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Is Too Much Protein Dangerous

Who Should Take Protein Shakes – (And How Safe Are They?)

In short, there isnt a clear answer as to the maximum amount thats beneficial per dose. Recommendations are based on what your goals are. Common practice is to consume about 20-25 grams of high-quality protein at one time to maximise muscle protein synthesis.4

However, larger doses of 30-45 grams were shown to have the greatest impact on lean mass and strength.5 When considering prevention of muscle loss due to aging, another study showed that 25-30 grams was optimal.6 Overall, the recommendations range between 20-45 grams per dose.

When considering how many protein shakes a day to have, think about your total daily protein requirement and how many grams there are in a serving of your protein powder.

If you have a high protein lunch and dinner, one shake in the morning may be enough to reach your daily goal. If you work out in the afternoon and have a long wait until dinner, it might be best to have a second shake then, to optimise muscle building after your workout.

Protein shakes can also play an important role in the diets of vegan and vegetarian athletes, who dont consume animal protein. Check out our vegan/vegetarian protein range here.

While you might read about negative side effects from high-protein diets, there have been no studies proving any harm in healthy individuals from protein.7 Its still important to choose high quality carbohydrates, healthy fats, and a variety of vitamins and minerals for optimal daily nutrition.

What Food Should I Be Eating

It’s vital that you realise protein shakes should never replace real foods. Ever. Protein shakes are supplements, and they are there to do just that to supplement your diet. They are add-ons. Additional extras to help you reach your daily protein fix. Yes, we know, consuming a shed load of protein every day isn’t easy. But it’s important you don’t cut corners.

Protein shakes will never hold the same nutritional benefits as real food, which will generally contain more protein per serving than a shake.

Great-tasting breakfasts, lunches and dinners consisting of a healthy balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats are full of vital minerals and vitamins that will strengthen the body and help it grow. They needn’t be complicated either. Here’s a list of a few of our favourites. If you’re struggling for food ideas, check out our protein sources food guides below:

What Are Some Of The Types Of Protein

Protein is one of the nutrients your body needs to function properly. Unlike the other nutrients, it plays multiple roles, and your body cannot do without it. Apart from being a source of energy, protein repairs damaged tissues. It is also important for growth and prevents disease and infection.

Naturally, protein exists in abundance in foods such as legumes, seeds, grains, dairy products, eggs, fish, and meat. If you cant eat enough of it in your diet, you may try protein supplements.

The following are some of the commonly available protein powders from which you can make protein shake:

Whey protein: This is dairy-based protein. It will supply your body with all the key amino acids and is quick to absorb.

Soy protein: This a plant-based protein. Like the rest, it contains loads of amino acids and has quite many health benefits.

Casein protein: Here is another dairy-based protein, which is sure to supply your body with essential amino acids. Due to its slow absorbability, people often take it as a snack just before bed.

Rice protein This is another plant-based protein that comes with very low levels of lysine, an essential amino acid.

Pea protein: Here is a plant-based protein. It contains low amounts of the essential amino acids methionine and cysteine.

Hemp protein: This plant-based protein is made from hemp seeds. It contains high amounts of fiber as well as omega-3 and omega-6 oils. It, however, contains low levels of the essential amino acid lysine.

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How To Take Your Protein Shakes To The Next Level

Once reserved for Instagrams wellness clan, the thirst for vegan protein shakes and smoothies has made them a mainstream phenomenon thanks to their immense nutrient density and convenience. But whether youre blending your breakfast or elevating your post-workout concoction to more than simply protein powder and plant milk, a scroll through social medias many recipes may have you perplexed by the choice of health-touting ingredients.

The perfect vegan protein shake or smoothie should taste great, be rich in vitamins and minerals, have a texture thats neither too thin nor too thick, and be easy to make.

Here, weve provided some top tips for Vitamix perfection, every time.

Whey Protein Vs Casein Protein: Which Type Of Protein Is Better To Have At Night

How to use a protein shake to lose weight

Both casein and whey are by-products of cheese production, but one of the significant differences between them is how quickly your body absorbs them.Your body breaks down protein into amino acids, which circulate in your bloodstream until theyre absorbed. When you consume whey, amino acid levels stay elevated in your blood for only 90 minutes. But when you consume casein, the levels of amino acids stay elevated for 4-5 hours. Like it does in cheesemaking, casein forms curds once its exposed to the acids in your stomach, which lengthens your bodys digestion and absorption processes.

If your goal is to maximize muscle growth through the night, its advised that you opt for casein protein before bed, as it provides your body with a slow, steady release of amino acids. Compared to whey protein, casein proteins slow release makes it ideal before fasting situations, such as during sleep. Your body digests and absorbs whey protein much quicker, so it serves a better purpose as a workout protein.

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Best Protein Shake And Smoothie Recipes

Get lean and strong with the ultimate list of protein shakes and protein smoothie recipes. These protein shake recipes take your protein powder to the next level with the addition of healthy, delicious ingredients to help you reach your fitness goals!

High-Protein Foods | Low-Calorie Foods | Low-Carb Foods | Healthy Snacks | Protein Shake Recipes | Protein Pancake Recipes

Dive into these homemade protein shake recipes that taste like dessert but fuel your muscles and your recovery. With flavors covering everything from luxurious chocolate to tangy orange cream to tropical coconut, these protein drinks help you feel good, work hard, and hit your fitness goals.

Learn how to make a protein shake the most decadent part of your day! With nutritious boosters that add antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, these healthy shakes are great for breakfast, snacks, and pre- or post-workout.

Protein Shakes Can Manage Your Weight

Protein shakes can help your weight management regimen in several ways. The nutrient supplement can reduce your appetite, increase metabolism, and help you shed off belly fat and weight regain.

According to dieticians a protein-rich diet or specifically protein supplements work in two ways to reduce the appetite and make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Protein helps release hunger-reducing hormones such as GLP-1, PYY, and CCK in the body. It can simultaneously decrease the hunger hormone ghrelin too.

A 2015 study investigated the effect of whey protein shakes in reducing appetite and food intake among athletes. The 10 male participants consumed whey protein shakes one hour past their standard breakfast. The results showed a significant 50-65% decrease in appetite levels or hunger sensations and food intake.

Other studies found that protein shakes produce a feeling of satiety. Thus, you may go for smaller portions of food and skip unhealthy snacking during the day.

According to a study in the Journal of American College of Nutrition, whey protein supplements can reduce the total fat mass, body weight, and risk of cardiovascular diseases in obese people.

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Protein Shake Mistake #: Youre Making A Meal Of It

There are too many guys who think all protein is created equal and are swapping for shakes. Dont be one of them. It might be quick to take, but a high calorie smoothie is unlikely to fill you up and wont give you as many nutrients as a proper meal, says Baptie. Plus, a full course means your body has to work harder to break down the food so you use up more calories in the digestion process.

The Fix

If your busy work day makes it too tempting to trade in a meal for a whey shake, then prep your lunchtime the night before. Focus on things like fish, chicken, turkey, beef for the best protein. Theyve got far more nutrients to keep you full, says Baptie. Thats right, investing in some foil, Tupperware and a Mexican tuna salad could be a key step to a chiselled core.

It Can Help With Post

How To Take Protein Powder For Travel | Protein Supplements To Go Guide

Not only is a protein shake good for your muscles, but it can aid you in post-workout recovery. Having protein at least 30 minutes after a workout helps to feed your muscles and repair muscle tissues.

“Foods like protein bars or smoothies/ready-to-drink-shakes can be great options for snacks, especially post-workout snacks to help ensure you get the protein you need to start post-workout recovery,” Goodson.

” is super important after a workout to fuel your muscles,” says Simeone. “We always say it’s best to feed your muscles within 30 minutes of your workout. Additionally, protein plays a key role in producing antibodies needed for immune function, important enzymes, and hormones that boost your mood and more!”

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How Much Protein Powder Should I Take

I had mentioned some benefits of consuming more protein consistently throughout the day, but how much protein should you take and when?

Once again, much of this depends on your individual physical goals, but here are some general guidelines.

Quantity of Protein for Optimal Muscle Gain

This a heavily studied topic and there are some mixed reviews on quantity. I prefer one of the most consistent theories to get the biggest muscle gains.

A good rule of thumb for this is to consume approximately one gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. So if you are 200lbs, that would be approximately 200 grams.

This sounds easy, but this calculation can still be a bit vague because this quantity includes your daily intake of protein in your meals as well. Then it gets almost like calorie counting.

An average scoop of protein powder is between 20-30 grams. 2 servings a day would get you well on your way.

Also, take into consideration how intense your workouts are and how active your lifestyle is. Of course, the more physically active you are, the more protein you will need.

Quantity of Protein for Weight Loss

Plenty of protein in your diet is a sure way to lose body fat. There is no exact science for this either because there are so many factors such as your level of activity and genetics that take part in this.

If you are actively and actively trying to lose weight, it is recommended to eat between .6-.9 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day.

Chilli Con Carne With Rice

484 calories, 12g fat

Fry 90g of extra-lean minced beef until brown. Add a chopped onion, garlic, celery, a grated carrot and half a chopped green pepper. Cook for five minutes. Add a small can of tomatoes, 75g of canned red kidney beans, a teaspoon of chilli powder, lemon juice and a pinch of ground cumin, salt and pepper. Simmer for 10 minutes and serve with 150g rice.

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When To Take Whey Protein For Weight Loss

For the opposite of gaining mass losing weight you need to consume fewer calories than you are burning during the day.1 A lot of people choose to count their macros and calories as a means of losing weight. Counting the calories in a protein shake is simple, and you know exactly how much protein youre getting too. However, theyre not designed to be a meal replacement on their own. If you are looking to have a shake as your lunch and you need something quick but with well-rounded macros, try bulking out your protein shake.

To emulate a balanced meal with enough calories, youll need to add healthy fats, carbohydrates and micronutrients to your shake.

Try adding oats for your carbs, nut butter , and some fruit like banana or strawberry. This will create a much more balanced shake with sufficient macros and calories to replace a meal properly, helping you maintain muscle mass and keep you full and satisfied throughout the day key for successful, sustainable weight loss.

Hot Chocolate With Peanut Butter Whipped Cream

Best Protein Shakes (30+ flavors!)

Cold drinks arent the only way to use protein powder in beverages. This hot cocoa is perfect for chilly nights or as an after-dinner sub for coffee.

The blast of protein powder in the cocoa plus the peanut butter whipped cream will help banish the hangries. And the chocolate drizzle on top makes it just a little decadent.

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How To Use Protein Powders

If you calculate your protein intake and determine that youâre not getting enough for your athletic needs how can you best use protein powders to help you improve your performance?

First, ignore the conventional wisdom, which says to take protein powders immediately after a workout. âBefore, during, and after a workout, carbs are what your body needs. Theyâre what your body uses for fuel, and what your muscles run on,â says Lewin. âYes, protein is also important for recovery after a workout, but research shows that at that point, the body needs fuel with a 4-1 or 5-1 ratio of carbs to protein.â Since most protein powders have at least 20 grams of protein per scoop, youâd need about 80 grams of carbs to go with that scoop to get the proper proportion of nutrients!

For a better ârecovery drinkâ after a workout, Lewin recommends a fruit smoothie with yogurt or milk, or, surprisingly, chocolate milk. âA glass of chocolate milk is one of the best things for recovery,â she says.

So when should you use protein powders, if youâve determined you need them to get more protein in your diet? Throughout the day as a snack or meal replacement, says Lewin, but not in the immediate time period surrounding your workouts.

And donât forget, says Conn: âProtein powders are not really necessary if you have access to a normal, healthy diet.â

Show Sources

Barbara Lewin, RD, LD, dietitian and sports nutritionist, Ft. Myers, Fla.

Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Best Time To Drink Protein Shake

All kinds of gym goers need to take protein supplements to be able to get the best results from their workouts. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscles or boost your overall health, protein shakes are a must-have.

But just whats the best time to drink a protein shake?

In this write-up, we will show you how and when to have that healthy protein shake.

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If youre lactose intolerant, simply opting for a whey protein isolate over whey protein concentrate will cut down on, if not eliminate, any stomach upset or gas, says Fear.

Whatever type of protein you choose, reading the back label is your most important move. Fear recommends looking for a protein powder that contains less than five grams of carbs and two grams of fat per serving. It should also list protein as the first ingredient, says Weinheimer-Haus. She advises avoiding any tubs that list added amino acids among their ingredients. These amino acids can be much cheaper than a whole protein, such as whey, and may not offer the same benefits, she says. Other fillers to avoid include wheat grass, apple fiber, maltodextrin, or cellulose. They generally are used as inexpensive bulking agents and just take away from the protein you really want, says Fear.

Ready to boost your protein intake to build more muscle and blast more fat? Start with these four awesome protein shakes.

So How Much Protein Do I Need

Protein Powder: How to Best Use It For Muscle Growth (4 Things You Need to Know)

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It depends on your training goals. The US Food and Nutrition Board’s current guidelines for the average adult is 0.8g of protein per kg of bodyweight. If you’re looking to bulk up, you’ll need to increase this number, but that’s not as easy as simply stuffing your face.

You have to play it a bit smarter. Instead of reaching for calorie-dense foods, opt for high-protein foods. Not only will these cupboard staples build mass in your muscle groups currently, research suggests, 2.2g of protein per kg of bodyweight is your limit but also help stave off any hunger pangs that could derail even the most diligent of dieters.

For example, if you weigh 100kg, you’d need to be eating the equivalent of seven chicken breasts every day. Seven. A tad unrealistic. This type of extreme eating is reserved for competitive bodybuilders, so an achievable alternative for a first timer is 1.5g of protein per kg of bodyweight.

The amount you need to eat is a complex topic, and there is no one size fits all. It’s important to tailor your intake to your workouts. Here’s how to do it.

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Which Type Of Protein Is Best

Different types of protein may affect your body in distinct ways.

For instance, whey is absorbed quicker than casein. This makes it optimal for promoting muscle protein synthesis after exercise and could possibly help you feel less hungry in the short term .

While some small studies have shown whey protein to be more effective than soy and other plant-based proteins when it comes to weight loss, there are other small studies that show no real difference.

This seems to support the idea that individuals and their individual lifestyle factors are more important than the type of protein when it comes to weight loss or other desired outcomes (

6 ),

As long as you are consuming a variety of protein sources throughout the day, these deficiencies likely wont cause a problem. But its always a good idea to talk with your doctor or consult with a registered dietitian before incorporating any new supplements into your diet.


The exact type of protein powder you use for protein shakes shouldnt make a major difference in fat loss, which means its more important to consider your individual health factors and dietary preferences.

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