Is Boost Protein Drink Good For Diabetics

Protein And Your Health

Are Protein Shakes Good for Diabetics? Can a Diabetic Drink Protein Shakes? Shake for Diabetes Facts

Protein is one of three essential macronutrients the other two are fat and carbohydrate. These are needed in large amounts to maintain health and vital functions.

The body uses protein to build, repair, and maintain most of your body’s tissues and organs. Proteins are also necessary for immune system function and help some additional physiological processes as well.

The Skinny On Shakes For People With Diabetes

Diabetes is an increasingly common condition that causes blood sugar levels to rise higher than normal. There are several types of diabetes, but type 2 diabetes is the most common form. Type 2 diabetes is often linked to being overweight or obese and must be medically managed to prevent serious diabetes complications.

Along with making lifestyle changes and taking medication, people with diabetes must keep a watchful eye on their blood glucose levels and the foods they eat throughout each day. Whether youre watching your weight or looking for a quick diabetes-friendly meal on the go, a meal replacement shake may be a good or not so good option for those with diabetes. Of course, a healthy diet of whole foods is always best, but shakes can provide a nice safety net for when a healthy meal is not an option.

While meal replacement shakes may fill you up, even the best weight loss shakes dont provide complete dietary nutrition. If you rely on weight loss or meal replacement shakes regularly, you will still need a healthy balance of real food each day, including:

  • Fat-free or low-fat dairy
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, especially nonstarchy vegetables
  • Lean protein
  • Legumes, like beans and peas
  • Nuts
  • Soy
  • Whole grains

When Should You Not Drink Glucerna Or Ensure

As has been mentioned severally in the above, Glucerna and Ensure is a dietary and highly nutritious meal. They were formulated for specific dietary needs, and are proven to be very effective.

However, being very effective products doesnt warrant abuse or misuse.

Below are a few situations where Glucerna or Ensure will do more harm than good:

  • Overreliance

Glucerna and Ensure, as a supplement meal, should not comprise the entire meals of the day, but rather, should comprise only one meal or snack of the day.

For a safer dietary use of Glucerna or Ensure, its best to seek a doctors consult.

  • Under-age usage

Abbott Laboratories Glucerna and Ensure is formulated for adult, and not children.

Consumption of Glucerna and Ensure by children under the age of 4 is considered as abuse and misuse of the supplement meal.

On a further note, using Glucerna by children under the age of 10 will be much safer with a doctors advice.

  • Incompatibility

Glucerna and Ensure products may not be right for everyone seeking a dietary meal.

Non-diabetics are not advised to take Glucerna products, but rather drink Ensure products.

Glucerna is also not safe for individuals with galactosemia, though compatible to lactose-intolerance.

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Will The Protein Shakes Worsen Your Sugar Levels

Not necessarily. The one thing that you have to keep in mind is that all protein drinks aren’t the same. The packaged ones have a high sugar content that is highly unsuitable for diabetics. But you can always look for healthier options and extract full benefits from the protein drinks. Once you find the right protein shake for diabetics, you wouldn’t have to worry about compromising your health.

Drinks For Diabetics Green Tea

BOOST Just Protein 227 g

One of the best healthy drinks for diabetics is green tea because it has zero carbohydrates and calories. So, diabetic patients can drink an unlimited amount of green tea without any restrictions. According to a study, green tea can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and lower blood pressure . Green tea is rich in antioxidants that help to neutralize the inflammation effects that protect from coronary heart diseases and decrease the risks of developing type 2 diabetes. Besides, both black and green tea comes with the polysaccharides, which aid in slowing down the sugar absorption into the bloodstream. It is suggested to enjoy 4-5 cups of green tea daily to decrease the risk of developing diabetes and keep diabetes in check. You should avoid sweeteners whether you choose black, green, or herbal tea.

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Drink Unsweetened Coffee And Tea In Small Amounts

Feel free to drink tea and coffee hot or iced in moderation. Try them either unsweetened or prepared with a sugar substitute, Basbaum says. Your best bet is to stick to unsweetened coffee or tea, but if you have to add something, look for low-calorie sweeteners. Keep in mind that any milk, cream, or creamer you add to your drink must be counted as part of the carbohydrates in your diet. If you enjoy syrup flavors in coffee drinks, look for sugar-free variations.

Rather than adding sugar, tea can be flavored with lemon juice. But if you need some sugar, Zanini recommends going for Stevia instead of artificial sweeteners as a more natural option.

Research suggests that coffee and tea green tea in particular may lower type 2 diabetes risk. One study found that people who consumed at least 6 cups of green tea or 3 cups of coffee per day were 33 percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than people who consumed less than 1 cup of either beverage per week.

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How To Select The Right Protein Shakes For Diabetics

One has to be quite careful while selecting sugar-free protein shakes. Although many manufacturers claim to have no chemical ingredients or added sugars in the formula, few can live up to the expectations. If you want suitable protein drinks for diabetics, some important points have to be considered.

  • First things first, never go for a protein shake with sugar listed as one of the added ingredients. Although it does sound obvious, you will be surprised how often people miss this. Read the list of ingredients in the protein shake carefully and only go for the ones that are labeled without added sugar.
  • The best protein shakes for diabetics are the ones with low carbohydrates. The concentration of carbs shouldn’t exceed 15 grams per serving.
  • Whey protein powder is the best choice for diabetics, as has been substantiated by studies. Whey protein stimulates the secretion of insulin in diabetics and therefore plays a crucial role in controlling blood sugar levels. So if you want the best protein shakes for diabetics, go for the ones that include whey protein.

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Benefits Of Meal Replacement Shakes For Diabetics

Some overweight people are at a bigger risk of gaining excess adiposeness and may have an issue losing weight Thus, a calorie-controlled meal replacement programme may be beneficial for them.

  • Meal replacement shakes aim to lose weight.
  • The average meal replacement shake provides around two hundred calories of energy.
  • Repeated use might contribute to sensory-specific fullness, further enhancing weight loss.

Glycemic control refers to the maintenance of blood sugar levels as close as possible to the normal range, which is less than 110 mg/dl. Meal replacement shakes with an appropriate amount of carbohydrates are easily absorbed and can help normalize blood sugar levels. Individuals with type 2 diabetes could have inflated problems in reducing weight because of diabetic medication, which might promote weight gain. Insulin particularly related to excess weight gain however sulfonylureas, glinides, and thiazolidinediones also gain excess weight.

If you have been advised to lose weight by your doctor, they may have referred you to a nutritionist who can suggest products that should complement a diet plans specific to you. Best meal replacement shakes for weight loss reviews products are specially formulated to promote weight loss and assist weight management, whereas some are designed to boost strength and vitality. If you are looking to find products by yourself, here are some things to look out for:

  • Low sugar content
  • Balanced nutritional content
  • Physician recommended

Boost Nutritional Drinks Glucose Control Vanilla

Protein Shakes For Diabetics

People with diabetes can now get their daily intake of nutrition & protein, through this specially formulated glucose control drink.

It has the perfect balance of much-needed protein, carbohydrates & fat that will help them manage blood sugar levels, while also managing their carb intake.

Each bottle of this nutritious and tasty drink has 22 grams of high-quality protein & 25 vitamins & minerals, which are great for those with an active lifestyle.

These delicious drinks have been packed in a convenient to carry and easy to open the bottle, so that you can carry your daily dose of nutrition and energy along with you, wherever you go.

They are also perfect as a mini-meal or snack whenever you are traveling.


  • Can be used by people with diabetes
  • A healthy alternative when you want to boost your energy levels.


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Best Low Sugar Meal Replacement Shakes For Diabetics

Diabetes has become one of the main diseases in the Western population in the XXIst century. While many attribute this to the raise of sugary foods, it has been enhanced by the sedentary lifestyle, and increasing obesity. Unfortunately, there is not cure to diabetes yet, besides diet and insulin shots. As such, controling what you eat is crucial and low sugar meal replacement shakes for diabetes are ideal for that.

Nevertheless, this does not mean meal replacements marketed for diabetes but quality low sugar shakes that will provide you with the best ingredients. A drink with balanced nutrients that will not spike your blood sugar, and yet will provide you with all the nutrients you need.

DISCLAIMER: Before going any further, I need to remind you that Im no doctor or medical expert thus, in case of doubts, please ask your dietitian.

Glucerna Vs Ensure What Is The Difference

Glucerna and Ensure products are both produced by the same company. They are both nutritional drinks that are low in calories and glycemic index.

They provide a complete balanced diet and nutrition to whoever drinks it. However, there are some differences between these products too.

The first and the most noteworthy difference is in its purpose of production.

While Glucerna is produced explicitly for persons with diabetes, Ensure is made primarily for non-diabetics.

Glucerna is made to meet the needs of persons with unstable blood sugar level, those whose blood sugar level rises over the normal range in the intake of any meal. Glucerna helps them better to manage their blood sugar level in a safe range.

On the other hand, Ensure is not made for diabetics, but to provide a nutritional meal supplement for health maintenance, weight loss plan, improvement in appetite, and in general, balanced nourishment.

Furthermore, Glucerna and Ensure also differ based on their nutritional content. In a matter of their caloric content, Ensures is more.

A bottle of Glucerna supplement drink has about 200 calories. Meanwhile, a bottle of Ensure has 220 calories. Their fat content also differs, in that Glucerna is higher in fat, which accounts for a majority of its caloric source.

But Ensure has lower fat and higher carbohydrate /sugar. The protein content in both supplement drinks also differ. Glucerna is richer in protein than Ensure.

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Facilitating Safe And Gradual Weight Loss

Since meal replacement shakes usually come with high protein and fiber content, they will help you to stay full for a longer time than typical meals.

This helps you to cut calories during the day and lose weight without causing your blood sugar levels to spike or drop. Safe weight loss can be extremely beneficial to diabetics, which will help improve their condition.

What Is Boost Nutritional Drink

BOOST® Diabetic Chocolate Nutritional Supplement Drink ...

Boost nutritional drinks are made by Nestle and are available in different Boost formulations, including Boost High Protein with 20 grams of protein, Boost Glucose Control for people with diabetes, Boost Plus for extra calories and Boost Original for complete nutrition 2. Boost’s high protein content comes from soy lecithin and soy isolate, derived from soybeans.

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Drink These In Moderation

Fruit juice:

  • *While fruit juice isnt a great choice for hydration, it can be helpful for treating low blood sugar since it can quickly raise blood sugar.
  • Milk: Milk is a great source of nutrients like protein, calcium, and vitamin D, which are important to promote bone strength. But milk also contains calories, carbohydrates, and sometimes saturated fat. Choose low- or nonfat milk without added flavor or sugar. If you prefer non-dairy milks, like soy or almond, look for unsweetened varieties. The recommended serving size for milk is 8 ouncesthis contains 12 grams of carb, about 100 calories, and about a third of the calcium you need in a day.
  • Is Boost Good For A Diabetic

    increase. Is the impulse good for a diabetic? Youtube. Life brand replacement food shake , 250, 6. It is intended to help a user mentioned, knows very well. October 15, 2015 Consider if boosting, securing and glucerna are really diabetes your doctor about the meal replacement is a good choice for July 26, 2017 the people of protein shakes can be part of the successful type 2 on the road, shake well . Promote the review of glucose control, the forum and other diet revisions. In its convenient plastic bottles, impulse glucose control is a great snack that goes wherever you go! can give healthy energy, meet January 27, 2009 seems to be a better option, but not so tasty, so far. According to the website, diabetics who use booster as a meal replacement supplement have better control of their blood sugar. This smoothie ready to drink is a nutrition for diabetics. Switching to healthier drinks can save hundreds of calories and many carbohydrates the ingredients of November 14, 2017, and more. Boost vs glucerna diabetic drink of carbohydrates and calories boost calorie control with chocolatewithwithnestle. Promote the URL of glucose control products? Q webcache. The healthiest supplement drinks for the elderly and diabetics increase diabetes are food replacement you? . The best and worst drinks for diabetic readers. Googleuserco

    Video credits to Shanell Kahl Tipz YouTube channel

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    Dr Bergs Meal Replacement Shake With Mcts & Bcaas

    Here is a shake in a 1,55-pound box and chocolate brownie flavour without any percentage of added sugar. The creator of this shake is Dr Berg, and the product is taking his name. He created the whole line of product to help people lose weight while taking in all ingredients that the body needs to function properly.

    This is a shake that fits best with keto nutrition. It is a replacement for keto meal. The box includes scoop which is equal to the 26g of powder. Each serving provides you 105 calories, 11g of pure protein, 6,1g of dietary fibre and a certain number of phosphorus, chloride, sodium, potassium, fats, and carbs. There is 2,6g of sugar in the powder, which is not a big number, but yet it doesnt make it the best protein powder for diabetics. Although there is a bit of sugar in the powder, diabetics can use it, but should properly dose it or consult with a nutritionist.

    This shake has a great taste, and everyone likes it. The best part is that it helps you to build muscles, and increases the level of energy. The powder contains BCAAs so your body will recover fast after training, and have all amino acids that need.

    There is 4g of MCTs that comes from coconut oil and turn into ketones which help you burn fats faster.

    When it comes to the price, the product is quite expensive. Consumers are happy with the supplement, but it will work only if you use it with the keto diet. Otherwise, you are not going to achieve the goal you want.

    Sweetened Or Unsweetened Fruit Juices

    Is Whey Protein Good for Diabetics

    Although 100 percent fruit juice is fine in moderation, and is a source of nutrients like vitamin C, all fruit juices can add a high amount of carbohydrates to your diet and are pure sugar. This combination can wreak havoc on your blood sugar and increase your risk for weight gain.

    If you have a fruit juice craving that wont fade, be sure you pick up a juice thats 100 percent pure and contains no added sugars.

    Also, limit your portion size to 4 ounces , which will reduce your sugar intake to only 3.6 teaspoons .

    You might consider adding a splash or two of your favorite juice to sparkling water instead.

    • increased weight gain
    • high blood sugar levels

    Upon further analysis, the study participants who had overweight or obesity, which are risk factors for metabolic syndrome, had likely been swapping no-calorie soda for the full-sugar versions.

    They likely took this step to cut their calorie intake. This was an association, but it wasnt considered cause and effect.

    A 2016 study seemed to show that those drinking diet sodas had increased blood sugar levels and waist circumference.

    However, this study did not control for meals or physical activity or other variables before each round of testing was done.

    Further, the authors stated that individuals with higher insulin levels at the beginning of the study may have already had metabolic issues not related to their intake of sugar-free sodas.

    For most people living with diabetes, sugar-free sodas are safe in moderation.

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    Role Of The Incretin Hormones Gip And Glp

    The phenomenon by which insulin secretion is increased when glucose is given by the enteral route, when compared to an isoglycaemic intravenous glucose infusion, is called the incretin effect, and is attributed to the secretion of incretin hormones from the gut. The two known incretin hormones, glucagon-like-peptide-1 and GIP, exert their insulinotropic actions through distinct G-protein-coupled receptors that are highly expressed on beta cells. After oral glucose, about two thirds of the plasma insulin response can be attributed to the effects of GIP and GLP-1. The insulinotropic effects of both GIP and GLP-1 are glucose-dependent, requiring a substantial elevation of blood glucose to be manifest. Incretin based therapies, such as GLP-1 receptor agonists, are attractive for this reason, as insulin release is only triggered in the presence of elevated glucose concentrations, with consequently minimal risk of hypoglycaemia.

    In humans, fats and carbohydrates are reported to be the most potent stimuli for GLP-1 and GIP secretion, although the effects of protein on incretin secretion are less well studied than the other macronutrients. Nevertheless, whey protein is reported to stimulate GLP-1 and GIP release. Bowen et al showed that plasma active GLP-1 concentrations were higher after intake of a whey protein beverage compared to a glucose or fructose drink, but the mechanisms mediating protein-induced incretin secretion remain largely unknown.

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