How To Make Whey Protein

Pass On The Chocolate Powder

How to Make Whey Protein Powder from Scratch

Thats right ladies and gentlemen, when buying your first tub or bag of protein powder, resist the temptation to buy chocolate.

Here are the two main reasons why:

  • Im not sure why, but the several brands Ive tried DO NOT taste like real chocolatelike, at all.
  • It limits the other ingredients that you can mix into your protein shake. Pineapple and chocolate, anyone?
  • So, apart from not tasting very good, you cant mix the chocolate powder with many other ingredients outside of milk and maybe peanut butter . I prefer to buy vanilla protein powder, and then I can add in chocolate if I want to using syrup, cocoa powder, or chocolate almond milk.

    I said I wouldnt share recipes, but I will share my favorite go-to. My favorite protein smoothie recipe is Vanilla Muscle Tech powder, frozen strawberries, half a banana, some pineapple, and unsweetened almond milk. You just cant have that tropical blend using chocolate powder.

    If you want to make your protein shakes taste better, go with vanilla.

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    How To Make This Recipe With Vanilla Protein Powder

    If you want to use vanilla protein powder instead of plain protein powder in this recipe, you definitely can. I recommend using a high-quality vanilla protein powder that is naturally flavored and sweetened, like this one from Thrive Market.

    To make your shake, simply make the recipe as written below , but omit the sweetener and dont add any vanilla extract. If your protein shake is not sweet enough after youve blended it, then feel free to sweeten it to taste with a natural sweetener.

    Casein Fines Recovery And Fat Separation

    Casein fines are always present in whey. They have an adverse effect on fat separation and should therefore be removed first. Various types of separation devices can be utilized, such as cyclones, centrifugal separators or vibrating/rotating screens, Figure 15.2.

    Fines and fat separation from whey.

  • Whey collecting tank
  • Whey for further treatment
  • Fat is recovered in centrifugal separators

    The collected fines are often pressed in the same way as cheese, after which they can be used in processed cheese manufacture and, after a period of ripening, also in cooking.

    The whey cream, often with a fat content of 25 30 %, can partly be reused in cheese-making to standardize the cheese milk this enables the corresponding quantity of fresh cream to be utilized for special cream products. Normally, this works well for short maturation cheeses such as mozzarella, but note that the risk of rancid off flavours is heightened as the maturation time is increased. It is important to break the recycle loop to avoid the build-up of free fatty acids and other undesirables that are not trapped in the curd matrix. For cheddar production, whey cream is generally not reused due to the sensitivity of the starter to bacteriophages. In some of these cases, whey cream is converted to whey butter.

    Pasteurization and chilling

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    How To Make Whey The Real Way

    Making real, liquid, nutrient rich, unadulterated whey in your own kitchen is a MUST step for any traditional cook to learn.

    Without whey in its whole, liquid form, many other traditional recipes cannot even be attempted. You cannot buy whey from the store except in a denatured, unhealthy, powdered whey form. It is worth your time to learn what I show you in the video below.

    Other video lessons on this blog show you how to use this whole food form of whey to make many delicious, healthful recipes for your family. Whey as made in the video demo below will keep up to 6 months in the refrigerator in a sealed mason jar.

    If you absolutely have no access to farm fresh milk to make whole, unadulterated, enzyme rich whey, then you can use plain, organic yogurt from the store instead. The process is basically exactly the same thing as shown in the video.

    You wont get nearly as much whey using yogurt as clabbered, farm fresh milk, but at least you can get enough to get you started.

    How To Make Your Own Whey Protein At Home

    How to make Homemade Natural Whey Protein Drink

      If you are into health supplements and resistance exercises, you might probably know about whey protein.

      However, for starters, lets start from scratch, and see what whey protein actually is, what its benefits are, and then we will have a look on the steps through which you can make your own whey protein at home.

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      Q4 What Are The Benefits Of Making Whey At Home

      We are aware that every packed food contains preservatives and other chemicals. Therefore, homemade protein will be organic and a hundred per cent natural.

      It is also cost-effective and provides you with all the nutritional value that you are looking for in a supplement. So, there is no harm in putting some effort into making it.

      Ways To Use Homemade Whey

      You have no idea what for do you need it? And how can you use Whey instead of just drinking it?

      Well here are some examples, I am sure will help to get you started on using your homemade natural Liquid Whey Protein.

      • Use instead of a liquid in baking and cooking
      • Add to your protein shakes
      • Include when you ferment the vegetables
      • Soak nuts in it
      • Substitute for lemon and orange juice same acidity
      • Make cocktails
      • Discover making your own cream cheese
      • Swap as brine in fermenting
      • Whip up mayonnaise with it
      • Mix into smoothies
      • Make iced tea and other drinks
      • Use it for pesto and other spreads
      • Dehydrate it for later use

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      What Kind Of Protein Powder To Use

      A plain, whey- or plant-based protein will work well. F-Factors 20/20 Fiber/Protein Unflavored Powder is a great choice, and if youre looking to add some flavor, try Tone It Ups Vanilla or Chocolate Plant-Based Protein.

      This recipe calls for one scoop of powder, which is about 20 to 30 grams of protein. This measurement is smaller than 1/4 cup, however, most protein powder bags or containers should come with a scoop for proper portions. If youre not sure which protein powder to grab, These Are the Best-Tasting Protein Powders, According to Our Taste Test.

      How To Make A Whey Protein Powder

      How to Make Whey Protein

      Did you know you can make a pure Whey Protein Powder from a Homemade N atural Whey?

      All you have to do is dehydrate the whey liquid we have just made and let it turn into a powder.

      Pour the whey into the trays of your dehydrator and follow the steps as per the instructions of your particular brand. This should take takes approximately 12 hours.

      If you do not have a dehydrator, you can let the whey boil at a low temperature until it becomes thick and clumpy.

      Spread it on a tray and let it cool. Once cooled ,you can spread it on a tray and let it dry.

      After you dry the whey, whatever method you choose, you can either break it into powder with your hands or place it into the Magic Bullet or Coffee Grainer to get the perfect Whey Protein Powder you would buy otherwise at an abnormal price.

      Store it in a Mason Jar.

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      Matcha Smoothie Bowl Recipe

      Instructions 1.) Drop all your ingredients into a high speed blender and blitz until smooth and creamy. *Recommend a smaller blender like a Nutribullet as larger ones may not blend properly as they are meant to cater for a higher volume of contents. 2.) Pour into a bowl, top with whatever you fancy and

      How To Make Natural Whey Protein At Home

      Step 1 – Take an empty bowl and place a sieve on top of it.Step 2 – Place cheesecloth/muslin cloth over the sieve.Step 3 – Spread yogurt on the muslin cloth and cover it with a plastic wrap.Step 4 – Keep the bowl in the refrigerator overnight of for 8-9 hours.Step 5 – You’ll get hung curd inside the muslin cloth and the yellow-coloured liquid strained in the bowl is whey protein.

      Since whey protein helps build up muscle strength and lean body mass, it could help perform you better at sports that require both stamina and strength. In order to maintain a healthy mind and body, it is important to indulge in sports and physical activities. The National Sports Day is observed every year on 29th August, which is today.Homemade whey protein can keep well in the refrigerator for 3-4 months. It would be free of any preservatives or artificial additives. Since it is tasteless, you can add any natural flavour of your choice to it to make it flavourful. Follow a protein-rich diet with this healthful whey protein.

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      Minute Vegan Brownie Cake Recipe

      INSTRUCTIONS 1.) Mix all your ingredients until well combined, and then scrape into a small bowl or you can even do it in a mug/glass. 2.) Microwave for 40 seconds on the highest heat setting, then move around and microwave for a further 20 seconds. (Note: my microwave doesnt have the rotating plate, you

      Hemp Protein Powder In Hindi

      How to make Homemade Natural Whey Protein Drink

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      Making Whey Protein From Scratch

    • 1Pour the milk into a large pot. You will need 1 gallon of milk. For best results, use grass-fed. whole milk.
    • You can also use 4 cups of milk and 2 cups of cream.XResearch source
    • 2Heat the milk to 180°F . You can gauge the temperature by sticking a cooking thermometer into the pot, then clipping it to the side. If you don’t have a thermometer, just wait until the milk starts to simmer. 180°F is the temperature at which milk simmers.XResearch source
    • Don’t let the thermometer touch the bottom of the pot.
    • 3Stir in 5 tablespoons of lemon juice. If you don’t have any lemon juice, you can use white vinegar instead the taste of the end product will be nearly identical. This recipe will produce ricotta cheese as well. If you wish to eat the cheese, white vinegar may actually be the better of the two options.XResearch source
    • If you are using milk and cream, add ½ tablespoon of salt and 3 tablespoons lemon juice or white vinegar instead.XResearch source
    • 4Let the solution rest off-heat for 20 minutes. Cover the pot with a tight-fitting lid. Take it off of the burner and set it some place where it won’t get disturbed. Leave it there for 20 minutes.
    • 5Transfer the curds and whey into a bowl topped with a lined strainer. Place a large strainer on top of a bowl. Line the strainer with a piece of cheesecloth. Scoop the curds into the strainer with a spoon or ladle. Pour the rest of the liquid into a large pitcher or jar, and store it in the fridge.
    • Making Flavored Protein Powder

    • 1Create your base with whey protein powder and Stevia. Combine 7½ ounces of protein powder and 3 packets of Stevia in a jar. Next, choose one of the flavors from the steps below. Use the protein powder like you normally would in protein shakes.
    • 2Use powdered vanilla beans to make a French vanilla flavor. You can buy ground vanilla powder from a store or make your own by grinding 12 scraped-out and dried vanilla beans along with 2 to 3 whole vanilla beans. Add 1 tablespoon of this powder to your jar. Close the jar, then shake it to mix.
    • 3Add some ground cinnamon and vanilla powder for a sugary-sweet blend. Add 1½ teaspoons of ground cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of vanilla powder to the jar. Close the jar tightly and shake it to mix the ingredients.
    • 4Use cocoa powder for a chocolate-y taste. Pour ¼ cup of high-quality dark cocoa powder into the jar. Close the jar tightly, then shake it to mix the ingredients together.
    • Add 1 tablespoon of instant espresso for a cafe mocha flavor!
    • 5Give it a unique flavor with matcha green tea powder. Purchase some matcha green tea. Measure out 1½ tablespoons , and add it to the jar. Close the jar, then shake it until everything is combined. Advertisement
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      Whey Concentrate Is Different From Whey Isolate

      That’s right, whey comes in different forms, which you can use to maximize your specific goals! Whey protein isolate is filtered even further than whey concentrate to increase the protein content, making it an ideal choice for athletes and bodybuilders. Curious about which type of whey is better for you? We wrote an in-depth article comparing the two.

      Have you tried our Organic Whey Protein? Wed love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

      Homemade Whey Vs Protein Powder: Rediscovering Nutrient Dense Foods

      How To Make Whey Protein | Progenex

      What is whey? From the sing-song lines of quaint nursery rhymes describing Miss. Muffet eating her curds and whey, to the body-building enthusiast at the gym grunting with their plastic containers of whey protein shakes, this health food is described in many different contexts. Some people refer to liquid whey, others discuss it in the form of powders, hydrolysates, isolates or concentrates there is sweet whey, acid whey, chocolate whey, strawberry whey, goat whey, mineral whey…it is all very confusing! So in the midst of all this whey hype, lets take a time out to explore what real whey is- the wonderful whole food that has been treasured by many traditional cultures for its robust nutritional profile.

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      Smoothie Packed Full Of Vitamins And Minerals

      For a breakfast shake, blend 1 1/4 cups of mixed berries with 1 cup of water, 1/4 cup of cottage cheese and your desired amount of whey protein.Add a bit of sugar substitute or honey to sweeten the shake. Vanilla- or chocolate-flavored whey protein powder complements the taste of the berries, and you can easily substitute the same amount of low-fat yogurt for the cottage cheese.

      Is Whey Protein Concentrate A Natural Ingredient

      When people hear the words whey protein concentrate, its easy to assume something was done to modify the protein. In Grande Bravos case, however, it simply means that the protein has been physically modified, not chemically modified in any way. Much like other natural processed concentrated food products like frozen juices, tomato paste and granulated sugar, our whey protein concentrate is also all-natural, and manufacturers can tout it as suchit can even be used to reduce or replace non-natural fillers, gums, starches and other ingredients.

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      Muscle Building And Weight Loss

      Whey protein supplementation along with resistance exercise can help improve muscle protein synthesis and promote the growth of lean tissue mass.

      A study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism concluded that whey protein supplementation during resistance training offers some benefit compared to resistance training alone. In addition, males who supplemented with whey protein had a greater relative gain in lean tissue mass.

      Much better gains in strength are associated with whey isolate supplementation compared with casein.

      This was demonstrated in another study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, which concluded that in two groups of matched, resistance-trained males whey isolate provided significantly greater gains in strength, lean body mass, and a decrease in fat mass compared with supplementation with casein during an intense 10-week resistance-training program.

      If you want to buy whey isolate supplementation, then there is an excellent selection online with thousands of customer reviews.

      How To Make A Protein Shake

      Real Food Daily: How To Make Homemade Whey

      1. Take your protein shaker and remove the lid.

      2. Add around 200ml of water or milk to your shaker first.

      3. Add the recommended dose of protein powder.

      4. Depending on your shaker youll have either a metallic shaker ball or a plastic mesh insert. Add this to your shaker now, seal the lid make sure the top is closed or youll spill.

      5. Give the whole thing a vigorous shake.

      6. Once shaken, consume immediately.

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      Method : Make Whey Protein At Home

      If you found the first method a little lengthy, then we have a shorter recipe too. Following this will also give you the same result. So, if you want to avoid a mess in the kitchen, follow this one.

      STEP 01

      Take any milk product like curd, cottage cheese or buttermilk.

      STEP 02

      Now take a bowl and a steel strainer. Hereafter, line this strainer with a muslin cloth. Add the milk product you have and let the water strain out and, collect in the bowl.

      STEP 03

      Cover the strainer with plastic wrap. Store it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, all the whey will accumulate in the bowl.

      Voila! You have got your whey protein. Dehydrate it and let it dry. Refer to the last two steps mentioned in Method One.

      You can also skip that dehydrating step and store the liquid whey. It is ready to be used. You can add it directly into your shakes.

      My Favorite Hack For Making Protein Shakes

      If drinking a protein shake is a part of your regular routine, you have to try SmoothieBox. SmoothieBox is a protein shake kit delivery service that uses only the best, organic produce with no added sugar or artificial ingredients.

      Each box comes with between 20 to 25 pre-portioned smoothie pouches that contain a blend of flash-frozen fruits, vegetables, and seeds. You also have a choice of either grass-fed collagen, vanilla whey, chocolate whey, vanilla vegan, or chocolate vegan protein powder to add to your box. SmoothieBoxs shake mixes are available in four flavors Green, Berry, Clementine and Cacao.

      To make a protein shake, simply pour the contents of a smoothie pouch into your blender. Then add a scoop of protein powder, any liquid you like, and blend until smooth. Depending on how much blending liquid you use, each smoothie pouch will yield one 16-20 ounce smoothie, or two 8-12 ounce smoothies.

      The price ranges between $5.56 to $7.44 per smoothie and shipping is always free. You can choose to have a one-time order or a monthly subscription. If you choose to have a subscription, it can be paused, delayed or cancelled at any time. SmoothieBox also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if youre not satisfied. Additionally, my readers get a discount on their order using the link and code below:

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