How To Make Your Protein Shake Taste Better

Ways To Make Protein Shakes Taste Better

How to Make Your Protein Shake Taste Better

Its no secret: some protein shakes taste great, while other protein shakes taste gross. What gives? Truth is, there are a variety of factors that go into making a great-tasting protein shake. And since were in the protein shaker bottle business, we feel responsible for helping you learn how to mix better-tasting protein shakes, every time.

Here are our top tips for making protein shakes taste better:

Add Fruits To Your Protein Shakes

You could choose to add your favourite fruits in the protein shake to enrich its taste. Some fruits that make protein shakes taste great are strawberries, cherries or raspberries. Chop these fresh fruits and add them into the blender along with your protein shake. The addition of fruits will also make your protein shake healthier apart from improving its taste. The drink will ensure you consume your required portion of fruit along with vegetable allowance.

Thats All Well And Good But Im Not So Big On Dairy And I Dont Need This Shake To Be Creamy I Do Want Some Added Protein Though

Okay, try peanut butter, especially if the base flavor of the shake is chocolate. Chocolate and peanut butter are natural companions, or at least thats what Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Butterfingers have instructed me to believe. However, the caloric penalty for adding even a tablespoon of peanut butter to a shake is steep relative to the protein payoff .

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Try Switching To Another Brand

After having tried all the above methods to make your protein shake taste better but still unable to tell the difference, your best option could be to try going for another brand next time. Whey protein shakes are supposed to be one of the best kinds in the market. They are thinner than most others and do not have such a strong flavour. So, with the vast variety of protein shakes available for your choice, it is advisable to switch brands until you find something that suits your taste.

Try Adding More Water Or Milk

How to Make Your Protein Shake Taste Better

One problem I have often found is that the instructions say to mix a scoop of powder with 8 ounces of water.

That can make the supplement very thick and difficult to drink, especially when youve just finished a gym session and are thirsty.

In many cases where I found the consistency a bit sickly or sweet, mixing it with 12 or 16 ounces of water improved things a lot.

As your body will need the fluids anyway, its a good start to your recovery routine.

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Make It A Smoothie Instead

Smoothies are always delicious. So, instead of consuming your protein powder in the form of a protein shake, you could convert it into a fresh fruit smoothie. Not only will it instantly make the taste better but is also equally healthy. Putting your shake in a blender and adding some ice is a great option. Adding some fresh fruit, especially a banana will ensure the consistency of the drink is thick. The fruit and ice would be ideal in disguising the protein powder’s taste, making it much easier to drink.

Get More Out Of Your Health And Fitness Routine Go Pro

You should definitely check the company that makes the protein powder you use. Usually, you will find that there are dozens of recipes on these websites specifically designed for their products.

Another source to consider is weightlifting sites. Sometimes these sites provide recipes and other times you will find recipes in forums created by people just like you.

There are sites specifically dedicated to protein that will provide you with recipes. These sites will usually have a mix of user recipes and recipes written by the creators of the sites. They should also have places you can comment in order to help other people know if the end results were good or bad.

Recipe sites may also have options you can try, such as this Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Protein Shake from Online magazines may even devote listicles to protein shake recipes, like this one of 23 recipes from

Feel free to substitute anything in a recipe if you are unsure about a flavor or you know you dont like a particular fruit they are using. Creating a protein shake isnt like baking a cake. You can make changes if it suits you without ruining what you are making.

It is important to ensure that you do your own research as to how beneficial each ingredient will be for your fitness goals. Dont assume that the calorie and fat information is right, as people make mistakes.

Check out the ingredients on your own to make sure you are getting the most from your nutritional supplements.

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What Things Can I Add To A Protein Shake To Make It Taste Better

Typically, peanut butter and fruit are the most common ingredients used to make a protein shake taste good.

Peanut butter is especially appealing to those who purchase chocolate shakes because it gives them a candy-like flavor. Peanut butter also eliminates the aftertaste that using alternative sweeteners can give a product.

Strawberries and bananas are also used quite often to make protein shakes taste better. However, you can use any fruit you find appealing.

Ripe strawberries and bananas require no additional sugar to make them taste good. Many people find fruits like blueberries and cranberries too tart to use without sugar.

Naturally, you can use anything you would like to create the perfect tasting shake. Just remember to include those additional ingredients into your calorie and fat intake to ensure you are monitoring exactly what you are eating.

If you arent sure of the calorie and fat content in what you are adding, you can visit Self Nutrition Data and see the fat and calorie values for hundreds of different foods.

They even break the foods down into sizes such as a small banana, medium banana, or large banana so you can get an accurate count.

Add Some Natural Protein

5 Ways How to Make Your Protein Shakes Taste Better

You can also try adding a spoonful of peanut butter to your shake, which will add both flavor and protein. If youre looking for an even healthier alternative then consider using Greek yogurt since this is lower in sugar compared with regular fruit or nut butters/pastes.

As well as being nutritious, these ingredients are healthy too so dont feel guilty about enjoying them.

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There Arent Any Natural Ingredients In The Protein Shake

If you are wondering, why does whey protein taste so bad, one problem with your protein shake could be the absence of any natural ingredients. In order for protein shakes to last on the shelf, a lot of companies remove natural ingredients because they could expire before the shake is purchased.

Furthermore, some companies try to remove natural sugar from their protein shakes and powders in an effort to reduce the carbohydrate count. Even though were moving sugar could keep the carbohydrate count low, it will also make the protein shake taste bad.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to improve the taste of your protein shake, consider looking for a protein powder with natural ingredients in it. For example, you may want to find a protein shake that uses natural cane sugar.

Or, if you are looking for a natural sweetener that will keep your carbohydrate count low, consider looking for a protein shake that use a Stevia. This is another natural sweetener that will not dramatically increase the carbohydrate count of your protein. The reality is that natural ingredients will simply taste better.

Add Your Favorite Fruits

Start by finding a high quality brand that doesnt include any kind of flavorings at all. From here, you can add your preferred natural sweeteners fresh fruit and honey are popular options.

It goes without saying that this is a lot easier to do if youre making the shake at home, and Ive got a guide to buying a good protein shake blender if you need some help choosing home equipment.

The good thing about adding fruit is youre also adding extra nutritional value, without dramatically increasing the calorie count.

Popular options for this method include:

  • Strawberries

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Drink A Better Tasting Protein Powder

Whether you have big goals for weight loss, or youre in a bulking phase in your training regime, protein is going to be central to your success.

But, that doesnt mean you have to go through the regular ordeal of having to pinch your nose, just to get the stuff down.

If youve had some ideas of your own, then reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter, and we can add some more information to this post.

Use Less Or More Water

How To Make Protein Shakes Taste Better (4 TIPS!)

Something else you can do with water is to vary the amount used.

Too many people fill up the Blender Bottle then dump in one or two scoops of protein powder.

Well, most protein powders call for being served in 6 to 8 ounces of water, not 10 to 24!

Texture affects mouthfeel, which affects how good something tastes.

Start by following the manufacturers directions for how much water to use.

Then, try using a little more or a little less until you find the shake thickness you prefer.

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How To Incorporate Protein Shakes Into A Healthy Diet

While protein shakes are a great addition to your diet they are just one piece of the puzzle! Make sure you are getting a variety of nutrients in through a balance of fruit, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats. Heres an example meal plan that includes a protein shake:

  • Breakfast: I have been hooked on oatmeal for breakfast lately! So many different ways to enjoy this yummy breakfast.
  • Lunch: I typically have a salad for lunch its always a mixture of lots of vegetables, protein and healthy fats.
  • Snack: Protein shake make a protein shake for an energy boost to get over the afternoon slump. Youll get energy and feel satisfied until dinner.
  • Dinner: Take your pick when it comes to dinner options! Again, make sure theres a mixture of vegetables, protein and fat.

Mix The Protein Powder With Milk Or Juice Instead Of Water

Milk pairs well with both unflavored whey and casein protein. Some people even swear by chocolate milk as a recovery drink.

Juice is a little less conventional but coconut water could be worth trying as it improves taste and helps replace electrolytes lost during exercise. Harmless Harvest always tastes great but almost feels wasted when mixed with the chalky or earthy taste of protein powder. Amazon’s Solimo Coconut Water is a nice combination of taste and price.

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Getting Started Drinking Protein Shakes

Lets recap some of the key points of drinking protein shakes for you:

  • Protein supplements can SUPPLEMENT a healthy diet, but should not replace it.
  • My recommendation is to buy a tub of Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein online if youre on a tighter budget, in whatever flavor you like.
  • If you have more money, consider the Jay Robbs Grassfed Whey Protein .
  • Consider mixing in a protein shakebefore or after your workout. Timing isnt as important as total protein consumed over the course of a day when it comes to building muscle and recovery.
  • Think of a shake as a way to get good protein when you cant afford/dont have time to make a good meal.
  • A cheap blender will suffice if you dont have other options, but if you have more of a budget I would recommend getting a Vitamix youll have it for the next 30 years.
  • Hopefully, this should get you started! Feel free to try out different flavors and combinations of ingredients in your smoothies to make them something you actually look forward to!

    Do you have any favorite protein shake recipes?

    Any more questions about protein powders and supplements?


    Invest In A Better Protein Powder

    How to make your protein shake taste better

    Sounds obvious! As a general rule of thumb, the lower the price of your protein shake, the worse the taste will be.

    When youre focused on cutting costs, theres not an awful lot of wiggle room for improving the flavor. Youll also frequently find that the overall texture of these drinks is less pleasant too.

    Your best bet when branching out is to try and get a few samples, and do so before you invest in a much bigger batch.

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    Sweeten Things Up A Bit

    Now, I know what youre thinking Jason just mentioned that protein powders often taste bad because they have too many sweeteners.

    But I was specifically referring to artificial ones, and those tend to have a bad taste and can also pose some health risks.

    One way you can sweeten things up a bit without creating some sugar-water mix is to add even half a spoon of natural and organic honey.

    Just be careful not to add artificial sweeteners on your drink as it increases your risk to diabetis .

    Short Answer: The Ingredients Dont Work Well Together

    So, why do protein shakes taste so bad? Your protein shake could be tasting bad due to the absence of natural ingredients, the presence of artificial sweeteners, an issue with the texture, or because you simply dont like that specific flavor.

    Lets take a closer look at some of these reasons below!

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    How Much Protein Is In A Banana

    Did you know an average banana contains 3% of your daily value of protein? Meaning, this banana protein shake is not only super delicious, but its also full of banana protein-y goodness. And who doesnt love banana protein-y goodness?

    This banana protein shake makes it into our breakfast rotation probably every other day, but at least 2-3 times a week. Not sure on the math of that, but I think you get the point. THIS protein shake < we enjoy often

    Its super delicious, and is full of banana protein-y goodness.

    While some of my other shake recipes use a banana, they dont really accentuate the banana-ness like this one does.

    I get asked a lot about what protein powder I recommend. And, really, the truth isit depends. It depends on your taste, what type of protein youre looking for, your dietary goals , your price point, and probably a few other categories Im forgetting.

    So, you can see, this is a hard question.

    Im honestly still on the lookout for a clean, high-quality protein that tastes good and isnt literally worth an arm and a leg .

    Are Protein Shakes Beneficial To Your Health

    How to make your protein shake taste better

    Protein shakes are regarded as safe for healthy individuals. Since protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates, it makes you feel more satisfied for longer and can prevent overeating. Protein smoothies are a convenient and quick method to consume a high-protein meal before or after a workout. Protein shakes are an excellent alternative at any time of day if youre a highly active person who needs more protein than a sedentary person.

    Because some protein sources, such as red meat, are heavy in calories and fat, protein smoothies can be a suitable alternative for someone active and wanting to lose weight.

    Protein smoothies are considered safe for healthy people. Protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates, keeping you fuller for longer and helping you avoid overeating.

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    Start With A High Quality Protein Powder

    PlantFusion LEAN is a protein powder that contains 20 different superfoods. This protein powder is gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. It’s also plant based which means Rachel loves it! ) It’s perfect for keeping you satisfied while working towards your health and fitness goals. When I’m eating something, it has to taste good. I’m not going to eat crap just because it’s healthy, but if it’s healthy and tasty, I’m in! The key ingredient in PlantFusion LEAN was shown to be 35% more effective than whey protein for curbing hunger. This helps you manage your caloric intake without depleting yourself of key nutrients.

    Most weight control solutions focus on restricting or depleting good nutrition along with bad, leaving us feeling weak and tired. PlantFusion LEAN is designed to replenish and energize. Clinically tested protein, 20 superfoods and blood sugar support to fuel us through our workday, our exercise and our busy lives. With PlantFusion LEAN, I stay full longer, have more energy, and easily maintain my blood sugar. Maintaining my blood sugar levels is super important, mostly because I get very angry when I’m hungry. It’s like a level beyond hangry. It’s bad.

    Use Unflavoured Protein Powder

    Most protein powders are flavored.

    It makes them taste good, but it also tends to make them pretty sweet at the same time.

    Thats why unflavored protein powders just might be the best choice!

    So, why is unflavored good for sweetness?

    Easy Its basically pure protein!

    And theres nothing sweet about pure protein, is there?

    I really like Nutiva Organic Hemp

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    Why Do Protein Shakes Taste So Bad

    Are you looking for a way to bulk up? Do you need to increase protein as a part of your new diet? If so, you have probably thought about drinking protein shakes. I remember that I was thinking the same thing. Unfortunately, I was not pleased with the first protein shake I drank!

    It tasted terrible. It tasted like a mix of metal, chalkboard, and cardboard! I was wondering why it tasted so bad. Then, I did some research, I found a few possibilities, and made my protein shake taste better!

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