.

    What About Collagen Peptides

    Multi Collagen Protein Powder

    Youve probably encountered the terms collagen peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, collagen hydrolysate and collagen powder. These terms are different names for the same thing: collagen protein powder.

    Specifically, the term collagen peptides refers to collagen that has undergone a process called hydrolysis. This process breaks down the amino acids in collagen into smaller molecules, making it easier for your body to absorb.

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    Take A Collagen Peptide Supplement

    Collagen supplements run the gamut from lotion and topical creams to oral collagen supplements. In our view, here is the easiest, most reliable way to make sure youre getting meaningful amounts of bioavailable collagen: collagen protein powder.

    What is collagen powder? Also known as collagen peptides, this supplement makes it easy to get more collagen in your diet. Just mix one or two scoops of collagen powder into your smoothie, Bulletproof Coffee, soup or water.

    Choose a powder that comes from grass-fed, pasture-raised, hormone-free cows. We made it easy: Bulletproof Collagen Protein comes from grass-fed cows and is available in Unflavored, Vanilla and Chocolate flavors.

    Or you can experience completely new energy with new Bulletproof Complete Daily Energy Collagen Protein. Its made with all nine essential amino acids, MCT oil and a Custom Energy Blend of ginseng, magnesium and cordyceps mushroom, plus 20 grams of collagen protein.

    Want a dose of collagen in a delicious, satisfying snack? Try Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars, made with 11 grams of protein per bar and 2 grams of sugar.

    Collagen Proteins Amino Acid Profile

    Remember, collagen has 19 amino acids . But again, you cant stop there because its not a complete protein.

    Of those 19 amino acids, theres a heavy concentrate of three. If you look at a collagen supplement label , youll see a high milligram count of:

  • Glycine
  • Proline
  • Hydroxyproline
  • And , collagen protein contains 2 amino acids that whey protein lacks:

  • Hydroxyproline
  • Hydroxylysine
  • These unique amino acids, plus Proline, work individually and as well as bound to other amino acids to form certain short peptides to give collagen its rejuvenating magic.

    It sure did, Ron.

    When you think of these special amino acids and peptides, think genetic switch.

    These special collagen-derived compounds are found nowhere else in the edible world and have a special bioactive property that renders them capable of generating powerful anabolic effects, very much like human growth hormone.Dr. Cate, M.D.

    Bioactive collagen peptides and its unique amino acids have been shown to specifically rev up the collagen-making genes in specialized cells in our skin, ligaments, tendons, etc., called fibroblasts. This fibroblast-DNA activation is the superpower of collagen .

    Quick Review:

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    How To Choose A Collagen Supplement:

    It’s always better to choose food over supplements no matter what, says Jaclyn London, M.S., R.D., C.D.N., author of Dressing on the Side . We know tons about the benefits of eating protein in food, but very little about the benefits of eating it in isolated form.

    That said, protein isolates can help you meet higher needs due to disease, injury, sports, skin conditions, or appetite loss. Its crucial to look for the following when buying a collagen supplement:

  • Choose ones with as few simple ingredients as possible. Collagen protein powder should just be collagen protein isolate, a.k.a. collagen hydrolysate, hydrolyzed collagen, or collagen peptides.
  • Skip the flavored versions. These can contain added sugars, which could upset your GI tract or just add calories where you didnt want ’em. Go for the plain version and add a sweetener to desserts yourself.
  • Look for a third-party certification. Given the lack of FDA regulation, any time you’re choosing a dietary supplement, check if a credible group like the NSF, UL, or USP has tested it for safety before.
  • If you want to try a collagen supplement for two to three months, Dr. Moyad says the health risks should be minimal and there may be some benefits. However, for most of us, as long as youre eating regular meals and snacks made from a combination of different types of protein , youre good to go without!

    Why Choose My Bone Broth Collagen

    Collagen Protein vs Whey Protein | Collagen Protein Review

    If youre busy like I am, you just cant do this all the time! Plus, unlike collagen protein powders that are intended to be flavorless, the savory goodness of a good bone broth is just as important as its collagen protein content. Yet sometimes, after all that work, the homemade version just doesnt taste very good!

    My chicken-soup-flavored Bone Broth Collagen is a nutritional powerhouse and fortunately, its also delicious. I formulated my certified organic Bone Broth Collagen to be a savory treat, just like a bowl of homemade chicken soup.

    I produced my special, physician-formulated Bone Broth Collagenthrough an extraction process that ensures only the highest-quality collagen protein is included. Its sourced from organic pasture-raised chickens and is also 100% non-GMO. I went through many flavor variations before crafting this one. I think it is simply the most delicious bone broth collagen available today.

    My bone broth is a perfect choice for anyone who:

    • Is concerned about leaky gut and wants to maintain a healthy intestinal lining
    • Wants to optimize thyroid and immune function
    • Is looking to support flexible joints and alleviate occasional joint pain from overuse or exercise
    • Wants to support healthy weight loss
    • Cares about strong and healthy hair, skin, and nails
    • Is over the age of 34

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    Why Is It Important To Supplement With A Complete Protein

    Protein is critical to sustaining human life. Your body is constantly breaking down and rebuilding all manner of structures and systems. You need the amino acids in complete proteins to help build and repair every single structure in your body. This requires a great deal of dietary protein every day to be done correctly and efficiently.

    Furthermore, lean muscle is made entirely of complete protein. Lean muscle improves metabolism, helps burn body fat, and regulates body temperature. Your protein intake can determine how well your body gains muscle mass to keep you strong and healthy.

    Eating protein is essential for creating lean muscle. Grass-fed, pasture-raised meats or wild-caught fish are excellent choices for complete proteins. However, since not everyone has access to these sources, a high-quality complete protein supplement can fill in the gaps and help deliver the essential amino acids your body needs.

    Whats The Best Collagen To Take

    The various types of collagen each have great benefits that support different parts of the body thats why you should pay attention to your specific needs to see which type is right for you. Otherwise, when it comes to the various forms of collagen, if you can, we recommend choosing collagen peptides. Collagen peptides are the most beneficial because they are versatile for just about any recipe, and they are the most easy to absorb into the body.

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